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Clicformers 2018 BrochureUK

UK version of the 2018 Clicformers construction toy catalogue.


BRAND BOOK CLCM roducts BASIC SET CLICFORMERS Basic Sets comine standard Clicformers pieces and special accesories, hich allo ids to create a ariety of ehicles, cute animals or eperiment ith their on creatiity. CLICFORMERS 50 SET #801001 | 50 PCS CLICFORMERS 70 SET #801002 | 70PCS THEMED SETS CLICFORMERS Themed Sets are aailale in four pacages, ith ids maing up to different police, rescue and construction ehicles or cars from eery set. CONSTRUCTION SET #802001 | 70PCS POLICE SET #802002 | 70PCS CLICFORMERS 90 SET #801003 | 90PCS CLICFORMERS 110 SET #801004 | 110PCS RESCUE SET #802003 | 70PCS SPEED WHEEL SET #803001 | 34PCS CLICFORMERS 150 SET #801005 | 150PCS

BRAND BOOK CLCM Products DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Clicformers are developed and designed by Magformers, a global educational toy supplier, and produced using high-grade ABS plastic in a state-of-the art factory in Europe. MINI SETS CLICFORMERS Mini Sets are aailale in five themes - space, insect, construction, transport and animals. Each set makes FOUR different models and contains 30 pieces. MINI CONSTRUCTION SET #804001 | 30PCS MINI SPACE SET #804003 | 30PCS MINI ANIMAL SET #804004 | 30PCS MADE IN BELGIUM CLICFORMERS are made in Belgium in accordance with the strict toy safety directives of the European Union. MINI INSECT SET #804005 | 30PCS MINI TRANSPORT SET #804002 | 30PCS HIGH QUALITY CLICFORMERS satisfy the strict environmental and safety requirements of numerous European and American standards, such as CE, ASTM, and EN71, by using ABS plastic materials developed and supplied by LG Chem Ltd. c Clics and mworld nc. ll rigts resered. atent ending. ClicformersR is a trademark owned Clics and mworld nc. ll titles content trademarks artwork and associated imager are trademarks and/or corigt material of teir resectie owners. Manufactured under atent numers U Cina rademark Manufacturer : Clics Kamweg m uustweel elgium istriutor : mworld nc. osanaero angnamu eoul eulic of Korea UK Contact: Magformers UK Ltd