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TABLE OF CONTENTS I. KEY INFORMATION Our Vong>isong>ion Contact Information Date Venue Regong>isong>tration ong>anong>d Fees Schedule 2. EVENT On the day Attractions I AM JAZZ Liftetime Achievement Award 3. SPONSORSHIP Why Sponsor? Sponsorship Opportunities Unique Sponsorship Opportunities Other Sponsorship Opportunities 4. TERMS AND CONDITIONS 5. EVENT LAYOUT 1 2 3 4 5 I A M J A Z Z + F A M I L Y D A Y 2 0 1 8 F I R S T A N N U A L

I AM JAZZ + FAMILY DAY 2018 D A T E KEY INFORMATION EVENT SPONSORSHIP TERMS LAYOUT O U R V I S I O N I AM JAZZ ong>isong> ong>anong> initiative ong>ofong> Clinical Media Group. The Event ong>isong> designed ong>toong> be a family-friendly music event showcasing national jazz recording artong>isong>ts ong>anong>d ong>toong>p flight local ong>anong>d regional jazz vocalong>isong>ts ong>anong>d musiciong>anong>s from Trinidad ong>anong>d Tobago. Thong>isong> ong>isong> the perfect avenue ong>toong> expose Local Jazz ong>anong>d soul artong>isong>t ong>toong> a diverse audience ong>ofong> Jazz aficionados ong>anong>d first timers alike. In keeping with our family friendly theme, we have partnered with the Diabetes Association ong>ofong> Trinidad ong>anong>d Tobago ong>toong> be our co-host for thong>isong> event. Thong>isong> ong>isong> the ideal getaway for ong>anong>y family seeking a relaxing Easter sunday evening. C O N T A C T I N F O R M A T I O N Nicholas Singh - Project Coordinaong>toong>r Cell: (868) 320-1603 Email: Kevon La Fleur - Clinical Media Group Cell: (868) 380-1222 Email: Andrew Dhong>anong>oo - DATT Cell: (868) 380-8747 Email: ong>anong>drew.dhong>anong> Jennilyn Hamblyn-Raphael - DATT Cell: (868) 672-0846 D A T E April 1st,, 2018, 2pm-10pm V E N U E Cipriong>anong>i College ong>ofong> labour ong>anong>d Co-operative Studies, Valsayn, Trinidad. E N T R A N C E F E E S VIP $400.00 General $200.00 DATT Member $100.00 Children $60.00 Special Group ong>anong>d Family Packages Available S C H E L D U E 11:00 am - Doors Open 11:30 am - Family Day Field ong>anong>d Carnival Games 2:00 pm -Kids Entertainment (Magiciong>anong> & Comediong>anong>) 3:00 pm - Stage Entertainment 5:00 pm - Jazz Bong>anong>d Performong>anong>ces 7:00 pm - Lifetime Achievement Award ong>anong>d Performong>anong>ce (Timothy “Baron” Watkins) 7:30 pm - Headline Performong>anong>ce ( Arturo Tappin) 8:00 pm - Till - Bong>anong>d Performong>anong>ces 11:00 pm - Doors Close A M J A Z Z + F A M I L Y D A Y 2 0 1 8 F I R S T A N N U A L Page 1 I