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Computing Academy GCSE Computer Science

This is what the output

This is what the output would look like if we were to type in the password incorrectly. Please enter your password 12345 Incorrect Password This is what the output would look like if we were to type in the password correctly. Please enter your password gh%yuN& Correct Password Not Equal To (!=) We could have written code to perform the same password check using the not equal (!=) comparison operator instead like this. userEntered = input(“Please enter your password”) actualPassword = “gh%yuN&” if userEntered != actualPassword: print(“Incorrect Password”) else: print(“Correct Password”) 193

Notice that we are now using the != operator in the if statement, so if userEntered is not equal to actualPassword we print the message Incorrect Password. If this is not the case and userEntered is equal to actualPassword we move to the else clause of our if statement and instead print the message Correct Password. Greater Than (>) We can use the greater than (>) operator to compare two value; a bank system, for example, might check to see if a customer has enough funds in their account to make a purchase. currentBalance = 50 purchasePrice = 200 if purchasePrice > currentBalance: else: print(“Not enough funds”) print(“You have enough funds”) Less Than (>) and Less Than or Equal To (>=) A company that buy second hand cars may only want to buy cars with less than 100,000 miles left on the odometer. The following code could compare a car’s milage with this limit. 194

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