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Computing Academy GCSE Computer Science

print(“Hello and

print(“Hello and welcome to Computing Academy”) Hello and welcome to Computing Academy Input Statement It is also often necessary to enter data into the computer system, for example when playing a computer game, using an app or browsing a webpage. In Python we can use the input statement to prompt the user to enter information as follows: input(“Please enter your age”) Please enter your age This code will prompt the user to enter their age, but it will not store or remember what the user types in. In order to store this information we will need to assign it to a variable like this: age = input(“Please enter your age”) Now, when the user is prompted to enter their age, anything they type in is stored in the variable age so that we can recall and use that data later. Let’s talk more now about variables. 175

Variables and Constants What are Variables? Variables are one of the most basic concepts in computer programming. Computers store data whilst programs run, even when we haven’t specifically asked them to (by choosing File -> Save As). Computer games record how many lives and points you have, and which level you are on; when switching between several applications, web browsers remember which website you are on and how far down the page you have scrolled; when typing an essay or report, a word processor remembers what you have typed when switching to your email and back. All this happens even though we haven’t performed a ‘File -> Save As’. Programmers use variables when writing programs to temporarily save this type of data. 176

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