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Springmead Newsletter 18, 2018

Sports News Gym at

Sports News Gym at Beckington School After half term, the Squirrels will get their chance to experience our Thursday gymnastic sessions with specialist teacher Sarah Kendrick. So remember to have your PE kits in school on Thursdays! Swimming At this week’s swimming session our more experienced swimmers had the opportunity to demonstrate their coaching ability. Working 1 to 1 they were able to help develop the diving skills and breaststroke ability of a group only a few levels below themselves. Seeing the children working so effectively and supportively was wonderful. Receiving the information from someone who has recently been through the same learning process can really help and the process of teaching a skill you have developed can help embed it. ‘If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.’ – Yogi Bhajan If you would like to speak to a member of the swimming team, please feel free to call Sarah Cozens at school between 9:00am and 10:00am every Thursday, alternatively you can email her on For pastoral issues related to swimming, please speak to the class teacher as they are around much more during the week.

The Springmead Way focus this week, in class and in assembly, has been ‘Sharing’ It would be helpful if you could recap and extend the child’s learning and understanding over the week! The Class of the Week is the Eagles Points are awarded to classes for collective good behaviour. The winning class is rewarded with the cup for a week and an extra five minutes playtime. Points are given to classes who, for example, follow our school rules by walking quietly around the school and to and from Assembly, line up quietly in the playground, and listen carefully to instructions. Stars of the Week this week! The following children received praise certificates in assembly this week. Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Ariana Clay ~ for super turn taking and sharing skills Rufus Ryan~ for brilliant collaborative play Asher Belcher ~ for super work on doubles Georgie Burbidge ~ for fantastic news writing Delilah Thompson ~ for fantastic labelling of a penguin Panashe Tondoro ~ for a fantastic rocket Dilys Evans ~ for such enthusiasm on our trip to We The Curious Oscar Haslett ~ for fantastic acting skills in our Florence Nightingale re-enactment Talulah Thompson ~ for fantastic focus in reading Oscar Tagent ~ for asking great questions in Science Katy Dinnis ~ super work in Maths lessons Milo Henwood ~ fantastic writing in sentences Rosie Evans ~ for a fantastic WWII poem Seb Vaughan ~ for great performance skills in rehearsals Arabella Walker ~ for super understanding of the digestive system Charles Pidgeon ~ for demonstrating a good understanding of units of measurement Poppy Small ~ for a super advert for a new wife for Henry VIII Rupert Tagent ~ for developing his comprehension skills to answer in greater depth Guy Buglass ~ for great suggestions about different types of relationships Ben Cooper ~ for super ideas about sources in which to learn about the past Alex Tagent ~ for super French conversation in a café James Linegar ~ for super questions in Science

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