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Slipstream - February 1964

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Slipstream - February

MAVERICK NEWSLETTER Published by and for the -o PCA Maverick Region President: Geoffrey H Horsfall Vice-Pres: James N Tulloh, iD ce(B oF Secretary: Alverne Horsfall Treasur: Robert J Parker Editors: Tom & Anna Clayton VOL II, rHo. 2 February 1964 GrUssen, Freund die Porsche. (Greetings, friend of the Porschel) The editorship of your newsletter has changed hands and we sincerely hope that we will be able to bring you the latest news of your region. Please take note that the newsletter is yours and not the sole responsibility of the editors. Throughout the~coiing year we will welcome, yea--even solicit, anr and all contributions which you are willing to make. If writing is not your "cup of tes" feel free to ring the editors via phone and relate any news or info you may chance upon. JANUARY MEETING Attendance at the January meeting was an overwhelming success. We registered a room-crowding thirty-four people, of whom only four were guests. A special welcome to Renny and Cathy Burns, formerly of Oklahoma and now living in Dallas. It was also gratifying to have David Seeley of Dallas with us, a member of some time but until now inactive. The committee system was discussed at the last meeting and Jeff Horsfall announced the appointment of club members to various committees. Manson Mathis will serve as Events Coordinator, with Jim Savage and Lute Riley completing the Events Coordinating Committee. George Henderson and Nancy Savage will be on the Publicity and Historian Committee. Parliamentarian will be Ed Kristoff. The Telephone Committee will be composed of Leona Riley and Stuart Wright

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