Rajah News - February

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<strong>Rajah</strong> <strong>News</strong><br />

www.rajahshrine.org<br />

Vol. 75 <strong>February</strong>-March 2018 No. 2<br />

56th Annual<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine<br />

Circus<br />

An Entertainment<br />


Illustrious Sir Jared R. Kichline<br />

Jared, 36, grew up in Saylorsburg, PA and is active in numerous<br />

Masonic related bodies in and around Monroe County. He is a graduate<br />

of Stroudsburg High School, the Monroe County Vocational Technical<br />

School, and the Northampton County Community College. After<br />

graduation, Kichline has worked for over 20 years as a manufacturing<br />

engineering technician in New Jersey.<br />

Jared has been married to Kimberly M. (Ande) Kichline since 2015.<br />

He was raised a Master Mason in May, 2006 in Pocono Lodge,<br />

F. & A. M, #780 in Cresco, PA and served as Worshipful Master in 2013<br />

and currently serves as an elected Trustee. Upon joining the Blue Lodge, Jared immediately<br />

became active in several other Masonic related bodies including: Monroe Royal Arch Chapter,<br />

Past High Priest; Albion Mark Lodge; Lehigh Valley Joshua Association, Junior Grand Master of<br />

Ceremonies; Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter<br />

of Pennsylvania; Bethlehem Council #36, Past<br />

Thrice Illustrious Master and Recorder; Samuel<br />

S. Yohe Commandery, Past Commander;<br />

Recipient of the Convent General Knight<br />

of the York Cross of Honor; The Valley of<br />

Allentown Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite,<br />

Northern Jurisdiction, 32nd Degree; Pocono<br />

Forest #124, Tall Cedars of Lebanon; Order<br />

of Quetzalcoatl, Apato Teocalli #63 plus<br />

several other organizations.<br />

Jared became a member of<br />

Shriners International, <strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Shriners, Reading, PA in 2006<br />

and was appointed First<br />

Ceremonial Master in 2013,<br />

having advanced through<br />

the line of officers and was<br />

elected Potentate for 2018. As<br />

a member of <strong>Rajah</strong> Shriners,<br />

Jared has been very active in<br />

many of the units and clubs<br />

associated with <strong>Rajah</strong> and has<br />

held several leadership roles.<br />

As a member of the <strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Shrine Board of Directors,<br />

Jared also serves on<br />

several committees and<br />

is a representative to the<br />

International Imperial Shrine<br />

convention and the Middle<br />

Atlantic Shrine Association.<br />


The Potentate’s Message<br />

Es Selamu Aleikum<br />

Nobles,<br />

Greetings<br />

Ladies<br />

Illustrious<br />

and Friends:<br />

Sirs and Nobles all,<br />

The year 2018 is here and what a great time to be a Shriner! Our philanthropy<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children is on the forefront of an advertising campaign that is<br />

working to making Shriners a household name again, showing our families, friends,<br />

and neighbors the great work that we do and how special our organization truly is.<br />

This year my focus is on supporting our clubs and units, and in that spirit I would<br />

like to challenge each of you to truly enjoy your Shrine. My hope is that you will attend<br />

one club or Units event this year that you have ether never been to, or do not regularly<br />

attend. We have so much to offer our membership through our clubs and units, which<br />

leads to the Fraternal fun and fellowship that our organization was built on. Something that we all should remember is that Shriners<br />

were founded on fun and fellowship 52 years before our first hospital opened its doors.<br />

March 7 through March 11th will be our annual Shrine Circus at the Hamburg Field House, and if you have not been to this in<br />

a few years I encourage you to come and attend. The pride that I feel when I see the stands full of people enjoying themselves is<br />

truly priceless, and the energy in the room is contagious. As we begin the fun and productive year that 2018 is shaping up to be, we<br />

should all be proud to be a Shriner!<br />

Sincerely and Fraternally,<br />

Jared<br />

ALIEKUM ES SELAM Attest: Joe Hagan, Recorder<br />

Contents<br />

Recorder’s Message........................................................4<br />

Mass Installation.............................................................6<br />

2018 Divan......................................................................7<br />

Basket Bingo...................................................................7<br />

MASA Registration.........................................................8<br />

Oriental Band .................................................................9<br />

String Band ....................................................................9<br />

Ceremonial....................................................................10<br />

Shriner of the Year........................................................11<br />

Caravaners ALIEKUM ES ....................................................................11<br />

SELAM<br />

Provost Attest: Guard...............................................................12<br />

2018 Joe Hagan Directory........................................................ 13-16<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Recorder<br />

Shrine Trips........................................................17<br />

Lehigh Shrine Club.......................................................18<br />

In This Issue<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Ladies Group......................................................18<br />

2018 T-Shirt Order Form..............................................19<br />

Legion Of Honor...........................................................20<br />

Annual Meeting............................................................20<br />

Hospital Services..........................................................21<br />

Forks Of The Delaware Tin Lizzies .............................22<br />

Lebanon Shrine Club ...................................................22<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Chanters..............................................................24<br />

Motor Corp...................................................................24<br />

Anglers..........................................................................24<br />

Noble Riders ................................................................25<br />

The Chaplain’s Study....................................................26<br />

Carbon County April Fool’s Day Gala..........................26<br />




Shriners International<br />

Published <strong>February</strong>, April, June,<br />

August, October, December<br />

P.O. Box 40, Blandon, PA 19510<br />

Telephone: 610-916-9000<br />

Fax: 610-916-9100<br />

www.rajahshrine.org<br />

EDITOR<br />

Sam Ellis<br />

2409 Treeline Drive<br />

Easton, PA 18040-7925<br />

Phone: 610-390-6188<br />

Email: sellis4947@aol.com<br />


Burnell Kreider, William Quinn<br />

Lady Brenda Frees and Sam Ellis<br />



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words.<br />

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issue of the <strong>Rajah</strong> <strong>News</strong> is<br />

MARCH 10, 2018<br />


E-mail or Mail your article<br />

to Sam Ellis (Address Above)<br />













RONALD F. RAPP, P.P.<br />







4<br />

Every Thursday Evening at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Complex<br />

Doors Open at 5:00 - Bingo Starts at 6:30<br />

Open Every To The Thursday Public • Smoke Evening Free at • the Refreshments <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Available Complex for Purchase<br />

Proceeds benefit Doors <strong>Rajah</strong> Open Shrine at and 5:00 are - Bingo not deductible Starts at 6:30 as charitable donations.<br />

• Open To The Public • Smoke Free •<br />

• Refreshments Available for Purchase •<br />


Proceeds benefit <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine and<br />


are not deductible as charitable donations.<br />

Congratulations to our outgoing Potentate, Illustrious Sir<br />

David W. Evans, for an outstanding year at the helm of <strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Shrine. Congratulations to our incoming Potentate, Illustrious Sir<br />

Jared R. Kichline. The 2018 officers were installed at the Annual<br />

Meeting on January 10, 2018. We are looking forward to a great<br />

year under the guidance of Illustrious Sir Jared and the elected<br />

and appointed Divan.<br />

The Mass Installation of the Units and Clubs officers was held<br />

on January 13, 2018 at the Leesport Market. This venue is large<br />

Joe Hagan<br />

enough to accommodate our needs for that event. They do go out<br />

of their way to make sure we have everything we need. I can’t give<br />

much of a report today since it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m pretty<br />

sure that things went well and a good time was had by all.<br />

Once again I want to welcome all the new Nobles that were created in 2017. Please get<br />

involved, it makes it so much nicer to be a member when you do. If you need information<br />

on any Club or Unit you will find the names of the officers in the directory included in this<br />

publication. Please remove it and keep it handy. You will also find the names and numbers<br />

of all the officers of <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine, don’t be afraid to contact any of these Nobles.<br />

The 2018 dues cards have been coming out on regular basis. If you sent your dues in<br />

at least a month ago and don’t have your new dues sticker please contact the office. There<br />

are 84 members who have not paid their 2017 dues and 128 that have not paid their 2018<br />

dues. If you are one these now is the time to send them in.<br />

There is a new petition for this year and there are changes. You will find a copy to print<br />

on the web page. Please throw away your old ones - they are not acceptable.<br />

Nobles, if you had an appointment under Ill. Sir Evans it ended when his term ended.<br />

You may, or may not, have been reappointed. You can check this by looking at the directory<br />

or calling me at the office 610-916-9000.<br />

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.<br />


The potentate would like a membership drive to promote <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine and encourage new<br />


candidates. The New Candidate Petitions will be voted on at the April 18, 2018 Stated Meeting<br />

along with restorations and affiliations at that meeting. A Mini Ceremonial will take place at the<br />

Mini-Ceremonials Units & Clubs shall Meeting be at on April the 25, discretion 2018.<br />

Potentate. To schedule, please contact the recorder at<br />

For more information contact Membership Chairman,<br />

Thomas 610-916-9000.<br />

Conlon, PP, 610-780-4020

<strong>Rajah</strong> Temple Fraternal Endowment Fund Chairman<br />

retires after 21 years<br />

At the December 6, 2017 Stated Meeting, Noble Don Loos stepped down from the position of Trustee of the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine<br />

Fraternal Endowment Fund. In that role, he headed a committee that managed the <strong>Rajah</strong> Temple Fraternal Endowment Fund.<br />

The fund was established in 1982 by the late Illustrious Sir Arthur L. Bustard<br />

with the goal of assisting in the preservation, improvement, operation, and<br />

maintenance of the <strong>Rajah</strong> facilities. After thirty-five years, with the help of club<br />

donations and prudent investments, the initial investment of $5,000 has grown<br />

to a value of over one million. A true success story.<br />

Don was elected by the nobility to serve as a trustee of the Fraternal<br />

Endowment Fund in 1995 and at the time said he would do it for three years. He<br />

ended up serving in the position for 21 years! Don remarked “I guess I lasted<br />

that long because nobody else wanted to do the job. I enjoyed serving <strong>Rajah</strong> in<br />

this capacity and hope that I did a good job.”<br />

Howard Haws, PP (1988), who also served as a trustee to the Fraternal<br />

Endowment Fund for nearly that many years, said one of the reasons the group<br />

was so effective is that Don is terrific at keeping records. “He was on top of it!”<br />

Bill Remo, PP (2012) who currently serves as a trustee on the fund noted that<br />

“Don kept the team focused.” And Jon Swartz, newly elected trustee to the fund,<br />

who is replacing Don on the committee said at the Stated Meeting, “Looks like I have pretty big shoes to fill.”<br />

Big shoes indeed, Don Loos is a 33 degree and has been very active in Masonry. He is a Past Commander-in-Chief of the Valley<br />

of Reading, an officer in Q-Club, and a past master of Williamson Lodge. Don earned his 50-year pin in January of 2010.<br />

On December 2, 2015 he was awarded the Grand Master’s Outstanding Service Medal. The medal is presented to honor Masons<br />

who have distinguished themselves through service to their community, Lodge, or Grand Lodge. A fitting accolade to an outstanding<br />

brother and noble. Congratulations Don Loos for your contributions to <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine and to Masonry.<br />


Revenue Accounts 4000-4089 $398,800.00<br />

Fund Raising Accounts 4400-4599 $203,000.00<br />

Other Revenue 4600-4799 $ 1,500.00<br />

TOTAL REVENUE $603,300.00<br />

Expenses<br />

Imperial Council Accounts 6000-6099 $ 91,250.00<br />

Administrative 6100-6399 $175,050.00<br />

Building Operations 6500-6699 $250,000.00<br />

Business Sessions/Ceremonials 6700-6999 $ 8,500.00<br />

Social Activities/Entertainment 7000-7199 $ 7,000.00<br />

Visitations & Pilgrimage 7200-7399 $ 34,000.00<br />

Promotion & Publicity 7400-7599 $ 35,500.00<br />

Unit & Club Expenses 7600-7899 $ 500.00<br />

Donations to Fraternal Groups 7900-7949 $ 500.00<br />

Members Relations 7950-7969 $ 500.00<br />

Donations to Charities 7990-7999 $ 500.00<br />

TOTAL EXPENSES $603,300.00<br />

Summary<br />

Excess of Revenue over Expenses $ 0<br />

Moving Up<br />

Congratulations to our own Noble Jon Swartz,<br />

Esq., for assuming the<br />

Chairmanship of the Board of<br />

Governors of the Philadelphia<br />

Shriners Hospital for Children.<br />

At the December 6 Stated<br />

Meeting, Jon replaced Don<br />

Loos as Trustee of the <strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Shrine Fraternal Endowment<br />

Fund. Up until this year, Jon<br />

was the appointed Donor<br />

Relations Chairman. He served<br />

in that position under several<br />

potentates.<br />

Jon is a busy guy!<br />




FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2018<br />



MASS INSTALLATION 2018 “Making Wishes Come True”<br />

2018 <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Potentate Illustrious Sir<br />

Jared R. Kichline & Lady Kim<br />

On January 13, <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine<br />

held a Mass Installation of the 2018<br />

Divan and officers of the clubs<br />

and units. Ill. Sir Jared Kichline<br />

introduced his 2018 theme “Making<br />

Wishes Come True”. Ed Myers,<br />

Administrator, Philadelphia Shriners<br />

Hospital for Children was guest<br />

speaker.<br />

Ill. Sir’s first official address to<br />

officers of <strong>Rajah</strong>’s clubs and units<br />

Chief Rabban Mike J. Zerbe<br />

and Lady Susie<br />

Asst. Rabban Marvin J.<br />

Miller & Lady Marie<br />

High Priest & Prophet<br />

Walter G. Newruck<br />

& Lady Gail<br />

Oriental Guide Kraig W.<br />

Leiby & Lady Janet<br />

Ed Myers spoke on advances in<br />

medical research at Shriners<br />

Hospitals for Children<br />

Ill. Sir & Lady Kim with<br />

Chief Aide Michael J. Quinn & Lady Anne<br />

Donor Relations Chairman Shane R.<br />

Paisley & Lady Janelle<br />

Ill. Sir Ronald Rapp, PP and<br />

Lady Joan<br />

Recorder, Joe J. Hagan &<br />

Lady Joyce<br />

Ceremonial Master David L.<br />

Frees & Lady Brenda<br />

2nd Ceremonial Master<br />

Duane A. Dellecker &<br />

Lady Barbara<br />


The 2018 Divan<br />

Left to Right – Treasurer - Ill. Sir Ronald F. Rapp, PP, High Priest & Prophet - Walter G. Newruck,<br />

Chief Rabban - Michael J. Zerbe, Potentate - Ill. Sir Jared R. Kichline,<br />

Assistant Rabban - Marvin J. Miller, Oriental Guide - Kraig W. Leiby, Recorder - Joseph J. Hagan, Sr.<br />

Duane A. Dellecker - Second Ceremonial Master<br />

Noble Duane A. Dellecker was made a Mason in 1995 at Lehighton Lodge #621 F&AM.<br />

He immediately entered the chairs and served as Master in 2000 during the 100th Anniversary<br />

of the Lodge. He served again as Master in<br />

2012 when his lodge received the Grand<br />

Master’s Award. He holds dual membership<br />

BINGO<br />

Longaberger Basket,<br />

Pottery & Vera Bradley<br />

Bingo<br />

Friday, May 11th<br />

at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Complex<br />

Doors open at 5:00 PM<br />

Bingo starts at 6:30 PM<br />

Ticket Donation - $20.00 per Package<br />

Specials and Additional Packages are Extra<br />

Door Prizes – Raffle Drawings –<br />

Food Available<br />

For tickets, contact any Divan or Aide Lady<br />

Proceeds Benefit <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine<br />

We appreciate donations from the Clubs<br />

& Units towards the purchase of baskets,<br />

pottery, and Vera Bradley Bags<br />

in Slatington Lodge #440, currently serving<br />

as Worshipful Master.<br />

He has been a member of the Allentown<br />

Scottish Rite Cathedral since 2000 where he<br />

enjoys participating in the degrees as a stage<br />

character with small speaking parts.<br />

A member of <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine since 2000,<br />

he is a member of the Past Master Club,<br />

Hillbillies, Tin Lizzies and is a founding<br />

member, former Secretary and Past President<br />

of the Carbon County Shrine Club. He is<br />

also a member of Pocono Forest #124 Tall<br />

Cedars of Lebanon, Tamaqua Royal Arch Chapter #177 and the Lehigh Valley<br />

High Twelve Club.<br />

Duane continues to be involved with several not-for-profit organizations<br />

where he truly enjoys coming up with new fund raising ideas and projects<br />

to help raise money for worthwhile projects. For the Weissport Recreation<br />

Committee, he created the Weissport Redneck Festival over ten years ago. This<br />

festival allows the Carbon County Shrine Club to raise money selling cotton<br />

candy, candy apples and popcorn. His latest venture was an April Fool’s Day<br />

Gala held at the Shrine Complex in 2017; where jokes, short stories and tall tales<br />

filled the evening. Scheduled for March 31, plans are already moving forward to<br />

make this year’s event even more fun!<br />

Duane resides in Lehighton with his Lady Barb, Duane’s mom Ruth, their<br />

daughter Ami, her husband Jeff, and his adorable granddaughter Cali.<br />



Virginia Beach<br />

September 6 – 9, 2018<br />

AGAIN - 18 th Consecutive Year at Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel,<br />

36 th & Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, Va<br />





Extra Nights Lodging available at extra cost.<br />



Light Hospitality Beginning Tuesday/Full Hospitality Room Opening Wednesday<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Post Parade Party Saturday afternoon at hotel, Turtle Degree Saturday Night.<br />

Reserve Room Early w/Payment of $150.00 Due By April 13 th<br />

Remainder of Balance $349.00 Per Couple/$299.00 Single Due By June 29th<br />

****Motor Coach Transportation Available to and from Virginia Beach, call Joe McCarthy 610-488-1382****<br />



_____Noble & Lady - $499.00 per couple - Children age 12 and under are Free.<br />

_____Two Nobles - $499.00 (EXTRA NOBLES ADD $50.00 PER NOBLE)<br />

_____One Noble - $449.00<br />

RESERVE _____ EXTRA DAY(S) - DATES: Arriving_____________________Departing________________________<br />

_____LADIES LUNCHEON - Friday, September 7, 2018 at 10:30 AM. PRICE NOT AVAILABLE WILL BILL AT LATER DATE.<br />

NOBLE’S NAME_____________________________________________LADIES NAME_____________________________________<br />

UNIT/CLUB_____________________________________SHRINE #______________DAYTIME PHONE________________________<br />

ADDRESS__________________________________________CITY_________________________STATE_______ZIP_____________<br />




V-CODE<br />

CARD NO.<br />

NAME ON CARD__________________________________________EXP. DATE _____/_____<br />


John Grumbein<br />


Greetings from the Lehigh Valley and the home of the Oriental Band. I hope all had a great<br />

holiday season. The Band has not been very active these past few months. The main goal for<br />

everyone is to stay warm.<br />

The December meeting brought with it the annual election of the new officers of the band. The<br />

new slate includes Donald Heimbecker Sr. as President, Dennis Guignet as Vice President, Wayne<br />

Grumbein as Secretary, Ted Werkheiser Jr. as Treasurer, and John Grumbein as Director. All were<br />

sworn in at the Mass Installation of Officers in January.<br />

The band has been preparing for the annual “Night at the Races” along with their counterparts<br />

from the Motor Corps. Another sellout crowd is expected again this year.<br />

We are also preparing for our annual Ladies Night to be held Saturday, <strong>February</strong> 24, 2018 at<br />

the Inn at Reading. This is always a big event with the group. For information, contact John Grumbein at 610-395-6578<br />

or jkgrumbein@aol.com.<br />

This is all I have to report on at the present. I will have a full rundown in the next <strong>Rajah</strong> <strong>News</strong> of the events. Stay<br />

tuned and stay warm! Remember the kids in our hospitals. They’re number 1!<br />


Greetings from your String Band,<br />

We would like to thank Lois and Butch for hosting the great party after the Myerstown Parade,<br />

with hot soup, sandwiches and all the fixings. What a great way to end our parade season! Thanks,<br />

again, from all the guys and their ladies.<br />

The Christmas Party was another<br />

wonderful event. Thank you to<br />

Brian and Judithanne for the hors<br />

d’oeuvre table. And thanks to Hess<br />

Catering for the fine hot meal.<br />

Larry Christman<br />

Lots of fun was had by all and we<br />

enjoyed sharing stories about the<br />

parades throughout the summer and<br />

getting into the Christmas spirit.<br />

We are starting to fill our schedule and looking forward<br />

to the 2018 Parade Season. Rehearsals for the Circus<br />

performance have begun. Playing the Circus is truly a<br />

highlight for the band. We play Saturday, March 10th @<br />

1:00. Come out and support this great fundraiser.<br />

I would like to thank my Lady Jayne for being my editor<br />

and chief for these articles and for making me look good.<br />

Hope all the snowbirds are having a great winter. As<br />

we write this article, it is 4 degrees with a windchill factor<br />

-25 degrees. Brrrrrrr Remember...there is always an open<br />

invitation for musicians to play in the string band. Rehearsal<br />

is the second Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the<br />

Complex.<br />

With the support of our Ladies, our purpose is that we<br />

might play our instruments so that someday a physically<br />

challenged child may walk and play again.<br />

See you at the Circus.<br />

Committed to our<br />

Community<br />

A Real Community Bank<br />

• Blandon • Boyertown • Fleetwood • Lyons<br />

• Kutztown • Shoemakersville • Wyomissing<br />

Local People. Local Decisions.<br />

www.fleetwoodbank.com • 610-944-7666 • Member FDIC<br />



The Five-Hundred and Eighth Ceremonial was held on December 9, 2017 at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Temple. The class was named<br />

in Memory of Noble Kenwood “Ken” Lynn.<br />

The Dramatic Director was Laszlo Toth, PP, the Ceremonial Director was Jared Kichline.<br />

Ill. Sir Robert Shank, PP, as the Potentate, in the center, addresses the<br />

candidates. Gerald Berger as Cheif Raban is on the left and<br />

Dennis Royer as Assistant Rabban is on the right.<br />

Walter Newruck as 1st Ceremonial Master<br />

instructs the candidates.<br />

Mike Quinn plays the Orator<br />

Ill. Sir Laszlo Toth, PP, is the<br />

High Priest & Prophet<br />

The Scribe is played by<br />

Marvin Miller<br />

10<br />

Mike Zerbe as Oriental Guide Interacts with<br />

the Potentate<br />

Ceremonial music was played by the <strong>Rajah</strong> Oriental Band

Additional Cast Members and Crew:<br />

Marshal: David Frees, Second Ceremonial Master: Kraig Leiby, Alchemists: Garrett Newhartz & Duane Dellecker,<br />

Inspired Charge: Bruce Rohrbach, Slave to the High Priest: Ryan Kehm, Messenger: Wayne Grumbein, Flag Oration: Greg Lewis, PP<br />

The Fez: Greg Lewis, PP; Chaplain: Rev. David Newhart, Prompters: Ron Rapp, PP, and Jere Lesher, PP; Organist: Harold Kremser, Jr., Choir:<br />

Chanters, Stage Crew: <strong>Rajah</strong> Directors Staff, Wardrobe: Lehigh Shrine Club, Make-Up: Clowns,<br />

Ceremonial Guard: <strong>Rajah</strong> Provost Guard, Posting of the Colors: <strong>Rajah</strong> Legion of Honor, Ushers: <strong>Rajah</strong> Hospital Service.<br />

New tradition set with naming of Shriner of the Year<br />

At the December 9 Ceremonial, Illustrious Sir Dave Evans made a<br />

special presentation in naming Carl “Mic” Frey as <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine’s first<br />

Shriner of the Year. When making the presentation the potentate said,<br />

“Mic has been an integral part of the success of the 2017 Bingo. Not only<br />

did he act as Bingo Steward, but he willingly took on any job that needed<br />

doing. Anytime we had any work parties, Mic showed up to help. In fact,<br />

he often had the job done before any others arrived.<br />

He was a true pleasure to have on our team last year. He and his wife,<br />

Beth, did an amazing job heading up the Pote’s Ball committee, as they<br />

have done for many years. They, Mic and Beth, also came out to help<br />

with our Mass Installation setup. As I said, if something needed doing…<br />

Mic was usually the first one there to work on it.” Congratulations Mic<br />

and Beth.<br />

Ill. Sir Earl<br />

Binder<br />




Join your fellow Masonic brothers. We are a fun group.<br />

Now that the weather is starting to improve we are starting to think about getting away.<br />

Our snow birds are thinking about coming back from down south. I overheard a couple of Nobles<br />

talking about renting motorhomes so they could join us at one of our campouts.<br />

The Caravaners not only camp at our own campground which we call the OASIS, located on the <strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Shrine Complex, we also travel to other campgrounds around the area, some close and others up to several<br />

hundred miles away.<br />

We try to find activities for all, sightseeing, games, meals, campfires,<br />

puzzles, happy hours, entertainment of all<br />

kinds and fun events.<br />

Our camping season will start in April with a tentative<br />

schedule of April 19 to 22 at our own <strong>Rajah</strong> Oasis; May 17 to<br />

20 at Lickdale KOA in Jonestown, PA; June 21 to 24 back at<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Oasis; July 26 to 29 at Mountain Springs, Shartlesville,<br />

PA; August 12 to 16 at Country Acres in Lancaster, PA; August<br />

30 to Sept. 3 at <strong>Rajah</strong> Oasis; Sept. 23 to 27 at Drummer Boy<br />

Campground in Gettysburg, PA; with an unscheduled trip to<br />

Delaware Seashore State Park Sept.8 to 16.<br />

For more information, or if you would like to join us for any<br />

or all of our campouts please contact our Wagon Master Gerald<br />

Berger at 610-395-4866 or gberger401@rocketmail.com or our<br />

President David Newhart at 610-842-3872 dnewhart44@gmail.<br />

com or Secretary Earl Binder 484-357-7294 my3bloodhounds@<br />

gmail.com, or feel free to stop and visit us!<br />

We wonder what the Shrine office would<br />

say if Mike brought his grandarents first<br />

camper to the Shrine Oasis?<br />



Can it be? Can it really be 2018? At least that is what the calendar says. So, it must be true. Besides<br />

that, the Christmas decorations are coming down, and everyone is wishing me a “Happy New Year,” so<br />

it must be true!<br />

And with that, we are off and running for another year…..and it looks like it will be another busy one<br />

with all the activities that we see on the calendar. But, before we bid adios to 2017, we first must thank<br />

our immediate Past Potentate, the Ill. Sir Dave Evans and first lady, Sarah. We owe them a boat load of<br />

Ill. Sir thanks for all they did this past year in representing <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine and the time spent traveling and visiting<br />

all of the Units and Clubs. Thank you and may you always remember the fond times as the leader of <strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Greg Lewis, PP for 2017.<br />

But, the good news is that as of January 10th, we are under new leadership as we welcome the Illustrious Sir Jared Kichline<br />

to the top spot in <strong>Rajah</strong> for 2018 to serve <strong>Rajah</strong> as Potentate. We all know that he and Lady Kim will do their best to represent<br />

us with dignity and honor.<br />

With a new year also comes a change in officers in the Provost Guard. But, not so quick. We are happy to say that Noble<br />

Dennis Loch has consented to stay on another year as our President and a familiar face will fill the First Vice-President’s seat, as<br />

we welcome a past president of Provost, Noble Bob Himes to that position. As we did not have anyone stepping forward to fill<br />

the 2nd V-P slot, that position is open, however Ill. Sir Greg Lewis, PP has agreed to stay on as Secretary and with the retirement<br />

of Terry Boyer, Noble Tarzan Hall is taking over as Treasurer. To fill the position of Unit Director, President Dennis has again<br />

appointed Noble Ryan Kehm.<br />

As in the past and continuing this year, we will still meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the All-Purpose<br />

Meeting Room on the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Campus and we invite any Shriner in good standing to join us. We are very involved with<br />

many of the activities of <strong>Rajah</strong> including; the <strong>Rajah</strong> Circus, Sportsmen’s Raffle, Pote’s Picnic, and the Pretzel Bowl just to name<br />

a few. And ,of course, there’s our own Spaghetti Feast in October.<br />

Along with these commitments, we still manage to have a lot of fun and invite the ladies to many of our events. If you’re<br />

interested in joining us, stop at the next meeting. We’ll keep a light on for you!!<br />

•<br />


HENRY<br />

H<br />

DICK<br />

A<br />

AU<br />

•<br />

O<br />

CTI<br />


Real Estate<br />

Personal Property<br />

Antiques & Collectibles<br />

Benefit & Fund Raising<br />

Clean Out & Trash Disposal<br />

REALTOR and<br />


Separately Licensed<br />



WYOMISSING, PA 19610<br />

Each Office Independently Owned and Operated<br />


610-670-2770 x3249 • 610-858-3065 • dhenry@goberkscounty.com<br />

www.DickHenryAuctioneer.com<br />



P. O. BOX 40, BLANDON, PA 19510 • TELEPHONE 610-916-9000<br />

FAX 610-916-9100 • www.rajahshrine.org<br />


Jared R. Kichline (Kim) C. 570-656-4422<br />

P.O. Box 279, Saylorsburg, PA 18353<br />


Michael J. Zerbe (Susie) R. 610-693-6406<br />

301 N. Church Street, Robesonia, PA 19551 C. 484-388-1718<br />


Marvin J. Miller (Marie) R. 570-386-3080<br />

159 William Penn Road, Lehighton, PA 18235 C. 570-906-7575<br />


Walter G. Newruck (Gail) R. 610-329-9215<br />

129 Fairfield Drive, Barto, PA 19504-9374<br />


Kraig W. Leiby (Janet) R. 610-926-6038<br />

318 E. Wesner Road, Blandon, PA 19510 C. 610-334-0397<br />


Ronald F. Rapp, P.P. (Joan) R. 610-916-2465<br />

99 Cornerstone Drive, Blandon, PA 19510 O. 610-916-9000<br />

C. 484-637-6717<br />


Joseph J. Hagan, Sr. (Joyce) R. 610-582-4056<br />

515 S. Walnut Street, Birdsboro, PA 19508 O. 610-916-9000<br />

C. 610-587-4736<br />


Jared R. Kichline (Kim) C. 570-656-4422<br />

P.O. Box 279, Saylorsburg, PA 18353<br />

Michael J. Zerbe (Susie) R. 610-693-6406<br />

301 N. Church Street, Robesonia, PA 19551 C. 484-388-1718<br />

Marvin J. Miller (Marie) R. 570-386-3080<br />

159 William Penn Road, Lehighton, PA 18235 C. 570-906-7575<br />

Kraig W. Leiby (Janet) R. 610-926-6038<br />

318 E. Wesner Road, Blandon, PA 19510 C. 610-334-0397<br />


Solicitor Emeritus - Martin J. Karess, Esq. (Lorraine)<br />

Donor Relations Chairman Emeritus – L. Donald Loos (Barbara)<br />

Trustee Emeritus – William R. Clements (Barbara)<br />

Goodwill Ambassador Emeritus – Ray J. Heiser (Kay)<br />

Captain of the Guard Emeritus – Ronald C. Weitzel (Dianne)<br />

Parade Marshal Emeritus – Joseph R. Zodel (Shirley)<br />

Trustee Emeritus – Terry L. Hulsizer (Ruth Ann)<br />

Webmaster Emeritus – Michael J. Huck (Pat)<br />

Goodwill Ambassador Emeritus – William A. Quinn (Barbara)<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> <strong>News</strong> Editor Emeritus – Jere C. Lesher, PP (Susie)<br />

Chief Photographer Emeritus – Robert Van Why, Jr. (Sharon)<br />

Solicitor Emeritus – John A. Hoffert, Jr., Esq. (Deone)<br />

CPA Emeritus - Prem N. Puri (Asha)<br />

APPOINTED DIVAN – 2018<br />

First Ceremonial Master<br />

David L. Frees (Brenda) C. 610-587-2305<br />

324 Reading Avenue, Shillington, PA 19607<br />

Second Ceremonial Master<br />

Duane A. Dellecker (Barbara) R. 610-377-0188<br />

638 Iron Street, Lehighton, PA 18235 C. 610-417-2939<br />

Captain of the Guard<br />

Carl G. “Mic” Frey (Beth) R. 610-926-0131<br />

497 Grove Road, Mohrsville, PA 19541 C. 484-529-8910<br />

Outer Guard<br />

Ryan E. Kehm (Ruth) R. 610-767-1526<br />

4992 Trout Road, Slatington, PA 18080-4992<br />


Dennis R. Snoke (Lou Ann) R. 610-779-3431<br />

300 Spies Church Road, Reading, PA 19606-9330 C. 610-223-4998<br />

William A. Remo, Jr., PP (Gail) R. 610-791-0828<br />

424 East Lynnwood Street, Allentown, PA 18103 C. 610-216-7772<br />

Lester D. Klock (Kathy) C. 610-960-7405<br />

1009 Redwood Court, Hamburg, PA 19526-8068<br />

Tarzan Hall (Rachel) R. 610-944-9306<br />

3600 Pricetown Road, Fleetwood, PA 19522-8977 C. 610-763-1272<br />

Gerald A. Mengel (Barbara) R. 610-916-4069<br />

4601 Lahall Avenue, Reading, PA 19605 C. 484-772-0005<br />


Solicitor – Zachary A. Morey, Esquire O. 610-376-5441<br />

536 Court St., Reading, PA 19601<br />

Chaplain – Rev. David C. Newhart C. 610-842-3872<br />

2823 Sequoia Dr., Macungie, PA 18062<br />

Custodial/Maintenance – Terry L. Hulsizer (Ruth Ann) O. 610-916-9000<br />


Goodwill Ambassador – Harold H. Kohl (Ann) C. 717-468-7281<br />

Goodwill Ambassador – Les A. Werley (Jane) C. 610-914-2824<br />

Goodwill Ambassador – George W. Young (Carol) R. 610-837-5177<br />

Hospital Ambassador - Paul W. Shaw (Donna) R. 610-965-6417<br />

Membership Chairman – Thomas V. Conlon, Sr., PP(Brenda) W. 610-589-5919<br />

Public Relations Chairman – Gregory J. Lewis, P.P. (Joan) R. 610-670-2920<br />

Donor Relations Chairman – Shane R. Paisley (Janelle) C. 610-781-0035<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> <strong>News</strong> Editor – Sam Ellis (Kay) R. 610-252-9762<br />

Circus Chairman – Ronald R. Klee, Jr., PP (Kathy) R. 610-775-4444<br />

Chief Photographer – Sam Ellis (Kay) R. 610-252-9762<br />

Photographer – Burnell E. Kreider (Loretta) R. 717-687-7473<br />

Photographer – William A. Quinn (Barbara) R. 610-944-9036<br />

Colonel/Parade Marshal – Michael J. Quinn (Anne) R. 610-944-5375<br />

Asst. Parade Marshal – D. David Turner (Joan) C. 610.392.9993<br />

Asst. Parade Marshal – Erich K. Pfahl (Mellissa) C. 610-468-1770<br />

Pilgrimage – Ronald F. Rapp P.P. (Joan) R. 610-916-2465<br />

Bingo Steward – Carl G. “Mic” Frey (Beth) C. 484-529-8910<br />

Webmaster – <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Office O. 610-916-9000<br />


Dramatic Director – Bruce D. Rohrbach (Elizabeth)<br />

Ceremonial Director – Michael J. Zerbe (Susie)<br />


Chief Aide<br />

Michael J. Quinn (Anne) C. 484-256-0562<br />

46 E. Cedar St., Fleetwood, PA 19522<br />

Aides<br />

Samuel L. Beam (Linda) C. 484-638-8390<br />

455 Walnuttown Rd., Fleetwood, PA 19522<br />

Lee D. Brisan (Beverly) R. 610-562-3149<br />

257 Schappell Rd., Hamburg, PA 19526<br />

Donald G. Heimbecker (Carol) R. 610-417-9926<br />

2703 John St., Easton, PA 18042<br />

Harold H. Kohl (Ann) C. 717-468-7281<br />

44 Bethany Rd., Ephrata, PA 17522<br />

Jay M. Laser (Beverly) C. 717-203-8345<br />

3100 Windsor Dr., Landisville, PA 17538<br />

George M. Makoul (Kathy) C. 484-340-2858<br />

280 Farmview Rd., Nazareth, PA 18064<br />

Gregory T. Miller (Sharon) R. 610-710-1927<br />

8867 N. Loop Rd., Slatington, PA 18080<br />

James A. Prettyman (Beth) C. 610-476-1315<br />

P.O. Box 26, Oxford, PA 19363<br />

Dennis R. Snoke (Lou Ann) C. 610-223-4998<br />

300 Spies Church Rd., Reading, PA 19606<br />

Bryan L. Stoudt (Belinda) C. 484-599-1062<br />

205 Lake Road, Fleetwood, PA 19522<br />

Ronald M. Stoudt (Carol) C. 610-597-5409<br />

436 Carriage Dr., Coopersburg, PA 18036<br />

David J. Teter (Lori) C. 570-640-4329<br />

91 West Catawissa Rd., New Ringgold, PA 17960<br />

Scott A. Zechman (Leah) C. 610-823-0550<br />

581 Snyder Road, Reading, PA 19605<br />


Hospital Chairman of the Board<br />

Jon A. Swartz, Esq<br />

Hospital Associate Board Member<br />

Austin T. Kear<br />

Hospital Board Member Emeritus<br />

George Skaff, DDS (Jamila)<br />

Hospital Chairman of the Board Emeritus<br />

Franklin D. Caltagirone, P.P. (Marilyn)<br />


Joseph J. Hagan, Sr. – President MASA Recorders Association<br />

Bryan D. Snyder – Secretary MASA Band Association<br />

Dale C. Schimpf – Treasurer MASA Band Association<br />

Dennis C. Loch– Major, MASA Provost Guard Association<br />

Gregory J. Lewis, PP – Second Vice President of Shrine Chanters Association<br />

International<br />

Daniel Heffelfinger, Sr. – President MASA Chanters<br />

Mahlon L. Ressel – President of MASA Oriental Band<br />

Donald G. Heimbecker – Second Vice President of MASA Oriental Band<br />

John K. Grumbein – Secretary-Treasurer of MASA Oriental Band<br />

William A. Remo, Jr., PP, PC – First Vice Commander MASA Legions of Honor<br />

Barry L. Weisser, PC, PMC – Adjutant MASA Legions of Honor<br />


Mahlon E. Hariu, P.P. – Secretary/Treasurer Emeritus ASOB<br />



1975 Walter H. Cressman (Sandy) R. 215-536-8011<br />

1976 Lloyd H. Behmer R. 941-358-5897<br />

1979 John B. Bozette, Jr. (Edna Marie) R. 570-675-6450<br />

1980 Earl W. Binder (Amy) R. 610-395-1490<br />

1986 Walter G. M. Schneider (Sandra) R. 610-693-5063<br />

1988 Howard D. Haws (Elizabeth) R. 717-859-2118<br />

1989 Ronald F. Rapp (Joan) R. 610-916-2465<br />

1991 Franklin D. Caltagirone (Marilyn) R. 610-777-7549<br />

1992 LeRoy D. Cressy (Billie) R. 610-507-9097<br />

1993 Walter A. Wagner (Nancy) R. 610-317-0457<br />

1996 Lawrence L. Hafer (Elaine) R. 610-779-4072<br />

1997 Glenn D. Clark (Doris) R. 717-768-8831<br />

1999 James A. Male, Sr. (Ruthmary) R. 352-454-0571<br />

2001 Gregory J. Lewis (Joan) R. 610-670-2920<br />

2003 William P. Ulrich C. 610-914-0284<br />

2004 Mahlon E. Hariu (Joanne) R. 717-287-2120<br />

2006 Jere C. Lesher (Susie) R. 717-361-3961<br />

2007 Laszlo Toth (Maria) R. 610-366-1417<br />

2008 Robert E. Shank (Tess) R. 717-336-3221<br />

2010 Clyde R. Geist (Angie) R. 215-249-4807<br />

2011 Ronald R. Klee, Jr. (Kathy) R. 610-775-4444<br />

2012 William A. Remo, Jr. (Gail) R. 610-791-0828<br />

2013 Edwin L. Engle (Ferne) R. 717-336-6108<br />

2014 Thomas V. Conlon, Sr. (Brenda) W. 610-589-5919<br />

2015 Glenn T. Sattizahn, Jr. (Janet) R. 570-449-2613<br />

2016 Lawrence S. Bortz, III (Barbara) C. 610-780-0101<br />

2017 David W. Evans (Sarah) C. 610-781-2147<br />


Units Day Liaison Officer Liaison Aide<br />

Antique Car Club Various David L. Frees L. Brisan<br />

Arab Patrol Various Divan F. Einsel<br />

Chanters Mondays 7 PM David L. Frees S. Rissinger<br />

Clowns 4th Monday 7 PM David L. Frees S. Beam<br />

Concert Band 2nd Sunday 1 PM Marvin J. Miller D. Schimpf<br />

Directors Staff 1st Monday 8 PM Marvin J. Miller C. Solarek<br />

Gun Club Quarterly 7 PM David L. Frees J. Franco<br />

Legion of Honor 2nd Tuesday 7PM Walter G. Newruck M. Quinn<br />

Motor Corps 3rd Monday 7 PM Kraig W. Leiby W. Trusty<br />

Mounted Patrol 3rd Wednesday 7 PM Kraig W. Leiby T. Hall<br />

Noble Riders Various Walter G. Newruck T. Conlon, PP<br />

Oriental Band 1st Tuesday 7 PM Michael J. Zerbe J. Grumbein<br />

Provost Guard 3rd Tuesday 7 PM Walter G. Newruck G. Lewis, PP<br />

String Band 2nd Wednesday 8 PM Walter G. Newruck T. Dietrich<br />


Bethlehem 1st Monday 7 PM Michael J. Zerbe G. Makoul<br />

Brandywine 3rd Tuesday 7 PM Kraig W. Leiby D. Lynn<br />

Carbon 2nd Tuesday 7 PM Duane A. Dellecker M. Hopstock<br />

Lancaster 2nd Thurs. 7 PM Marvin J. Miller B. Kreider<br />

Lebanon 4th Monday 7 PM Duane A. Dellecker D. Royer<br />

Lehigh 1st Wed. 7 PM Duane A. Dellecker J. Stahr, Jr.<br />

North Penn 4th Wed. 7 PM Kraig W. Leiby C. Wahl<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> 1st Friday 6 PM Marvin J. Miller D. DeTurk<br />

Schuylkill 4th Tuesday 7 PM Walter G. Newruck G. Sattizahn, PP<br />

CLUBS<br />

Anglers 1st Wed. 7 PM Michael J. Zerbe J. Pavlick<br />

Caravaners Weekends 10 AM Michael J. Zerbe E. Binder, PP<br />

Golf Club Varies (Summers) David L. Frees A. Meckley<br />

Hospital Service Quarterly 11 AM Michael J. Zerbe C. Willis<br />

L.C.S.C.O.B. 2nd Mon. 7:30 PM Duane A. Dellecker M. Hariu, PP<br />

Past Masters Club Quarterly Kraig W. Leiby L. Brisan<br />

Tin Lizzies 4th Thurs. 7 PM Marvin J. Miller S. Ellis<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Ladies 1st Mon. 10 AM Lawrence S. Bortz, III, PP - J. Yorty<br />

Units &<br />

Clubs Committee 4th Wed. 7:30 PM Divan<br />

T. Hall<br />

Cabiri Quarterly 6:00 PM Divan<br />


Jared R. Kichline Board of Directors Ronald F. Rapp, PP<br />


Joseph J. Hagan, Sr.<br />


Ronald R. Klee, PP, Chairman<br />

Michael J. Zerbe, Co-Chairman<br />

Joseph J. Hagan, Sr. James A. Garrett Sam Ellis<br />

Gregory J. Lewis, PP Dennis R. Snoke Edwin L. Engle, PP<br />

Theodore E. Werkheiser, Jr. William A. Remo, PP Michael J. Quinn<br />

Ronald M. Stoudt Thomas V. Conlon, PP Dennis G. Royer<br />

Marvin J. Miller Walter G. Newruck Kraig W. Leiby<br />

David L. Frees<br />

Duane A. Dellecker<br />


Ronald F. Rapp, PP L. Donald Loos, Jr. Marvin G. Speicher, CPA<br />

Les A. Werley<br />

David W. Evans, PP<br />


Shane R. Paisley, Chairman<br />

Tarzan Hall, Co-Chairman<br />

Carbon County<br />

Michael A. Mickey<br />

Chester County<br />

Donald B. Lynn & James A. Prettyman<br />

Ephrata Area<br />

Kim R. Kegerise<br />

Lancaster County Burnell E. Kreider & Jay M. Laser<br />

Lebanon Area<br />

Dennis G. Royer<br />

Lehigh Valley<br />

Sam Ellis<br />

North Penn Area<br />

James Atkins<br />

Reading Area<br />

Samuel L. Beam<br />

Schuylkill County George S. Davis, Robert J. Giba<br />

& Norman F. Lengel<br />

Plaque Program Chairman Shane R. Paisley<br />


Marvin J. Miller, Chairman Christopher M. Gibson<br />


Ronald R. Klee, PP, Chairman<br />

Ronald F. Rapp, P.P. Glenn D. Clark, P.P. Joel M. Franco<br />

Richard Kunsman Richard F. Stoudt Terry L. Hulsizer<br />

George W. Young James A. Prettyman Lawrence S. Bortz, P.P.<br />


Jon A. Swartz, Esq., Chairman<br />

Zachary A. Morey, Esq William A. Remo, Jr., PP Walter G. Newruck<br />


Joel M. Franco, Chairman<br />

Michael J. Zerbe Marvin G. Speicher Ronald F. Rapp, P.P.<br />

Terry L. Hulsizer Gary D. Brown Joseph J. Hagan, Sr.<br />


Joseph J. Hagan, Sr Board of Directors<br />


Board of Directors<br />


<strong>Rajah</strong> Clowns<br />


Thomas V. Conlon, Sr., PP, Chairman<br />

Region 10 Membership Director<br />

Samuel L. Beam, Co-Chairman<br />

Marvin J. Miller David R. Deturk Ronald F. Rapp, P.P<br />

Dennis R. Snoke Michael J. Zerbe David W. Evans, PP<br />

Walter G. Newruck Kraig W. Leiby George M. Makoul<br />

David L. Frees Jay M. Laser Duane A. Dellecker<br />


<strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Office<br />


Ronald F. Rapp, P.P., Chairman<br />

Joseph J. Hagan, Sr. Michael J. Zerbe<br />


Ronald F. Rapp, P.P. – Chairman<br />


Carl G. Frey (Beth) – Chairman<br />

David A. Teter, Sr. (Lori)<br />

John K. Grumbein (Sharon)<br />

Robert L. Merkt (Patricia)<br />

Rudolf J. Hofbauer (Jeanine)<br />

Garrett M. Newhartz (Katelyn) Potentate’s Aides<br />


Ronald R. Klee, PP, Chairman<br />

Joel M. Franco, Co-Chairman<br />

Ronald F. Rapp, PP Joseph J. Hagan, Sr. William A. Remo, Jr., PP<br />

Terry L. Hulsizer Michael J. Zerbe Marvin J. Miller<br />

Walter G. Newruck Kraig W. Leiby David L. Frees<br />

Ronald M. Stoudt William A. Quinn Duane A. Dellecker<br />


Kraig W. Leiby, Chairman<br />

Duane A. Dellecker David L. Frees<br />


Gregory J. Lewis, P.P., Chairman<br />


Michael J. Zerbe, Chairman<br />

Gregory J. Lewis, PP David L. Frees<br />


Ronald F. Rapp, PP Joseph J. Hagan, Sr.<br />


Joseph J. Hagan, Sr.<br />



Lehigh Shrine Club<br />


Hospital Chairman of the Board Emeritus - Franklin D. Caltagirone, P.P.<br />

Jon A. Swartz, Esq., Hospital Chairman of the Board<br />

Austin T. Kear, Hospital Associate Board Member<br />

George Skaff, DDS, Hospital Board Member Emeritus<br />


Joseph J. Hagan, Sr. Kraig W. Leiby<br />


Joseph J. Hagan, Sr., Chairman<br />

Divan Past Masters<br />


Joel M. Franco, Chairman<br />

Michael J. Zerbe Ronald R. Klee, PP Ronald F. Rapp, PP<br />

Glenn D. Clark, PP Lawrence S. Bortz, III, PP William A. Remo, Jr., PP<br />

Terry L. Hulsizer L. Donald Loos, Jr. Dennis G. Royer<br />


David L. Frees, Chairman<br />

Duane A. Dellecker, Co-Chairman<br />


Michael J. Zerbe, Chairmen<br />

Marvin J. Miller, Co-Chairmen<br />

David L. Frees Walter G. Newruck Kraig W. Leiby<br />

Jere C. Lesher, PP Edwin L. Engle, PP Duane A. Dellecker<br />

Bryan L. Stoudt<br />

Carl G. Frey<br />


Circus<br />

Chief Rabban, Michael J. Zerbe<br />

Sportsmen’s Raffle Assistant Rabban, Marvin J. Miller<br />

Potentate’s Picnic High Priest & Prophet, Walter G. Newruck<br />

Pretzel Bowl<br />

Oriental Guide, Kraig W. Leiby<br />

Fightin Phils<br />

First Ceremonial Master, David L. Frees<br />

Soccer<br />

Oriental Guide, Kraig W. Leiby<br />

Holiday Raffle<br />

Second Ceremonial Master, Duane A. Dellecker<br />

Bingo<br />

Chief Rabban, Michael J. Zerbe<br />


ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAR CLUB - Meeting dates vary<br />

President: Lee D. Brisan (Beverly) R. 610-562-3149<br />

257 Schappell Rd., Hamburg, PA 19526<br />

Secretary:Robert A. Seifrit (Jodi) R. 610-670-0863<br />

973 Fritztown Rd., Reading, PA 19608 greasemonkey61@aol.com<br />

Treasurer: James M. Seifrit, Jr. C. 610-678-4496<br />

1155 Fritztown Rd., Reinholds, PA 17569<br />

Director: Gary F. Spitler (Diane) R. 610-678-2292<br />

867 Brownsville Rd., Wernersville, PA 19565<br />

ARAB PATROL - Meeting dates vary<br />

President: Frank L. Einsel (Grace) C. 610-223-4709<br />

419 Adams Hotel Rd., Shoemakersville, PA 19555<br />

Secretary: Open Office<br />

Treasurer: Open Office<br />

CHANTERS - Meets every Monday of the month<br />

President: Bryan M. Hartman (Melanie) C. 610-780-6724<br />

463 Sunday Rd., Lenhartsville, PA 19534<br />

Secretary: Sheldon C. Rissinger (Betty) C. 484-818-1826<br />

100 W. Lincoln Ave., Robesonia, PA 19551 rissinger9@aol.com<br />

Treasurer: Donald G. Miller (Mary) R. 610-926-2315<br />

31 Hafer Dr., Leesport, PA 19533<br />

Director: David R. DeTurk C. 610-790-4996<br />

P.O. Box 57, Lyon Station, PA 19536<br />

CLOWNS - Meets fourth Monday of the month<br />

President: John Scalia (Jackie) C. 610-698-9181<br />

73 Weaver Rd., Morgantown, PA 19543<br />

Sec/Treas: David R. DeTurk C. 610-790-4996<br />

P.O. Box 57, Lyon Station, PA 19536<br />

gettysburg93@aol.com<br />

Director: Samuel L. Beam (Linda) C. 484-638-8390<br />

455 Walnuttown Rd., Fleetwood, PA 19522<br />

CONCERT BAND - Meets second Sunday of the month<br />

President: Joe D. McCarthy (Bertha) R. 610-488-1382<br />

301 E. Fifth St., Bernville, PA 19506<br />

Secretary: Dale C. Schimpf R. 570-985-9308<br />

22 N. Spencer St., Frackville, PA 17931-1505 euphonium65@hotmail.com<br />

Treasurer: Thomas L. Shugar (Debb) R. 610-779-0621<br />

1105 Owls Nest Dr., Reading, PA 19606<br />

Director: Bryan D. Snyder (Judithanne) R. 610-589-2022<br />

591 Hill Rd., Robesonia, PA 19551<br />

DIRECTOR’S STAFF - Meets first Monday of the month<br />

President: Gerald A. Mengel (Barbara) R. 610-916-4069<br />

4601 Lahall Ave., Reading, PA 19605-1068<br />

Secretary: Carl S. Solarek (Elain) R. 610-926-1937<br />

261 Degler Ave., Leesport, PA 19533 csolarek261@comcast.net<br />

Treasurer: Carl G. Frey (Beth) R. 610-926-0131<br />

497 Grove Rd., Mohrsville, PA 19541<br />

Director: Barry D. Reed (Linda) R. 610-488-1180<br />

108 Mill Rd., Bernville, PA 19506-8724<br />

GUN CLUB - Quarterly<br />

President: Joel M. Franco (Carmine) C. 610-563-9258<br />

275 W. 49th St., Reading, PA 19606-3315<br />

Secretary: Michael J. Huck (Patricia) R. 610-921-5548<br />

4036 Hillview Rd., Temple, PA 19560 mjhuck@comcast.net<br />

Treasurer: Raymond F. Geiger (Barbara) R. 610-926-9162<br />

601 Seidels Run, Leesport, PA 19533<br />

LEGION OF HONOR - Meets second Tuesday of the month<br />

Commander: William E. Eveland (Jackie) R. 610-916-4401<br />

243 Callery Dr., Blandon, PA 19510<br />

Adjutant: Dennis L. Hagan, PC, PMC (Kathy) R. 610-779-9268<br />

329 Parkview Rd., Reading, PA 19606 adjloh@yahoo.com<br />

Finance Officer: Jere C. Lesher, PP (Susie) R. 717-361-3961<br />

428 Ford Dr., Elizabethtown, PA 17022<br />

MOTOR CORP - Meets third Monday of the month<br />

President: William E. Trusty (Janet) R. 610-777-7586<br />

Sundown Farm, 398 Blimline Rd., Mohnton, PA 19540-7808 C. 484-797-2995<br />

Secretary: Terry L. Hulsizer (Ruth Ann) R. 610-944-7761<br />

4027 Pricetown Rd., Fleetwood, PA 19522-9708 C. 484-721-3866<br />

tlhspeedinbullet@aol.com<br />

Treasurer: Harold H. Kohl (Ann) R. 717-271-7332<br />

44 Bethany Rd., Ephrata, PA 17522 C. 717-468-7281<br />

Director: William E. Trusty (Janet) R. 610-777-7586<br />

Sundown Farm, 398 Blimline Rd., Mohnton, PA 19540-7808 C. 484-797-2995<br />

MOUNTED PATROL - Meets third Wednesday of the month<br />

Captain: Raymond D. Haslam, Jr. (Deidre) R. 610-334-5847<br />

2736 Mountain Rd., Hamburg, PA 19526 campertwo@comcast.net<br />

Secretary: Tarzan Hall (Rachel) R. 610-944-9306<br />

3600 Pricetown Rd., Fleetwood, PA 19522-8977 C. 610-763-1272<br />

Treasurer: Thomas V. Conlon, Sr., PP (Brenda) W. 610-589-5919<br />

508 Hill Rd., Womelsdorf, PA 19567<br />

Director: Ryan E. Kehm (Ruth) R. 610-767-1526<br />

4992 Trout Rd., Slatington, PA 18080-4992<br />

NOBLE RIDERS OF THE MYSTIC SHRINE - Meeting dates vary<br />

President: Thomas V. Conlon, Sr., PP (Brenda) W. 610-589-5919<br />

508 Hill Rd., Womelsdorf, PA 19567<br />

Secretary: Shane R. Paisley (Janelle) C. 610-781-0035<br />

15 Upland Rd., Reading, PA 19609 shane@designrev.com<br />

Treasurer: Donald B. Houston (Joyce) C. 267-371-9549<br />

585 Summit Ln., Riegelsville, PA 18077<br />

ORIENTAL BAND - Meets first Tuesday of the month<br />

President: Donald G. Heimbecker (Carol) R. 610-417-9926<br />

2703 John St., Easton, PA 18045-2614<br />

Secretary: Wayne M. Grumbein (Julie) R. 610-434-0686<br />

944 S. Hillview Rd., Allentown, PA 18103-6154 wayne1980@hotmail.com<br />

Treasurer: Theodore E. Werkheiser, Jr. (Lisa) R. 610-349-3290<br />

1416 N. 18th St., Allentown, PA 18104-1563<br />

Director: John K. Grumbein (Sharon) R. 610-395-6578<br />

7520 Trexler Circle, Trexlertown, PA 18087-9601<br />

PROVOST GUARD - Meets Third Tuesday of the month<br />

President: Dennis C. Loch (Jackie) R. 610-360-3797<br />

291 Millcreek Rd., Kutztown, PA 19530<br />

Secretary: Gregory J. Lewis, PP (Joan) R. 610-223-3857<br />

108 New York Ave., Sinking Spring, PA 19608 glewis1080@gmail.com<br />

Treasurer: Tarzan Hall (Rachel) R. 610-944-9306<br />

3600 Pricetown Rd., Fleetwood, PA 19522<br />

Director: Ryan E. Kehm (Ruth) R. 610-767-1526<br />

4992 Trout Rd., Slatington, PA 18080<br />

STRING BAND - Meets second Wednesday of the month<br />

President: Ronald L. Miller (Rebecca) R. 610-926-4960<br />

1203 Bellemans Church Rd., Mohrsville, PA 19541<br />

Secretary: Thomas J. Dietrich, Jr.(Donna) R. 610-926-2467<br />

908 Sleepy Hollow Dr., Mohrsville, PA 19541 tdietrich38@gmail.com<br />

Treasurer: Joseph I. Aulenbach (Nancy) R. 610-775-5859<br />

34 Matthew Dr., Sinking Spring, PA 19608<br />

Director: Bruce D. Dengler (Marian) R. 610-916-2867<br />

221 P Orchard Rd., Reading, PA 19605<br />


Comprised of Representatives from each Unit & Club<br />

Meets fourth Wednesday of the month<br />

President: Harold A. Spatz (Barbara) R. 610-926-2393<br />

552 Irish Creek Rd., Mohrsville, PA 19541<br />

Sec/Treas: Tarzan Hall (Rachel) R. 610-944-9306<br />

3600 Pricetown Rd., Fleetwood, PA 19522-8977 C. 610-763-1272<br />


16<br />


BETHLEHEM SHRINE CLUB - Meets first Monday of the month<br />

President: Garrett M. Newhartz (Katelyn) C. 484-895-9362<br />

514 Batts Switch Rd., Nazareth, PA 18064<br />

Secretary: George M. Makoul (Kathy) R. 610-759-2669<br />

280 Farmview Rd., Nazareth, PA 18064<br />

kg27@rcn.com<br />

Treasurer: Thomas A. Male (Louise) C. 610-509-3385<br />

5801 Helen Dr., Allentown, PA 18104<br />

BRANDYWINE SHRINE CLUB - Meets third Tuesday of the month<br />

President: John F. Mastrippolito (Elizabeth) R. 610-268-5908<br />

189 Ewart Rd., Avondale, PA 19311<br />

Secretary: Donald B. Lynn (Sandra) R. 610-269-5717<br />

211 La Vida Via, Downingtown, PA 19335<br />

djlynn1@verizon.net<br />

Treasurer: Eric T. Downs (Chrissie) R. 610-347-1102<br />

1 Rockford Crossing Lane, Kennett Square, PA 19348<br />

Director: Carl L. Hinderer (Carol) R. 610-793-1739<br />

1326 Bridge Rd., West Chester, PA 19382<br />

1 Rockford Crossing Lane, Kennett Square, PA 19348<br />

CARBON SHRINE CLUB - Meets second Tuesday of the month<br />

President: George C. Weaver (Gail) C. 484-629-0789<br />

222 Carbon St., Lehighton, PA 18235<br />

Secretary: Michael J. Hopstock (Donna) C. 610-577-6521<br />

330 S. 9th St., Lehighton, PA 18235 hopm@ptd.net<br />

Treasurer: Edward H. Hawk C. 570-401-1189<br />

1019 North St., Jim Thorpe, PA 18229<br />

LANCASTER SHRINE CLUB - Meets second Thursday of the month<br />

President: John P. Humphreys (Joanne) R. 717-871-8656<br />

30 Magnolia Dr., Conestoga, PA 17516<br />

Secretary: William F. Horn (Sandi) R. 717-656-2676<br />

30 Aspen Dr., Leola, PA 17540-9615 billhorn@frontiernet.net<br />

Treasurer: Jerold C. Kopenhaver (Cynthia) R. 717-287-2495<br />

419 Ford Dr., Elizabethtown, PA 17022<br />

LEBANON SHRINE CLUB - Meets fourth Monday of the month<br />

President: Richard E. Miller (Beth) R 717-272-4079<br />

1785 Woodridge Ct., Lebanon, PA 17046<br />

Secretary: John R. Bainbridge, Jr. (Suzanne) R. 717-272-5466<br />

270 Kathy Court, Lebanon, PA 17042 ccijohn2@comcast.net<br />

Treasurer: Dennis G. Royer (Stefanie) R 717-933-5027<br />

P.O. Box 12, Rehrersburg, PA 19550<br />

LEHIGH SHRINE CLUB - Meets first Wednesday of the month<br />

President: Earl J. Marlatt (Judith) C. 267-371-9451<br />

7866 Locust Valley Rd., Quakertown, PA 18951<br />

Secretary: John E. Stahr, Jr. (Anita) R. 610-866-8455<br />

1677 Creek View Rd., Bethlehem, PA 18015 john.stahr@rcn.com<br />

Treasurer: Paul A. Lizun (Nancy) R. 610-967-3785<br />

4540 S. Mountain Dr., Emmaus, PA 18049<br />

NORTH PENN SHRINE CLUB - Meets fourth Wednesday of the month<br />

President: Jack Snyder (Sarah) C. 267-374-9488<br />

2448 Trewigtown Rd., Colmar, PA 18915<br />

Secretary: James Atkins (Renee) C. 215-262-8013<br />

109 N. Third St., North Wales, PA 19454 jim.atkins999@gmail.com<br />

Treasurer: Paul E. Funk (Gloria) R. 215-536-3332<br />

301 S. 11th St., Quakertown, PA 18951<br />

RAJAH SHRINE CLUB - Meets first Friday of the month<br />

President: David R. DeTurk C. 610-790-4996<br />

P.O. Box 57, Lyon Station, PA 19536<br />

Secretary: Russel G. Hottenstein R. 610-944-8167<br />

12 Schmehl Rd., Fleetwood, PA 19522 russhottenstein@yahoo.com<br />

Treasurer: John W. Freeston (Janet) R. 610-678-2985<br />

1107 Dogwood Dr., Reading, PA 19609<br />

SCHUYLKILL SHRINE CLUB - Meets fourth Tuesday of the month<br />

President: David A. Teter (Lori) R. 570-943-2709<br />

146 Whitetail Ln., Orwigsburg, PA 17961<br />

Secretary: Glenn T. Sattizahn Jr., PP (Janet) C. 570-449-2613<br />

131 Willow St., Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972-1131 gsattizahn@alphamills.com<br />

Treasurer: Ira C. Boyer (Sue) R. 570-385-0650<br />

9 Margaret Terrace, Pottsville, PA 17901<br />

ANGLERS - Meets first Wednesday of the month<br />

President: Ronald L. Szapacs (Lois) R. 610-767-8436<br />

7823 Rextown Rd., Slatington, PA 18080<br />

Secretary: John F. Pavlick (Kathy) C. 610-393-5799<br />

3347 Berger St., Allentown, PA 18103 pavlickjf@aol.com<br />

Treasurer: Clarence E. Smith (Florence) R. 610-760-2455<br />

8646 S. Loop Rd., Slatington, PA 18080-3615<br />

Director: Nicholas A. Smith R. 610-767-6285<br />

214 Second St., Walnutport, PA 18088<br />

CARAVANERS - Meets various dates of month except Dec.,Jan., Feb.<br />

President: Rev. David C. Newhart C. 610-842-3872<br />

2823 Sequoia Dr., Macungie, PA 18062<br />

Secretary: Earl W. Binder, PP (Amy) R. 610-395-1490<br />

1433 Butz Rd., Breinigsville, PA 18031 my3bloodhounds@gmail.com<br />

Treasurer: Terry A. Iasiello (Judy) R. 610-691-8216<br />

1519 Colgate Dr., Bethlehem, PA 18017<br />

GOLF CLUB - Meeting dates vary<br />

President: Frank L. Einsel (Grace) R. 610-562-3166<br />

419 Adams Hotel Rd., Shoemakersville, PA 19555<br />

Secretary: Allan D. Meckley (Brenda) R. 717-682-4416<br />

723 North Fifth St., Denver, PA 17517 Almeckley9@gmail.com<br />

Treasurer: Allan D. Meckley (Brenda) R. 717-682-4416<br />

723 North Fifth St., Denver, PA 17517<br />

HOSPITAL SERVICE - Meets quarterly<br />

President: Paul W. Shaw (Donna) R. 610-965-6417<br />

1600 Westview Dr., Coopersburg, PA 18036 C. 484-221-0548<br />

Secretary: Carl J. Willis (Carol) R. 610-799-6853<br />

3338 Fairland Dr., Schnecksville, PA 18078 cjwillis@ptd.net<br />

Treasurer: Carl J. Willis (Carol) R. 610-799-6853<br />

3338 Fairland Dr., Schnecksville, PA 18078<br />

LANCASTER S.C. ORIENTAL BAND - Meets second Monday of the month<br />

President: Mahlon E. Hariu, PP (Joanne) R. 717-287-2120<br />

623 Garfield Dr., Elizabethtown, PA 17022<br />

Secretary: Open Office<br />

Treasurer: William P. Ulrich, PP R. 610-914-0284<br />

1413 Fritztown Rd., Reinholds, PA 17569<br />

Director: Jay M. Laser (Beverly) R. 717-898-1464<br />

3100 Windsor Drive, Landisville, PA 17538<br />

PAST MASTERS CLUB - Meets quarterly<br />

President: Barry L. Weisser R. 610-780-9079<br />

1091 Pottsville Pike, Shoemakersville, PA 19555<br />

Secretary: Lee D. Brisan (Beverly) R. 610-562-3149<br />

257 Schappell Rd., Hamburg, PA 19526 bbri101930@comcast.net<br />

Treasurer: Dennis R. Snoke (Lou Ann) R. 610-779-3431<br />

300 Spies Church Road, Reading, PA 19606<br />

Director: L. Donald Loos, Jr. (Barbara) R. 610-678-1063<br />

108 Daisy Court, Sinking Spring, PA 19608<br />

TIN LIZZIES - Meets fourth Thursday of the month<br />

President: Bruce E. Johnson (Sally) R. 610-759-4948<br />

359 Georgetown Rd., Nazareth, PA 18064<br />

Secretary: Sam Ellis (Kay) R. 610-252-9762<br />

2409 Treeline Dr., Easton, PA 18040-7525 sellis4947@aol.com<br />

Treasurer: Ronald E. Barron (Cheryl) R. 610-767-6454<br />

1169 Riverview Dr., Walnutport, PA 18088<br />

Director: Garrett M. Newhartz (Katelyn) R. 484-895-9362<br />

514 Batts Switch Rd., Nazareth, PA 18064<br />

CABIRI - Meets quarterly<br />

President: Lawrence S. Bortz, III (Barbara) C. 610-780-0101<br />

35 Liberty St., Reading, PA 19607<br />

Sec/Treas: Gregory J. Lewis, PP (Joan) R. 610-670-2920<br />

108 New York Ave., Sinking Spring, PA. 19608 glewis1080@verizon.net<br />

RAJAH LADIES - Meets first Monday of month, no Jan. & Feb.<br />

President: Open Office<br />

Secretary: Darlene F. Staudt R. 610-926-5830<br />

826 Shoey Rd., Mohrsville, PA 19541<br />

Treasurer: Judy A. Yorty R. 717-274-2129<br />

104 Green Acres Trailer Court, Lebanon, PA 17046<br />

Additional Notes:_________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />

________________________________________________________________<br />


– <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine 2018 Trip: Punta Cana –<br />

Join Potentate Jared and Lady Kim Kichline on a 7-night stay in Punta Cana<br />

PUNTA CANA From May 30 - June 6, 2018, experience paradise at the all-new and all-inclusive Dream<br />

Dominicus La Romana in the town of Bayahibe on the Caribbean Sea.<br />

- Round-trip air between Philadelphia and Punta Cana with transfers to the resort<br />

- 7-Nights accommodation at the all-new and all-inclusive Dreams Dominicus La Romana<br />

- 24-hour Unlimited Luxury room service, plus all included meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks,<br />

live entertainment, activities and more!<br />

- Complimentary cocktail party hosted by Potentate Jared and Lady Kim Kichline<br />

- Services of a professional Boscov’s Travel Escort (with a minimum of 30 full paying guests)<br />

– <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine 2018 Trip: Salem, Massachusetts –<br />

Join Potentate Jared and Lady Kim Kichline<br />

on a Salem Witch Weekend motorcoach trip<br />


From October 4 - 7, 2018, explore the mystery of Salem and discovery a<br />

city that is known for much more than witchcraft hysteria. You’ll have a<br />

“ghostly” good time--if you dare!<br />

- 3-Nights accommodations at the Best Western Plus North Shore with access to their hospitality room<br />

- 5 meals, admission to multiple venues, and escorted motorcoach<br />

- Highlights include an evening walking ghost tour; admission to the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem Witch<br />

Museum and an interactive reenactment of a witch trial; a tour of the House of Seven Gables--inspiration for<br />

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel; a visit to the Salem Maritime National Historic Site; a Boston Duck Tour; a visit to<br />

the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Boston; and more!<br />

Call to reserve your trip today!<br />

Boscov’s Travel, 800-782-5605 or 610-779-8640<br />


Roger C. Reis<br />


From the Officers, Board of Directors and Members, we wish you and your families a happy,<br />

healthy and prosperous 2018!<br />

By the time you read this article, Mass Installation will have occurred and we will have a new<br />

Potentate; Illustrious Sir Jared R. Kichline and his Lady Kim. We know our Shrine continues in<br />

good hands and that we will all work with the Pote and his Lady to move forward into the future.<br />

Thank you to Past Potentate Ill. Sir David W. Evans and his Lady Sarah for their busy year and<br />

hard work on our behalf. Both Potentates are members of the Lehigh Shrine Club (shameless<br />

plug for our Club)!<br />

We held our Annual Raffle drawing at our regular dinner meeting on Wednesday, Nov 1. The<br />

Potentate and Lady Sarah, as well as 24 Nobles and Ladies, enjoyed a great pork chop meal. We gave<br />

away $1,200 in 15 drawings. This is a fund raiser for our Club and we are grateful to<br />

everyone who purchased a ticket. Again, as unfortunately is becoming a tradition, none of my tickets were drawn.<br />

I help with the drawings so, at least, if someone thinks I am cheating, they know I am doing a lousy job.<br />

December 20 was our Christmas Party, which was well attended. Each Lady left with a poinsettia plant. A string quartet from<br />

Parkland High School entertained us with traditional Christmas songs. It is always a treat to see young men and women dressed<br />

up and playing such wonderful music. There were also a number of door prizes given out. It really was a nice event so close to<br />

Christmas.<br />

Our first meeting in 2018 was on January 3. Due to some bad weather, there were only 19 Nobles and Ladies present but they<br />

included the Potentate, Chief Rabban, and their Ladies. There was an excellent meal of pot roast and potatoes, followed<br />

by Boston cream pie. We welcomed our new President, Noble Earl Marlett, and presented him with his gavel, which the<br />

Chief Rabban immediately swiped. We also had a memorial service for our four Nobles taken by the Black Camel in 2017.<br />

Many thanks to Noble William A. Remo, Jr., P.P., for filling in as Acting President for 2017. He really stepped in when needed.<br />

Remember to attend and support your Clubs and Units. Without an active membership, we will cease to exist!<br />


The <strong>Rajah</strong> Ladies met at Chef Alan’s Restaurant the<br />

first Monday in December. For their<br />

Christmas celebration they threw<br />

themselves an apron party. Lady<br />

Barbara Maxwell led a discussion of<br />

the history and characteristics of various<br />

styles of aprons. The ladies brought<br />

and modeled examples that illustrated<br />

handwork from friends, relatives, and gifts<br />

from foreign travels. Lady Joy Taglieber<br />

modeled her dad’s painters apron complete<br />

with his tools, and Ill. Sir Larry Bortz, PP modeled the new bib<br />

apron that was the raffle prize of the day. We made merry, but also<br />

designated a gift to the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital for year end.<br />

If you are a <strong>Rajah</strong> widow and would like to join us Monday<br />

March 5, please contact treasurer Lady Judy Yorty at 717 274-2129.<br />

18<br />

Lady Barbara<br />

Maxwell<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Ladies' Group: If you are the widow of a Shriner and have missed the<br />

opportunity to visit with this group, please contact Judy Yorty, treasurer, at<br />

(717) 274-2129. Luncheon meetings are held the first monday of each month<br />

from March until January at Chef Alan's in West Reading.

<strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine 2018<br />

Shirt Order Form<br />

Nobles Shirt<br />

Tri-Mountain Mens Grey pocket Polo Shirt<br />

with name embroidered under Pote's Logo.<br />

Small ($39) ____ / Med ($39) ____ / Large ($39) ____ / XL or XLT ($39) ____<br />

2XL or 2XLT ($42) ____ / 3XL or 3XLT ($45) ____ / 4XL or 4XLT ($48) ____<br />

5XL ($51) ____ / 6XL ($54) ____<br />

Embroidered Name of Noble: ________________________________________<br />

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -<br />

Ladies Embroidered Shirt and Cardigan<br />

Port Authority stretch V-neck Ladies Magenta Tee<br />

Small ($16) ____ / Med ($16) ____ / Large ($16) ____<br />

XL ($16) ____ / 2XL ($18) ____ / 3XL ($22) ____ / 4XL ($24) ____<br />

Port Authority stretch Button Front Ladies Magenta Cardigan<br />

Small ($24) ____ / Med ($24) ____ / Large ($24) ____<br />

XL ($24) ____ / 2XL ($26) ____ / 3XL ($30) ____ / 4XL ($32) ____<br />

Embroidered Ladies Name: _________ or check here for No Ladies Name: ____<br />

Both Mens and Ladies shirts run true to size.<br />

Please Indicate quantity ordered next to size, and Please circle mens Regular or Tall Size.<br />

____ I will pick up my shirt(s) at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Office<br />

____ Please mail my shirt(s) for an extra $6.50 per shirt<br />

Total Amount Enclosed: $ ________________<br />

Name: ___________________________________ Phone: _______________<br />

Address: ________________________________________________________<br />

City: __________________________________ State: ______ ZIP: ________<br />

Mail completed form and check payable to <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine:<br />

P.O. Box 40, Blandon, PA. 19510 / Phone: 610-916-9000<br />



Ahoy Nobles,<br />

The Officers of <strong>Rajah</strong> L.O.H. would like to thank all who attended our annual Christmas Party with the<br />

Caravaner’s and Clowns! I’m sure all had a great time. People were up dancing and having a ball!<br />

Congratulations to our new Past Commander, Bryan Stoudt. He did a fine job. Our incoming Commander<br />

for the third time is our own Santa Claus, William E. (Bill) Eveland, PC, and Lady Jackie. His elected staff<br />

is: 1st Vice Commander Mike Quinn and Lady Ann, 2nd Vice Commander Clint Starkey and Lady Betty,<br />

and our newest 3rd Vice Commander, Jim Cocuzza and Lady Cynthia. The Finance Officer is Ill. Sir Jere<br />

Lesher, PP, PC, and Lady Susie. Adjutant is Dennis Hagan, PC, PMC, and Lady Kathy. Watch your mail<br />

for a list of all the officers with phone numbers and addresses. This will be your officers guide for the year<br />

Dennis Hagan 2018.<br />

Commander Bill is going to do something completely different this year. His Commander’s Ball is going<br />

to be a Hoe Down/Square Dance with professional square dance caller Legion Noble Ray Ayers! This is going to be quite an<br />

evening so please plan on coming out to this affair! Get your best jeans & cowboy shirt, your boots or clod hoppers and come join<br />

the fun! The Shindig will be held at the Inn At Reading. More info to follow but I did hear some of the vittles will be steak!<br />

April 5-8 is the Mid Atlantic Shrine Assoc. Legions of Honor Spring Meeting in Harrisburg, PA. A special occasion for sure as<br />

our own PC, Ill. Sir Bill Remo, Jr, PP, will be elevated to 1st Lt. Commander! M.A.S.A. L.O.H. is well represented by <strong>Rajah</strong>. PC,<br />

PMC, Barry Weisser is the M.A.S.A. L.O.H. Adjutant and there are 5 living Past M.A.S.A. Commanders to represent our Shrine at<br />

this event. Plus, many emeritus and interested Nobles and their Ladies.<br />

DUES. Nobles, please don’t forget to get your dues in promptly. This money is used to get your mailings out and get you the<br />

information for our Unit. Dues are due January 1st and must be paid by May or you will be suspended! Please take care of this<br />

matter as soon as possible to avoid problems. Thank you.<br />

July 21st is the Legion of Honor Family Picnic. This has grown to be quite the affair! Commander Bill has given the okay for<br />

Barn Yard Bingo! I have Jakey the Amishman’s word the corn will be in, and there will be some nice fresh veggies in the cooler!<br />

Yep, plenty of eggs too! So, mark your calendar for this one!<br />

July 28, 2018 will be the VA Burger Burn up at the Lebanon VA Hospital. This has become very popular with our Nobles and<br />

Legion Ladies & guests, making a nice picnic fare lunch for our shut-in veterans. It is held in conjunction with our Legion Brothers<br />

from Zembo Shrine and their Legion Ladies. It is just a wonderful experience.<br />

Last but not least we’d like to welcome our new Legion Nobles, Noble Harold “Bud” Kohl, Noble Dennis Little, Noble Dennis<br />

Shaffer and Noble Raymond Kunkel to our Unit. Welcome Nobles.<br />


The installation of the 2018 Divan took place at the January 6 Annual Meeting. Illustrious Sir Ronald Rapp, PP, administered<br />

the officers’ oaths and obligations. The honor of placing the Potentate’s Jewel and Fez on the new potentate, Illustrious Sir Jared<br />

Kichline, fell to Illustrious Sir Edward Engle, PP, because he had originally appointed Noble Jared to the progressive line of <strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Shrine back in 2013.<br />




WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 2018<br />

Please be advised that a stated meeting of the Nobility of the <strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Shriners will be held at 7:00 PM, Wednesday, April 18, 2018, in the<br />

Banquet Hall at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shriners Complex, 221 Orchard Road,<br />

Reading, Pa. 19605.<br />

The business of the meeting will be to present to the body, discuss and vote, if<br />

necessary, on the following items:<br />

• To vote on candidates for creation, affiliation and restoration.<br />

• Any other business that may lawfully come before the body.<br />

Illustrious Sir Jared R. Kichline, Potentate<br />

Attest: Joseph J. Hagan, Sr., Recorder<br />


The Hospital Service Unit had a great year. Meetings were held by Hospital Ambassador Paul Shaw and<br />

were well attended and productive.<br />

At the end of 2017, 137 hours of television programs from Shriners Hospitals and the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine<br />

Chapter were seen over RCN Cable Networks in the greater Lehigh Valley area, Allentown (which is the<br />

third largest city in Pennsylvania), Philadelphia, Delaware Valley, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston<br />

and New York. Thanks to RCN management: Rick Geho, Station Manager; Dan Mowdy, host of RCN<br />

Community Spotlight; and their excellent crew.<br />

“What It Is To Be A Shriner” was seen on RCN Television for the first time. Past Potentate, David W.<br />

Evans, and Lawrence W. Bortz, 2016 Potentate, presented an overall view, of what it is like to be a Shriner.<br />

Bob Bainbridge Recorder Joseph J. Hagan, Sr., helped in the production.<br />

Congratulations to Stephanie Byrwa, Public Relations Manager; John A. Swartz, Esq., Chairman of the<br />

Board; and Terry Diamond, Product Development; for presenting an overall view of Shriners Hospitals<br />

helping children.<br />

Joy Young, P.R. Specialist from Shriners Hospitals, was invited for<br />

the second time to RCN Studio and was well received. This is the firsttime<br />

scoliosis was presented to RCN viewing audience. Joy presented<br />

the 30-minute program in three segments. Scoliosis is an abnormal<br />

curvature of the spine that can limit mobility and, some of the time,<br />

contributes to more serious health problems. It affects 6-9 million people<br />

in the U.S. and millions more worldwide. It is a progressive condition<br />

diagnosed when children are rapidly growing between the ages of 10-<br />

15 years of age. There is no known cause. It can go undetected, since<br />

not all schools check children’s’ spines. Katheryn Salinas, P.R., Social<br />

Media Specialist, was acknowledged for her detailed outline on what<br />

Shriners Hospitals are doing to help children with scoliosis.<br />

Ambassador Shaw and the Hospital Service Unit are looking forward<br />

to the leadership of incoming Potentate Jared R. Kichline and Lady Kim<br />

to take us into 2018 for another great year.<br />

21<br />

Joy Young, PR specialist, Shriners Hospitals,<br />

interviewed on RCN's Community Spotlight

Forks of the Delaware TIN LIZZIES<br />

Happy New Year Nobles,<br />

Congratulations to Illustrious Sir<br />

Jared Kichline, the Divan and to all<br />

appointed and elected officers for<br />

2018. Best wishes for a successful and<br />

productive year, and congratulations to<br />

our club’s new president, Noble Bruce<br />

Johnson. Bruce is a past president and<br />

will do a terrific job in 2018. Thanks<br />

also to outgoing president Henry Faust<br />

Sam Ellis<br />

who did an outstanding job leading the<br />

club in 2016 and 2017<br />

At our Christmas Dinner at the Northampton Community<br />

Center in Northampton, Sam Ellis was named Tin Lizzie of the<br />

Year, proof that you can fool some of the people some of the<br />

time. Noble Ron Barron picked up a special fun award. Ron<br />

was also chairman of this year’s event. Along with Ron and his<br />

Lady Cheryl, many nobles and ladies contributed to the success<br />

of the Christmas party. Thanks to Henry and Patricia Faust, Bruce<br />

and Sally Johnson, Garrett and Katlyn Newhartz, Lee and Joyce<br />

Marsh, and Sam and Kay Ellis. The food was great, and there were<br />

lots of gifts, and good entertainment.<br />

Another highlight of the Christmas dinner was the presentation<br />

of a commemorative slate clock to Illustrious Sir Dave Evans and a<br />

Christmas bouquet to Lady Sarah. It is our way of congratulating them<br />

for a job well done.<br />

The Officers and nobles of the Tin Lizzies are anticipating a busy<br />

year with our Shoofly Pie baking project resuming this month. We<br />

bake and sell an average of 400 to 500 pies every other week until<br />

June and beginning again in the fall. We bake at St. Johns Church in<br />

Farmersville and we’re always looking for volunteers to help. It’s a<br />

fun morning and we even serve lunch. If you’re interested in getting<br />

involved, contact Sam Ellis at 610-390-6188.<br />

On a sad note we lost two valued members in January, Nobles<br />

Myron Hahn and Leroy Kromis. They will be missed<br />


Ron Barron with special award in center of<br />

picture with Garrett Newhart, Parade Director on<br />

left and club president Henry Faust on right.<br />

The club presented Illustrious Sir Dave<br />

Evans with a slate clock that featured an<br />

engraving of his Potentate Logo.<br />

Many thanks to Ill. Sir Dave Evans and Lady Sarah for a great year. <strong>Rajah</strong> stays strong because of the<br />

hard work of its leadership. Welcome to Ill. Sir Jared and Lady Kim. 2018 will be a year full of progress<br />

and growth for sure. There had been a rumor that the Divan had been directed to grow beards so the<br />

official family would look like ZZ Top, but the rumor proved to be false.<br />

Lebanon County Shrine Club needs member support to attend its meetings. We are in danger of not<br />

being able to hold meetings because only a handful of members are attending. Come out and support us<br />

on the fourth Monday and bring your Lady. Contact Sec. John Bainbridge Jr. at 717-272-5466 and make<br />

your reservations.<br />

Dennis Royer<br />

We are getting into Circus mode and selling ads. <strong>February</strong> will be our Circus Night meeting at Midway<br />

Diner with the Circus Chairmen from <strong>Rajah</strong> and Zembo in attendance. Maybe some clowns will do some<br />

clown stuff like wreck the place. It is always great to be a Shriner.<br />



Ill. Sir<br />

Greg Lewis, PP<br />


When we look back on 2017, the <strong>Rajah</strong> Chanters can point with pride to several of our accomplishments.<br />

We had a successful 25th Annual Afternoon of Music; we competed at the Shrine Chanters Association<br />

International at the Imperial Sessions in July, placing 2nd; we took top honors in both large group and small<br />

group at the Mid-Atlantic Shrine Association competition in Virginia Beach in Septemper; we entertained<br />

hundreds of music lovers at several performances and participated in a few parades to the delight of<br />

many people lining the streets, but, most of all, we sang for the children we support through the Shriners’<br />

Hospitals for Children.<br />

Yes, in many ways it was a most successful year! But, before we look ahead, we would like to thank our<br />

immediate Past President, Ill. Sir Ed Engle, PP and his lady Ferne for their leadership and guidance in 2017.<br />

As we go forward, we are happy to have a past president of the Chanters stepping up again to lead us<br />

in two ways. Noble Bryan Hartman, who served as President a few years to take over the helm once again.<br />

Bryan is also our lead music conductor. We know that he and Lady Melanie will once again make us proud to have them leading<br />

our group. Melanie will do double duty, too, as on occasion she is our fill-in accompanist when Bruce Rohrbach is busy with work<br />

or other duties.<br />

The First Vice-President is Dave DeTurk, Second VP is Curtis Flitchner, Treasurer is Donald (Punky) Miller and Secretary is<br />

Shel Rissinger. Also doing double duty is Dave DeTurk, serving as the Unit Director, too.<br />

We are also proud to have two of our members serving in leadership capacities outside of <strong>Rajah</strong>. Noble Dan Heffelfinger is the<br />

current President of the Mid-Atlantic Shrine Chanters Association and Ill. Sir Greg Lewis, PP is serving as Second Vice-President<br />

of the Shrine Chanters International Association.<br />

As you peruse your calendar for this year, please mark Sunday, April 15th as a very important day for again two reasons. Yes,<br />

your income tax filing is due AND it will be the <strong>Rajah</strong> Chanters 26th Annual Afternoon of Music at Kutztown H. S. Auditorium<br />

at 2 PM.<br />

Having said all of that, 2018 promises to be a busy year for us and we are seeking new members to join us. If you love music<br />

and have a desire to sing, please accept this as your invitation to join us at one of our rehearsals. We meet every Monday night at 7<br />

at the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Complex in the All-Purpose Room - no experience necessary.<br />

MOTOR<br />

CORP<br />

Ill. Sir Dave<br />

Evans, PP<br />

Greetings from the<br />

Motor Corps,<br />

The <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Motor Corps is preparing<br />

for their annual Horse Races on <strong>February</strong> 10th in<br />

combination with the <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine Oriental Band.<br />

Tickets can be procured from either John Grumbein<br />

or Bill Trusty. Looking further ahead, we can<br />

always use more members for the 2018 parade<br />

season. Please contact President Bill Trusty at 610-<br />

777-7586 for more info.<br />


The Anglers Club completed 2017 with our<br />

annual Christmas party that was well attended<br />

with over 80 people. The entertainment was very<br />

enjoyable. We had several awards presented.<br />

Helmut Wicker received the first Anglers<br />

100-million-dollar club award. We recognized the<br />

ten anglers that accumulated the highest points<br />

for this award. Marv Miller listed four candidates<br />

Ron Szapacs and their qualifications for the Ryan Award. The<br />

audience voted and Nick Smith was overwhelming<br />

selected to receive the prestigous Ryan Award. Ruth Wicker was recognized<br />

for her efforts over the past three years for scheduling anglers to work the<br />

weekly Shrine bingo. Our Potentate, Dave Evans and his Lady Sara were<br />

also recognized and received gifts from the Anglers.<br />

A new event for 2018 - we are planning a fishing derby to be held at a<br />

local lake. This event will be open to all Shriners. Stay tuned for details. The<br />

fish fry will be held in August this year. We need more time to catch fish as<br />

this event always has a great turn out.<br />

The Anglers Club is excited with our new activities planned for 2018. We<br />

wish the best year for our new Potentate Jared Kichline and the Divan. As<br />

always, the Anglers will be available to help with all <strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine events.<br />

We would also like to wish all the units and clubs a successful 2018.<br />

To purchase sauerkraut, contact any Angler - $4.00 for a 2 lb. bag.<br />






MARCH 7TH –11TH, 2018<br />


Nobles,<br />

Welcome to 2018. As with every new year that comes upon us, we find that we<br />

keep improving and getting better at what we do. We expect that this year will be no<br />

different and we are hard at it fine tuning our processes.<br />

Thank you to our outgoing 2017 Potentate David Evans and his wonderful Lady<br />

Sarah. You had an exciting and fast moving year and we really thank you for your<br />

leadership. We look forward to seeing both of you back at the Noble Riders meetings<br />

and our on our rides this season.<br />

We wish a warm welcome to our 2018 Potentate, Jared R. Kichline and his lovely Lady Kim. Jared, of<br />

course, is also a Noble Rider and we look forward to supporting his year. We hope the two of you can make<br />

Richard Jessop some time to attend a few of our upcoming rides this year.<br />

We are already well into our planning cycle for our 3rd Annual Poker Run on August 4, 2018. However<br />

there is still a bit of snow outside the window at the moment. In the meantime, our plans are being secured for our Units 2nd annual<br />

Cabin Fever winter covered dish social get together at our <strong>February</strong> 25 meeting.<br />

This year will be no different for us than other years. It will be a busy one as I already count 37 dates on our calendar of activities.<br />

These range from one- or two-day to weeklong events throughout the year. Whether supporting Shrine events locally or afar, we are<br />

always up to the task of promoting membership and fundraising to support the children.<br />

To all, have a fantastic 2018 and we look forward to seeing you out there.<br />

Please remember, if you know any Nobles or any Brothers who ride, let them know of us as we are always looking for new<br />

members. For any questions or membership applications, please contact Noble President, Thomas V. Conlon Sr. PP - tomtom1959@<br />

aol.com (610.780.4020) or Noble CMO, Richard W. Jessop - richardjessop@hotmail.com (347.410.0177).<br />

Remember, we are on Facebook so please like our page (and have your family and friends do so as well).<br />

http://www.facebook.com/nobleridersofthemysticshrine.<br />


Rev. David<br />

Newhart<br />


So here we are in the New Year and all things are now new!<br />

Well, not exactly, but perhaps somewhat different. All things change, and we are part of a continuing<br />

creation and so all things grow. All things must become different with the change in the world today.<br />

I consider what has changed in our midst, like Good Shepherd Home in Allentown. That began as a<br />

home for crippled children and it had forty to fifty permanent residents. I can remember driving by the<br />

home in Allentown when many of those residents were set outside in their wheelchairs to watch the cars<br />

drive by and they waved at those who honked their horns.<br />

Today Good Shepherd has no permanent residents and does far more that tread crippled children. It has<br />

become one of the finest rehabilitation hospitals in Pennsylvania. Good Shepherd had to adapt to the times<br />

in which it was growing.<br />

So, we too must adapt to the times in which we grow. Yet the lesson we have learned, to live with people<br />

and to treat them with great care, is still important. Even though Good Shepherd has changed the style of its ministry, it still deals<br />

with the people who need help.<br />

We, too, are called to adapt to the world around us and still be our brother’s keeper and still help the helpless and those without<br />

the money to care for themselves. So, we as Shriners continue to serve the children who have birth defects of their bodies and need<br />

the medical treatment that we have continued to give so many children for so many years.<br />

We continue to see the need and adapt to the changes in the kinds of diseases that affect the bodies of children and find new and<br />

better ways of treating those problems.<br />

Life Changes<br />

The Shriners hospitals grow, and the number of patients<br />

grow and our ability to serve them must also grow to meet the<br />

continuing costs.<br />

We have the great responsibility to see that children are returned<br />

to a normal life and continue to function in a world always full of<br />

change and new things.<br />

May we continue to be a blessing to all through Shriner’s<br />

Children’s Hospital.<br />

26<br />

Yo<br />

our priorities change,<br />

Your needs change,<br />

Your idea of a perfect home changes.<br />

You don’t have to go it alone… I can help!<br />

SAM KALBACH, ®<br />


Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage<br />

975 Berkshire Blvd., Suite 100<br />

Wyomissing, PA<br />

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484-256-4038 (cell) | 610-373-9900 (office)<br />

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The Carbon County Shrine Club is proud to present the 2nd<br />

annual APRIL FOOL’S DAY Ladies Night Gala from 5-10 p.m.<br />

on Saturday, March 31, 2018, at the Shrine Complex.<br />

Bring your best joke, short story or tall tale and join the Carbon<br />

County Shrine Club for an evening filled with fun & frivolity!<br />

Doors open at 4:00 p.m. – Family style dinner at 5:00 p.m. –<br />

Fool’s program 6:00 p.m. and dancing from 7:00-10:00 p.m.<br />

This is without a doubt the most fun and laughter you will<br />

have in one evening. Prizes will be awarded for the “best” (as we<br />

see fit for an April Fool’s Day event) outfit, hat, joke, short story<br />

and tall tale. It’s best to bring your sense of humor or not come<br />

at all.<br />

Dress code is fun at all cost. Speaking of cost, tickets are $35<br />

per person or $60 per couple. For tickets or information, call<br />

Duane Dellecker at 610-417-2939.

Obituaries<br />


Reading<br />

DIED: NOVEMBER 24, 2017<br />


Reading<br />

DIED: DECEMBER 18, 2017<br />


Perkasie<br />

DIED: DECEMBER 23, 2017<br />


Orwigsburg<br />

DIED: DECEMBER 10, 2017<br />


Elizabethtown<br />

DIED: JANUARY 1, 2018<br />


Ephrata<br />

DIED: DECEMBER 7, 2017<br />


Birdsboro<br />

DIED: DECEMBER 28, 2017<br />

Lost<br />

In<br />

The<br />

Desert<br />

The last known address in our<br />

records is listed below. If anyone<br />

knows the whereabouts of the<br />

following Nobles, please contact<br />

Joseph J. Hagan, Sr., Recorder or<br />

Anne-Marie at the Administration<br />

Office, 610-916-9000.<br />


1611 Olive Street<br />

Coatesville Pa 19320<br />


135 Main Street<br />

Womelsdorf Pa 19567<br />


Bethlehem<br />

DIED: NOVEMBER 29, 2017<br />


Kempton<br />

DIED: DECEMBER 23, 2017<br />


New Holland<br />

DIED: JANUARY 4, 2018<br />


Wernersville<br />

DIED: JANUARY 11, 2018<br />


Myerstown<br />

DIED: DECEMBER 26, 2017<br />


Allentown<br />

DIED: January 11, 2018<br />


“For ALL your Advertising Specialties and Promotional Products”<br />

Pens - Key Chains - Calendars - Pocket Planners<br />

Call us when ordering your event/banquet favors<br />

PHONE: 717-933-8512 REHRERSBURG, PA 19550<br />

“Family owned and operated for more than 70 years”<br />


<strong>Rajah</strong> Shrine<br />

P.O. Box 40 , Blandon, PA 19510<br />

Vol 75 Feb.-March 2018 No. 2<br />

F<br />

E<br />

B<br />

R<br />

U<br />

ARY<br />

018<br />

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday<br />

1 2 3<br />

January 2018<br />

S M T W T F S<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> S.C.<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6<br />

7 8 9 10 11 12 13<br />

14 15 16 17 18 19 20<br />

21 22 23 24 25 26 27<br />

28 29 30 31<br />

18 19 20 21 22 23 24<br />

Concert Band<br />

Chanters<br />

Provost Guard<br />

Mounted Patrol<br />

Tin Lizzies<br />

Oriental Band<br />

Motor Corps<br />

Brandywine S.C.<br />

Ladies Night<br />

President’s<br />

Day<br />

Cedars<br />

25 26 27 28<br />

Noble Riders Lebanon S.C. -<br />

Membership<br />

Circus Night<br />

Mtg. - 6:30 PM<br />

Chanters<br />

Units/Clubs -<br />

7:30 PM<br />

Clowns<br />

Cedars<br />

North Penn S.C.<br />

BINGO-<br />

(Anglers)<br />

4 5 6 7 8 9 10<br />

Board of<br />

Oriental Band<br />

Anglers<br />

Lancaster S.C.<br />

Carbon S.C.<br />

Motor Corps &<br />

Directors<br />

Lehigh S.C.<br />

Valentine Dance<br />

Oriental Band<br />

Directors Staff<br />

Horse Races<br />

Chanters<br />

BINGO-<br />

(Anglers)<br />

Bethlehem S.C.<br />

Cedars<br />

11 12 13 14 15 16 17<br />

Motor Corps &<br />

Lancaster O.B.<br />

Carbon S.C.<br />

String Band<br />

Schuylkill S.C.<br />

Oriental Band<br />

Chanters<br />

Memorial<br />

Horse Races -<br />

BINGO-<br />

Breakfast<br />

Dance Band<br />

Snow Date<br />

(Chanters)<br />

LOH Exec &<br />

Stated Meeting<br />

Valentine’s Day<br />

BINGO-<br />

(Legion)<br />

March 2018<br />

S M T W T F S<br />

1 2 3<br />

4 5 6 7 8 9 10<br />

11 12 13 14 15 16 17<br />

18 19 20 21 22 23 24<br />

25 26 27 28 29 30 31<br />

56th Annual<br />


March 7 to March 11<br />

Wednesday, Mar. 7…………………………...7:00 PM<br />

Thursday, Mar. 8………………………………..7:00 PM<br />

Friday, Mar. 9…………………………………..…7:00 PM<br />

Saturday, Mar. 10……………10:00 AM, 3:00 & 7:30 PM<br />

Sunday, Mar. 11………………………1:00 & 5:30 PM<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong><br />

Bulletin<br />

Board<br />

Office Closed<br />

March 30<br />

Spring MASA<br />

April 26-28<br />

FEBRUARY 2018<br />



M<br />

A<br />

R<br />

C<br />

H<br />

Circus<br />

Hamburg Fieldhouse<br />

March 7-11<br />

Good Friday<br />

Breakfast<br />

March 30<br />

Stated Meeting<br />

April 18<br />

2018<br />

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday<br />

1 2 3<br />

<strong>February</strong> 2018<br />

April 2018<br />

S M T W T F S S M T W T F S<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> S.C.<br />

Daylight Savings Time<br />

1 2 3<br />

4 5 6 7 8 9 10<br />

11 12 13 14 15 16 17<br />

18 19 20 21 22 23 24<br />

25 26 27 28<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7<br />

8 9 10 11 12 13 14<br />

15 16 17 18 19 20 21<br />

22 23 24 25 26 27 28<br />

29 30<br />

BINGO-<br />

(Anglers)<br />

4 5 6 7 8 9 10<br />

Board of<br />

Oriental Band Cedars Lancaster S.C.<br />

Directors<br />

BINGO - (Anglers)<br />

Directors Staff<br />

Chanters<br />

Circus at Hamburg - Pote's Call<br />

<strong>Rajah</strong> Ladies<br />

Wed., Thurs. Fri. - Showtime at 7 PM<br />

Bethlehem S.C.<br />

Sat. - Showtimes at 10 AM, 3 PM & 7:30 PM<br />

11 12 13 14 15 16 17<br />

Circus at<br />

Hamburg<br />

Lancaster OB<br />

LOH Exec &<br />

Anglers<br />

Schuylkill SC<br />

Showtimes:<br />

Chanters<br />

Stated<br />

Mounted Patrol<br />

Ladies’ Night<br />

1 & 5:30 PM Dance Band Carbon S.C.<br />

BINGO-<br />

String Band<br />

(Chanters)<br />

Concert Band<br />

Spring Forward to<br />

St. Patrick’s<br />

Day<br />

18 19 20 21 22 23 24 27<br />

Chanters<br />

Provost Guard<br />

Gun Club<br />

Tin Lizzies<br />

Past Masters<br />

Lehigh S.C.<br />

Motor Corps<br />

Brandywine S.C.<br />

Hospital Service<br />

Club<br />

Ladies Night<br />

11 AM Complex<br />

BINGO-<br />

Cedars<br />

(Legion)<br />

25 26 27 28 29 30<br />

Noble Riders<br />

Lebanon S.C.<br />

Hospital Crusade<br />

Good Friday<br />

Concert Band<br />

Chanters<br />

Kick-off Picnic<br />

BINGO-<br />

Breakfast -<br />

- 6 PM<br />

(Lehigh)<br />

8 AM - Complex<br />

Clowns<br />

Units/Clubs -<br />

7:30 PM<br />


Cedars<br />

North Penn S.C.<br />

Good Friday<br />

MARCH 2018<br />


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