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I AM JAZZ + FAMILY DAY 2018 D A T E KEY INFORMATION EVENT SPONSORSHIP TERMS Doors open ong>toong> a spectra ong>ofong> carnival games, a kite flying competition ong>anong>d magiciong>anong>s for the kids while the parents roam the lush food court ong>anong>d sponsored areas before settling for the Live Jazz concert. You cong>anong> also meet the DATT members from brong>anong>ches in your area. LAYOUT O N T H E D A Y A T T R A C T I O N S I AM Jazz Concert Outdoor concert showcasing local ong>anong>d regional musiciong>anong>s combined with Live jazz renditions ong>ofong> your favorite soca music. Our Headline , Auong>toong>ro Tappin will soothe your soul with hong>isong> bong>anong>d's performong>anong>ce. - Children’s Activities Kidzone Children ong>ofong> all ages will enjoy familyfriendly activities ong>anong>d attractions during the festival ong>toong> include face painting, bouncy castle, carnival games, kite flying, races, kiddy rides ong>anong>d games. Merchong>anong>dong>isong>e Marketplace Over 20 merchong>anong>dong>isong>e vendor spaces will be available in thong>isong> designated area on the festival grounds ong>ofong>fering a wide rong>anong>ge ong>ofong> unique items for purchase rong>anong>ging from art ong>toong> jewelry ong>anong>d clothing. DATT members will host our family fun sports day. Join us ong>anong>d team up with the team from your area Food ong>anong>d drink vendors will provide ong>anong> array ong>ofong> culinary choices . We will have healthy food options as well ! Reserved seating ong>anong>d catered meals in one ong>ofong> our hospitality tent lounges. DATT Family Day Activities Food Court VIP – Hospitality Tents FIRST INSTALLMENT I AM JAZZ LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2018 Music ong>isong> the result ong>ofong> individual preference, which ong>isong> at the heart ong>ofong> thong>isong> award. We appreciate our artong>isong>t’s creations in all genres which foster our culture ong>ofong> music in Trinidad ong>anong>d Tobago. Thong>isong> year we honor the living legend, calypsoniong>anong>, Timothy “Baron” Watkins with the first edition ong>ofong> the award . The Baron has also been ong>anong> advocate for diabetes care in T&T. arong>anong>g so nice ong>anong>d Parong>anong>g so sweet Timothy “Baron” Watkins Page 2 I A M J A Z Z + F A M I L Y D A Y 2 0 1 8 F I R S T A N N U A L

I AM JAZZ + FAMILY DAY 2018 Thong>isong> success ong>ofong> thong>isong> event depends on the generosity ong>ofong> partners ong>toong> help cover our initial costs. By partnering with us for thong>isong> event you will help launch ong>anong> event which D A T E ong>isong> first ong>ofong> its kind in T&T while aligning your compong>anong>y with the growing brong>anong>d ong>ofong> CMG ong>anong>d the DATT KEY INFORMATION EVENT SPONSORSHIP TERMS LAYOUT Media Coverage Your compong>anong>y's Logos ong>anong>d/or Prong>ofong>ile, will be fixed ong>toong> our marketing material based on your level ong>ofong> sponsorship. Our mixed-media advertong>isong>ing will include social media, radio ong>anong>d TV interviews, billboard placements ong>anong>d a media launch. Event Brong>anong>d Awareness Raong>isong>ing awareness ong>anong>d engagement ong>ofong> your Brong>anong>d through logo placement around the event. These include bunting ong>anong>d bong>anong>ners, screen advertong>isong>ing ong>anong>d placement in event program. Event Activations Activations activities ong>toong> gain usership ong>anong>d/or buyers ong>ofong> your product through Booth Activities, Mini Events, or Games s at our event. We ong>ofong>fer you the chong>anong>ce ong>toong> create ong>anong> emotional experience for our patrons through your brong>anong>d. U N I Q U E S P O N S O R S H I P O P T I O N S V I P B A C K S T A G E T E N T S P O N S O R Spot available ong>toong> only ONE (1) Gold Sponsor V I P H O S P I T A L I T Y T E N T S P O N S O R Spot available ong>toong> only ONE (1) Silver Sponsor You get: Exclusive naming rights One 20 x40 VIP tent on the festival grounds. Fully cusong>toong>mizable ong>toong> the sponsor design **NB: Thong>isong> ong>isong> first come first serve** O T H E R S P O N S O R S H I P O P P O R T U N I T I E S Compong>anong>ies/orgong>anong>ong>isong>ations cong>anong> buy batch tickets ong>anong>d get ong>anong> opportunity ong>toong> brong>anong>d a section ong>ofong> the venue: Packages: •10 tickets entitle compong>anong>y ong>toong> brong>anong>d the Main stage area; •20 tickets entitle compong>anong>y ong>toong> brong>anong>d the Main stage ong>anong>d the Parking Area ; •More thong>anong> 20 tickets entitle compong>anong>y ong>toong> brong>anong>d Main Stage, Parking Area ong>anong>d Carnival Games Zone Page 3 I A M J A Z Z + F A M I L Y D A Y 2 0 1 8 F I R S T A N N U A L