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Special foldouts at back of book include schematics and charts of U.S. shore -based marine transmitter locations. The first and only book on this rapidly developing subject. 264 pages; 5' x 8' ¡"; illustrated. Onlv.... $3.95 HOWARD W. SAMS & COB INC. Order from your Sams Distributor today, or mail to Howard W. Sams f Co., Inc., Dept. E -19 2201 E. 46th St., Indianapolis 6, Ind. Send me the following books: "The Audio Cyclopedia" at Special Pre -Publication price of $16.95 (ACT -1) 1 "ABCs of Transistors" (TRA -I ) .1 "Marine Electronics Handbook" (MES -1) b enclosed. Send Free Book list Name V/ EMPIRE STATE FEDERATION OF ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS ASSOCIATIONS 1ST YEAR. in an atmosphere of public resentment against the service industry, the Attorney General of the State of New York promulgated some rules that citizens could use to protect themselves against unethical service. One recommendation was to prohibit removal of their TV sets to the shop. Disturbed at the difficulties thus created for legitimate technicians when they find bench work necessary, ESFETA President Robert Larsen brought the service industry's side of the story directly to the Attorney General. After an exchange of views, more things began to develop than can be fully covered here. ESFETA is a living example of the fact, cherished in democratic societies, that tightly centralized, arbitrary leadership is not an absolute necessity for effective organizational action. The 13 affiliates in this true federation have often gone separate ways. For instance, some are in NATESA and some are not. Furthermore, there are no plans for state action on national affiliation although the incumbent president happens to favor it. Membership qualifications also reflect wide latitude and local autonomy. Any group with at least five technician members is eligible if its code of ethics, constitution, and bylaws are compatible with those of the parent body. Aside from being a forum for exchanging ideas, then, what good does the state machinery do? It has made united action on state and other levels pay off in ways not otherwise possible. When the industry used to get bad breaks in the past from lawmakers, manufacturers, the press, or the public, small -voiced. unorganized objections went unheard or ignored. The strong united voice, as in the case with the Attorney General, can now produce tangible results. All ESFETA affiliates have grievance committees for handling consumer complaints, whether member shops or others are involved. The statewide grievance machinery now has the prestige of operating with the recognition of the Attorney General (just one result of conferences held with him) and thus has more teeth to bite with. Talks with the Attorney General, the state's consumer council, and lawmakers have produced many proposals now before the legislature. They involve such matters as itemization of repair bills, identification of parts replaced as new or reconditioned, and a program for voluntary certification of technicians instead of mandatory li- censing. If the latter experiment is tried and succeeds, full licensing may eventuate. No longer ignored by set manufacturers, the state group has held mutually rewarding conferences with these. Some results -special plans for getting service data from manufacturers, probable future inclusion of a schematic on every set (from RCA), and greater emphasis on associations in training programs and advertising -will benefit the industry nationally. Although locals are well scattered, I1 -year old ESFETA (19 W. Cowden Pl., Jamestown, N. Y.) manages to get together five times a year. Its articulate incumbent president is supported by Irving J. Toner, vice -pres.; George Carlson, secy.; Dan Hurley, treas.; and Frank Kurowski, sgt. -at -arms. Itts official organ, "ESFETAN," is a relatively new monthly. Like many other associations, it is thinking of setting up a ladies auxiliary. If its efforts to woo the only two remaining groups in the state not now members succeed, it will bring total membership strength to about 1000. 30 Would you like us to feature your association here? Send in the coupon! Service Editor ELECTRONICS WORLD 1 Park Avenue New York 16, New York We want to tell you more about our association. Please send us your questionnaire. Name of Association Mailing Address 102 Address City Zone. .. State (outside U.S.A. priced ,lightly higher) Name of President or Corresponding Sec'y ELECTRONICS WORLD

Macs Service Shop (Continued from page 68) arrange his light so that he can view what goes on beneath the turntable. Then he revolves the turntable slowly with his finger while he watches carefully to see if each of the actions described in the change -cycle actually takes place in the proper manner and sequence. When something fails to happen, or when it happens at the wrong time, with any luck he has found the trouble." "You sure have to turn the thing by hand," Barney remarked. "Trying to spot trouble while the motor is doing the turning is like trying to watch all three rings of a three -ring circus on speeded -up film." "Once in a great while, though, something will show up when the motor is doing the turning that will not be there when the turntable is rotated by hand. I had a case of that last week. The customer admitted that the changer had operated perfectly until he decided to 'give it a good cleaning and oiling.' In the process he carefully cleaned off the heavy grease from around a small pawl on the rim of the main drive gear that had to be pushed outward to start the change cycle. This grease was put there intentionally to keep the pawl from moving out under vibration and centrifugal force as the drive gear made its revolution. With the damping grease gone, the pawl did just that and kept the changer cycling. It would not move out when the turntable was revolved by hand. Very fortunately, in the list of possible difficulties given in the changer manual, the lack of this grease was mentioned as a likely cause of continual cycling." "That 'Trouble Chart' in the service data is my favorite reading," Barney confided. "I love the way they list first the 'symptom;' then the 'possible causes'; and finally the 'remedy.' Nine times out of ten you'll find the cause and cure for any particular fault listed in these charts, no matter if it's turntable wow, recycling, failure to cycle, improper set -down point of the needle, dropping two records at a time, improper turntable speed, or what have you. When you have a specific complaint to go on, that's the place to look." A broad grin spread across Mac's wrinkled face. "Sure is funny," he commented, "how, when we have all this good help, we still both hate to work on changers and will work on practically anything else in the shop first." "It is queer," Barney agreed. "But I kind of think part of it is that we unconsciously consider working on record changers sort of infra dig, or beneath our dignity, as my Latin teacher used to put it. Changer work is 'mechanical work'; and we are proud and haughty 'electronic technicians!' " May. 1959 KYEAR! A new R CA-V.]1EK , VoltOhmyst® for only 82995 Also available factory -wired and calibrated- RCA-WV-77E VOLTOHMYSTonly $49.95' 'User Price (optional) FREE -New Booklet, "Servicing Is Easy With An RCA VoltOhmyst" offered with the purchase of o WV- 7711K1 or WV -77E (SI value/. Hams! Hobbyists! Service Technicians!- Here's the new RCA VoltOhmyst Kit you've been hearing about ... combining dependable electronic performance and ease of assembly! Look what you get- ohms -divider network protected by fuse -ultra -slim probes and flexible leads for getting into those tight spots -leads, probes, and power cord can be stored in sleeve attached to handle for increased portability -separate scales for 1 1/2 volts rms and 4 volts peak -to-peak maintain instrument accuracy on low ac measurements -all lettering on front panel acid -etched to last the life of the unit! You can get the new RCA VTVM Kit at your local RCA Test Equipment Distributor today -it's available "off-the-shelf"! For literature, visit your nearest RCA Distributor, or write RCA Commercial Engineering, Section E -41 -W Harrison, N.J. et) SPECIFICATIONS Measures: DC Volts -0.02 volt to 1500 volts in 7 overlapping ranges AC Volts (RMS)-0.1 volt to 1500 volts in 7 overlapping ranges AC Volts (peak -to- peak) -0.2 volt to 4000 volts in 7 overlapping ranges Resistance -from 0.2 ohm to 1000 megohms in 7 overlapping ranges. Zero -center indication for discriminator alignment Accuracy ----3% of full scale on dc ranges; -5% of full scale on ac ranges Frequency Response-flat within -2-5 %, from 40 cycles to S Mc on the 1.5, 5, and 15 -volt rms ranges and the 4, 14 and 40 -volt peak -topeak ranges DC Input Resistance- standard 11 megohms (1 megohm resistor In probe) RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA Electron Tube Division Harrison, N. J. 103

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