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GBS smartWLI prime


Interferometry, Interference Objectives, Principles Exchangeable Interference Objectives • Mirau objectives are used for higher magnification (10x; 20x; 50x; 100x) • Michelson objectives are used for lower magnification (2.5x; 5x) • the objectives are exchangeable and this can be used to adapt the system to the necessary field of view and resolution • interference pattern will pictured if object and reference beam have the same length • the interferometry provides the extreme height resolution of 0.1 nm for all objectives (in contrary to other principles as confocal microscopy and focus variation)

GBS’s Speedytec - Power out of modern Graphic Boards Speedytec - smartWLI’ s • calculation on the graphic board • sample: Tesla K40: 4290 GFOPS • real time image processing • optimized light sources o enhanced coherence length o processing of larger image stacks o better signal quality on sloped objects • improved phase shift algorithms o sub nanometer z - resolution on higher objects • high resolution cameras and xy point densities Traditional WLI • calculation on the CPU • sample: Core I7990x: 166 GFLOPS • delayed image processing • white light o short coherence length o processing of limited image stacks o limited quality on sloped objects o phase shift algorithms o sub nanometer z – resolution only on flat samples • compromise between camera resolution and speed

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