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Breath Often in

Breath Often in stressful situations, especially when we do not feel confident, our breathing goes haywire. In moments of nervousness during meetings, presentations, or difficult conversations, we can lose touch with ourselves. Sometimes we stop breathing, forcing our chest to pump and our heart to beat fast. 11 © GroupM University - 2018

How do we breathe properly? Often, we are not breathing at all, and instead, we engage in high chested breathing or we hold our breath, and that leaves us more tense and less natural. Breathing helps reduce the fight or flight reflex. To maximise breath, we should strive to fill our lungs all the way down, which reduces anxiety, and the chance of a panic attack. Learning how to breathe properly helps us to soothe the autonomic nervous system. This technique is called diaphragmatic breathing. • Pull your belly in slowly as you exhale through your nose • Then, as you inhale, relax your belly muscle, do not move your chest. 12 © GroupM University - 2018

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