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Post St.Joost 2005, Superfacial Kruisplein: A New Advanced Method

Teaching a method makes future designers independent of style or medium. Applying a design method ensures a design process that is controllable, interactive and suited for dealing with the utmost complexity. A method withstands the trap of purely aesthetic assessment of the product. A method implies an abstract level of design development that tilts the traditional understanding of graphic design as a manual, problem-solving discipline. Instead it introduces a much more advances notion of graphic design as an open minded, research-based, strategic approach to visual communication.


Physical_movement Creating a character from the Kruisplein by writing a poem. Visualizing the poem: Character is walking home on her habitual route. Schggggtrrr ting… Kdngg…kdngg kdngg, Kdngg kdngg…kdngg kdngg, schgggtrrr tinggg tinggg tinggg. Schggggtrrr ting… Kdngg…kdngg kdngg, Kdngg kdngg…kdngg kdngg, schgggtrrr tinggg tinggg tinggg. Niemand die het hoort, Hetgeen mij zo stoort, Geluid, dansend in mijn hoofd, dat mijn lichaam verdooft, Nobody heard, The noise annoying me Sound, dancing in my head, That drugs my body, Zou hij, daar aan de overkant, na een stevige shot Altijd muziek horen, Dat is pas één en al genot, Maar ook zichzelf verloren. Would he, on the other side of the street, after a heavy shot Always hear music, That would be pure delight, But he had also loose himself Om de hoek Raakte ik zoek, Onaangenaam oog in oog, Hoe hij mijn lichaam op zoog, Around the corner, I’ve lost my way, Unpleasant eye to eye, The way he sucks up my body, Nare man, ontwijken, kon niet, Mijn terugreis zette ik voort, Hopelijk wordt ik niet weer gestoord, En concentreer me op wat ik zie, WOO HING HAY, Één… twee …drie, Stap en draai. HONG KONG GOLD, Zo elegant zijn hand rolt, Langst mijn lichaam, Niet onaangenaam, HAS KEBAB, Vier…vijf…zes, De laatste stap, Daar was de beleving weer, Dansen met hem, maakt mij als een veer Elke dag keer op keer. Nasty man, avoidance isn’t possible, I continue my journey, Hopefully, I won’t get disturbed again, I concentrate on what I see, WU HING HAY, One… two …three, Step and turn, HONG KONG GOLD, So elegant how his hand caresses My body, Very pleasant, HAS KEBAB, Four…five…six, The last steps, Here comes that experience again, Dancing with him Makes me light as a feather Every day again. 1 flat house Woo Hing Chinese haircutter Videotheek Hong Kong travel service Wah Nam Hong house Entrance Chinese supermarket Dim Sum Chinese Muur acupuncture Exit Chinese supermarket Bram Ladage French Fries Sjoko Night Shop Grill resturant Turkish Speciality Living houses to parking Printshop MulticopyTimpaan Yildiz Döner Monditel BV West-Kruiskade luxe schoenen (luxery shoes) Corbeau Hotel Restaurant nr.3 King's Garden nr.2 Rotterdam CS used Kruisplein tram 3, 4, 5, 8, 23 not used tram 1, 7 (3, 4, 5, 8, 23) tram 1, 7 (3, 4, 5, 8, 23) Loyens Loeff Holiday Inn house Chinese shop Dansacademie Conservatorium Happy Sushi Multifoon Rijken & de Lange (piano store) Pathé Cinema Grand Palace Dim Sum schouwburgplein Doelencafé

Time, movement and repetition refer to rhythm. That’s why I built up the poem out of dots.

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