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Electronics-World-1959-05 new stereo Dynakits Foreign Tube Substitution Data Foreign tubes that are hard to replace are listed by Sylvania, with possible domestic substitutions. EUR. AMER. EUR. AMER. EUR. AMER. TYPE TYPE CODE" TYPE TYPE CODE' TYPE TYPE CODE. at HARVEY The designs that have made Dyna products tops with the audio perfectionist are better than ever in stereo form. ICI 1R5 NR 1D13 1A3 ER 1F2 1L4 NR 113 1T4 ER IFD9 1S5 ER ÌP10 3S4 ER 1P11 3V4 NR 6D2 6AL5 NR 6E8 6A8 NR 6H8G 6B8 NR DL95 3Q4 ER DL98 3B4 NR DP61 6AK5 ER DY30 1B3GT ER DY80 1X2A NR EAA91 6AL5 NR EABC80 6T8 ER EB34 6H6G NR EB91 6AL5 NR EBC33 1639 NR HF93 I2BA6 NR HF94 12AU6 NR HK90 128E6 NR HL90 19AQ5 ER HL92 5005 ER HM04 6BE6 ER HY90 35W4 ER KT32 25L6GT ER KT63 6F6G ER KT66 6L6, 5881 NR STEREO CONTROL AND PREAMPLIFIER Here is the answer to complete flexibility and control at lowest cost. Typical of Dynakit design and engineering effectiveness, this latest advance adds stereo control to two preamps without noise and distortion. Versatility is assured in this unit with level, balance, loudness. channel reverse and dual tape monitor controls. Handsomely styled, the new Dynakit Stereo Control and Preamplifier combination are a bargain buy for anyone building his own stereo system. Price: Stereo Control 12.95 Preamplifier 34.95 6MÌ 6U5G ER 63ME 6Ú5G ER 108C1 OB2 NR 150C2 0A2 NR B36 12SN7GT ER B65 6SN7 ER B152 12AT7 ER B309 12AT7 ER B329 12AU7 NR B339 12AX1 ER BPM04 6AQ5 ER D63 6H6G ER D77 6AL5 ER D152 6AL5 ER DA90 1A3 ER DAC32 1H5GT NR DAF91 1S5 NR DAF92 1U5 ER DCC90 3A5 ER DD6 6AL5 ER EBC90 6AT6 NR EBC91 6AV6 NR EC90 6C4 ER EC92 6AB4 ER ECC33 6SN7 NR ECC35 6SL7GT NR ECC40 6N7 NR ECC81 12AT7 ER ECC82 12AÚ7 NR ECC83 12AX7 ER ECC84 6BQ7A NR ECC91 616 NR ECF80 6A8GT NR ECF82 6U8 ER ECH81 66AÌ NR ED2 6AL5 ER EF93 6BA6 NR EF94 6AU6 NR EF95 6AK5 NR EF96 6AG5 ER KTW63 6K7G ER L63 615GT NR L77 6C4 ER N14 1C5GT NR N17 3S4 NR N18 3Q4 ER N19 3V4 NR N77 6AL5 ER N148 7C5 NR N709 6BQ5 NR N727 6AQ5 ER PCF82 9U8A ER PL21 2L21 ER PM 04 6BA6 NR PM05 6AK5 NR QE06/50 807 NR QV05/25 807 NR U50 5Y3G /GT ER U52 5U4G /GB ER U70 6X5GT NR DF33 1N5GT ER DF62 1AD4 ER DF651 CK549 ER DF91 1T4 NR DF92 11_4 NR EH90 6CS6 ER EK90 6BE6 ER EL37 6L6/6L6GB ER EL84 6BQ5 ER EL90 6AQ5 ER U78 6X4 NR U147 6X5GT NR U149 7Y4 NR ÚF41 12AC5 ER V2M70 6X4 NR STEREO 70 AMPLIFIER This is the best of Dyna design in two independent power amplifiers that produce 35 watts continuous and 80 watts peak on each channel. The unit is assured of unconditional stability with its use of new Dynaco A -470 Super -Fidelity output transformers. It has all the features of the renowned Dynakit Mark III, including exclusive Dyna Biaset, highest quality conservatively rated components. superb listening quality and handsome appearance. Assembly in four hours,and the best only cost you 99.95 Trade up to Dynakit /Trade in at Harvey MAIL ORDERS SHIPPED - SAME DAY AS RECEIVED Include .rh your payment o yen trous olio. for shlpmmg abores - Ih au .JI b promptly refolded. HARVEY RADII O 103 West 43rd Street, N. Y. 36, N. Y. 11121500 106 DF96 IAF4 ER DF904 1U4 ER DH63 (M) 6Q7G /GT NR DH77 6AT6 NR DH149 7C6 ER DK32 IA7GT NR DK91 1R5 NR DL33 3Q5GT ER DL35 1C5GT NR DL36 1Q5GT ER DL651 CK546 ER DL91 1S4 NR DL92 3S4 NR DL93 3A4 NR DL94 3V4 ER EL91 6AK6 NR EM35 6U5G ER EY81 6V3A NR EZ35 6X5 /GT NR EZ81 6BW4 NR EZ90 6X4 NR GZ30 5Z4 ER GZ32 5V4G ER GZ34 5U4G /GB NR H63 6F5 /G ER HABC80 19T8 NR HBC90 12AT6 NR HBC91 12AV6 NR HD14 1H5GT NR HD30 3B4 ER W17 114 NR W63 6K7G NR W149 7Y4 NR X14 1AÌGT NR X17 1R5 NR X63 (M) 6A8G NR X81 7S7 NR X148 7S7 NR X727 6BE6 ER Y61 6U5G ER Y63 61.15G ER Z14 IN5GT ER Z63 617G NR Z300T 0A4 NR ZD17 1S5 NR Code *: ER denotes exact replacement. NR denotes nearest replacement. Socket and /or wiring changes may be involved here, or slightly different electrical characteristics and ratings may have to be considered in some circuits. NOTE: The increasing sale of imported receivers and audio equipment has resulted in the problem of obtaining replacements for some of the unfamiliar tubes used. This list, reprinted through the courtesy of Sylvania Electric Products Inc., 1740 Broadway, New York 19, N. Y., is believed to be accurate. However, neither Sylvania nor ELECTRONICS WORLD assumes responsibility in case of error. The complete Sylvania list also includes foreign -made replacements, available in this country, for other foreign -made tubes that are not generally marketed here. These additional listings will appear in a forthcoming issue. ELECTRONICS WORLD Sound S'nd Equipment DEALERS! WESTON INSTRUMENTS: STANDARDS OF STABILITY IN SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY 'or EXTRA PROFITS CAN BE YOURS WITH Your present customers and prospects for intercom installations and sound systems are first -rate prospects for the new SCRIBE magnetic tape dictation systems. SCRIBE records the voice with greater fidelity than any other dictation equipment now on the market. Electronic controls, a powerful motor giving instantaneous start and stop for re- recording of even single -word errors, plus both fast forward and fast rewind speeds permit completely error -free dictation -cuts dictating and transcribing time, eliminates misunderstood words. SCRIBEPAK preloaded tape magazine holds 30 or 60 minutes of Mylar tape... user never has to touch the tape. Designed for any type of installation, from a single machine to large multiple -unit network systems. SCRIBE is also ideal as a teaching aid in educational institutions, for use in hospitals, industrial plants, government departments, etc. Thousands of SCRIBE machines are today in use in government, business and industry. DEALERSHIPS FOR THE NEW 1959 line of SCRIBE machines and network systems are available in many cities, offering unusual opportunities for immediate profits with modest capital investment. Adequate sales and service facilities are required. SCRIBE magnetic tape dictating systems are supported by an extensive program of national advertising and publicity to help you sell. WRITE TODAY! Learn how you may qualify for a profitable SCRIBE dealership. SCRIBE DISTRIBUTORS CO. 6949 W. NORTH AVE., OAK PARK, CHICAGO, ILE. PH: EUclid 3 -5940 SCRIBE MAKES THE ONLY COMPLETE MAGNETIC TAPE DIC- TATION SYSTEMS MANUFACTURED IN THE UNITED STATES. New design of the Weston MARK II ANALYZER offers... INCREASED RANGE MORE RUGGEDNESS SMALLER SIZE The Weston Mark II Analyzer is an all -new version of the highly sensitive Model 980 Volt -Ohm -Milliammeter. It's engineered to provide a wider range of test measurement applications ... to stand up to abuse and environment better than ever before. With its high -voltage range extended to 4000 volts, the Mark II offers a D -C sensitivity of 20,000 ohms /volt ... accuracy within 2% of full scale. Range and function - switching is greatly simplified by use of a single dial control. The CORMAG9 mechanism assures magnetic shielding ... the spring- backed jewels, shock and vibration resistance ... the meter housing, electrostatic shielding ... the case, impact resistance. And the ohm ranges are fuse protected. Order from your local distributor.Weston Instruments, Division of Daystrom, Inc., Newark 12, N. J. In Canada: Daystrom Ltd., 840 Caledonia Rd., Toronto 10, Ont. Export: Daystrom Intl, 100 Empire St., Newark 12, N.J. WESTON MFG. BY SCRIBE INTERNATIONALE dire, ion of GENERAL SINTERING CORPORATION, FRANKLIN PARK. ILL. May. 1959 107

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