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:* lim' . ic fit ' garage, ' S49 `hut r ' 3.95 Aewaya ....` ....coeamhia VIBRATOR SUPPLY FOR TBY Powers your TOY walkie- ".P batteries fro m a Y. and spare Pans. $9.95 KFLLOG WALL TELEPHONE Hook up you, workshop, . pal 2-way "Intel, , Iuks! Blac k. with built-, 11.11! Needs ont, batter.. 2, fur $5.00. EACH 52.95 POWER TRANSFORMER BARGAIN! I IO Y. 00 -ye. input. Output: ..0 \ 'I a, t 11111/1, p. camnaet, potted. new. ` A J C01111 I. rial! 3 for $2.50. Each 95c PP -326 /U POWER SUPPLY Input 115 V., 60 epa. Output: 252 VIII I amps. IIMAR Tills: This unit output is rated 9u11 u it r n handle l l_ V s- COMPLETELY FILTERED WITH CONDENSER AND CHOKE! N.'sr. About 7 square $7.95 MEMO FOR MARINERS! BC -652 AMATEUR AND MARINE RECEIVER: Tubes!! Built -in rr >slal calibrator al d 12 dvnarnol or! ItRAIIY TO l'SF: ON BOAT-NO Cils VERSION NEEDED! Output for speaker $ l4.95 or phones. Excellent, with schematic. APN -4 LORAN RECEIVER AND INDICATOR: I' vent for all you plutocrats with l,,,.,i m neW with plugs and maunli nR racl. ONL,. S69.50 12 VOLT GENERATOR lo amp for mobile or buttery charge cation. Compact (about 7x5 "). New S4.95 12 VOLT DYNAMOTOR r>ne DM-34. Output 220 V. e' sO ma. S3.95 NEW BC -611 HANDIE- TALKIE CHASSIS oers 3500 -0500 kr. Cam he converted to el am R hand. Less tubes, r rshd, cuit. .7J CRYSTAL AND COIL SET:r for 3526 kc lahocel. N, .w $2.95 ALEYBR;NCH WEST COIS" OUR ;FIE VIM BIN u I\Shl"I1S11M Ili t'p_ ]O Illt.l.TrOOp. ( KEEP CANDEE HANDEE! MODEL 84 MEASUREMENTS CORP. SIGNAL GENERATOR Just reduced! Close -out special! * . * * « , - S195.00* RAX -1 RECEIVER .\t Jack and _ ;i l. .nl 200A ? -; Ix.elent. $17.95 G.E. PYRANAL OIL -FILLED CONDENSERS Cal. No. Ini'2Ut*. 120 .\Il, :Loon Nlit. I.Il I,r hams. Makes gn,d component for arc lent coml. Sold at lr:iti,,n of .rfennd cost. ONLY OUDEMAN COND. ' ' ." 95 - Excel. J TELEPHONIC 600 OHM HEADSET Brand new ' - T'ne Tll:i' $3195 - NS -33 HEADSET: ... i, ... $6.95 . f.x...1 . .. .. T.17 CARRON Multi: Brand new. $1.95 Iv. . x HICKOK MOD. 547 -A TUBE CHECKER Win: ilh chart. Also t lal .. ..f :. ... e.$59.95 ARC.5 COMMAND EQUIPMENT T -19 TRANSMITTER: .I .S5.95 T -20 TRANSMITTER: ..I. 3.95 RA ARR 2 RECUR . .nh t . e .. 1 r 3.00 P MD-7 PLATE , MOOULATttl ' ,1 .16.95 R -435 VRC -2X FM RECEIVER lire. p- 514.95 APN -4B LORAN EQUIPMENT Marine or ó Long range en:. r In deter - Mine pnsBnn iir. of .hip or I,I: ." miles from . Complete with scope, r t ., r. ii. $39.95 and Inn tic. crystal. ONLY ' All items FOB Burbank, Calif., subject to prior sale. In Calif. add 4 /,. Min. order $3.95. J. J. CANDEE CO Dept. R 509 No. Victory Blvd., Burbank, Calif. Phone: Victoria 9 -3053 118 Why buy anywhere else when COLUMBIA undersells everybody? PE -103 DYNAMOTOR! Columbia rolls back prices to 1946! up'u0 u taut 5 u VOL r IillI nuns, fi:md!e ! miffs. mplete with finer. r ing nase, ' Arco it breakers. and 'S ft. ` heavy duty battery canitS. Si i. (Ship. w t. approx, 100 Iba... Il 2.50 V AR C -1 TRANSMITTER -RECEIVER - .-150 m 10- channel. crystal controlled. i 21 `CDC dynamotor. Mfu. by Collins. :. for aircraft. CAP. mobile, etc. $49.95 and, rl i i0 COLUMBIA SLASHES RICE - ON MEASUREMENTS CORPORATION MODEL Rs SIGNAL GENERATOR "' T.IR ARCS: T -19 ARC'S' T -20 ARCS: POWER TRANSFORMER 90o n. ; $195.00 2,000 .'CT r $6.95 Rti With tubes! to - 3.95 MD 7 ARC -5 MODULATOR Excel. With tune., 7.95 PERMA -FLUX DYNAMIC HI FI HEADSET! ',l,' $9.95 SCR-625 (Metal) MINE DETECTOR ntnl I,'.,L !dlte in a $19.95 .. RCA AUDIO OSCILLATOR - Freq.: au.pnu CPS. ootnnt Imp. and I.S00 ohms. $14.95 All Coders FOE Los Angeles. 2506 deposit required. all items subject to prior ,ale. NOTE: ORDER 53.00. WRITE TO DEPT. R. CoQcsc6LQr ELECTRONICS 2251 W. WASHINGTON BLVD. LOS ANGELES 18, CALIFORNIA ...... . RADIO AND TV e is : SERVICEMEN ; Here's the perfect companion to any tester! !' ` Model GCT -El GRID CIRCUIT TUBE ' TESTER W.S. Pot. No. 2,784,372) . Quickly spots grid errors and leakage Here's the perfect accessory for every serviceman! Checks critical "Control- Grid" condition of vacuum tubes faster, more accurately than any other tester! As many as eleven simultaneous checks -automatically! Stops guessing, substitution checking, and costly rechecks. Electron -eye tube indicates following faults at a glance: Control Grid Emission Excl., Grid -to- Cathode Shorts, Gaseous Condition, Cathodeto- Heater Shorts, Grid -to- Heater Shorts, Grid -to -Plate Shorts, Plate -to- Heater Shorts, Grid -to- Screen Shorts, Screen -to- Heater Shorts,Heater-to- Suppressor Shorts, Grid -to- Suppressor Shorts. . Truly portable -may be stored and carried anywhere. Corn- 51995 plete, easy -to- assemble kit 7 nel Wired and factory tested.. $29.95 net . t/ {V.itc today for fire literature MANUFACTURING CO. 5015 Penn Ave. So., Mph., Minn. ........... 9 Electrical Shock (Continued from page 41) a wasting away of muscle -a slow, progressive disturbance that may not become evident for weeks or even months. Other delayed effects may produce personality changes, amnesia, mental inertia, blood -vessel diseases, cataracts, destruction of the pancreatic tissues, and heart conditions. So much for the effects of electric shock. What should be done if you see someone rendered unconscious by electricity ? Every person who works near electrical equipment should acquaint himself with rescue techniques. The first step is to break the connection between the victim and the power source. If possible, do this by turning off the power. The next best thing is to remove the victim from the voltage source -without endangering yourself. Use a wood board or other non-conducting object. As soon as you can touch the victim safely, apply artificial respiration. Speed is essential. Any delay at all greatly reduces the chances of recovery. Of some 600 cases studied, over 70 per -cent of those receiving artificial respiration within three minutes recovered. Just one more minute of delay dropped the figure to 58 per -cent. If there is no heart or respiratory action and treatment is delayed five minutes, death is virtually certain. If you are alone, do not take time to go for help. Start artificial respiration immediately. If the person can be saved, you can do it as well as anyone. And don't stop even if the victim appears dead. Eight hours have elapsed, in some cases, before the victim responded. The only sure sign of death is rigor mortis -and only a physician should judge whether that condition exists. Above all, don't let the victim be you. ITV ON AM By WILLIAM R. SHIPPEE THE INTERFERENCE caused by TV receivers to nearby radios is much easier to cope with than is often believed. The whistles and other noises that occur On the AM radios are the result of harks Of the horizontal -sweep signal. The latter are being radiated f the high -voltage section of the TV set, principally from certain leads that act as transmitting antennas. These include the insulated kill to the rap of the horizontal- output tube. the lead fr the flyback transfurn.Tr to the high -voltage rectifier, and the second -anode lead from the rectifier to the picture tube. 'l'he procedure for suppressing this radiation involves winding a few turns of insulated hookup wire around the offending lead and connecting one end of the 1 kup wire to a nearby chassis ground point. Satisfactory results can usually be achieved with ten turns around the insulated lead to the horizontal- output tube. -30- ELECTRONICS WORLD Electron Tube Crossword By JOHN A. COMSTOCK The specs are the proof... now your best buy in ham equipment LJ is THOSE of our readers used to working with tubes will have no difficulty with this crossword puzzle that is based on tube applications and terminology. Have a try and if things get too difficult, turn to page 153 for the answer. ACROSS 1. Five -grid tube used in superhets. 5. In a beam tube the electrons are focused to achieve greater amplification. 7. Used in gaseous electron tubes. 10. Negative potential applied to tube's control grid. 11. Every TV and scope has one (Abbr.). 13. off is bias voltage at which plate current ceases to flow. 15. Male connectors attached to a tube's base. 17. Resonator associated with magnetron circuits. 21. Electrodes of a tube. 22. -triode (tube having two triodes housed in a single envelope). 24. British "treble." 25. Type of light- sensitive cathode. 28. Tube's plate. 30. Extended cut -off vacuum tube. 34. Tube element. 35. Three -element tube. DOWN 1. Tube's collector. 2. Grid bias voltage's polarity. 3. Transconductance (symbol) . 4. Plate current (symbol). 5. An 866 -A is one. 6. Tube capable of converting a.c. to d.c. 8. Letters sometimes found on a tube basing diagram. 9. Not a metal tube (Abbr.) . 10. Potential and polarity applied to tube's plate and screen grid. 12. Plate resistance (symbol) . 13. Letter and sign used to designate point in circuit where the positive terminal of the grid bias source is connected. 14. Unit of measurement in vacuum -tube current flow. 16. Tube in TV set which moves CRT beam from side to side or up and down. 17. It emits electrons in a tube. 18. Non -gaseous tube (Abbr.). 19. Five-electrode tube with two plates. 20. Class of amplification. 23. Found in output circuit of an electron tube. 26. Concentrated stream of electrons passing from cathode to plate in a power tube. 27. Tube with two electrodes. 29. Charge resulting from gathering of electrons near the cathode of a tube. 31. inction is the plate potential at which plate current will not flow in a gaseous tube. 32. uration is condition existing in tube when electron flow within tube is maximum obtainable by increasing plate voltage or cathode heat. 33.Input power to tube (Abbr.) . . . ... 7 8 9 10 14 11 12 3 ,ç 16 17 18 il. 19 20 21 22 23 25 ...31 2 27 34 May, 1959 . . 29 32 . 33 New 90 -WATT CW TRANSMITTER =720 KIT $79.95 WIRED $119.95 Conservative, highly efficient design plus stability, safety, aid excellent parts quality. Covers 80 thru 40, 20, 15, 11, 10 meters (popular operating bands) with one knob band -switching. 6146 final amplifier for full "clean" 90W input, protected by clamper tube circuit. 60.6 Colpitts oscillator, 6A05 clamper, 6A05 buffer -multiplier, GZ34 rectifi ?r. "Novice limit" calibration on meter keeps novice inside the FCC -required 75W limit. No shock hazard at key. Wide range, hi- efficiency pi-network matches antennas 50 to 1000 ohms, minimizes harmonics. EXT plate modulation terminals for AM phone modulation with 65W input. Excellent as basic exciter to drive a power amplifier stage to maximun allowable input of 1KW. Very effective TVI suppression, Ingenious new "low silhouette" design for complete shielding and "living room" attractiveness. Finest quality, conservatively rated parts, copper -plated chassis, ceramic switch insulation. 5" H, 15" W, 91" D. NEW UNIVERSAL MODULATOR -DRIVER . . . . #730 KIT $49.95 WIRED $19.95 Cover E -5 $4.50 Superb, truly versatile modulator at low Cost. Can deliver 50 watts of undistorted audio signal for phone operation, more than sufficient to modulate 100% the EICO =720 CW Transmitter or any xmitter whose RF amplifier has a plate input power of up to 100W. Multi -match output xfmr matches most loads between 500-10,000 ohms. Unique over -modulation indicator permits easy monitoring, precludes need for plate meter. Low level speech clipping and filtering with peak speech frequency range circuitry. Low distortion feedback circuit, premium quality audio power pentodes, indirectly heated rectifier filament. Balance 8 bias adjust controls. Inputs for crystal or dynamic mikes, phone patch, etc. Excellent deluxe driver for high -power class B modulation. ECC83 /12AX7 speech amplifier, 6ALS speech clipper, 6AN8 amplifier driver, 2 -EL34/ 6CA7 poster output, EM84 over -modulation indicator. GZ34 rectifier. Finest quality, conservatively rated parts. copper -plated chassis. 6" H, 14" W, 8" D. NEW GRID DIP METER #710 KIT $29.95 WIRED $49.95 including complete set of coils for full band coverage. Exceptionally versatile. Basically a WO with micro -ammeter In grid: determines freq. of other osc. or tuned circuits; sens. control 8 phone jack facilitate "zero beat" listening. Excellent absorption wave meter. Ham uses: pre -tuning 8 neutralizing xmitters, power indication, locating parasitic osc., antenna adj., correcting TVI, de- bugging with xmitter power off, determining C,L,O. Servicing, uses: alignment of filters, IF's; as sig. or marker gen. Easy to hold 8 thumb -tune with 1 hand. Continu- ous 400 kc - 250 me coverage in 7 ranges, pre -wound 0.5% accurate coils. 500 ua meter movement. 6AF4(A) or 614 Colpitts osc. Xmfroperated sel. rect. 2'/." H, 2I," W. 6'¡" L. Satin deep -etched aluminum panel; grey wrinkle steel case. IN STOCK! Compare and take them home -right "off the shelf" -from 1900 neigh- borhood EICO dealers. For free catalog mail coupon. Over 1 MILLION EICO instruments In use throughout the world. (Add 5% in the West) Send for FREE CATALOG now R -6 EICO, 33 -00 Northern Blvd., L.I.C. 1, N.Y. Show me HOW TO SAVE 50% on 60 models of top -quality equipment (in box I have checked here: HAM GEAR HI -FI LEST INSTRU- MENTS. Send FREE literature and name of EICO dealer. NAME ADDRESS CITY. STATE See EICO's HiFi and Test Equipment ads on Pages 33 and 34. 119

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