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Computing Academy GCSE Computer Science

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Compression Everything we do on the Internet involves uploading data from our computers, or downloading data to our computers. When listening to music using an online streaming service or downloading a video file a significant amount of data needs to be downloaded. Faster Internet connectivity means that we do not now need to wait as long for data to upload and download, but compressing data so that it takes up less space can also speed up this process. Lossy Compression Removing some of the data from a file can reduce the file size and this makes transfer over a network faster. Removing data, means removing detail so it’s important not to remove too much detail otherwise the quality of the file being compressed will become unsatisfactory. W e s a w i n t h e D a t a Representation chapter of this book that reducing the quality (compressing) a photograph from 24 bit (16,777,216 colours) to 8 bit (256 colours) means that the image takes up just 95KB of space rather than the original 293KB of space. Although a lot of detail has been lost, it is not noticeable, as illustrated in this 8 bit image of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica de Montmartre in Paris. 124

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