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Springmead Newsletter 18, 2018

Springmead Charity Week 2018, Monday 19 th February - Friday 23 rd February Helping those less fortunate than ourselves is crucial to being a complete human being and forms an important part of our wider curriculum. Charitable work intersperses our school year, supporting many national and international worthy causes. Charity Week is the moment when we really think about charitable giving. We continue to work with Mercy in Action, helping street children in the Philippines, as our main charity. Crucially staff from the charity come to talk to our children and are able to tell them directly how their money is being spent making the children feel very connected to their acts of charity. Please see the film that a pupil from Springmead made about a true story of one of the Mercy in Action children that the charity helps. Charity Week relies totally on your generosity; thank you in advance for your support. Charity Week Activities 2017 Monday 19 th February – Friday 23 rd February Monday 19 th Tuesday 20 th Wednesday 21 st Thursday 22 nd Friday 23 rd Year 2: Sponsored talks begin Year 3: 10 day challenge finishes Year 6: Sponsored car wash Nursery: Sponsored dragon dance Year 5: Sponsored fancy dress run Year 4: Sponsored readathon Year 6: Sponsored matchbox challenge Year 1: hosting a cake sale from 8.00-8.45am in the playground; please bring £1.00 for a cake and £1.00 for a drink Reception: Book and cuddly toy sale Book and Cuddly Toy donation plea! For charity week the Hedgehogs and hosting a book and cuddly toy sale, and any donations would be gratefully received! Thank you. Loose Change Please From Monday 19th February – Friday 23rd February Miss Lindley and Year 4 will be collecting your loose change (1ps, 2ps and 5ps) in the playground from 8.15am, for Mercy in Action which will be used as the media for a large playground piece of art work…all donations gratefully received! School Council and Digital Leaders Please can you return your badges to Miss Clark by Friday 23 rd February please, for new members to be elected. Thank you.

Jam, a sticky issue! In response to recent advice from the NHS, we have taken the decision to no longer offer jam, at after school club or as a picnic sandwich option. A few times a year we ask children to select sandwich fillings for their occasional picnics. These lists will be redone at the start of next half term. The sandwich fillings offered will be ham, cheese, marmite, chicken or tuna. If this list will cause any individual difficulty, can you please email your child’s class teacher by Monday 19 th February? As always, we will work with parents to meet individual child’s needs and would absolutely not want any child to go hungry, variations to the above would need to be requested by the parent. We have tweaked our very occasional picnic lunches, these will now consist of: Round of sandwiches (with extra rounds available for hungry children) Piece of fruit/crudities Small packet of crisps Small piece of cake/flapjack or wafer bar Unlimited water Additional flapjacks/digestives will be taken as an extra snack for longer trips. We hope you will understand our need to change and hope you will be able to support us. If you have any specific difficulties please do speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance. Parent Questionnaires Thank you for returning parent questionnaires, for your positive feedback and some good suggestions. The information is crucial to our Self Evaluation process and in turn feeds into our School Development Plan. The high return rate indicates a high level of engagement; thank you for your support in this important process. Number of children in the school: 115 Questionnaires received: 79 Response percentage: 69% It is affirming to get positive feedback. It is equally important for us to understand the ‘disagree’ and ‘don’t know’ comments too, looking at these issues is what makes a very good school even better! Occasionally ‘don’t know’ answers are given where a parent/child has not been affected by the issue so the respondent simply does not have an opinion. Equally, it could mean that a procedure or policy needs addressing, or it could mean we just need to communicate more effectively. On analysing the data, a few issues were raised on several occasions. I have listed them below and sign-posted where further information is available. ‘Could we have a broader span of possible answers’. We use the Independent School Inspectorate’s questionnaire format; this requires ‘agree’, ‘disagree’, ‘don’t know’ answers. The ISI deliberately asks for discrete data for comparison purposes rather than opinion seeking. ‘Not sure if my child is given suitable career advice’. It may seem strange to be seeing this question when some of our pupils are so young but we really do have a programme in place! Through a plethora of visitors, we enable children to meet as many positive role models as possible whilst they are with the school. This includes: doctors; nurses;

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