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Computing Academy GCSE Computer Science

process analogue sound

process analogue sound waves we need to sample them and store a digital representation of the original sound. If we zoom in and take a closer look at the previous waveform, we can see the peaks and troughs more clearly; these represent the high and low tones within the piece of music. In order to sample the waveform, the computer takes measurements at various intervals during the wave. Sampling the waveform creates a representation of the original sound but using measurable, specific value. In the following sample waveform, at 1 second in, the value of the curve is 30, at 2 seconds the value is 20 and so on. 91

X (Time) Y (Frequency) 0 25 1 30 2 20 3 15 4 30 5 5 6 10 7 5 8 25 9 0 10 10 Once a sound wave has been sampled and the tone recorded as a sequence of number values, it is easy to convert these values into binary for processing and storage. If we increase the sample frequency and record the values of the curve more often the digital representation of the audio will sound much closer to the original analogue version as more tones (high and low sounds) can be recorded as illustrated in the following chart. 92

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