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Computing Academy GCSE Computer Science

if brand == “Audi”

if brand == “Audi” or brand == “volkswagen”: print(“We’ve found a car for you”) else: print(“Sorry, no cars match your search”) The code above used the or logical operator. If either of the conditions is met, the print statement will display the message We’ve found a car for you. It is not necessary for both conditions to be met. It neither of the conditions are met, we move to the else clause of the if statement and the second print statement displays the message Sorry, no cars match your search. NOT The not logical operator inverts, or gives the opposite of an expression. age = 25 age == 25 True In the code above, we first assigned the value 25 to a variable called age. We then used the expression age == 25 which checks to see whether the value assigned to the variable age is equal to 25. In this case it is, so we see the output True. 197

age = 25 not age == 25 False In the code above, the output should be True (because 25 is equal to the value assigned to age, but we have used the logical operator not, which inverts the result. 198

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