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Springmead Newsletter 18, 2018

Springmead Newsletter 18,

Springmead Newsletter No. 18 ~ 2017/18 Dear Parents, Friday 9 th February 2018 Thank you everyone for your hard work and support over a short but busy half term. The children have immersed themselves in a multitude of learning opportunities presented in the classroom and beyond! With their teacher’s support, all through the school, children have pushed forward in their academic learning, devoting time to the three R’s and engaging crucial quality learning, day after day. At the top of the school our Year 6 pupils have been working incredibly hard on their test preparation and interview techniques, the teaching of these important life skills is interwoven into the rich curriculum experience they enjoy each day. This breadth, depth and balance of experience is a key feature of the Springmead provision. Despite the cold, we have been inspired by Pete the Poet, in our fantastic enrichment week. The children had their first experience of professional sound recording; we look forward to sharing this with you after half term. We have enjoyed superb success in sport over the last half term; we have achieved two first places in gymnastics; we have enjoyed success in hockey, cross country and swimming. Our children have done themselves proud as teams and as individuals. Our children have enjoyed a plethora of trips and adventures, developing a love of learning beyond the classroom and a confidence to step forward into the world. As I write this newsletter, our Year 4 children are returning from an exciting residential trip to London! We have enjoyed welcoming new friends from China, who have spent time with all the children this week. I am delighted that we are able to share children’s adventures with you through Social Media; I receive positive feedback on a daily basis from parents who have enjoyed this instant window into their child’s learning experience. Head over to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see more. As you go off to enjoy a well-earned break we look forward to the Mid Somerset Festival and Performance Platform, to this end please encourage children to spend time over the break working on their poems for the Mid Somerset Festival and polishing performances for Performance Platform, the first Friday back after half term. 1

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