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Voice Once your breath

Voice Once your breath has delivered air to the vocalchords, the sound resonates in the mouth. The tongue takes the sound and whips it around different parts of your mouth to shape it and this is what gives us pitch and tone. Sometimes we stop breathing, forcing our chest to pump and our heart to beat fast. 15 © GroupM University - 2018

How does it work? The more space there is the better sound you will make. If the breath comes from deep down it has a good run up, if it’s a short shallow breath coming from your throat there is no run up. The human voice is theoretically capable of 24 notes on a musical scale, yet we only typically use 3 in every day speech. Why? Because as we get older, we become more inhibited and adopt a ‘safe’ approach, restricting our range. 16 © GroupM University - 2018

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