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1 Electrical prepare for your career in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRONICS COMPUTERS RADIO-TV At MSOE, you can equip yourself for a career in many exciting, grow- ing fields: MISSILES AUTOMATION RADAR RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT ELECTRICAL POWER AVIONICS ROCKETRY When you graduate from the Milwaukee School of Engineering, you are i prepared for a dynamic career as an Electrical Engineer or Engineering Technician. Under a faculty of specialists, you gain a sound technical education in modern, completely equipped laboratories and classrooms. As a result, MSOE graduates, are in great demand and highly accepted by industries nationally. At MSOE you will meet men from all walks of life and all parts of the country - some fresh out of high school or prep school, others in their twenties- veterans and - non- veterans. You can start school in any one of four quarters and begin specializing immediately. Engineering technicians graduate in 2 years with an Associate in Applied Science degree. For a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, you attend 4 years. A 3 -month preparatory course also is available. l FREE CAREER BOOKLET! If you're interested in any phase of electronics, radio or television, be sure to look into the programs of study offered by the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Just mail the coupon. Radio Sextant Tracks Moon New precision instrument aboard Navy experimental navigation ship has ten times the accuracy of present marine compasses. Control console aboard navigation ship. FOR the first time in history, the moon has been tracked continuously by radio through the use of a new precision radio sextant designed and constructed by Collins Radio Company. The new radio sextant has been delivered and installed aboard the Navy's experimental navigation ship, the USS "Compass Island," where it is used in navigation research. The unit is also used to track the sun and such tracking is possible even under foul weather conditions. In addition, the sextant functions as a precise compass, furnishing the direction of north with more than ten times the accuracy of present marine compasses. The instrument utilizes a 5 -foot parabolic antenna connected to an extremely sensitive radio receiver that measures the thermal radiation in the short microwave region. Operation is at a wavelength of 1.8 centimeters (about 16,500 mc.). A new tracking system involving advanced servo techniques is used. A special remote angle read -out system, which can punch its data directly on cards with great precision, is part of the installation. It is also possible to control and check all phases of operation from a remote - control console. From a mechanical standpoint, machining processes with tolerances as small as 25 millionths of an inch were required, and new procedures for optical alignment were worked out. In order to provide the necessary mechanical precision, an air- conditioning and heating system is used to maintain the equipment at a constant temperature at all times. Aboard the USS "Compass Island," radio sextant observational data is coupled with the vessel's precision time standard and presented directly to a navigational computer. This then combines celestial and intertial data to determine the ship's location and true north. The sextant operates by picking up radiation from the moon or sun. Such radiation fluctuates in the same fashion as the Johnson noise from a resistor, making detection of the weak signal difficult. In this instrument, the antenna scans a circle around the sun or moon's rim. If the antenna is pointed directly at the sun or moon, the received signal will show no modulation at the scanning frequency, but if the antenna is displaced slightly, the moon or sun signal will be modulated. Phase- sensitive detectors derive error voltages which are used to make the radio sextant's antenna track the sun or moon. The use of other heavenly bodies, such as radio stars, is presently very difficult with practical size receiving equipment. These stars produce extremely weak radiation in a much longer wavelength portion of the microwave region so that high resolving power is difficult to achieve with reasonably compact equipment of the type described above. Antenna system of the AN /SRN -4 radio sextant installed on the USS "Compass Island." MILWAUKEE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Dept. EN-559, 1025 N. Milwaukee St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Please send FREE Career Booklet. Cm interested in Electrical Engineering; ¡i Electronics Computers Power Radio -TV Mechanical Engineering. PLEASE PRINT Address.......__........__......._._........_... ._.__...._.............._...... _. 104 City_....__..._._ ._........Zone..___. State...._ ._........_._. I'm eligible for veterans education benefits. MS -123 .1 ELECTRONICS WORLD

CAÏEAÏ *LET THE BUYER BEWARE IMPORTANT NOTICE: NO OTHER COMPANY has been authorized by Radio Shack or The Factory to sell or advertise the famous Electrostat -3, and no company other than Radio Shack has delivered or can deliver this unit! /?E.4L /S T/C ELECIR :':sï THE MOST PUBLICIZED - MOST WANTED - TWEETER IN ALL HI -FI HISTORY! 3 ELECTROSTATIC ELEMENTS FOR 120 SOUND DISPERSION r-- -OTHER BUILT -IN AC POWER SUPPLY TO PROVIDE EXACT VOLTAGE This is the unique electrostatic tweeter -the only tweeter -that has been getting RAVE NOTICES from the hi -fi test laboratories. This is the tweeter that makes any speaker system a better speaker system by its addition. ONLY RADIO SHACK -in all the world -sells it, delivers il! When used with any good high compliance speaker system, Electrostat -3 adds a smooth and silky response from 5,000 cycles to 25,000 cycles -beyond the range of human hearing. And its wide dispersion angle carries its new world of acoustic brilliance to all corners of the room. Compact size: 117/8" wide x 57 /B" high x 41/2" deep. In mahogany, blond or walnut finish. ORDER TODAY and hear the "highs" that have brought the whole audio world to our door! As 77c HI -FI PRODUCTS 0 * Mahogany * Blond * Walnut ELECTROSTAT -3 CROSSOVER KIT includes cods, condensers and L pad, complete with simplified assembly instructions. Available for either 8 ohms or 16 ohms 4.95 REAL AS r/ "SOLO" SPEAKER $15.95 NEAL /S F/C MEAL /S 7- /C 16 STEREO ARM $ 15.90 FM -3 TUNER 544.50 R.40/0 SH.4C May, 1959 CO/PPO/PAT/ON 167 Washington St., Boston 8, Mass. 730 Commonwealth Ave., Boston 17, Mass. 230-234 Crown Sf., New Haven 10, Conn. REAL /ST /C 15 WATT AMP $49.95 ?NNEft f° RADIO SHACK CORPORATION, Dept. SF 730 Commonwalth Ave., Roston 17, Mass. Please send me the following: Quan. REALISTIC Sh. Wt. Order No. Sale ELECTROSTAT -3 7 lbs. 36CX017Y $27.50 8 -ohm X -over 2 lbs. 911500 4.95 16 -ohm X -over 2 lbs. 91L505 4.95 15 -watt Amp 15 lbs. 90LX000Y 49.95 16" Stereo Arm 3 lbs. 911050 15.90 FM -3 Tuner 11 lbs. 901X040 44.50 SOLO Speaker 12 lbs. 900X250 15.95 ] Check Money Order Name_ Address- _ Radio Shack 32 -page Bargain Bulletin City Zone Slate n C.O.D. J los

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