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Springmead Newsletter 18, 2018

Focus on Online Safety

Focus on Online Safety Tuesday was Internet Safety Day; a day to focus in addition to our computing curriculum, which covers aspects of online safety taught over the term. We want our children to feel supported and guided as they explore the virtual world. As adults we can feel bombarded. The news and media tell us the Internet is bad for our children: chat rooms, grooming, and violence – how do we keep our children safe online? How do we know what they are doing online? What can we as parents do? This year the Safer Internet Day focused on relationships and digital wellbeing. This is of crucial importance as children navigate through issues as they grow up. Conversations about the internet can’t start early enough and need to be positive and informative. If you need some conversation starters, these are from the UK Safer Internet Centre and we think they’re helpful. - What have you created online? A great question for children using Fortnight or Minecraft - Who do you keep in touch with online? What apps do you use? Do children message their school friends, or are there names you don’t know? - What is it okay to share online? And what is not okay? - Ask your child to help you set up privacy settings or safety tools on apps that you and they use. As a school, we keep you up to date with news from a variety of sources, which highlight any worrying trends, games or action that we feel parents may want to take. At the moment, we are aware many of our children play Roblox, this game has been in the news over the last couple of weeks due to inappropriate comments that may appear whilst playing. Last year we reported that there had been concerns with Roblox due to private chatrooms being available. To support parents to understand online safety we would like to invite parents to our Inset training on Monday 16th April from 10 to 11am. Please email the office,, if you would like to attend. Shirley Offer

Reply Slip Disco and Cinema Night Please complete and return to the Admin Office by Monday 12 th March. I give permission for ____________________________ , in year _______ to attend Disco and Cinemas Night on Friday 16 th March Cinema Disco Please tick one box Please note the following: I understand that the film shown will have a PG (Parental Guidance) certificate. We leave the selection until the last moment to show as current a film as possible. Please note that children may choose to go to the film during the course of the event. I understand that the charge of £4.00 per child will be added to my next invoice. Signed __________________________________________ (Parent/Guardian)

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