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Electronics-World-1959-05 IN- CIRCUIT Model CT -1 AN ABSOLUTE 'MUST' FOR EVERY SERVICEMAN! Here is an In- circuit condenser tester that does the whole job. The CT -1 actually steps in and takes over where all other in- circuit condenser testers fail. The ingc gees the CT -1 a dual bridge principle tremendous range of operation... - in- circuit checks: Quality of over 80 °0 of all condensers preseven circuit ent . Wi ( eaka e, shorts, opens, in termittents) Value of all condensers from 200 mmfd. to .5 mfd. Quality, of all electrolytic condensers (the ability to hold a charge) Transformer, socket and wiring leakage capacity CONDENSER TESTER (- out -of- circuit checks: Quality of 100 °ó of all condensers e .. Model CT -1 - hamm hammertone finish steel case &oil complete with Net test leads SIZE: W -6" H -7, D-31/A" leaks , shorts, opens and inter- mittents) , Value of all condensers from 50 mmfd. to .5 mfd. Quality of all electrolytic condensers to hold a charge) (the ability High resistance leakage up to 300 ... New or unknown condensers transformer, socket, component and wiring leakage capacity SPECIFICATIONS Ultra- sensitive 2 tube drift free circuitry Multi-color circuit direct scale precision readings for both quality and value or out of circuit) Simultaneous readings of circuit capacity and 300 circuit resistance Built-in hi- leakage indicator megohms Cannot damage circuit comp balance indicator for even greater accuracy Isolated power line IN-CIRCUIT Model TESTER Checks all power rectifiers in- circuit whether SELENIUM, GERMANIUM, SILICON, etc. rowing. trend towards com- pactness, portability cers resorting and more and ° monufacproducing uers are TV sets series-string more to or silg e m, germanium -- employing icon power rectifiers. Now the need for ¡n . e rectifier tester is greater than ever. THE SRT1 CHECKS ALL POWER IN- CIRCUIT AND OUT - RECTIFIERS OF CIRCUIT WITH 100% EFFECTIVE- NESS FOR: Quality Fading Shorts Opens Arcing Life Expectancy d housed sturdy SIZE: W-6' H -7 p_3i'a" ineter 2950 Net plete with test leads SPECIFICATIONS Checks all types of power rectifiers rated from 10 ma. to 500 ma. (selenium. germanium, silicon, etc.) or both out-of-circuit. even when connected to a dead short. Will not blow fuses Large arße 3" highly accurate multi -color meter ...sensitive yet rugged Separate meter scales for in- circuit and tests. out-of-circuit cte Cannot damage or over heat rectifier being Just clip di connectingr?ctif'er from cire SRT -1 test leads across rectifier under test nigh in the circuit tcho toest s three -Color meter scales. . easyto -read SIMPLE TO et an instant indication on e OPERATE MINI -CHECK TUBE TESTER Model MC -1 . =-.,.... TM A Real ECONOMY MULTIPLE SOCKET TUBE TESTER without sacrifice in ACCU- RACY, SPEED or VER- SATILITY Hero is a multiple socket tube tester designed to meet limited budgets. Although low in price it boasts a unique circuitry that enables you to check over 600 tube types - and has a range of operation that far exceeds others in its price class. Ae®®®. ' .00 Model MC -1 - housed in sturdy wrinkle finish steel $3950 case _.. w. lru . rlet SPECIFICATIONS Checks emission, inter -element shorts and leakage of over 600 tube types. This covers OZ4s. series- string TV tubes, gas regulators, auto 12 plate volt, hi -fi and foreign tubes 3 settings enable a test of any tube in less than 10 seconds Employs dynamic cathode emission test principles 31/2 D'Arsonval type meter - most accurate type available ... its greater sensi tivity means more accuracy ... its jewel lasting bearing phosphor means bronze longer life 17 tube sockets long indicator Combination gas and short 9 filament positions jewel Handy compartment tube chart contained New tube in listings furnished special back tachable periodically line cord at no cost De- plus "- these BONUS FEATURES ... found in no other low price tube tester Checks for cathode to heater shorts SIZE: W -9' H -8+ /z" D -21'a' Checks for gas content Checks all sections of multiple purpose tubes ... will pickup tubes with one "Bad" section Line isolated - no shock hazard Variable load control enables you to get accurate results on all tubes Positively cannot become obsolete as new tubes are introduced. TRANSISTOR Model TESTERTT-2 AN INEXPENSIVE QUALITY INSTRUMENT DE- PENDABLE i STS OF ALL ATRANSISTORS AND DIODES QUICKLY AND ACCURATELY Every day more and more manufac- turers are using transistors in home portable and car radios ... in hearing aids, intercoms, amplifiers, indus- trial devices, etc. Since transistors can develop excessive leakage, poor gain, shorts or opens, the need for TRANSISTOR TESTER is great. SPECIFICATIONS Checks all transistors, including car radio, power output, triode, tet- rode and un ¡junct gain, ¡on types leaka for e, cur- Model TT-2 - housed off current shorts, Checks hall diodesc in sturdy hammertone forward to reverse current for finish steel gain case cornso tests can be made plete even with ifgmanufacll test curers' leads rated - "Jet Less than not half available anmi SIZE: tests V / -6 of either H-7" D -31 transistors í' yet rugged erorr . diodes o , with multi Large -color meter Power scales gned is is xtremely supplied by readings so small, service an easy to replace 6 -volt easy life almost equal battquick y readings due to accidental to shelf life. Y shorting - current Battery cannot drain damage transistor be or diode Under tests¡ Cannot clips burn-out enable its tests own without Long meter entirely test st removing from test terminal leads are identified by is assured E.I.A. color code ciicuitt so that connection Test chart that fits Comes into complete with replaceable to the transistor correct a special rear compartment. set -up IMPORTANT FEATURE: The TT -2 cannot become obsolete as you to check all new type transistors circuitry will be furnished periodically h es they are at no cost. introduced. eNe EASY TO BUY IF SATISFIED I stings

OR 10 DAY I no risk r : I r 1 in your every day work. Send for instrument of your choice without obligation ... try them for 10 days before your buy ... only then, when satisfied, pay in easy -to -buy monthly installments - without any financing or carrying charges added. HEW Bpaetatek y t op P ea aek VACUUM TUBE VOLT METER WITH LARGE EASY -TO -READ 6" METER featuring - the sensational new 14017/-PRONE Patent Pending No extra probes to buy! The versatile MULTI -PROBE does the work of 4 probes O DC Probe a AC Probe © Lo -Cap Probe O RF Probe The VT -1 is a tremendous achievement in test equipment. With its unique MULTI -PROBE it will do all the jobs a V.T.V.M. should do without the expense of buying additional probes. No longer do you Model VT -1 have to cart around a maize placed of entangled probe. cables, With lose just time alternating a twist of the cables MULTI -PROBE or hunting tip you for a can missaving jobs. A special holder set it on side to do of any case keeps one MULTI of many -PROBE firmly time- in place ready for use. FUNCTIONS DC VOLTMETER . Will measure 1.5 volts full D.C. down scale with to minimum and give accurate circuit loading, readings of as scale .025 volts ... divisions Will as low measure low AGC bias voltages and from oscillator .1 volts or with less up consistent to 1500 laboratory volts accuracy Zero center provided on all ranges for ... all balancing such as discriminator, measurements ratio detector hi -fi amplifier alignment balancing. and AC VOLTMETER .. True ments Peak -to -Peak as low measureas 3 volts of any TV sync, wave deflection form including voltages, video in pulses, hi -fi amplifiers, AGC distortion and Scale colar divisions TV gating pulses are easily read down to .1 ... Measures volts . RMS at 1 20th the V.O.M.... circuit Unlike loading most of other a loss in accuracy V.T.V.M.'s there on the is lowest no AC range. ELECTRONIC OHMETER to 1000 megohms .. ... Measures from o Scale divisions down to .2 ohms ... are easily Will read from measure resistance .2 ohms to values one billion ohms . . high resistance Will leakage detect condensers. in electrolytic and by -pass RF and LO -CAP MEASUREMENTS With these . extra VT -1 functions voltages in you extremely can measure high as impedance sync and circuits AGC pulses, driving such color TV gating saw pulses, tooth voltages, mixer stage -by-stage output gain levels, and I.F. detector inputs. OUTSTANDING FEATURES Completely portable - batteries self powered - permits with use long everywhere life pentode amplifier New circuit advanced drain assures amazingly Large 6 100 -microampere low battery more sensitive than meter, many meters times Laboratory used in most accuracy V.T.V.M.'s performance on - DC, 5x. 2 °é of full of scale full scale on AC easy -to Simplified -read 4 -scale multi meter -color rigid No stability heat and operation accuracy assures fluctuations Immune to Amplifier power rectifier line compensated circuit attenator with - frequency a laboratory feature instruments found only in costly practically Meter completely burn -out isolated proof - eliminates Hand the -crafted service headaches circuitry 1^ó resistors of printed used for permanent circuitry RF ground accuracy return for low -loss Separate RF phone type measurement co -axial connector Micro tects instrument Matching face - cover snaps proon and off instantly. SPECIFICATIONS DC Volts - 0 to 1.5, 6 30 150 300 600, AC Volts 1500 (RMS volts and Peak -to -Peak) - O to 3,12 60 300 1200 volts 100K IM RF - Peak reading demodulator supplied for use on all DC ranges IMW in 600 ohms Impedance - 11 megohms DC, 1 Input megohm AC, 10 Capacity megohms - 130 mmfd. Lo -Cap RMS, 250 mmfd. Peak -to -Peak, 25 mmfd. Lo -Cap Ohms - 0 to a billion ohms, 10 ohms center scale -Rol '10, 100 /1K /10K/ Zero Center - available on all DC volt ranges with zero at mid -scale Decibels - from -10 Db to +10, 22,36/50, 62 based on the Obre unit: ODD. Model VT -1 - fully wired and calibrated, housed in handsome hammertone finish steel case, complete with MULTI - PROBE.and thorough instruction manual covering all the applica- SS85o (ions in detail. Net SIZE: W -14sé-' H- 111/4" D_4W' Model F rubbed oak carrying case e plete with CRT adapter Co- cm l ao Net IIIP e.e 6 FAST-CHECK TUBE TESTER Model Simply set two controls ... insert tube ... and press quality button any of over 700 tube q types y ttoE to completely, test Over accurately 20,000 servicemen are y IN now JUST SECONDS! servicing time way using by down, eliminating g tpr FAST -CHECK in selling their every more day tubes unprofitable whet with and very are little cutting chose effort. for and the increasing FAST -CHECK above yourrself at vicem earnings all other tube testers. why so many y servicemen PICTURE TUBE TEST ADAPTER INCLUDED WITH FAST -CHECK Enables you to check all picture tubes (including the new short -neck 110 degree type) for cathode emission, shorts and life expectancy...also to rejuvenate weak picture tubes. Fci RANGE OF OPERATION Checks quality of over 700 tubes types, employing the time proven dynamic cathode emission test. This covers more than TV tubes, au to es 12nplate-voltytubes. OZ4s,h man ceeye tubes, gas regulators, special purpose hi -fi tubes and even foreign tubes. Checks for inter -element shorts and leakage. Checks for life-expectancy. No time consuming multiple switching located No annoying g . . inside only two settings are cover. required instead New listing checking of banks tion of of multi tube arreroaddedrtwithout switches -section chart tubes costly listing roll chart over replacement 700 tube 41 types phosphor and if only one section is bronze beryllium tube is defective the tube will Checks mounted sockets read "Bad" each on never sec- panel need replacement on the protected Large 4 +,z' D'Arsonval type 7- meter scale against accidental meter is the most Pm and burn -out sensitive 9-pin line voltage variation Special available, 12 filament scale on no shock meter hazards positions for low Long current tubes g lasting Separate i Compensation Compénsol g etched gas and short jewel indicators ;te for NOTE: The aluminum Fast -Check positively panel. Line cannot isolated - all future tube become types as obsolete they come ; out. New ..circuitry is tube engineered listings are furnished to accommodate periodically at no cost. CONVENIENT TIME PAYMENT PLAN - NO FINANCING CHARGES ¡CENTUR ELECTRONICS CO, INC ALL CENTURY I INSTRUMENTS ARE GUARANTEED FOR CHECK INSTRUMENTS DESIRED ONE FULL YEAR The extremely low ' prices are made possible because you are buying direct from the manufacturer. 1 Model CT -1 In- Circuit Condenser Tester 534.50 $9.50 within 10 days. Balance $5 monthly for 5 months. Model MC -1 Mini -Check Tube Tester $39.50 $9.50 within 10 days. Balance $6 monthly for 5 months. Model SRT -1 In- Circuit Rectifier Tester $29.50 $4.50 within 10 days. Balance $5 monthly for 5 months. Model TT -2 Transistor Tester. $24.50 $4.50 within 10 days. Balance $5 monthly for 4 months. Model VT -1 Battery Vacuum Tube Volt Meter $58.50 $14.50 within 10 days. Balance $11 monthly for 4 months. Model FC -2 Fast -Check Tube Tester $69.50 $14.50 within 10 days. Balance $1i monthly for 5 months. Prices Net F.O.B. Mineola, N. Y. 111 Roosevelt Avenue, Dept. 205, Mineola, New York Please rush the instruments checked for a 10 day free trial. If satisfied I agree to pay the down payment within 10 days and the monthly installments as shown. If not completely satisfied I will return the instruments within 10 days and there is no further obligation. It is understood there will be NO INTEREST or FINANCING charges added. Name Address City State Please print clearly

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