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Electronics-World-1959-05 By BERT WHYTE IT'S TRUE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT STEREO Any stereo set -np -no matter what the cost - is only as good as the quality of the components that go into it. To put it another way, the quality you want can only be supplied by a company with the experience in sound engineering that the manufacture of superior stereo components requires. Everyone agrees that the making of high- fidelity sound equipment is an extremely technical, highly specialized phase of the electronics industry. And that years of experience are required before a high degree of manufacturing excellence can be achieved. For over twenty -five years, Bogen has been making special sound systems of proven excellence for schools, theatres, offices and industrial plants - as well as hi -fi components. Here is the business end of a typical Bogen school sound system. Wherever professional sound quality is needed -you'll find Bogen, the sound equipment made by professionals. Best of all, the same sound quality that engineers and musicians insist on is yours to supply - and enjoy -with Bogen stereo high - fidelity components. ILLUSTRATED BOOKLET: 64 -page explanation of hi -fi and stereo, "Understanding high Fidelity- Stereo Edition ". Enclose 25c. BOGEY- PRESTO CO., Paramus, N.J. A Division of the Siegler Corporation. BOGEN HIGH FIDELITY COMPONENTS AS ANYONE who attended the West Coast Hi -Fi shows can attest, the stereo disc has literally taken over the record industry. Not only was stereo disc the central theme of things, but it was obvious that it had already reached a point of refinement where it was challenging all but the best of stereo tape. Naturally, this did not escape the attention of the tape boys and I can assure you that loins are being girded and midnight oil is burning in the tape industry in a new and all out effort to stem the rising stereo disc tide. As I have said before, those of you who think stereo disc is for the birds, should hear some recent releases played on top- quality equipment which is properly set up! Sure, there is a lot of junk around. There are some pretty miserable excuses for stereo disc being produced and there are plenty of stereo disc machines, mostly of the packaged variety, which are so unbelievably bad they are tantamount to a fraud! In fact the "fast buck" boys have produced allegedly stereo phonographs which are even more execrable than the junk they used to label "hi-fi"! Be that as it may. the stereo disc is inexorably continuing its march at a faster pace than anyone could have dreamed. Almost monthly estimates have had to be revised upwards toward the (lay when stereo disc production supersedes monophonic output. Despite many admonishments to the public not to play stereo discs with monophonic cartridges, this practice is becoming more widespread and, in fact, a few manufacturers have contended that this is perfectly OK. The truth of the matter is that with many cheap packaged units, their owners can't tell stereo from mono anyway, so great is the inherent distortion. The trouble with all this frantic stereo disc activity is, of course. that there is already very grave danger of the public being "oversold." There are already plenty of folks who have been "conned" into junk stereo phonos and who are even now thoroughly disenchanted with this whole stereo business. You know, the best advertising is "word of mouth" and one unhappy stereo "pigeon" can convince 10 or 20 of his pals that stereo is all bunk and these 20 guys can each tell five of their friends, etc., etc. In a country of 170 million people even this snowballing of discontent takes time to make itself felt, and it is this "grace" period that is keeping the stereo ball rolling. And quite obviously, the other side of the coin is that even with some of the lesser quality stereo phonos, there are thousands who are happy with their rigs and think stereo is the cats whiskers. CERTIFIED RECORD REVUE But the warning in the situation is implicit ... the legitimate hi -fi stereo manufacturers are a small handful compared to the number of "johnny- come- latelies" who are trying to cash in on the stereo boom ... it is easier for the smaller hi -fi companies to retain the quality market they have always had . but even they would have a hard time riding out the storm should the stereo boom go bust! At very least it would seriously arrest the normal growth patterns of those companies. Now I'm no crepe -hanger ... as long -time readers of this column know, I have always been an enthusiastic pioneer in many developments which have led to better sound and the greater enjoyment of music. I'm all for stereo disc and equally for stereo tape. I think the two can live in peaceful co- existence and I really believe that given a stable, confident market to encourage research and development, the next few years will bring audio into full flower and we will have systems capable of reproducing sound with quality and realism beyond our wildest imaginings! But make no mistake ... the threat posed by these "fast buck" boys is very real and not at all exaggerated. Unless something is done to curb their fantastic claims and impose restrictions on how they label, represent. and advertise their products, the public will continue to be bilked and this can only lead to chaos. Surely the Federal Trade Commission. which is an effective agency for enforcing honest labeling and fair practices in so many other industries, can be made cognizant of the situation and impressed with the need for action. This, plus a hard -hitting intelligent program of consumer education by the IHFM, should weed out the phonies and ensure the continued growth of stereo. LI SZT PIANO CONCERTOS #1 AND #2 Julius Katchen, pianist with Landon Philhar is Orchestra conducted by Ataulfo Argenta. London Stereo CS6033. Price $5.95. This is a real humdinger of a stereo disc and for devotees of piano concertos I can recommend it to you unreservedly. This is wild and woolly piano in the grand Lisztian manner. Katchen has tremendous drive here and plays with such a spirited and ebullient manner that one feels he is really enjoying his work. The late Argenta, who might appear to some to be an odd choice for this kind of repertoire, shows that his talents were not confined to the Iberian idiom exclusively. His accompaniment is entirely sympathetic, and in the excellent balance which is maintained between piano and orchestra, his rapport with Katchen is obvious. The sound is quite thrilling and is that magical London blend which combines crisp sparkling close -up detail with its contours The opinions expressed in Ibis column are those of lie reviewer anti do not neressa rdy re lleel the views or opinions of the editors or Ihr publishers of this magazine. 120 ELECTRONICS WORLD

softened with spacious acoustics which lend a fine sense of depth. The over -all volume level is very high for a stereo disc and this combined with the inherently quiet surfaces makes for a completely unobtrusive background. Directivity was quite pronounced, with the piano nicely filling the middle ghost channel, although disposed a little more left than dead center. Over -all sound was bright but smooth with very clean piano transients. MUSIC OF LEROY ANDERSON VOL. 2 Eastman Rochester Pops Orchestra conducted by Frederick Fennell. Mercury Stereo SR90043. l'rice $5.95. No doubt this record will be greeted with loud huzzahs from the thousands of people who were charmed by Fred Fennell's first excursion into the music of LeRoy Anderson on Mercury SRo000o. With a generous serving of 12 numbers including such Anderson hits as "The Waltzing Cat." "Fiddle- Faddle," and "Blue Tango," the disc is a triumph of light entertainment. Fennell's performances are as ingratiating, and infectious as his previous effort, which is high praise indeed! Fennell fares just as well in the sound department too, as this is stereo of rare high order. All is crisply clean, superbly balanced, with easily discernible directivity, full middle "fill," and the whole clothed in spacious acoustics which heighten the illusion of depth and add the final fillip of realism. X02 4Ieieo and ma e /eofi fe i2naaia L67to )(now fCdelifit ?eeem= mead pia c1 (1fl9' I Confirm this with any experienced dealer! the Garrard clt:mper rcprodu.cs music precisely as recorded, without introducing any distorting factors such as rumble or wow. A Garrard changer is actually a superb turntable,combined with a scientifically engineered all- aluminum tone arm. This tracks at the correct stylus pressure without undesirable resonances. When considering the claims of changers "specifically designed for stereo" or turntables "to play stereo properly ", it is well to remember that for years Garrard changers have had all the qualities necessary for this type of sensitive reproduction. Standard Garrard Tone arm with Stereo Cartridge (underside view through a translucent record). MENDELSSOHN VIOLIN CONCERTO IN E MINOR BRUCH VIOLIN CONCERTO #1 Ruggicre Ricci, violinist with London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pier - icno Gamba. London Stereo CS6010. Price $5.95. London continues its stereo march through the standard repertoire. These were excellent performances in their monophonic format and with the enobling robes of stereo this opinion is merely emphasized. The ordinarily fairly lean tone of Ricci takes on a glowing richness and fullness that adds immeasurably to the enjoyment of these oft -played warhorses. Ricci's violin appears just slightly left of center and is recorded moderately close -up. Acoustic perspective is such, however, that the solo violin is nicely balanced against the orchestra and is always smooth. TCHAI KO l',SKY SYMPHONY #6 ( "PATHETIQUE") Vienna l'hilliarnlunic Orchestra conducted by Jean Martinon. London Stereo CS6052. Price $5.95. Quite naturally, every recording company wants to trot out stereo versions of the tried and true warhorses and London is no exception. Jean Martinon might seem an odd choice for this work and, in fact, his performance is somewhat erratic and would hardly qualify as definitive. But I can tell you he makes this a very high tension affair, with positively the most exciting rendition of the scherzo I have ever heard. It is beautifully balanced, but at the same time is a headlong impetuous orchestral tour de force which blazes with color. This alone is worth the price of the record, but more than that, this is a tremendous feat of stereo recording. Every sonic attribute is there in plus degree ... it is absolutely clean, the articulation of each instrument is matched by the wonderful acoustic balance which affords one of the best depth perspectives yet encountered. The over -all volume levels equal any of London's best monophonic efforts. hass response has been scrupulously preserved and the wide dynamics allow fortes of bier impact along with pianissimo sections May. 1959 servicemen everywhere insist on the GENUINE " O OISE" Beware Of Cheap Substitutes! There's a Garrard for every high fidelity system ... all fully wired for stereo and monaural records. Si: models: $32.50 to $89.00. Ma!l this coupon for free Garrard Comparator Guide. For your stereo or monaural system insist on a The World's Finest G d Sales Corp., Dept. GE -49. Port Washington, N.Y. Please send tree Garrard Comparator Guide which compares all Garrard players and their advanced features. Name_ Address City_- NO -NOISE NEW RUBBER COAT SPRAY .In.ul obere L 0: Swig, CAP pplNd robcb ind,8- tl Ine, are e Wa.rpr wogs thee- SNOB!, .in., 25 Contains no plastic Not Te Servicemen NO -NOISE TUNER -TONIC With PERMA.FILM Economical -a A Or. does lot. cresol Can cleans. t lubricates. all lune Inaludin. s. water sep.. Non- I..Ic. non -b,- e.mmabN : . Io. TV. rada ELECTRONIC CHEMICAL CORP. NUT 25 NO -NOISE VOLUME CONTROL and CONTACT RESTORER CI.:. P. Lubnu-s it NOT A CARBON CET SOLUTION 111/11.1101 sle. 2 Or. Bottle S Or. iota, Can $100 $225 Not Te S.rr,smen .t To Ser.,cemen 113 Cetnmtlnipew Avenue Jersey City 4, N. .1. 121

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