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Perfect for CUSTOM STEREO SYSTEMS QUALITY COMPONENTS by I SP -210 Stereo Preamplifier $89.50 less power supply P 10 Power Supply.. $19.50 . 1I °== SA -232 Basic Stereo Amplifier Total Power Output: 80 watts peak Has power tap off for SP 210 $89.50 122 SA -260 Ì ' 1I ¡1I1111111j1j0 1111111111 111111111I1.. . jj l 4 ®® 1111I 1¡1I 7 ¡Ì Ìi Basic Stereo Amplifier Total Power Output: 140 watts peak Has power tap-off for SP -210 $139.50 prices slightly higher in West Ai/ot Radio Corporation NAMF ADDRESS CITY 37 -10 36th St., L. I. C. 1, New York Please send literature covering Pilot Stereo Components. ZONE_STATF Electronics manufacturer for over 39 years. f whose delicate tracery is unmarred by surface noise. This is stereo disc at its best and monophonic diehards are urged to listen and be convinced! MARCHING ALONG Eastman Symphonic Wind Ensemble conducted by Frederick Fennell. Mercury Stereo R9010S. Price $5.95. Here is the other side of Fred Fennell and the one with which we are most familiar ... as the band maestro extraordinary. His pulse - stirring highly supercharged readings of famous marches, recorded with some of Mer- cury's most spectacular sound, have been widely used for demonstration in hi -fi salons. Now with the added blandishments of stereo, this will likely continue to be used for the same purpose. Over -all volume level here is great, yet this has been accomplished without drastically cutting bass response or dynamic range. The big bass drum still has a mighty wallop, the cymbals sizzle with high frequencies, and the brass is brazenly bright and weighty. but with the rounded spaciousness of the stereo, the sound is more homogeneous and has a natural fullness that is ultra -realistic. The Sousa pieces are, as usual, the favorite crowd pleasers but also in strong contention now is the "Colonel Bogey March" made famous in the movie "The Bridge on the River Kwai." SCHUBERT QUINTET IN A MAJOR ( "TROUT') Denis Matthews, pianist with members of Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet. 's anguard Stereo VSD2019. Price $5.95. Here is a mighty smart and knowledgeable recording job. Chamber music, especially string quartets are supposed to be the one type of music that gains very little from stereo. Not so ... if an intelligent approach is used, as it was here, the result can be a more true -to-life sound in your living room than with almost any other type of music. For one thing the spread of the quintet here is strictly limited, about the amount of room you would expect to occupy at one end of a moderately spacious living room. The piano appears to the left and the strings to the middle and right. For another thing, the acoustic approach here is nearly ideal. Most chamber music recordings are given monstrously bloated reverb which makes them sound as if they were recorded in a cave. Here there is just a tinge of reverb to lend liveness and with the amount of damping in most living rooms will reproduce with an intimate, close -up type of sound, about as identical to having the actual quartet in your room as possible. Believe me, with the nice clean over -all sound and the excellent treatment, you can impress your really musical friends more with this than with many a more spectacular, larger orchestrated disc. The performance here is good, but not outstanding but the stereo effect and its attendant "presence" makes this highly desirable. BARTOK DIVERTIMENTO FOR STRING OR- CIIESTRA WEINER SUITE OPUS 18 (HUNGARIAN FOLK DANCES) Philharmonia Hungarica conducted by total Dorati. Epic Mono LC3513. Price 83.98. Lesser- played Bartok and an interesting but not particularly distinguished suite of folk dances is the fare here. The Bartok is a genuine masterpiece in spite of the infrequent exposure of it and. in this repertoire, Dorati is in his element. His performance is striking, a brilliant job that probes to the core of the music. His performance of the Weiner piece impresses this reviewer as authoritative. The Philharmonia Hungarica is reportedly composed, in the main, of refugee Hungarian musicians. In this idiomatic repertoire they give forth with some splendid playing and with many touches of individual brilliance. The sound is generally good, well balanced, just a bit short in dynamics and in high frequencies, but nothing serious and all -in -all, easy on the ears. A stereo of this, if such exists, should make this doubly attractive. BEETHOVEN OVERTURES (LEONORA #3, EG- MONT, FIDELIO, CORIOLAN) Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Karl Munchinger. London Stereo CS6053. Price $5.95. Fine idiomatic performances of these familiar Beethoven overtures are turned in by Munchinger and the playing he elicits from the Philharmonic is truly wondrous for its precise sonorities. Very smooth, clean string sound, with marvelously rich contrabassi. The stereo effects here are easily evident but not overdone. With the splendid acoustics, this is a big stereo sound of notable richness. A good basic addition to any stereo library. DVORAK SYMPHONY NO. 4 Cleveland Orchestra conducted by George Szell. Epic Mono LC3532. Price 83.98. This is the sort of repertoire that Szell excels in and this reading of the lyrical Dvorak 4th Symphony must be reckoned as among the best on records today. He might be a shade too slow in tempi for some. but this gives the music a broad, expansive and almost "casual" feeling. Certainly he treats it expo - sitionally- and the expressiveness and warmth are all there. This is big, full blown sound, might be a bit too bass heavy for some tastes, but everything is nice and clean and the acoustics of newly rebuilt Severance Hall have just the right amount of reverb to lend roundness and spaciousness without swamping detail. For those who haven't "gone" stereo yet, a first class item. TILE QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY SALUTE Herald Trumpeters and Band of the Royal Regiment of Artillery conducted by Major S. V. Hays. Vanguard Stereo VSD -2011. Price $5.95. Blimey blokes, if this disc ain't a ruddy smasher! My enterprising friend Seymour Solomon of Vanguard Records, has come up with a most thrilling disc, a real coup and an unqualified stereo success. Every year in London the Official Birthday of Queen Elizabeth is celebrated with appropriate pomp and pageantry. The date is June 13th and has nothing to do with the Queen's actual birthday which is April 21st. At any rate, hundreds of thousands of Britons converge on Hyde Park on this occasion to watch the spectacle of colorfully uniformed cavalrymen galloping up and down the parade grounds on their superbly matched steeds, watch the horse -drawn artillery wheel and rumble up and down the field in intricate maneuvers, watch the scarlet -tuniced and bearskin - shakoed foot soldiers in precise drills, and above all listen to the ancient heraldic trumpets and the magnificent Band of the Royal Regiment of Artillery and the earthshaking thunder of a 21 -gun salute. Vanguard, utilizing some of the finest outdoor stereo recording I have ever heard. captures most effectively the thrilling spirit of the ceremony. For those who may not be aware of it, stereo recording outdoors is an extremely difficult feat. Because there is no confining hall with reflective walls. ceiling, ELECTRONICS WORLD

etc., which normally is responsible for a large proportion of the stereo effect, the over -all sound is usually too diffuse. I'm not certain, but I rather suspect that Vanguard used a modification of a parabolic mike pickup, which in this recording affords a very big, full, rich, and utterly spacious sound. As to stereo directivity . believe me, if you own a big speaker system and king -sized amplifiers, the clattering roar of the horses hooves will sweep across your listening room with almost terrifying realism. This is a really severe test for the transient capabilities of any system, as are the myriad clinks, clanks, and thuds of the artillery caissons. When we get to the 21 -gun salute, if you have the proper equipment, the effect will make you jump! Those of you who have reveled in the boom of the Napoleonic cannon used in Mercury Records' "1812 Overture" will find a different breed here. These are fairly modern fieldpieces . 75's I would judge ... and their sound is quite unlike the cannon of olden times. At first there is a very sharp crack, which is followed by a huge booming reverberation with a sur- prisingly long period. During this period if your system is capable of really low -frequency response, you will hear some tremendous shuddery sounds. Even considering Vanguard's usually excellent engineering. I would have thought such very- low -frequencies were beyond the reach of most stereo cutterheads, but they are very audibly in evidence! The second side of the disc is devoted mainly to the Band playing a potpourri of familiar British tunes, and ends with a "Fanfare for a Jubilant Occasion" by the Master of the Queen's Musick, Sir Arthur Bliss. Quite obviously this disc will enjoy a brisk sale to hi -fi afficionados and Anglophiles alike I SCHUBERT SYMPHONY NO. 9 IN C MAJOR ( "THE GREAT ") London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Josef Krips. London Stereo CS6061. Price $5.95. The second Schubert 9th to appear on stereo disc and without question the better. This is as close to a definitive performance as has appeared on stereo disc of any symphony. It has a very model of a performance from Krips . richly expressive, with tempi "by the book," strictly no nonsense. His handling of orchestral textures is masterful and, above all, the reading is never flaccid, but surges with vitality and the finale is indeed as close to "heaven storming" as any since Toscanini's. Of course, the impression is heightened by the splendid hugely resonant stereo sound. This is a big sound for a big performance. The sonority of the cellos and contrabassi is magnificent and the brass is full and mellow, the woodwind exceptional in their purity. The stereo virtues are in evidence everywhere .. directionality and instrumental separation are nigh perfect, the ghost center is well filled, the feeling of depth most cleverly realized. A real winner and recommended without reservation. BRAHMS CONCERTO NO. 1 FOR PIANO AND ORCHESTRA Leon Fleisher, pianist with Cleveland Orchestra conducted by George Szell. Epic Mono LC3484. Price $3.98. Another choice monophonic item is this rousing, headstrong reading of the Brahms first piano concerto by Leon Fleisher. This is perhaps the most vital, taut, and exciting performance of this work since the Rubenstein effort of 4 or 5 years ago. Fleisher has technique to burn and a very firm, robust tone. yet where expressiveness is demanded he is May, 1959 The sensation of the Philadelphia, Milwaukee, San Francisco and Los Angeles Hi -Fi Shows THE FABULOUS NEW TMS-2 "Now, I must tell you, I have heard a speaker system that approaches the authenticity of concert hall performance ..." says Mischa Elman, internationally renowned violinist, now celebrating the 50th anniversary of his American debut. THE ONLY 2 -IN -1 STEREO SPEAKER SYSTEM * that has two complete multi- speaker systems in one enclosure of unprecedented compactness . . . only 30" wide, 121 /2" deep, 25" high. * that has a new, completely different acoustic design that eliminates the "hole in the middle" effect and achieves authentic stereo reproduction with full spread and separation ... and even more ... the third dimension of depth. * that can be placed almost anywhere in the room. * that has no critical listening position ... allowing you, your family, any number of listeners to enjoy full, perfectly balanced high fidelity stereo almost everywhere in the room. * that gives thrilling stereo breadth even when played with monophonic equipment. * that looks more like a fine piece of furniture than a loudspeaker cabinet. * that offers the ultimate in uncompromised value - only $258 in mahogany, $263 in blond or walnut. See and hear why the 'Trimensional' TMS.2 has been called "the most significant loudspeaker achievement since the advent of popular stereo." Or write today for complete story. Desk S -1, University Loudspeakers, Inc., White Plains, N. Y. 123

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