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Computing Academy GCSE Computer Science

Each of these would

Each of these would options would involve different steps or instructions. These instructions are called algorithms. The end result is the same; you end up with a new outfit. Mathematical Algorithms Mathematicians are familiar with algorithms. In maths, the word algorithm refers to a set of instructions used to solve a problem. If we’re performing long division of 75 divided by 4 we would use the following algorithm: • How many times does 4 go in to 75? • The answer is 18 • How many left over? • The answer is 3 Ordering Instructions When thinking about writing algorithms and computer programs it’s important to first think through what the program is trying to achieve, and in what order. Think about an everyday task such as making a cup of tea. What order would you put these instructions in so that you ended up with a cup of tea? Remove bag, fill kettle, enjoy, add milk, add tea bag, pour hot water, stir, wait for kettle to boil. 157

The correct sequence would look like this: 158

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