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The Mind The power of

The Mind The power of the mind is incredible. It can make us capable of incredible feats or render us completely incapable, just on thoughts alone. Belief in your message will give you confidence and therefore ‘presence’ in delivering it. So much of presence is about stillness, listening and thoughtful response. The mind is so powerful it can convince you of anything. “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are probably right.” - Henry Ford 3 © GroupM University - 2018

A technique to use, if you’re about to face a difficult situation. • Close your eyes • Think back to a good expeirence you’ve had that made you feel really good. (A personal triumph, childhood memory, job sucess. Anything in which you emerged successful.) • Really take yourself back there, replay the whole sequence of events. • Be as detailed as you can in painting the picture for yourself. • Hear the sounds, see the sights and feel the emotions • Replay this a few times until you are immersed in this event and feelings it evoked. • Now open your eyes. 4 © GroupM University - 2018

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