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Computing Academy GCSE Computer Science

Network Topologies There

Network Topologies There are several ways of configuring a computer network, each with benefits and drawbacks. An organisation looking to setup a network will need to consider costs and performance when choosing which topology (configuration) to use. 111

Bus Bus networks feature a central backbone cable to which all computer nodes including servers and printers are connected. When any computer on the network needs to pass data to another computer, the packet of data is sent down t h e b u s i n b o t h directions to every computer node on the n e t w o r k u n t i l t h e intended recipient is found. If more than one node attempts to send data down the bus at the same time collisions occur and as such bus networks do not cope well will lots of traffic; they are only suitable for domestic home use, or for small organisations with few computer nodes. A bus network only features one main cable and and as such is relatively inexpensive to setup. Ring Ring networks are setup in a circular configuration and data travels only one way around the ring passing from one computer to the next with each computer acting as a repeater. Every node in a ring network is critical; if one of the computers is broken, it cannot pass on the data to the next and the network will fail. 112

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