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Rehearse It’s vital

Rehearse It’s vital that you rehearse what you are going to say ‘outloud’. We will always read it correctly in our heads, but when it comes to actually voicing it, it can be a different story. Of course there are also the words or sentences that we stumble over or have trouble pronouncing time and again. The more we stumble, the worse it gets. Put a pen between your teeth and say the sentence. Take the pen out and say it again. You will be much clearer second time round. 19 © GroupM University - 2018

Remember! Think positive. The more expressive and commited the thought the more powerful the physical expression of it will be (think it will go wrong - it will). Relax. Stressful environments trigger instinctive responses in the body - if our bodies are tense, adrenalin is released and all non-essential functions are starved of resources. Think, breathe, speak. The fuel of your body is your breath - when under pressure we breathe less, starve ourselves of oxygen and become more tense. Excersise the voice. Our voice is a powerful musical instrument. 20 © GroupM University - 2018

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