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. 0 HOW TO MAKE MONEY Selling Commercial Sound Mere today and here tomorrow - Commercial Sound is a steady -profit 12- months -a -year business of sales, installa. Lion and servicing with lots of customers right in your own neighborhood. Take advantage of the Atlas complete line of speakers - manufactured, advertised and supplied directly by Atlas . Speakers for every application, a mike support for every purpose - plus a wide variety of accessories so necessary for a complete professional installation ç . Good markets in s, racetrack stadia, athletic fields, etc. Profitable most eloquent. Szell evidently was caught up in the spirit of the occasion and his accompaniment is entirely sympathetic. The sound wins plaudits too. The piano is quite forward, recorded closely as is the orchestra, but there is never any harshness or transient distortion problems. A very sensible balance between piano and orchestra is maintained and the acoustic perspective is such that it lends liveness without destroying detail or brilliance in the piano tone. I hope this was recorded stereophonically as it is so well done in mono that it should be a real winner in its stereo format. SHAKESPEARE AGES OF MAN Sir John Gielgud. Columbia Mono OL5390. Price $3.98. It is very rarely that I ever review so- called "spoken words" discs, but this one is so outstanding it deserves your attention. Sir John Gielgud is, of course, one of the most distinguished Shakespeareans of our time and has that compelling, rich resonance of voice, flawless diction, and commanding stage presence which are the attributes of a great thespian. This album derives from his "one -man show" which has lately been touring this country and is, in essence, scenes from various plays and sonnets of Shakespeare divided into sections depicting Youth, Manhood, and Old Age. If you like Shakespeare, then with this alburn you will sit, listening spellbound to Shakespeare's incredible play on words, delivered in their every shade and nuance by Sir John. This is really the highest art of the theater and I, for one, am grateful to Sir John for a most memorable experience. WE COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT Griff Williams and his Orchestra- Mercury Stereo 51160021. Price $5.95. This album was, I am told, the largest selling stereo tape in the Mercury catalogue. As I remember the tape it was indeed first class material of the "society band" type and recorded with extraordinary presence. Here in the stereo disc version, it is perhaps one of the loudest discs over -all I have heard, but I feel there is a penalty for this, because a little shrillness crops up now and then that definitely wasn't on the tape. The sound, in general, is very crisp and bright but I don't think it can meet the measure of the tape. -j0= markets in swimm mg pools, amusement parks, clubs, schools, etc. COMPONENT SERIES AUDIO Fidelity lui. just announced its "First Component Series" of stereo records. The first group consists of sir different selections: "Marches from Operas "; Tchaikovsky "Symphony #6"; "Russian Composer Masterpieces "; Ravel "Bolero"; Bizet "Carmen Suite "; "Strauss Waltzes "; and a stereo test record. Fr a technical point of view these recordings are equal to the best that we have heard to date. All masters were made on a Scully record lathe mounting a Westrex cutter and, according to the firm's literature. the frequency response is from 16 to 25.000 cps. We doubt that this extreme frequency range, if it is actually' on the final pressings, will hold up too bag in playing. But even if the records do cover a range of 30 to 15,000 NEW STEREO CONCERTAPES, Inc., P. O. Box 88, Wilmette, Ill. has just released copies of its "Concert-Disc Stereo Demo" record which incorporates an exclusive "bouncing ball" balance control signal in addit' to a lush sampling of excerpts fr the recording firm's stereo library. Catalogued as the CSD -2 and priced at $6.95, the new disc carries complete STEREO RECORDS fps the. can be classed among the tops in the record field. We were particularly pleased with the tremendous dynamic range that was attained and the lack of static and surface noise which is so annoying on many of the records available today. All six of these discs are literally noise -free. A word of appreciation to the cons - pan. regarding the policy that they have established. All of the promotion literature specifically states dust these records are to be used only with the best coast nt hi-fi systems available. This is admirable in the sense that they are not after the mass market but are making an attempt to produce lhing but the finest for 11 who are willing to spend a little extra ($6.95) for a stereophonic record. -Ed' DEMO DISC instruc s for using the balancing band (the first on the record) to ready the stereo system to receive the rest of the material on the disc. There are fourteen selections front twelve of the company's stereo all S. The program content ranges from jazz, sound effects, polkas, show tunes, to Bach preludes and semai- classical numbers by Tchaikovsky, Strauss, et al. -30- 124 Write for latest catalog and selling aids to help you get profitable commercial sound business. ATLAS SOUND CORP. 1449 - 39111 SI Brooklyn IB. s. Y. In Canada: Atlas Radio Corp. Toronto. Canada RIDER CODE JOHN F. Rider Publisher, Imi. of NEW J York City recently demonstrated its new "Sound-N- Sight" system for learning the Morse rode to the press. The system e prises long-playing records of code signals and instructor's voice, along with flask identification cards, and instruction book. The new system of learning the code "painlessly" and in minimum is being offered in three different versions: The complete course covers all licenses up to commercial (0 to 20 wpm) and consists of six 10" LP records, 47 flash cards, and instruction book. The Novice RECORDS coui 1 -8 wpm) comprises three 10" LI' u ' . rris, 47 flash cards, and instruct book while the Advanced course for General, Amateur Extra, or Commercial license exams (9-20 wpm) includes three 10" records and an instruction book. The series involves the "re- inforced learning techniques" which have proven so successful in pedagogical experiments and military "cram" training courses. Full details on these new series of code instruction records can be obtained by writing the publisher at 116 West I Ith St., New York 11, N. Y. - 1)- ELECTRONICS WORLD

Compatible Stereo Broadcasts New Bell Labs system uses a time -delay effect for stereo. MUCH present stereo broadcasting is not compatible in that the listener to one channel does not receive the entire program information. Now this single- channel problem may be eliminated without affecting the stereo listener, through the use of a new "compatibility" circuit which has been developed by F. K. Becker of Bell Telephone Laboratories. The circuit depends for success on a psycho- acoustic phenomenon known as the "precedence effect." This effect operates in such a manner that when a single sound is reproduced through two separate loudspeakers, but is delayed several milliseconds in one, the listener will hear the sound as if it came only from the speaker from which he heard it first. He will judge the second loudspeaker to be silent. In the new development, circuits are cross -coupled (see diagram below) through two 10- millisecond delay lines, each with its own amplifier. Signals from the left mike are sent directly to the left speaker, while the same signal is delayed 10 msec. before reaching the right -hand speaker. The stereo listener will hear the sound as if it came only from the left speaker because of the precedence effect. Also, sound from the right mike goes direct to the right speaker but is delayed before reaching the left speaker, and is therefore unheard. The stereo listener thus localizes the sound in such a way that a full stereo effect is produced. However, monophonic reception is completely compatible with this, since a listener to each single channel hears the total sound from both mikes in a balanced reproduction. The slight delay produces no echo and does not affect reception at all, according to subjective tests. 30L Basic setup employed in compatible system. The Spotlight of Leadership is on..." KITS and WIRED HI -FI STEREO TEST EQUIPMENT TODAY'S BEST QUALITY BUY The record -breaking soles success of Arkay kits and wired -the greatest in Arkoy's 20 year history -is firmly founded on top quality and top value. Acclaimed the finest by professionals and hi -fi enthusiasts who pass the word along ... "You get so much more with Arkay! "... advanced engineering exclusive new features award- winning styling matchless performance . at amazing low cost. Prove it to yourself... Ask your dealer! FM TUNER OF TOMORROW! er °, ARKAY ST-II AM -FM STEREO TUNER Separate AM and FM tuning with drift -free sta. bility variable FM -AFC 4 uV for 20 db quieting in FM channel wide band AM IF's whistle filter cathode follower outputs level controls. [f Wired and tested ;74.50 Easy -to -build Kit $4995 e ARKAY FM -8 - Designed in the Arkay tradition of highest professional quality at lowest cost. No other kit or wired component OFFERS ALL THESE ADVANTAGES: Variable AFC - no dritt tuning meter silent tuning mute control "standby" off-on switch low frequency filter level control 3 tuned RF stages dual limiters . Armstrong FM - Foster Seeley discriminator hi- level, .cathode follower and stereo multiplex output jacks sensitivity, 1.9 uV for 20 db quieting response. 20- 20,000 cps 1h db 8 tubes, selenium rectifier. red and tested S5915, Cover ;4.95 Easy-to -build Kit $3995 IsOO lP 4111 ARKAY CS -12 STEREO AMP /PRE -AMP 12 watts of clean power with dual inputs and outputs or excellent stereo reproduction operates from ceramic or crystal cartridge, tape, tuners, auxiliary equipment push -pull outputs for each channel. Easy -to-build Kit $3695 ARKAY SP -6 STEREO CONTROL CENTER Self- powered sensitive dual pre - amp reverse position, hi -10 filters, every wanted control. Prices less cover. Easy -to-build Kit $3995 Wired and tested $62.95 T a- 7Y ARKAY NEW! MUSIC MASTERPIECE - ARKAY CS -28 STEREO AMP /PRE-AMP COMPLETE CONTROL CENTER Full 28 watts stereo or monaural, 60 watts peak 14 watts each channel reverse stereo balance control two-channel gain control full range bass and treble controls IM distortion, 4 to 1 harmonic distortion, 1% 30- 20,000 cps dual pre - amp 2V output jacks speaker outputs, 4, 8, 16, 32 ohms response, 20- 20,000 cps push -pull EL84 Williamson circuit beauty of design that won Fashion Foundation's coveted Gold Medal! Many other incomparable features. Wired and tested 599.95 Easy -to-build Kit $6495 .; Ifg ARKAY SPA -55 STEREO AMP 55 watts stereo-monaural, separate 271/2 watt hi -fi amps each channel "phan- tom" third channel outputs. Easy -to -build Kit $6495 Wired and tested $79.95 VT -I0 6 -INCH MULTI -PURPOSE VTVM Exclusive larger 6-INCH 400 ua meter movement, edge -lighted, within 2% accuracy 1% precision multiplier resistors 7 AC (RMS) and OC ranges 7 AC (peak -to -peak) ranges resistance, db, and other essential ranges 12AU7 for DC ranges, 6A15 for AC transformer operated selenium rectifier durable plastic case. Wired and tested 547.95 Easy -to -build Kit 52595 ARKAY AV -20 6 -INCH AUDIO VTVM PREAMPLIFIER Easy-to-build Kit$2995 Wired and tested $49.95 ARKAY AW -30 6 -INCH DIRECT READING AUDIO WATTMETER Easy-to -build Kit S2995 Wired and tested $49.95 May, 1959 FREE! "Let's Talk Stereo" - informative booklet on how and why of Stereo -plus new 16 page ARKAY catalog. Write Dept. EW ARKAY CA 40 6 -INCH DIRECT READING CAPACITY METER Easy-to -build Kit $2995 Wired and tested $49.95 ARKAY MT -50 6 -INCH 20,000 OHMS PER VOLT METER l Eas -to ba u Kit $2950 W,ry ed and tested $42.95 ARKAY Kits at your dealer. Ail Paces 5` higher west of Mississippi. 88 -06 CIVILIIr Van Wyck Expressway Richmond Hill 18, N.Y. .............. 125

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