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GBS_smartWLI Cylinderinspector 3D

Product Description

Product Description Optical 3d measuring device based on white-light interferometry • designed for the control of inner cylinder surfaces for the automotive industry • Speedytec o massive parallel data processing on GPU’s o extreme fast scanning o real time 3d evaluation o optimized for steep structures o integrated data quality parameter for sample optimized filtering processes • single objectives o manual exchangeable o magnifications from 2.5x ... 100x • push button scan and evaluation macros using smartVIS 3D as system- and MountainsMap as evaluation software • simplifies handling • 360° rotation • manual insertion axis • optional motorized insertion axis with automated stitching

Intention of the cylinder inspection Lapping / structuring of inner cylinder running surfaces: • structures have an essential influence on the friction: o the oil retaining volume is essential for the necessary lubrication of the friction partners piston and cylinder surface o smooth contact areas reduce the wear and friction special on lower revolution speed o pores can reduce the oil consumption still providing the necessary oil retaining volume for the lubrication of the friction partners o honing structures – angle, furrows... have an big influence of the oil transport and the hydrodynamic lubrication • the optimization of the structures can reduce the consumption of engines as well as extend the live time • there are various positive effects as reduction of the environmental pollution and reduction of the operation costs – this increase the value of cars and has a significant impact on purchase decisions Typical operation areas of the Cylinderinspector3D • research and development o optimization of production processes o assessment of functional behavior on basis of the 3d structures without extended tests o wear evaluation after running tests • quality control o survey of production processes o optimization of tool exchanges ... in the production

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