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Electronics-World-1959-05 Complete listings of the NEWEST in Stereo and Monaural LAFAYETTE'S Hi -Fi, Short Wave, Audio, Transistor, and many other Lafayette electronics kits as well as thousands upon thousands of 1959 CATALOG standard brand nationally advertised kits and electronic 260 GPAIAGNEST-SIZE parts and components are described in LAFAYETTE'S GIANT NEW 260 -PAGE CATALOG. SEND FOR IT -IT'S FREE! lust fill in coupon below and present it at any Lafayette store, or paste it on a postcard and send it to us. THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO to get your FREE 1959 LAFAYETTE CATALOG! NEW! "STEREO ANALYST" Single Needle . VU Balance Meter ( anlY 411.95 The Most Versatile Instrument Offered The Hi -Fi Enthusiast UNIQUE 2 COIL GALVANOMETER -TYPE PRECISION METER MOVEMENT 7 RANGES OF METER SENSITIVITY EFFORTLESS BALANCING OF STEREO SYSTEMS MAY BE USED AS VU METER AND TAPE RECORDER LEVEL INDICATOR Solves oll stereo balancing problems. Each stereo chan. nel feeds a separate coil through a full -wave bridge rectifier. Balanced signals result in a 0 deflection. 2 slide switches permit individual channel measurements. Metal case, satin gold finish. Size: 4% n 59 s e' /, ". Shpg. Wt., 3 lbs. TM -66 Stereo Balance Indicator Net 11.95 SHURE IUD with diamond stylus RK-2!5 iFREE CUT OUT AND PASTE ON POST CARD SPECIAL MONEY -SAVER COMBINATION 99.50 SAVE 26.60 THE FINEST HI -FI TWEETER AVAILABLE Leave it to Lafayette to bring you the "hottest" tweeter -the superlative electrostatic 3 element tweeter, rated but regardless of price. This smooth performing tweeter -superior to units costing many times more -improves ANY speaker system, bringing forth the realism and acoustic brilliance of the high frequencies. Simple to connect and use, comes complete with detailed instructions. In mahogany, walnut or blonde finishes with attractive plastic grilles. Size 117. n 6 n 4' /s. Shpg. wt., 7 lbs. 5K -150 Electrostatic 3 Element Tweeter Mahog any Finish SK -151 Same in Walnut Finish 27 50 SK -152 Same in Blonde Finish PK-t76 PK -245 hysteresis -synchronous turntable with new Lafayette PK -270 12" professional stereo tong arm plus Shure M3D Dynetic Compatible Stereo Cartridge with .7 mil diamond stylus. Shpg. wt., 19 lbs. Special Net 99.50 LAFAYETTE RADIO, Dept. RE -9 P.O. Box 511, Jamaica 31, N. Y. SEND FOR THE WORLD'S LEADING ELECTRONICS, RADIO, T.V., INDUSTRIAL, AND HI.FI GUIDE Name Send FREE. LAFAYETTE Catalog 590 R(121/II SHURE M30 with diamond stylus Address I - GFM.Ql t isLg [ec City Zone...., State SetaCOS[4Q- I 41111111 too- BUILT -IN CROSSOVER NETWORK 5000 Cycle Crossover Frequency WIDE 120 DISPERSION ANGLE 1 Achieved by 3 Electrostatic Element Design MEASURABLY IMPROVES ANY SPEAKER SYSTEM Superb High Frequency Response from 5000 Cycles to Beyond 25,000 Cycles BUILT -IN AC POWER SUPPLY Supplies High Voltage Necessary For True Electrostatic Speaker Operation AVAILABLE IN MAHOGANY, WALNUT OR BLONDE ENCLOSURE 52.50 SPECIAL SALE! GARRARD RC121 /II WITH SHURE M3D DYNETIC STEREO CARTRIDGE WITH DIAMOND STYLUS MONEY -SAVER COMBINATION Garrard latest model RC121 /11 with Shure model M30 professional Dynetic Compatible Stereo car - sridg with .7 mil diamond stylus. Regular 83.15 value. Stye. wt. IS lbs Net 52.50 GARRARD RC-IS Garrard RC88 and Shure M3D Cartrldge Net 62.50 116 ELECTRONICS WORLD

LAFAYETTE Kits Are FUN To Build! EJer It ms a DI I- s Phonie FM-AM lamer Use I/ as a Dash N I F.M-.1M /narr Use Il a /ra/AI r AM Inner KT -500 74.50 ONLY IN KIT FORM 7.45 DOWN 7.00 MONTHLY ONLY 7.95 DOWN 8.00 MONTHLY vir RESPONSE 10- 25.000 CPS ± 0.5 DB 6 CONCENTRIC FRONT PANEL CONTROLS 4 CONCENTRIC REAR PANEL INPUT LEVEL CONTROLS 180° ELECTRONIC PHASE REVERSAL NEW! ONLY 4.75 DOWN - 5.00 MONTHLY NEW YORK, N. Y. 100 6th Ave. WOrth 6 -5300 LAFAYETTE . STEREO TUNER KIT THE MOST FLEXIBLE TUNER EVER DESIGNED Nullifies Output ter New Slew FM 11 Tubes (including 4 dual- Ptrgen) + Tuning Eye + Selenium rectifier Pr.- ide 17 Tube P.rfermenc 10KC Whistle Filter Pr.- .Iigned 1F', Tuned Cussed. FM 12 Tuned circuits Duel Cathode Fellow. Output Sep 17 Tuned FM and AM 5.ttiont Armstrong Circuit with FM /AFC end AFC Defeat Dual Double-Tuned Trenslermer Coupled Limiters. More than a year of research, planning and ngins.ring went into the making of the Lafayette Stereo Tuner. Ili unique flexibility permits the reception of binaural broadcasting (simultaneous transmission on both FM and AM), the independent operation of both the FM and AM sections at the same time, and the ordinary reception of either FM or AM. The AM and FM sections a separately tuned. .acs with a separate 3 -gang tuning cone separate flywheel tuning and sporot volume control for proper balancing when used for binaural programs. Simplified accurate knife -edge tuning is provided by magi( eye which operates independently on FM and AM. Automatic frequency control "locks in FM signal permanently. Aside from its unique flexibility, this is, above all else, a quality high -fidelity tuner incorporating features found exclusively In the highest priced tuners. FM specifications include grounded-grid triode low noise front end with bled* mixer, double-tuned dual limiters with Foster -Seely discriminator, less than 1% harmonic distortion, frequency response 20-20,000

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