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24/Seven February 2018

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Joanne Ferreri, BS, MBA


THE TRUTH ABOUT ACNE Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and cysts… OH NO! Acne, the word alone brings terror to the hearts of most teens. At any given time, approximately 60,000,000 Americans have acne. It primarily affects teens and young adults under the age of 25. However, about 50 percent of adults have some form of acne or oily skin. Acne can also occur on your back, chest, neck, shoulders, upper arms and buttocks. Your skin is a living organ; however, the top layer is dead. When your skin’s pores are clogged with oil, dead skin and bacteria can enter. The body’s natural response is to fight the penetration of bacteria by sending white blood cells. This creates inflammation causing pimple and cysts to form. This inflammatory condition can perpetuate unless the past, present and future breakouts are all addressed by whatever method you chose to correct and control the issue. If you have had acne in the past, you may have some scars, or surface/color irregularities. If you currently have break outs, you want to address black or whiteheads, any redness, and excessive oil. To prevent acne in the future, you have to find a way to keep the pore open and clean. A daily regime to unclog your pores, manage bacteria and decrease inflammation is your best defense against all three stages of acne. Before I give you suggestions on the ”dos”, let me start with the “don’ts” • Don’t pick or pop your blemishes • Don’t scrub your face or over use harsh chemicals that can aggravate your skin. • Don’t let acne go through all stages of its lifecycle. It can be cleared up. • Don’t assume acne is just cosmetic. People with acne can also have emotional issues such as depression and social anxiety. • Don’t assume stress cannot exacerbate acne. Studies have proven that stress hormones can cause an overproduction of skin oils. • Don’t assume your diet causes acne. There haven’t been any scientific studies to prove a direct food to acne correlation. There are many proven topical products. Here are a few both clinically proven and natural extracts that you may want try based upon your needs. Control acne bacteria – bensoyl peroxide, green tea extract, lemon juice Unclog pores – salicylic Acid Renew skin – glycolic ccid Control sebum – sulfur or zinc Normalize skin – azelaic acid Sooth irritation – aloe vera Reduce inflammation – passion flower extract, briefly apply ice Replenish anti-oxidants – vitamin C and E, white tea extract Erase the signs of past breakouts and fade dark spots - mandelic acid, alpha lipoic acid, retinol Instead of experimenting with the numerous options, you can try a system that will optimize the latest from science and nature. It should include a morning and evening regime of cleansing, toning and two treatments specifically for day and night. It should also have a spot treatment for the occasional break out. These are just some ideas of products and treatments that may help if you have acne. The choices in the market place can be intimidating. Joanne Ferreri is a consultant in genetic anti-aging technologies, a philanthropic international business owner, and bestselling author. She has donated 18,000+ meals to nourish children.

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