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GBS_smartWLI Cylinderinspector 3D

Modern technologies

Modern technologies require a detailed quality control Aluminum engine blocks* monolithic quasi - monolithic heterogenous - liner coated bores local material engineering dry cast-in pressed in slip-fit wet hypereutectic Al-Si alloy galvanic Ni-SiC dispersion Al matrix compound grey iron machined grey iron plasma coating AlSi/PM hypereutectic AlSi PVD thin layer TiN, TiAlN grey iron as cast with rough outer surface galvanic Ni-SiC dispersion grey iron coated laser alloying with Si plasma spayed AlSi/PM There are many competitive technologies used (green) new on the marked (yellow) or under development (red). All technologies have several production steps and need a sophisticated and adapted quality control. *Source Kolbenschmidt 2011 / Al Automotiv manual 6

Evaluation parameters for inner cylinder running surfaces Honing structures: • Honing angle • Honing grooves o directional classification (rising, falling, across) o numbers, depth, area, volume o Distance between groove o Cross grooves Plateaus: • contact roughness Functional 2D Parameters • Rk, Rpk, Rvk Structure evaluation Surface Roughness Cavities / pores: • numbers / distances • volume • area • depth • distribution of cavities (according volume, area and depth) Marbling: • % over surrounding surface Functional 3D Parameters • Sk, Spk, Svk 7

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