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Electronics-World-1959-05 Today's FP is available in the improved "red top" design with new positive leakproof seal that ends the possibility of leakage. A new patented spring clip mounting gives improved resistance to shock and vibration plus improved heat dissipation. Prevent "Middle Age" Hum with Mallory FP's - the Capacitor with ETCHED CATHODE Why risk annoying filter hum? Always use Mallory FP capacitors ... and be sure of lifelong hum -free performance. The etched cathode FP offers increased cathode surface that prevents loss of capacitance. What's more, you can use the FP with assurance in today's tightest, hottest chassis. The FP is the original 85 °C capacitor ... gives you premium service without premium price. Try the new FP capacitor for yourself. See how it stops expensive, time -consuming callbacks. Your Mallory distributor has them . see him today. TC Tubular Elactrolylics -now in handy new twin pack with the same high quality and performance characteristics. RMC Dismiss ® -Long the original equipment standard, now available for replacement in the handy "file card" five pack. ®Registered trade mark of Radio Materials Company. a division Mallory GEMS -five tubular capacitors in easy -to -use dispenser: best bet for outstanding service in buffer, by -pass or coupling applications. of P. R. Mallory & Co. Inc. Ski-LW-New design enables your distributor to custom - build the exact replacement you need in just 30 seconds, eliminates waiting for out -ofstock controls. Trade Mark MALLORY IL CQ Inc. MALLORP.R. P. . MALLORY & CO.. Inc., INDIANAPOLIS L, INDIANA 10 ELECTRONICS WORLD

Do you WISH you were EMPLOYED in ELECTRONICS? Get Your First Class Commercial F.C.C. LICENSE QUICKLY F.C.C. LICENSE -THE KEY TO BETTER JOBS An F.C.C. commercial (not amateur) license is your ticket to higher pay and more interesting employment. This license is Federal Government evidence of your qualifications in electronics. Employers are eager to hire licensed technicians. WHICH LICENSE FOR WHICH JOB? The THIRD CLASS radiotelephone license is of value primarily in that it qualifies you to take the second class examination. The scope of authority covered by a third class license is extremely limited. The SECOND CLASS radiotelephone license qualifies you to install, maintain and operate most all radiotelephone equipment except commercial broadcast station equipment. The FIRST CLASS radio telephone license qualifies you to install, maintain and operate every type of radiotelephone equipment (except amateur) including all radio and television stations in the United States, its territories and possessions. This is the highest class of radiotelephone license available. GRANTHAM TRAINING PREPARES YOU The Grantham course covers the required subject matter completely. Even though it is planned primarily to lead directly to a first class FCC license, it does this by TEACHING you electronics. Some of the subjects covered in detail are: Basic Electricity for Beginners, Basic Mathematics, Ohm's and Kirchhoff's Laws. Alternating Current, Frequency and Wavelength, Inductance, Capacitance, Impedance. Resonance, Vacuum Tubes. Transistors. Basic Principle, of Amplification. Classes of Amplifiers, Oscillators, Power Supplies, AM Transmitters and Receivers, FM Transmitters and Receivers. Antennas and Transmission Lines, Measuring Instruments, FCC Rules and Regulations, and extensive theory and mathematical calculations associated with all the above subjects explained simply and in detail. OUR GUARANTEE It you should fail the F. C. C. exam after finishing our course, we guarantee to give additional training at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Read details in our free booklet. Grantham School CORRESPONDENCE OR RESIDENCE CLASSES Grantham School of Electronics specializes in F.C.C. license preparation. Correspondence training is conducted from Washington. Hollywood. and Seattle; also, resident DAY and EVENING classes are held in all three cities. Either way. by correspondence or in resident classes. we train you quickly and well. This booklet FREE! ,\ \ This free booklet gives details of our training and explains what an F.C.C. license can do for your future. rxattes , rIKIRONKf 0 " HERE'S PROOF .., .c,.:.,á.. .Q.,.. ::,,s.\ that Grantham students prepare for F.C.C. examinations in a minimum of time. Here is a list of a few of our recent graduates, the class of license they got, and how long it took them: V V License Roy E. Alexander, Pikeville, Kentucky 1st 12 Robert J. Conley, 129 W. 46th St.. New York 36, N. Y. 1st 14 W. R. Smith, 1335 E. 8th St., Long Beach, Calif. 1st 12 Howard E. Martz, 301 S. Penn. St., Fairmount, Ind. 1st 24 John W. Dempsey, Box 55, Rising Sun, Md. 1st 12 Donald H. Ford, Hyannis RD, Barnstable, Mass. 1st 12 Richard 1. Falk, 2303 Holman St., Bremerton, Wash. 1st 22 Denson D. McNulty, 1117 N. Houston St., Amarillo, Texas 1st 9 James D. Hough. 400 S. Church St.. East Troy, Wisc. 1st 12 Weeks Odie B. Perry, Jr., Rt. =3. Zebulon, N. C. 1st 12 Milton C. Gee, Rt. =1, Washington, N.1 1st 11 of Electronics Hollywood Division Washington Division , Seattle Division May, 1959 1505 N. Western Ave. Hollywood 27, Calif. (Phone: HO 7 -7727, /, 821.19th Street, N. W Washington 6, D.0 (Phone: ST 3 -3614 408 Marion Street Seattle 4, Wash. MA 2 -7227, "N , '$NAk4114101" r MAIL COUPON TO SCHOOL NEAREST YOU (Mail in envelope or paste on postal card) To: GRANTHAM SCHOOL OF ELECTRONICS .M21- 1!101. \l5 lini \.l \', 't, ," his \I.,, i. ii Washington Hollywood Seattle Gentlemen, Please send me your free booklet telling how I can get my commercial F.C.C. license quickly. I understand there is no obligation and no salesman will call. Name_ Address _ City I am interested in (1 Home Study, State Age Resident Classes 96_E J I1

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