Slipstream - February 1964


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America


Published by and for the -o

PCA Maverick Region

President: Geoffrey H Horsfall

Vice-Pres: James N Tulloh, iD

ce(B oF

Secretary: Alverne Horsfall

Treasur: Robert J Parker

Editors: Tom & Anna Clayton

VOL II, rHo. 2 February 1964

GrUssen, Freund die Porsche.

(Greetings, friend of the Porschel)

The editorship of your newsletter has changed hands and we sincerely

hope that we will be able to bring you the latest news of your region.

Please take note that the newsletter is yours and not the sole responsibility

of the editors. Throughout the~coiing year we will welcome,

yea--even solicit, anr and all contributions which you are willing to

make. If writing is not your "cup of tes" feel free to ring the editors

via phone and relate any news or info you may chance upon.


Attendance at the January meeting was an overwhelming success. We

registered a room-crowding thirty-four people, of whom only four were

guests. A special welcome to Renny and Cathy Burns, formerly of Oklahoma

and now living in Dallas. It was also gratifying to have David

Seeley of Dallas with us, a member of some time but until now inactive.

The committee system was discussed at the last meeting and Jeff

Horsfall announced the appointment of club members to various committees.

Manson Mathis will serve as Events Coordinator, with Jim Savage and Lute

Riley completing the Events Coordinating Committee. George Henderson

and Nancy Savage will be on the Publicity and Historian Committee.

Parliamentarian will be Ed Kristoff. The Telephone Committee will be

composed of Leona Riley and Stuart Wright



Enclosed with your newsletter this month is a report by Manson

Mathis, Events Coordinator. We urge you to read his report and then

indicate your position by mailing the ballot to Jeff Horsfall before

the next meeting. Our participation in the Regional Council is up to

you at this point# so vote as you deem proper -- but DO VOTE.


Rustlers Run, the National SCCA Rally, is coming up April 4 and 5.

Charles Olgivie is to be Rally Chairman this year and has extended an

invitation to any of the Maverick PCAers to lend a hand in the operation.

It Would certainly be an opportunity to gain invaluable experience on

how a rally is runs Anyone interested should contact Charles;


A tip of the old Bell Helmet to Regis Rhea for a fine second in

Fort Worth SCC's Practice Gymkhana.





February 16



March 1

March 1

March 8

6, 71 & 8





SCCA National Conventioh Dallas

SCCA Regional Races - Green Valley

Maverick Region PCA Meeting

(Bring your favorite Valentine!)

OCNJ Gymkhana - Wynnwood Shopping


Championship Gymkhana #1 DSCC

Tour - CTC

Maverick Gymkhana

Time Trials OCMC

Practice Gymkhana - Fort Worth SCC



1522B West Tucker Blvd.

Arlington, Texas



The 17th of January saw Dr, Ogilvie and myself in attendance at the first

of the 1964 SCCA Regional Council meetings, The Council, presided over by

SCC Activities Chairman, Buck Garrison, is comprised primarily of the

activities chairmen from the various affiliated clubs, and some dignitaries

(1e, 0 Dr, Ogilvie) to lend a bit of wisdom and eminence. The outstanding

feature of the Council is its organization character Through its very

dedicated structure, which provides for considerable enthusiasm and function.

ality, business is carried on in a quiet, responsible manner with large areas

of interest covered.

The Council was expecially enthusiastic at the prospect of Maverick PCA's

Association, and after an evening of listening and chatting with them Dr.,

Ogilvie and I were too We felt, more properly, we feel that it would be unwise

to forsake the many benefits that could be had for our Club by declining

participation for yet another year. The region has too much to offer, both

in the way of activities and information, to afford dismissal of its offer

again. Then too, our associational obligation will be a minimal thing-namely,

the sponsorship of one in a series of championship gymkhanas over the year, and

Council dues amounting to only $2.50 per meeting Insurance for any SCCA

sanctioned events are prepaid, so this presents no problems either

Finally, in no way will our prestige as a one-marque club suffer-rather, it

should fluorish as I am certain that our one event in this circuit will be an

exemplary one, gaining us no small bit of renown over our competitors. Nor

will our other event- be subject to invasion from outside clubs claiming

affiliational right&. We will retain our uniqueness and privacy,

So then, Mavericks, such is the story and the final endorsement is now left

to yourselves. A ballot has been improvised at the bottom of the page for you

to submit your decision. (poll tax is not required here unless you're over 60.)

Please detach and mail it to Jeff--PRIOR TO THE NEXT MEETING!

Incidentally, don't forget that the Jim Tulloh's will host the Club for the

February meeting, and rumor has it that venison is to be the prime entree'.

Jim honors Diner: Club cards. A good attendance and offers of help would

certainly be in good order as Mary Lou is undertaking quite a chore in this


Don't forget to vote, ., oY" see you on the 14th.

Manson Mathis

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