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Springmead Newsletter 18, 2018

Go Explore, out and

Go Explore, out and about Year 3 visit Stonehenge The Badgers followed in the steps of our ancestors with a vigorous trek across Salisbury Plain in search of the famous stones. Despite freezing temperatures and a few flurries of snow, we kept warm with plenty of exercise, lots of activities, a look around the very modern (and heated) museum and a warm midday sunshine for our picnic. The children have used photographs and their sketches from the day to create a lovely record of their learning. Year 5 Go Explore On a bitterly cold morning, the Owls made their way to the school playing field to search for signs of wildlife. Walking as a long line across the field each member of the class was responsible for the section of ground directly in front of them. The data was collected to analyse back at school. Before the weather closed in and became too cold the children also spent time working on compass points including the cardinal (N, E, S, W), the primary intercardinal (NE,SE, SW, NW) and the secondary inter-cardinal points (NNE, NEE, etc).

Sports News Fixtures for the first week after the half term break Year 5-6 Netball SASP @ Oakfield (away) Match Reports Year 3/4 Girls Netball vs Warminster It was a cold afternoon as we headed over to Warminster School. The girls, eager to keep warm, started off with some warm up games. After, the Warminster teachers combined the two schools and focused on some games, which integrated skill work, such as passing, footwork and marking and defending. Next, the girls were spilt into year groups and then into mixed teams of Springmead and Warminster to play a match of 4 quarters. The competitive side of sport is always in the forefront of our minds, but every now and again, it is nice to join together, meet new people and have some fun too! Well done girls. Year 3/4 Boys Hockey vs Warminster Although it was cold and windy afternoon on Monday the boys didn't let this effect their attitude and determination to succeed. For the first 40 minutes, they worked on skills and drills. The Year 3 boys focused on passing and turning with the ball and the Year 4's worked at a fast pace switching from moving-passing to ball control at speed. The last 20 minutes was spent being involved in a mixed group fixture. The boys all enjoyed a super hockey experience and came away learning new names and new skills. Well done boys!

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