Philippians 1:4-5 - Grace College and Seminary

Philippians 1:4-5 - Grace College and Seminary

The Quarterly Magazine of Grace College and Seminary | Fall 2008


Campus to

the World

page 4


1 Praise God for the students He has brought to Grace this year.

2 Pray for alan Leinbach, General Maintenance Specialist.

3 Pray for nancy Dickerson, Administrative Assistant, Registrar’s Office.

4 Pray for the red & White athletic Department Visit Day, taking place today.

5 Pray for the Grace Conference on Mission, October 6-9.

6 Pray for the Campus Visit Day, being held today and tomorrow.

7 Pray for Carolyn rex, Housekeeping Service Partner.

8 Pray for the annual Taste of the World missions event, being held this evening.

9 Pray for Sharon Stallter, Administrative Assistant, Marketing and Communication.

10 Pray for Josh Bailey, Controller and Men’s Baseball Coach.

11 Pray for our admissions counselors as they travel and represent Grace.

12 Pray for Jessica Mikel, Advancement Assistant.

13 Pray for Christina Dulworth, Administrative Assistant, Graduate Department in


14 Pray for Laurie Owen, Associate Professor of Education.

15 Pray for Dr. Bill Katip, Provost.

16 Pray for Todd norris, Registrar.

17 Pray for Myra Taylor, Housekeeping Service Partner.

18 Pray for Dr. James Kraft, Assistant Chair, School of Music.

19 Pray for Jacqueline Schram, Chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures.

20 Pray for rodney nissley, Construction Coordinator.

21 Pray for Lyle Hufford, Cook.

22 Pray for Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh, Chair, School of Music.

23 Pray for those who are planning the details of Homecoming 2008.

24 Pray for Dr. Carrie Yocum, Assistant Provost, Chair, Social Work Department, and

Study Abroad Coordinator.

25 Pray for travel safety and renewal during Fall Break, October 25-28.

26 Pray for students involved in the online courses.

27 Pray for John French, Coordinator, Prison Site.

28 Pray for the Faculty in-Service being held today.

29 Pray for arianna Green, Admissions Counselor and Head Cheerleading Coach.

30 Pray for students who are doing their student teaching this semester.

31 Pray for Dr. Marcia Lee, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences.


“I always

1 Pray for our students in the Prison extension Program.

2 Pray for rebecca Coleman, Coordinator of Social Work Field Experience.

3 Pray for Tyann Walker, Housekeeping Service Partner.

4 Pray for the national election today and its impact on our lives.

5 Pray for the Grace Board of Trustees as it meets november 6-8.

6 Pray for Melissa Chappell, Payroll Coordinator.

7 Pray for a great time at Homecoming, november 7-9.

8 Pray for Chad Briscoe, Athletic Director.

9 Pray for Matt Hotchkin, Head Men’s Soccer Coach and Assistant Director, Intramurals.

10 Pray for roger Stichter, Chair, Department of Business.

11 Pray for Wanda Bollman, Admissions Office Manager.

12 Pray for nancy Weimer, Executive Assistant to the President.

13 Pray for the impact of the Fall Day of Worship, being held today.

14 Pray for Dennis Blalock, Housekeeping Service Partner.

15 Pray for edna Kindig, Accounts Payable.

16 Pray for Scott Blum, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Women’s Basketball


17 Pray for students who are studying abroad this semester.

18 Pray for Justin Hayes, Pressman, Printshop.

19 Pray for students and parents who are attending the Campus Visit Day today.

20 Pray for students as they register for spring semester classes.

2 | G raCe MaGazine

pray with


because of your partnership

in the gospel.”

Philippians 1:4-5

21 Pray that there will be strong gift income in the final weeks of the year.

22 Pray for Jodi Schirtzinger, Sodexo Food Services.

23 Pray for Leana allison, Supervisor, Campus Post Office.

24 Pray for Dr. Dennis Gaerte, Professor of Education.

25 Pray for Mark Weinstein, Dean of Enrollment and Marketing.

26 Pray for students and employees who are traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday.

27 Praise God for His grace and faithfulness to us.

28 Pray for Dr. Mike Grill, Chair, Department of Behavioral Science.

29 Pray for emily Hoover, Academic Support Coordinator, The Learning Center.

30 Pray for students as they head into the final weeks of the fall semester.


1 Pray for students as they finish papers and projects for the end of the semester.

2 Pray for Karla ellis, Office Manager of The Learning Center.

3 Pray for John Tupps, Attendant, General Kitchen/Custodial.

4 Pray for Kelly Sharp, Office Manager, Athletics.

5 Pray for ruth Sanborn, Secretary, Student Health Center.

6 Pray for good health on campus through the winter months.

7 Pray for Dr. Matthew Miller, Director, Student Counseling Center.

8 Pray for Bill Darr, Director of Library Services.

9 Pray for Greta Knight, Coordinator of Student Activities.

10 Pray for Steve Wise, Associate Director, Technical Services.

11 Pray for Cara Mcnamara, Admissions Counselor.

12 Pray for two music concerts to be held on campus this weekend.

13 Pray for Don Bernardini, Director of Vocal Studies.

14 Pray for Tom Caron, HVAC Technician.

15 Pray for students as they take final exams, December 15-18.

16 Pray for many from campus who will be traveling during the holidays.

17 Pray for Gretchen Bailey, Senior Advisor, Financial Aid.

18 Pray that the holiday season will give good opportunities to share Christ.

19 Pray for Carol Vosberg, Director, Education Resource Center and Administrative

Assistant, Department of Teacher Education.

20 Pray for Dr. Jim Swanson, Vice President of Student Affairs and Academic Services.

21 Pray for Marie Sarber, Administrative Assistant, Auxiliary Services and Operations.

22 Pray for Jim Kessler, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Men’s Basketball


23 Pray for Karen Tew, Housekeeping Service Partner.

24 Pray for Clayton Shelburne, Carpenter.

25 “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” (i Cor. 9:15)

26 Pray for Benjamin navarro, Associate Professor of Spanish.

27 Pray for Cindy Sisson, Director of Graduate and Adult Education Enrollment.

28 Pray for Clint Johnson, Attendant, Gordon Recreation Center.

29 Pray for Dr. Paulette Sauders, Chair, Department of English and Journalism.

30 Pray for anita Targgart, Housekeeping Service Partner.

31 Pray for Jacob Barros, User Services Analyst.

January 2009

1 Praise God for a new year of opportunities to serve Him.

2 Pray for Steven Gates, Cook.

3 Pray for our student athletes that they will represent Christ well.

4 Pray for students who are taking classes during J-Term (January 5-16).

5 Pray for Jo Helfrich, Secretary, Registrar’s Office.

6 Pray for our December graduates that they will seek God’s will for their lives.

7 Pray for new and transfer students who will begin their studies this semester.

8 Pray for students who need financial help.

9 Pray for high school students who are considering Grace.

10 Pray for J.D. Woods, Associate Professor of Art/Graphic Design.

Note: Employees are listed on or near their birthdays.


Volume 28 | Number 3

Published four times a year for alumni and

friends of Grace College and Seminary.


Grace is an evangelical Christian community

of higher education which applies biblical

values in strengthening character, sharpening

competence, and preparing for service.


ronald e. Manahan, MDiv 70, ThM 77, ThD 82



Joel Curry, MDiv 92


Judy Daniels, Ba 72



Joel Curry, MDiv 92

Cho Long McGowen, Ba 07


John Boal, BS 84


Tim ziebarth, BS 93, Director


Mary Polston, Ba 78, alumnotes Coordinator


rhonda raber

Paulette Sauders, Ba 64, CBS 77

Sharon Stallter, BS 74

nancy Weimer, Ba 75


The Grace College

women’s soccer team

traveled to Peru, South

america, this past

summer for outreach

ministry through

athletics. Pictured are

team members (left to

right) anne Janavich, Lindsay anderson,

rochelle Hall, Heidi Messer, Megan Okerson,

and amy Kuhl in a “tiki tiki” (large dugout


200 Seminary Drive

Winona lake, IN 46590

800.54.GRacE ·


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3 | G raCe MaGazine


by Dr. Ronald E. Manahan

Each day brings more news about our

interaction with global realities. Energy,

politics, terror, and war are a few of the

global issues having local impact. It is hard

to imagine a place on the globe untouched

in some way by these realities. They are

touching individuals as well as nations

around the globe.

God, of course, makes clear that His work is

among the nations of the world, not simply

our family, our church, our city, our nation.

Those God gathers to Himself are “from

every tribe and language and people and

nation” (Revelation 5:9). Since God’s interest

is global, so should be our interest. His

followers are called to have a global vision,

seeing the world as God sees it.

The Grace educational experience requires intercultural experiences of its students

and provides them with numerous opportunities to engage the peoples of the world.

In any given semester both students and staff are involved in international learning

experiences. They position students next to others in whom God has a passionate

interest. Our intent is to nurture a spirit of concern and a disposition of engagement

with others.

Because of the inclusion of the annual report, this issue of Grace Magazine is shorter

in length, but it is long on telling stories of individuals and groups who traveled

internationally to be among people groups that God loves. I hope you are encouraged

as you read these stories. These few stories illustrate many, many similar campus

stories. This generation of current Grace students and staff continues learning to see

the world through God’s eyes. Pray for us all that our vision will be clear.


4 COnneCTinG CaMPuS


a snapshot of Grace’s global connections

8 FrOM THe aTHLeTiC DeParTMenT

The latest on the Lancers

9 CaMPuS neWS

items from the Grace campus

10 aLuMnOTeS

Latest updates on Grace alumni,

nostalgia Quiz, and other

bits of information

15 FrOM THe aLuMni DireCTOr

news from the alumni Services Office

Scene from Dr. Bill Katip

and Prof. Bill Gordon’s

Southeast Asia trip.


Campus to

the World

by Judy Daniels

4 | G raCe MaGazine

The answer may be surprising. Since the

seminary began in 1937, Grace has had

global ties of great significance. Many

of its alumni in the early years became

missionaries, going out from campus to

represent Christ and the school around

the world. College students caught

the vision for missions and went out

on teams or individually as short-term

workers. Studying overseas was also a

link from campus to the world.

In recent years, Grace’s global connections

have expanded as missions trips

have multiplied, studying abroad has

increased, and overseas internships have

become more commonplace. Recognizing

the importance of thinking globally,

the college added a cross-cultural field

experience requirement to its curriculum

in 2002. Grace’s Cultural Liaison Carlos

Tellez explains:

“Global Perspectives and the Cross-

Cultural Field Experience are required

of all Grace College students. It has two

parts, the classroom component (two

credits) and the experiential component

(one credit). In the class, students

discover a sense of God’s concern for the

nations with a special focus on Jesus as the

ultimate boundary crosser. In addition,

students examine culture…and discuss

ways in which we can cross cultural

boundaries in order to reach out to those

who need it.

“The CCFE component is an opportunity

for students to apply the information

learned in class. They are challenged

to interact with others from a different

ethnic and/or national heritage from their

own. This normally takes place through a

one to two-week trip overseas or in select

locations in the United States.

“As the world population becomes more

mobile, it becomes increasingly important

for all of us to get better prepared to inter-

5 | G raCe MaGazine

Many things can and should be learned through books and lectures,

but there are some things that need to be experienced.

you might think that Grace college and Seminary is somewhat isolated

from the outside world. after all, how many global connections could a

small-town, Midwestern school of 1,500 students have?

act with differing worldviews. It is also

important that, as Christians who take the

Great Commission seriously, we grapple

with what it means to ‘make disciples of

all nations’ and develop tools to do so

effectively. In other words, reaching out

to those of other cultures is not just a

matter of market-place preparation, but

also obedience to Christ.”

The challenge of taking the Great

Commission seriously and becoming

“boundary crossers” was evident as dozens

of Grace students and employees were

involved in cross-cultural experiences

during summer 2008. As you read

on, you’ll learn about several of these

experiences and catch a glimpse of how

people were affected. And you’ll discover

more about future plans as Grace seeks to

serve and educate beyond our campus.


“Many things can and should be learned

through books and lectures, but there are

some things that need to be experienced,”

says Scott Feather, dean of the chapel

and global ministries. “Learning to

cross boundaries, like Christ did in the

incarnation, is one of those.”

Left: Grace basketball player David Henry

(center) and other members of the Sports

Ambassadors team in the Philippines.

Below: Grace student Kyla Zenan (far right)

works with university students in Bangkok.

Scott and 13 Grace students experienced

boundary-crossing from June 15-29,

when they worked with university

students and missionaries in Bangkok,

Thailand. The group was a GO

Team, sponsored by Grace Brethren

International Missions, and included

Danae Beeler, Kayla Bilbrey, Caryn

Britton, Joshua Curtis, Valerie Embree,

Ashley House, Emily Hughes, Hannah

Marshall, Caleb Richardson, Natalie

Rummel, Amy Shain, Brice Williams, and

Kyla Zenan.

“My trip to Bangkok proved to me that

what I had been reading in books on

modern-day slavery is true,” says Ashley

House. “I saw people and places that will

be forever pictures in my mind of the

reality of the sex trade. The opportunity I

had to share with the international church

body was another aspect of the trip

that shaped and formed my new world

perspective. There are fewer things more

beautiful than worshipping our Lord in

different languages at the same time.”


Men’s Basketball Coach Jim Kessler has

a love of the game – and a heart for missions.

He has combined the two passions

and led basketball outreach trips to several

continents over the years of his ministry

at Grace. One such trip took place July

25-August 17. Coach Kessler and five of

his team members, Ryan Eakins, David

Henry, Steve Kauffman, Jacob Peattie,

and David Swanson, traveled with

Sports Ambassadors (formerly Venture

for Victory) and legendary coach Bud

Schaeffer to the Philippines.

The team played 25 basketball games in 18

days, giving testimonies at halftime, and

working with local pastors in outreach.

“The ministry opportunities are unbelievable,”

said Coach K. “The folks love

basketball and turn out to see the game at

which time we share the Gospel. The joy

on their faces obscure the conditions in

which they live and presses home the reality

that riches and the joy in one’s heart are

not in any way related. This gives playing

basketball new meaning to all of us.”

David Henry made this observation:

“I don’t have be a missions major to

participate in missions. I’ve always known

that, but never lived it. It’s a comfort to

know that the Lord does not ask me to

do something where I am not gifted.”

Regarding his own gifts, David adds, “In

this case it was basketball. In the future it

could be medicine since I am a pre-med

major. I’m excited to see where the Lord



Not only do undergraduates have a

cross-cultural field experience class, but

the Graduate Department of Counseling

and Interpersonal Relations does as

well. In connection with this class, Dr.

Tammy Schultz, department chair, led a

team of students from her department to

Ukraine (May 30-June 7). They worked

with ICF (International Charitable

Foundation) Mission to Ukraine, helping

children and youth with special needs and

working with underprivileged villagers.

Team members included Jennifer Orson,

Ra’Chelle Spearman, Darcy Koechel,

Ryan Kreider, Emily Myers, Bethany

Thornton, Crystal Gingerich, Schultz,

and Dave Olges (MA 97).

“We want the students to know firsthand,”

she said, “that there are differences

in counseling middle-class, Midwest,

Caucasian folks compared to journeying

with an impoverished Russian from the

Ukraine or a Latino adolescent living on a

dump in Mexico.”

“I was humbled to see the poverty,” said

Darcy Koechel. “At first, I considered

myself to be more blessed than they…

however, after spending time with these

people and seeing their genuine gratitude,

contentment, and undistracted love for

God, I realized that it is they who are truly


“It is a truly amazing experience to feel

connected with others who don’t even

6 | G raCe MaGazine

The beauty of seeing God at work

in the most unlikely of circumstances and people

is astounding.

speak the same language, simply because

we are believers,” added Jen Orson. “It

is impossible to come back from such a

trip unchanged,” concluded Ryan Kreider.

“The beauty of seeing God at work in

the most unlikely of circumstances and

people is astounding.”


Grace Theological Seminary has had a

strong connection with Korean missionaries

and pastors through the seminary’s

Center for Korean Studies. The program,

which began in 1997, is led by Dr. Tom

Stallter, who is professor of intercultural

studies at Grace.

“GTS continues to reach around the

world in an effort to train Korean missionaries

and pastors in intercultural studies

for their ministries,” said Dr. Stallter.

“Coordinators in 16 different countries

set up local extension classes, and Korean

professors go to those locations for the

first courses in the Doctor of Missiology

or M.A. in Intercultural Studies programs.

Then the students come to Grace campus

on two occasions in the summers to

complete intensive, translated courses at

Grace for their degrees.

“Few of the 20,000 Korean missionaries

around the world received intercultural

ministry training before going to the

fields, and their experience has given

them an appetite and enthusiasm for

intercultural understanding that will

enhance their ministries.”


Michael Voss, women’s soccer coach,

is a former missionary to Belize, South

America, where he taught discipleship and

evangelism through soccer. Now that he’s

at Grace, he wanted his team members

to experience a different culture. So he

and his wife, Summer, took the women’s

soccer team to Peru, South America,

from July 29-August 13. They traveled

under the auspices of Missionary Athletes

International (MAI) and the Southern

California Seahorse Soccer Club. They

participated in matches and clinics, shared

their testimonies, and partnered with local

churches in ministry.

The team included: Amy Abbitt, Kayla

Alcorn, Lindsay Anderson, Natalie

Anderson, Abby Birkey, Laura Burns,

Victoria Casey, Samantha Decker,

Rochelle Hall, Anne Janavich, Leslie

Jones, Amy Kuhl, Heidi Messer, Rebecca

Mondich, Sarah Morgan, Megan

Okerson, Jessie Roe, Rachel Roe, Katie

Snyder, Holly Tetro, and Danae Walker.

“Most of the world does not live the way

we do in the U.S., yet some believe in

the same Lord we do,” said Voss. “The

women saw this first-hand and now are

in the process of determining how that

affects their role and responsibility of

living their lives as an American within a

global community.”

“It was an amazing experience getting to

meet other Christians who have such a

different lifestyle from me, but still have

the same beliefs, passion for God, and

love for soccer as I do,” said Amy Kuhl.

“The people of Peru had so little,”

commented Leslie Jones. “Yet they

seemed to be happier despite their lack

of material possessions.” Anne Janavich

added, “Seeing those that have less

materially and love God and really don’t

have any issues with what they have was

very encouraging.”

Southeast asia

The Institute for Enterprise Development

(IED) is a new initiative at Grace with

potential for global opportunities. It is

directed by Professor Bill Gordon, who

led the college’s Business Department for

28 years. He explained that IED’s mission

is “to enable Grace College students,

faculty, employees, friends, and alumni

to creatively interact with enterprises

in the local, national, and international

community in order to develop

synergistic educational relationships and


Prof. Gordon’s vision for IED is that it

would allow student teams to engage

in unique applied learning projects,

exchange programs, internships, and

other opportunities. “We’re brokers of

matching Kingdom needs with Kingdom

resources,” he said.

Dr. Bill Katip, provost, says that the

program will help faculty as they seek

to connect students with learning

experiences beyond campus. “It’s to serve

and provide opportunities,” he said. The

addition of Grace’s new intercultural

studies major this fall also complements

the school’s global focus.

In March 2008, IED made it possible for

Dr. Katip to go to the Central African

Republic to explore the development of

Grace Seminary offering its Doctor of

Ministry program to key leaders there.

The program would be a joint venture

between the seminary and Grace Brethren

International Missions (GBIM).

In the spring, another continent was

considered for possible campus connections.

Dr. Katip and Prof. Gordon

went to Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia,

and Viet Nam (May 15-June 1) to

enhance the availability of international

opportunities for students. They traveled

with Wayne Hannah (BA 72, CBS 77)

from GBIM. Hannah has, for some time,

desired to get Grace students “thinking

Asia” and the venture accomplished much

for both Grace and GBIM.

The trip was underwritten by resources of

the IED in cooperation with GBIM. The

three men were joined by Stuart Hake

(S 07), GBIM missionary in Thailand

who specializes in business-as-mission.

“We were looking for cross-cultural

experiences, exchange opportunities for

both students and faculty, internship/

student teaching possibilities, and even

ultimately, employment opportunities,”

said Gordon.

They visited schools in Jakarta (University

Pelita Harapan), Bangkok, and Ho Chi

7 | G raCe MaGazine

Top: Dr. Tammy Schultz (right) talks with a young boy from the Ukraine. Bottom left: Soccer

player Amy Abbitt makes some new friends in Peru. Bottom right: Representatives from

Grace and GBIM with Vietnamese business leaders. Left to right are: Stuart Hake, Wayne

Hannah, Prof. Gordon, Dang Ninh Phuong, Dr. Katip, Le Ngoc Cuong, and Kevin Black.

Minh City. They spent time with missionaries,

including Grace alumni Kent

(BA 74, MDiv 78) and Becky (Sheffer,

BA 75, S 78) Good, Christian (MA 05)

and Bonnie (Nissley, BS 86) Beuggert,

Dave (BS 02, S 05) and Trish (Wood, BS

01, MA 02) Holabeck, and Steve (MDiv

99) and Deb (Willis, BS 95) Wise. They

also found potential involvement with

small businesses in the region.

“We secured locations for at least eight to

10 good venues for short-term missions

and/or internship experiences and a

couple of overseas student teaching possibilities,”

said Katip. “There are definitely

opportunities for our students to do

short-term work [in businesses]. There’s

a leather factory, a furniture factory, a

coffeehouse, a rubber factory – where

Grace students could get connected. We

found a great opportunity in Viet Nam

where our students could teach English.”

Already Katip and Gordon are seeing

results of the venture to Asia. “The

headmaster [of the school in Bangkok] is

coming to Grace in October to talk about

overseas work and interview prospective

student teachers,” said Katip.

“Our goal was to find opportunities

and ways we could implement those

opportunities,” Gordon added.

As Grace continues to follow the Lord’s

leading around the globe, the Institute for

Enterprise Development will play a key

role in the connection between campus

and the world.

The Institute for Enterprise Development is funded by

an endowment that is open to all donors. Support

toward the endowment allows for expanded



From the athletic Department

Grace college to Host

National championship

The National


College Athletic


has released

the new site for the 2008-09 Women’s

Basketball National Championship


The Division I tournament will be hosted

by Grace College and the community of

Winona Lake, Ind., March 12-14, 2009.

The Orthopaedic Capital Center will be

the site of all 12 games. It will serve as

one of the finest arenas to ever house an

NCCAA Championship.

“From your first step into this facility, the

quality and the atmosphere that should

surround an NCCAA Championship

is evident,” stated NCCAA Executive

Director, Dan Wood.

Under the leadership of Athletic Director

Chad Briscoe, his staff, and various community

agencies, the support is present

for a long-term relationship for this

event, with Grace set to host through the

2009-10 season.

“We are extremely

excited about this

opportunity to host a

national championship,”

Briscoe said.

“The NCCAA is a

great organization

with a mission that

Chad Briscoe is right in line with

Grace’s mission. I

believe that this is going to be a great

partnership for years to come.”

Grace College President Ron Manahan

is excited about being involved with the

tradition of the NCCAA.

“During its four decades of history the

NCCAA has fostered a spirit of competition

in the context of seeing college

athletes grow in their faith,” Manahan

8 | G raCe MaGazine

said. “Grace College is delighted to

partner with the NCCAA in hosting the

2008-09 Women’s Division I National

Basketball Tournament.”

Grace College Head Women’s Basketball

Coach Scott Blum shares his enthusiasm.

“I am very excited about the opportunity

to host this great basketball tournament,”

Blum said. “It was a big part of my life as

a player and coach, and I look forward to

how it will impact our players.”

The tournament will bring in seven other

Christian colleges from throughout the

United States to participate.

The Grace college lancers

athletic club

This fall the Athletic

Department has

announced the start

of the new Grace

College Lancers

Athletic Club. The

Grace Athletic Club

is comprised of

individuals who have

a desire to help support and continue to

build the Athletic Department at Grace


The Lancers Athletic Club supports the

primary goal of the college, which is

the spiritual, intellectual, and physical

development of its students and alumni.

The Lancers Athletic Club provides its

members the opportunity to foster and

maintain relationships across different

sports, generations, and geographical

locations. In this way, the club aspires to

contribute, through the common bond

of sport, to the social and professional

enrichment of its members and provide

a means for ongoing association with the

college. As an integral part of the Grace

College family, the Lancers Athletic

Club endeavors to uphold and enrich

the great tradition of Grace College


For more information, visit the Grace

Web site at

(Athletic Club link).

Grace college Hall of Fame

The Athletic Department will establish

the Grace College Athletic Hall of Fame

this fall. The Hall of Fame will serve as a

way of honoring both former and current

individuals who have impacted Grace


The Hall of Fame honor is given to

former players, coaches, or contributors

(meritorious service) that have made

a difference in 14 athletic programs at

the college. Presentation of the new

members will take place each year

during Homecoming, and a picture of

the members will be placed in the Hall

of Fame Hallway in the Orthopaedic

Capital Center.

“The inductees have brought much distinction

and honor to Grace College and

have established a tradition of Christian

excellence which is incomparable,” said

Grace College Athletic Director Chad

Briscoe. “We look forward to honoring

their achievements which have touched

everyone associated with Grace College

both in and out of the arena of athletics.”

Members of the first induction class


Richard “Dick” Messner – Athletic

Director; Former Basketball and

Baseball Coach

Dr. yvonne Messner – Former Coach,

Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, Softball,

Tennis, and Track.

Doug Noll – Men’s Basketball

chet kammerer – Men’s Basketball

Jim kessler – Coach, Men’s Basketball

Melissa (Rants) Simfukwe – Volleyball

Heather (Johnson) Everhart – Softball

Paul Henning – Men’s Soccer

Dick and Ginny leaf – Meritorious Service

Ron clase – Men’s Tennis

Three Join Grace Faculty this Fall

Grace college is pleased to announce that three new professors have joined the faculty for fall 2008.

cheryl Bremer is the

half-time assistant

professor in the

Department of

Teacher Education.

Bremer is a graduate

of Grace College (BS

92, Music Education

and Music Performance)

and Indiana University (Master’s

in Special Education). Bremer taught

special education for Wawasee Community

Schools (IN) for eight years and

taught for the Warsaw (IN) Community

Schools as an emotional disabilities

consultant. She also owned and operated

Kindermusic with Cheryl for eight years.

Bremer and her husband, Chris (BA 89),

have three children, Evan (10), Jenna

(8), and Landen (5).

news to Know

New Enrollment Record: Grace College

and Seminary recorded its third consecutive

record enrollment as 1,508 students

enrolled for the 2008-09 academic year.

The record includes a school-best 281

freshmen and 84 percent retention rate

for returning students.

The combination of new students and

the retention of upperclassmen are two

reasons why U.S. News and World Report

named Grace College to the top tier of its

“Best Baccalaureate Colleges in the Midwest.”

Grace’s previous best enrollment

was the 1,438 students in 2007.

Grace College is attracting the record

number of students because of new

academic programs, the development

of scholar and leadership programs, and

the college’s continued commitment to

Christian values. At the seminary level,

new master’s degree programs in local

church studies and intercultural studies

were introduced this year. Both programs

are offered through an online and

on-campus blended format.

In January 2009, a Bachelor of Science

degree in management through its newly

9 | G raCe MaGazine

Dr. Jared Burkholder

is the new assistant

professor of history.

Dr. Burkholder

came to Grace

from Augustana

College in South

Dakota. He has also

taught part-time

or as a teaching assistant at Kirkwood

Community College, the University

of Iowa, and Trinity College of Arts

and Sciences. Dr.

Burkholder is a graduate of Columbia

International University (BA), Trinity

Evangelical Divinity School (MA), and

the University of Iowa (PhD). He and

his wife, Connie, have three children,

Morgan (6), Miles (4), and Maggie (2).

Dr. Jeffrey Peck is the new associate pro-

formed degree completion undergraduate

program called GOAL (Grace

Opportunities for Adult Learners) will

begin. For information, contact Cindy

Sisson, director of graduate and adult

education enrollment, at sissoncn@ or 574.372.5100, ext. 6397.

Department of Business Earns accreditation:

The International Assembly for

Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)

has awarded Grace College’s Department

of Business the maximum seven-year

accreditation. The accreditation is for

all undergraduate degree programs in


Grace College is one of only six IACBEaccredited

colleges and universities in

Indiana. IACBE accreditation involves

a self-evaluation process, with results

reviewed by IACBE, and an on-site visit

by a team of evaluators.

“The accreditation process is rigorous,”

said Roger Stichter, MBA, department

chair. “We are measured on achieving

the outcomes we establish for

our students. Accreditation holds us

accountable to achieve what we are com-


fessor in the Department

of Teacher

Education. He is a

graduate of Grace

College (BS 78, Elementary


MA 84, Christian

School Administration)

and The Ohio

State University (PhD). Dr. Peck came

to Grace from Bethel College, where

he had taught since 1998. His teaching

experience also includes Gardner-Webb

University (NC), The Ohio State University,

Otterbein College (OH), and Worthington

(OH) Christian Middle School.

He and his wife, Nancy, have three grown

children, Elisabeth Rutten, Emily Kish,

and David, and two grandsons.

mitted to achieve by forcing us to look

at ourselves and evaluate our quality.”

Stichter added the quality and depth of

education for business majors at Grace

is enhanced by internship experiences

they gain in local industries. The

Department of Business is Grace’s largest

department, with 210 majors.

Westminster Hall Guest Rooms available:

Grace announces that the guest

rooms in Westminster Hall once again

began accepting reservations as of October

1. The guest rooms may be rented by

anyone who has an affiliation with Grace:

graduates, students, parents of a student

or graduate, or people who are coming

to visit campus or do business with the

school. Five rooms are available to rent

and each has a queen-size bed, private

bath, cable TV, and Internet access. The

room rate is $58 per night including tax.

A continental breakfast is available upon

request for an additional $5 per person.

Rooms can be reserved by contacting

Kathy Gill, special events coordinator, at

574.372.5100, ext. 6501, or at gillkf@


alumnotes neWS




10 | G raCe MaGazine

Duane Hoover

and MaryBeth

kaylor (BS 89):

May 31, 2008. 111

n Market St, Martinsburg

Pa 16662.


Christopher Brooks and Jennifer Wakeman (BS

02): June 7, 2008. 3287 S Kinnickinnic ave, apt

7, Milwaukee Wi 53207. jenbrooks79@yahoo.


Jonathan kateule

(BS 05, Ma 07) and

Brianna Beach (BS

04): July 28, 2007.

112 13th St, apt

a, Winona Lake in


Jordan Petrovich

and candice

cavett (Ba 04):

august 17, 2007.

3006 Locke ave

SW, Grandville Mi


David Pollock and

Sarah catalano

(BS 02): august

5, 2008. 2400 S

8th ave, north

riverside iL 60546.

casey Richey

(BS 08) and Sara

Barzler (Ba 07):

June 14, 2008. 41 n

Orchard Dr, apt 1,

Warsaw in 46582.


FrOM Our aLuMni arOunD THe WOrLD



Stephen rokop

and Heather

Huffman (BS 06):

July 7, 2007. 1416

Tall Grass Prairie

Dr, Mishawaka in


Jacob D. Wilkinson

(BS 02) and

Kimberly Joy

Canaday: april 5,

2008. 918 W 19th

ave, Spokane Wa


Mark and


(Sleeper BS

87) Dyer:

Micah Luke,

april 1, 2008.

Micah joins

Stephen (15),

Josiah (10),

Caleb (8), erin (6) and Mary Grace (5) at 6155

W Whitetail Dr, edmond OK 73012. mdyer7@


lee (S 04) and Brooke

(Hannah Ba 98) Behar:

emelyn regina, april

4, 2008. emelyn joins

McKenna (5) and Knox

(2) at 921 Ladder Trail,

Signal Mountain Tn


Sean and Bridgette

(konopka BS 98)

Blake: Judith Josie,

May 30, 2008. Judith

joins Brian (23 mo) at

4045 Chevelle Dr Se,

Warren OH 44484.

Jon and Michelle

(Hertzog BS 91) Boser:

natalie Maria, September

19, 2007. natalie

joins nathan (4) at 2046

Hain rd, new Freedom

Pa 17349.

Joey (BS 97) and

karey (keller BS

98) Hall: Joseph

Brayden, March

21, 2008. Brayden

joins Kelsey (4)

and allyson (2)

at 703 Deer Tail

Ct, Columbus OH

43230. joey.hall@


com and

Mark (Ba 96, MDiv 99)

and Monica (Wilson

Ba 99) Williams: isaiah

andrew, October 10,

2007. isaiah joins Lily

(3) at 1535 Overlook Dr,

akron OH 44314. the_

Matt and carissa

(Dollaske BS

97) Woodwyk:

Skyla rae, May

8, 2008. PO Box

113, Hudsonville

Mi 49426.

Danny (Ba 97)

and charity (Miller Ba 97) Wright: Malachi

Joel, October

3, 2007.


joins rachel

(6), ezekiel

(4) and

Karis (3) at

808 Harrison



OH 45331. or


Mark (Ba 04, MaSM 05) and kristin (Black BS

04) artrip: Malachi Joseph, February 9, 2008.

1961 Dina Ct, Powell

OH 43065. markartip.


11 | G raCe MaGazine

Thomas (BS 02) and

Stephanie (Wilson

C 06) Boyd: Justin

Timothy, May 16, 2008.

1028 Country Club

rd, Warsaw in 46580.


and seriesusa_twb@

David and Tracey

(Mantegna BS 00)

chappell: Kendall

Grace, april 23, 2008.

Kendall joins Taylor rae (2) at 41 Burkholder

Lane, Waynesboro Va 22980.

Tobe (C 03) and Jaci (Dissinger BS 04) Forshtay:

Jacob Montana, February 9, 2008. Jacob

joins Leah (2) at 1104 e

Fort Wayne St, Warsaw

in 46580.


David (BS 02) and

Sara (Weltz BS 02)

Foster: Victoria Grace,

September 25, 2007.

7222 Glen albin rd,

La Plata MD 20646.



abraham (Ba 06, S 07)

and Chandra Hepler:

abraham Joseph ii

and arielle Marie,

november 27, 2007.

3765 S Britney Dr, Warsaw in 46580. ahepler@

Ethan (BS 03) and Kindrea Hines: Kyrin Forest,

June 7, 2008. 217 neeley Pl, Blountville Tn


Dave (Ba 01, Ma 02)

and lindsay (Jackson

Ba 01) lewis: atreyu

Jack, august 20, 2008.

808 Chestnut ave,

Winona Lake in 46590.

Brad (MDiv 04) and

rachael McGuire:

Joseph allan, born

February 21, 2007 and

adopted January

9, 2008.

Joseph joins

Hannah (12),

Ben (10) and

Grace (7) at

3422 Winterfield


Fort Wayne

in 46804.

Steve (Ba 01) and loralee (cline aS 00) Muldoon:

Kelsie Lenae, December 1, 2007. Kelsie

joins Colin (2½) and

Dylan (2½) at 58160

Savage rd, Vandalia Mi


David (BS 01, MaSM 03)

and carly (Smoker BS

03) Nicodemus: Henry

ross, June 9, 2008.

Henry joins Jack (2)

at 1918 Fairhaven rd,

Columbus OH 43229.


John and Naomi (Soto

Ba 01) Olesen: Connor

James, June 13, 2008.

2876 n 1050 W, etna

Green in 46524.

Dave (BS 06) and

Mandy (Sharp Ba

06) Swain: noah Lee,

May 25, 2008. 2889 e

Church St, Warsaw in


Matt and amy (Smith

BS 04) Tenney: Grace

Jean, July 3, 2008.

3886 White Cliff Way,


Whitestown in


Joseph and

Sandy (Bustos

C 07) Waithira:

esperanza n.,

april 4, 2008.

1206 Sunday Lane, Winona Lake in 46590.



Dr. Ed Blue (Ba 56) has

been named interim president of Greenville

College in Greenville iL. after graduating from

Grace, Dr. Blue earned his master’s and doctoral

degrees from indiana university. During his

career, he has served as a public school teacher

and administrator, consultant, college professor,

and as former president of asbury College,

Wilmore KY. He has served for the past 14 years

as head of the education Department and now

dean of the School of education at Greenville.

He and wife Judy have four children and five


Walt claeys (Ba 55, MDiv 60) is writing a book,

Differences Between Koran & Bible. which should

be available soon. Walt and wife Barbara reside

at 1804 Larkspur Ct, Mishawaka in 46545.

Roland (Ba 54, BD 56) and Marie (Foster BS

56) crosby are retired but still active in The

Church of Greenville (SC). Their oldest son is

pastor of the church, and 28 members of their

family of 36 worship together. roland helps

with mailing materials requested through the

church site, a popular

feature of the site is Proverbs@LetGodBeTrue.

com, a free Proverb and daily devotional

commentary. 12 Hazeltine Ct, Simpsonville SC


During WW ll, Richard D. Tevebaugh (MDiv

53) served with Co. “C,” 307 airborne engineers,

82nd airborne Division europe. Through the

years he has pastored four churches: West

Overland Bible (MO), West Chicago Bible (iL),

Faith Presbyterian Church (Charlotte nC) and

Hazelwood Presbyterian Church (MO). He also

served on staff at Christ Covenant Presbyterian

Church (Matthews nC). richard and wife ruby

nell have four children, nine grandchildren and

two great-grandchildren and live at 1330 india

Hook rd, # 207, rock Hill SC 29732.


Dr. Myron J. Houghton (ThM 68) is entering

his 25th year of teaching at Faith Baptist Theological

Seminary in ankeny ia. 1900 nW 4th St,

ankeny ia 50023.

Nancy McMunn (Ba 64) is traveling to China

for the eighth time. in her first six trips, she led

groups of north american teachers to teach

english for the english Language institute/

China. Her sixth trip was a tour with People to

People, a grassroots diplomatic organization.

Her current stay in China, teaching english to

adults, will last from one to two years. nancy

retired from public school teaching and then

taught for five years at Lakeland Christian

academy, Winona Lake in. She also served two

short-terms in the Central african republic.

Pastor Dave (Ba 65, MDiv 77) and Betty lou

(Engle C 64) Mitchell have moved to Warsaw

in from Hawaii, where Dave served as pastor of

the Waipio Grace Brethren Church in Mililani Hi

for 24 years. Their current address is 654 Buck

Trail, Warsaw

in 46582.

raising a

family and


along with




have made Dave’s ministry to be anything but

boring. Since recovering from heart surgery, he

hopes to find preaching opportunities wherever

the Lord leads.

Mail for James and Beverly (Hein BS 69) Welborn

may be sent to PO Box 39532, ninilchik

aK 99639.


Grace Brethren Fellowship Coordinator Tom

avey (C 75, S 06) was awarded the 2008

excellence in Ministry award on July 29 by the

association of Grace Brethren Ministers. Tom

has served the churches of the FGBC in pastoral

roles for more than 30 years. He became fellowship

coordinator in 1998. He was on the Grace

Board of Trustees from 1991-2006, serving as

chairman from 1996-2002. Tom and wife Sandi

(Moncrief C 75) reside at 100 4th St, Winona

Lake in 46590.

Jonathan Bosse (MDiv 78) serves as the associate

pastor of the Belcroft Bible Church in Bowie

MD. He lives with wife Connie Lee, nathaniel

(12) and amanda (8) at 2806 Birdseye Lane,

Bowie MD 20715.



cH Mark awdykowyz (MDiv 87, ThM 88)

serves as a Family Life Chaplain in Wiesbaden,

Germany with the uS army. He received his MS

12 | G raCe MaGazine

in community counseling from Columbus State

university, Ga in august 2007. Mark and wife

Becky have three children, nate (22), Leslie (20)

and esther (17). Cmr 467 Box 3183, aPO, ae


chris (MaBC 86) and Helen cole reside at

43957 Bidwell Ct, ashburn Va 20147. cec58@

Dawn comstock (BS 88) lives at 2908 Hilltop

Circle, Winona Lake in 46590.

Dr. Tom Davis (MDiv 82) serves as the academic

Dean of Word of Life Bible institute. He

and wife Susan reside at 55 Hayes rd, Schroon

Lake nY 12870.

Mark and liz (Sleeper BS 87) Dyer have moved

to 6155 W Whitetail Dr, edmond OK 73012.

Mark is a CPa with a local firm and Liz has

homeschooled their children for the last three

years. The Dyers have six children: Stephen

(14), Josiah (10), Caleb (8), Mary Grace (4) and

Micah (5 mo). Liz plays the flute in the church

orchestra and has now been joined by Stephen

on trombone and Josiah on clarinet. mdyer7@

Darrell (Herb) king II (BS 85) teaches u.S.

history and economics and leads the choir at

rockville High School. as head football coach,

he led the team to the 2007 Class 1a state final

game. Herb was named both 2007 indiana 1a

Coach of the Year by Indiana Gridiron Digest

and indianapolis Colts/Motorola 1a 2007

Coach of the Year. He also is the lead singer

for The Woodsmen, a gospel singing group

( Herb and wife

nancy have two children, Matt (18) and Molly

(16). 418 n Oakwood Dr, rockville in 47872.

Julie (Owen BS 89) Pogue works at DePuy

Orthopaedics, inc. in Warsaw in. Julie, husband

Jason and family reside at 1437 S Wausau St,

Warsaw in 46580.

Don (Ba 83) and karie (Barber Ba 83) Sailer

have relocated to 9641 e natal ave, Mesa az

85209. Don is teaching middle school social

studies at Grace Community Christian School,

Tempe az. He also teaches classes online for

Colorado Christian university and Liberty university.

Karie earned her aDn degree in May

from Colby Community College in Colby KS.

She is now a licensed rn and works at Trilluim

Specialty Hospital, Mesa az.

Todd (MDiv 87) and linda (Wedertz BS 85)

Scoles reside at 1472 Pepper Lane, Marysville

OH 43040.

Vicky (Brouillard BS 86) Wofford graduated

in 1999 with an Ma in clinical psychology from

azusa Pacific university. She now owns Liberating

Hearts Counseling Center. She finds the

work challenging, but loves it! Vicky and hus-

band Gary, and children alicia (14) and Caleb

(11) live at 624½ Yuma St, Colorado Springs CO



Ben (BS 94) and Joelyn (Steiner BS 93)

allshouse reside at 5632 W easton rd, West

Salem OH 44287. Ben is the facility director at

Wooster Grace Brethren church where he oversees

the maintenance and custodial departments.

Ben continues his love for the outdoors

through his work at the church and creating

new landscapes for friends and family. Joelyn

works part-time at Kohl’s department store and

is a full-time mom to Jordan (6) and Shayna (4).

Dan (MaCSa 90) and Julie Berger have 13 children

ages 19 to two. Four of the children joined

their family through adoption from Liberia,

West africa. Dan continues to pastor at Calvary

evangelical Free Church in Lacombe, alberta,

Canada. The Berger family has produced a

second CD entitled “For the Children’s Sake.” For

information on the CD, e-mail

karen Birt (Ba 95) is beginning her 12th year

teaching high school english at Clinton Christian

School in Goshen in. PO Box 370, new

Paris in 46553.

kent (BS 90) and Penni Burckhart reside at

1808 Oak Dr n, rockledge FL 32955.

Jamie (Isaacson BS 98) Fenimore graduated

with a master’s degree in counseling psychology

in august 2008 from Mars Hill Graduate

School, Seattle Wa. She and husband Tim live

at 32523 1st Pl S, Federal Way Wa 98003.

Jerry Francis (BS 94)

was ordained as minister

with the Missionary

Church on august 24,

2008. Jerry has served

as the worship and fine

arts pastor at Pleasant

View Missionary Church

since 2006 and was licensed through the Missionary

Church that year. Jerry and wife Tamra

(Moller Ba 89) serve in the church ministry

and continue to run their interactive theatre

company, Mayhem & Mystery.

Five years ago in October, Paul Hatfield (BS

94) moved with his family to Boise iD to plant a

church. He began The Pursuit in December 2003

with 18 people in his home. The Pursuit is a thriving

church plant that has grown to 850 people.

Paul’s wife,


(Wymer C

94) shares, “it

is humbling

to see what

God can do

through a

man who

is devoted to loving people and creating a safe

place for seekers and skeptics to meet Jesus. God

has blessed us with a great team of people on

staff. Paul is a devoted husband and amazing

dad to Meghan (7), Mallory (6) and Micah (2½).

Pray for us as the Pursuit continues.” The Hatfields

reside at 8834 W Desert edge Dr, Boise iD 83709.

after 13 years of teaching, Jennifer (Russell BS

94) Hock has resigned from teaching to be a

stay-at-home mom. Husband Tim drives a truck

locally. Jennifer, Tim, and children Kennedy (9)

and Kamdyn (2) live at 23625 Grove St, South

Bend in 46628.

Tammie (Thiessen BS 91) Huntington was


Rev. Shimer E. Darr (C 58, DiPL 61) passed

away on July 14, 2008, at the age of 86. He

was preceded in death by Helen, his wife

of 58 years. Shimer served with the Civilian

Conservation Camps (CCC) and was a veteran

of WW ii. He was decorated with the american

Defense, Good Conduct, Victory, american

Campaign, african-Middle east and european

medals. after the war, he was employed by the

Pennsylvania Turnpike, Bethlehem Steel, C&G

Coal, Battery and electric Corp. and Sears. after

graduating from Grace, he served as pastor at

the Grace Brethren Church in Washington Pa

for more than 24 years and at Center independent

Church. He was also the caretaker at Camp

albryoca and continued to supply pulpits until

his death. Shimer is survived by son Bill (Ba 67,

S 87) and wife Joan (Herr BS 67) Darr; daughter

Doris Valentine (BS 69); grandchildren Michael

and David Darr (BS 92), Jason, Steven and Marc

Valentine; and great-grandchildren emily,

rachel, adam, Caleb and Catherine Darr, Ty and

Sam Prentice and Giovanni Valentine.

Dr. P. Fredrick Fogle (BTh 49, Ba 66, BD 66,

ThM 68), passed away on June 27, 2008, after

battling cancer. He was 83. a veteran of World

War ii, he taught missions and Bible courses at

Grace from 1968-73. Fred served three Brethren

churches, of which he pioneered two. The

Fogles served with Grace Brethren international

Missions as missionaries to France from 1951-

13 | G raCe MaGazine

hooded with a Doctor of arts degree in music performance,

with emphasis in voice and opera/opera

direction from Ball State university on July 19. Her

dissertation was titled, “Performance Practice of

Jody nagel’s Opera Fifty-Third Street, World Premiere

Performance at Ball State university.” She is

in her second year at indiana Wesleyan university

as assistant professor of music. Husband Ben (BS

90) teaches physics at Marion High School and

sons rett (14), austin (12) and Caleb (8) attend

Lakeview Christian School. The Huntingtons live

at 616 W 2nd St, Marion in 46952.

Matthew and Patti (castle BS 95) Maurer reside

at 207 edgewood Dr, Beaver Pa 15009 with

daughter Kaela (2).

kary Oberbrunner (Ba 99, MDiv 01) will

release his third book in December 2008. The

Fine Line, published by zondervan, addresses a

believer’s role in culture. The book re-envisions

what it means to integrate Christianity with


Daniel Schlatter (BS 95)

recently earned the Certified

Professional Building

Design license of the national

Council of Building Design

Certification (nCBDC), the licensing council

of the american institute of Building Design

1965, starting the first

Brethren group in 1955.

He received his doctorate

from the university of

Strasbourg. in later years,

Fred was an adjunct

professor and a counselor

for e-mentoring pastors,

sponsored by aSK. He

wrote Bible studies for union Gospel Press and

also authored A Road Map to the Future. Dr.

Fogle is survived by wife Denise, 1963 Mallory

Sq, Tallahassee FL 32308. He is also survived by

his children Beckie Fogle Johnson and husband

nick, son Mark and daughter Celeste; 13 grandchildren

and 23 great-grandchildren.

Dr. Daniel Grabill (Ba 59,

BD 65) passed away on

May 19, 2008, after a twoyear

battle with cancer.

He was 72. Dr. Grabill was

a graduate of Philadelphia

Bible institute, Grace

College and Seminary and

Liberty Baptist Theological

Seminary. Ordained by the Fellowship of Grace

Brethren Churches, he pastored congregations

in Pennsylvania, indiana, Ohio, Maryland and

new Mexico. For more than 30 years, he served

Dayton Christian School in the roles of Bible

teacher, chaplain, principal and assistant principal.

Dr. Grabill’s positive outlook to his family

and friends was a testimony of his faith in the

(aiBD). He is owner of

inglenook LLC., a design/

build company, and vice

president of the Builders

association of Kosciusko-

Fulton County. He is

also a Certified Graduate

Builder and Certified

Green Professional with

the national association of Homebuilders

(naHB). He and wife Marla (Rueck Ba 95) live

in Warsaw in.

Danny Wright (Ba 97) serves as the teaching

pastor at the Grace Brethren Church in Greenville

OH. Wife charity (Miller Ba 97) is a stayat-home

mom to rachel (6), ezekiel (4), Karis (3)

and Malachi (1). The Wright family lives at 808

Harrison ave, Greenville OH 45331. danny@ or



Mark adams (MaTS 05) is now serving as the

pastor of the Federated Church of McDonald KS.

He and wife Marilyn receive mail at P.O. Box 96,

McDonald KS 67745.

Mark (Ba 04, MaSM 05) artrip is the high

school pastor at the Grace Church in Powell OH.

(Continued on page 14)

power of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. He

is survived by Joan, wife of 48 years, 1260 Crosby

Circle, Xenia OH 45385; son Stephen Grabill and

wife rebecca, Grand rapids Mi; son Douglas,

Dayton OH; and grandchildren austin, nicholas,

Sebastian and Magdalene, all of Grand rapids.

F. Thomas (Tom) Inman

(MDiv 53) passed away on

December 20, 2007, at the

age of 83. He graduated

from Tabor College in Hillsboro

KS, where he met the

love of his life, Geneva Heinrichs,

whom he married

in 1950. after graduating

from Grace Seminary summa cum laude, Tom and

Geneva moved to Denver CO where he served as

pastor of the Denver Grace Brethren Church from

1954-1970. During that time, he also planted a

Grace Brethren church in arvada CO. in 1970,

the family moved to Colorado Springs, where

he started the Colorado Springs Grace Brethren

Church and served until his retirement in 1994.

Tom continued to serve the church in many areas

including children’s ministries. He also worked

as a substitute teacher for 50 years. a talented

artist, he used his skills in numerous capacities.

Tom is survived by wife Geneva, brother Harold,

daughters Patty (C 72), Lyn nelle (C 73) and Laurel

(C 77), son Bryce (BMe 78) and seven grandchildren.

Having “run the good race,” Tom is dearly

missed by his family, friends and the people

whose lives he touched.


Wife kristin (Black BS 04) is stay-at-home mom

to Malachi (7 mo). 1961 Dina Ct, Powell OH


Matt (BS 07) and Becky (knepper Ba 07) Baldwin

have joined World impact, inc. as inner-city

missionaries in Chester Pa. Matt is assisting

with church planting and the youth ministry

aspects of the ministry in Chester. Becky



Name just one of these students

posing by the first Byers Music

Hall…and you could win!

Remember the first Byers Music Hall

at Grace? If you do, put your memory

to the test and name just one of the

music students in this photo and you

could be the winner of a great new

Grace item!

To be eligible to win, just call Judy

Daniels at 800.54.GRacE, ext. 6401

(local, 372-5100, ext. 6401) or e-mail Be sure to give

your name and address with your

answer – and remember: you don’t

have to be first to win. When all of

our responses are in, we’ll draw four

winners, making sure they are from

four different states and/or countries.

As always, Grace employees and their

spouses can guess, but sorry, no great


Thanks to everyone who responded

to our summer quiz. It wasn’t hard to

recognize that the group was Sound

Investment from three decades: 1978,

1987, and 1996. It was especially fun

to hear from so many SI alumni.

Congratulations to our winners:

Dave (BS 85) and Dee (Dagwell, BS

87) Benson, Rhonda Cook (BS 02),

Angela Wymer Hatfield (C 95), and

Jill Troyer Tabiendo (BA 89).

14 | G raCe MaGazine

teaches third grade at the Frederick Douglas

Christian School. Matt is also is attending

graduate school at West Chester university.

The Baldwins live at 1004 Booth St, Chester Pa


aaron Davis (BS 01) resides at 22368 Fairlawn

Cir, apt 4, Fairview Park OH 44126. ajdavis912@

Jonathan and Marisa (christian BS 03) Foltz

live at 28 Terry St, Farmington ar 72730 with

Collin (3) and Summer (2). Jon and Marisa will

spend the next two years working with Campus

Crusade on the university of arkansas campus

discipling college



Tobe (C 03)

and Jaci


BS 04)

Forshtay and their children Leah (2) and

Jacob (7 mo) live at 1104 e. Fort Wayne St,

Warsaw in 46580. Tobe and Jaci both work

for orthopaedic companies in Warsaw. and jkforshtay@

after completing two years in Jordan with the

Peace Corps, Michael Greer (BS 03) returned

to the united States last year. He has recently

moved to Washington DC, where he will begin

his master’s in international education at the

George Washington university. He works as a

research assistant at GWu on improving and

expanding the teaching of arabic in schools

K-12 across the u.S. 419 G St SW, Washington

DC 20024.

Pete (BS 02) and Heather (Ross BS 01) Gross

have moved to 1973 Highlander Dr, Xenia OH

45385 with Jonathan (3) and Samuel (1).

robert and amber (Edwards BS 01) Hanshaw

live at 503 Conifer Pl, acworth Ga with amelia

(2½ and James (1½). chateauhanshaw@yahoo.


Tim Holman (BS 03) has graduated from the

St. Louis College of Pharmacy and is doing his

residency at Pharmacorr in St. Louis MO. Tim

and wife carolyn (lee Ba 03) reside at 4469

Barat Hall Dr, apt a1, Saint Louis MO 63108.

David Nicodemus (BS 01, MaSM 03) serves

as the youth pastor for the Columbus Grace

Brethren Church in Worthington OH. He and

wife carly (Smoker Ba 03) and sons Jack (2)

and Henry (4 mo) live at 1918 Fairhaven rd,

Columbus OH 43229. david.nicodemus@

in april 2008, candice (cavett BS 04) Petro-

vich graduated with her master’s degree in

counseling psychology from Western Michigan

university. She is employed at Family Outreach

Center, where she will be working with inmates

at the Kent County Jail as the Jail Mental Health

Therapist. Candace and husband Jordan reside

at 3006 Locke ave SW, Grandville Mi 49418.

Sarah (catalano BS 02) Pollock is beginning

her fifth year of teaching third grade at

Blythe Park elementary School in riverside

iL. Husband David is a technical architectural

draftsman. Sarah and David live at 2400 S 8th

ave, north riverside iL 60546. scatalano@

Tim (BS 00) and Erin (Pote BS 99) Pycraft

reside at 10131 Benton St, Crown Point in


casey Richey (BS 08) has joined Grace Brethren

international Missions as controller. Casey

and wife Sara (Barzler Ba 07) attend Christ’s

Covenant Church, Warsaw in and are active in

small groups and VBS. 41 n Orchard Dr, apt 1,

Warsaw in 46582.

Heather (Huffman BS 06) Rokop is beginning

her third year with the South Bend (in) School

Corporation, teaching first grade at Kennedy

academy. She and husband Stephen live at

1516 Tall Grass Prairie Dr, Mishawaka in 46544.

David (BS 07) and kelly (Hoerr BS 07) Ritter

reside at 115 e Tioga St, Philadelphia Pa 19134.

Matt Simms (Ba 08) has joined the Overseas

Mobilization Team with Grace Brethren international

Missions. as a campus mobilizer, he

serves Grace College and other area campuses,

helping students discover where God can use

them in ministry locally or globally. PO Box 588,

Winona Lake in 46590

Michael and Darcy (Sackett BSW 04) Van

Nyhuis live in Philadelphia and are tent makers

at urban Hope (work jobs during the day

and volunteer at the church on nights and

weekends). They live at 254 e Ontario St, Philadelphia

Pa 19134 with daughter Jocelyn (4

mo). dard1@



(BS 07) resides

at 104 11th St,

Winona Lake

in 46590.

Virginia alumni Reception

On July 19, alumni and guests gathered at the

Doubletree Hotel in Roanoke, VA. Alumni

Services Director Tim Ziebarth shared institutional

updates and answered questions. Afterward the

area alumni reconnected with each other and

reminisced about their Grace days. If you are

interested in having an alumni gathering near

you, please contact the Alumni Services Office at

866.448.3472 or e-mail us at

Pictured are, left to right: Dotty (Fisher, BS 70) and

James Smith; Kevin (BS 85) and Ruthann (Johnson,

BS 84) Smith; Bret (C 88) and Laura Kerns.

Teacher Education Brunch

The Alumni Department, in collaboration with the

Grace College Department of Teacher Education,

hosted the annual “Kick-off-the-School-Year”

Brunch on August 6. Area friends and family of

Grace gathered together to celebrate the ministry

and purpose of education. The theme this year

was “Bloom Where You’re Planted,” and the guest

speaker was Randy Dahms (BA ’99), pictured,

principal of Leesburg, Ind. Elementary School.

The event was held in the newly renovated Alpha

Dining Commons. A complimentary brunch was

provided. Be on the lookout for next year’s event!

cleveland Indians Baseball Game

Alumni and friends of Grace were treated to a

wonderful evening of baseball in Cleveland, Ohio,

on Friday, September 19. The evening started off

with the singing of the National Anthem by our

very own alumni Terra (Griffey, BS 03) Bury and

Bethany (Liston, BS 04) Solyntjes. (Log on to and click on “event photos”

to view their performance.) Alumni enjoyed the

Progressive Field’s Party Deck area where they

could interact and enjoy a wonderful buffet dinner.

The Indians were able to come back in the late

innings and even scored the winning run in the

bottom of the ninth inning. If that wasn’t enough

electricity in the area, there was more to experience

as the Cleveland Indians lit up the evening sky with

a fantastic fireworks show. Pictured are Jeanine

(Swetlic, BS 63) and Knute (BA 62, MDiv 66)


15 | G raCe MaGazine

FrOM THe aLuMni DireCTOr

recap of Summer alumni events

If you missed this year’s events, make a point to

join us for future alumni events in your area.

To see videos and pictures from the game

and other alumni events, visit our Web site at and click on “event photos.”

Last-minute reminder:


November 7, 8, and 9

Don’t miss Homecoming 2008 on the Grace campus.

it’s your opportunity to renew ties with friends, see what’s new

on campus, and celebrate the common bond of the Grace family.

Here’s what’s happening:

Friday, November 7

1-5 p.m. registration and Welcome reception,

Bill and Ella Male Alumni Suite

Orthopaedic Capital Center (OCC)

Tours of the OCC

5 p.m. Tailgate Party, OCC

Women’s Basketball Game, OCC

7 p.m. Men’s Basketball Game, OCC

9 p.m. Post Game Bonfire Party, OCC Parking Lot

with Stovepipe Holler in concert

(Dr. John Davis, J.D. Woods, Lowell Dobbs)

Saturday, November 8

8:30 a.m. Presidential Breakfast, Alpha Dining Commons

12-2 p.m. athletic Hall of Fame Luncheon, OCC

2-3 p.m. a Touch of Choral, School of Music Concert,

Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church

2-3 p.m. Open Dorms

2-6 p.m. Class-Sponsored events

6-9 p.m. Childcare

6 p.m. red Carpet Gala with Café Con Leche

(jazz trio—Dan zambrano, eric Squires, arturo Osorio)

and GC Live featuring comedian Jeff allen

Rodeheaver Auditorium

Sunday, November 9

2 p.m. alpha Chi induction, McClain Auditorium

Class reunions will be held for years ending in 3s and 8s.

For more information on Homecoming events,

go to or call 866.448.3472.


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