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Electronics-World-1959-05 QUARTZ CRYSTALS 1 FOR EVERY SERVICE All crystals made from Grade "A" imported quartz-ground and etched to exact freque... cies. Unconditionally guaro'- reed! Supplied in. SA' FT -243 holders MC -7 hot by pin diameter .091 pin diameter I: DC -34 holders FT -171 ho.. > -i pin Pin pin diameter .156 anana pins MADE TO ORDER CRYSTALS 1001 KC to 2600 KC: .'i 1% lolero,,ce $2.00 ea..005%tolerance $2.75 e 2601 KC to 9000 KC: .005% tolerance $2.50 es 9001 KC to 11,000 KCt .005% rol. $3.00 eo Spedfa holder wonted ANY AMATEUR, NOVICE, TECHNICIAN BAND CRYSTALS 80 meters 3701 -3749 KC ., m.e .: 45 meters 7-72 KC 15 meters 7034-7082 KC 6 meters 8335 -8650 KC ..111.1 I KC) 5 0 FUNDAMENTAL FREQ. SEALED I CRYSTALS IN HC6 U HOLDERS . From 1400 KC to 4000 KC .005% tolerance once $4.95 ea. I From 4000 KC to 15,000 KC any trequenco .005% tolerance $3.50 ea ea. I SEALED OVERTONE CRYSTALS Supplied in metal I HC6 U holders. 1 1 Pin spacing .486, diameter .050 15 to 30 MC .005 tolerance $3.85 ea. 1 1 30 to 45 MC .005 tolerance $4.10 ea. 45 to 60 MC .005 tolerance $4.50 ea. 1 AIRCRAFT CRYSTALS in HC6 U holders from I 18.1 1 MC to 123.9 MC $3.35 eo. Pin I spacing tt /s' Pin diameter .050 SUB- MINIATURE AIRCRAFT CRYSTALS ALL FREOUEN- I CIES $6.75 eo. RADIO CONTROL CRYSTALS In HC6 U holders 1 in n stock for immediate delivery (frequencies listed 1 megacycles) sealed crystals 26.995, 27.045, 27.095, 1 2:.145, 22.195, 2:.255, tolerance .005% ('/s' pin I spacing . . specify pin diameter (.093 or .050) 1 $2.30 ea. 1 NEW CITIZEN BAND CLASS D CRYSTALS $2.50 aa. I In HC6 U holders t/' Pin spacing; .050 Pin Dia.1 Tolerance .005% I Following frequencies in stock (frequencies listed in I megacycles) 26.965, 26.975, 26.985, 27.005, 27.015, 1 1 27.025, 27.035, 27.055, 27.065, 27.075, 27.085, 27.105, 27.115, 27.125, 27.135, 27.155, 27.165, 1 1 27.175, 27.185, 27.205, 27.215, 27.225 MARINE FREQUENCY CRYSTALS -All n, , f,..- a"endes from 2000 -3200 KC 005 tolerance $2.50 eo. (supplied in either FT.243, MC -7 or FT -171 holden) STOCK CRYSTALS in FT -243 holders from 5675 KC to 8650 KC in 25 KC steps 73e each or 3 for $2.00 FT -241 Lattice Crystals in all frequencies from 370 KC ro 540 KC (all except 455 KC and 500 KC) 50e ea. Pin spacing Lt/' Pin diameter .093 Matched pairs - 15 cycles $2.50 per pair 200 KC Crystals $2.00 ea. 455 KC Crystals $1.50 ea. 500 KC Crystals $1.50 ea. 100 KC Frequency Standard Crystals in HC6,'U holders $4.50 ea. Socket for FT -243 crystal 13e ea. Dual socket for FT -243 crystals 15c ea. Sockets far MC -7 and FT -171 crystals 25e ea. Ceramic socket for HC6 'U crystals 15c ea. (Add 5c per crystal fcr postage and handling) Write For FREE Catalog Complete with Oscillator Circuits. 1 Improving the A.C.D.C. Radio By A. H. FRY Simple, inexpensive modifications that will improve the sound and give you some bass from the little set. THAT rascally little mantlepiece a.c.- d.c. set -the common garden variety of $9.95 radio "screech box" -can be made to sound quite good by means of two simple and inexpensive improvements. The procedures involve getting rid of some of the set's inherent distortion and improving the bass response. A lot of the shrillness in these sets stems from violent peaks and transients in that part of the audio spectrum where the ear is most sensitive. This shrillness is due, in part, to an unbalance between treble and bass - both electrically and acoustically. Both of these "unpleasantnesses" may be alleviated by the simple expedient of : (1) running a little selective feedback around the output tube and (2) by "operating" on the loudspeaker and baffling it properly. First obtain a 100,000 -ohm pot and a .015 -µtd. paper capacitor- -the junk box should include a serviceable old volume control and a discarded capacitor -if not. buy the parts. Next take the chassis out of its cabinet and turn it upside down. Be sure the set is not connected to the wall outlet. Locate the plate pin and the control -grid pin on the socket of the output tube (usually of the 25L6 variety). Arrange the potentiometer and capacitor in series between the two points shown in Fig. 1. This arrangement tends to flatten out the audio peaks and suppresses the screechy treble to the enhancement of the bass. Use insulated wire for making these connections and drape the "feedback works" in any convenient position behind the chassis. Second remove the loudspeaker from the chassis, cutting the wires and care- fully noting which wires go where. Most speaker leads are color -coded. The third step is to obtain a large piece of stiff corrugated cardboard or panel of plywood -about 3 feet by 4 feet at a minimum. This is the "baffle." Cut a hole the same size as the speaker diaphragm somewhere near but not exactly at the center. Bolt the loudspeaker to the baffle board and with extension or zip cord, reconnect the speaker wires to the speaker leads on the chassis. A length of five or six feet will not adversely affect the performance. Place the speaker baffle in a corner and the receiver conveniently nearby. Put the chassis back in its cabinet. The fourth step involves treating the speaker as shown in Fig. 2. The "equipment" required consists of a sharp paring knife or razor blade. thin shellac, and castor oil (or any other plasticizer -such as Di -Butyl Phalate). Ohserve the order of operations carefully. The shellac serves to keep the oil from "creeping" or bleeding to the main portion of the cone. The oil softens the area and renders the cone free for piston -like movements. It can now make its back -and-forth excursions more easily. The slits further free the cone. Finally, replace the wall plug, turn on the set, tune in a station, and adjust the potentiometer for most pleasing acoustic effect. You will need to turn the volume up slightly higher than normal. You and your family will be pleasantly surprised at the set's new performance. The rig will sound "rich - throated" and you will now hear bass on a $9.95 set! =30- ASK YOUR PARTS DEALER FOR TEXAS CRYSTALS See big red display ... if he doesn't stock them, :er'd us his name and order direct from nearest factory. ORDER FROM NEAREST PLANT TEXAS CRYSTALS All Phones: GLadstone 3 -3555 (River Grove, Ill.) Texas Crystals Texas Crystals 8538 W. Grand Ave. CRYSTAL DRIVE River Grove, III. OR It. Myers, Florida FILL OUT AND ATTACH THIS COUPON TO YOUR OR- d DER FOR SHIPMENT VIA IST CLASS MAIL AT 1"10 I EXTRA COST, NAME ADDRESS 1 CITY ZONE .STATE 1 TERMS: All items subject to prior sale and change of I price without notice. All crystal orders must be accon, ponied by check, cash or M. O. with PAYMENT IN FULL. 1 NO COD's. Add 5c per crystal for postage and handling charge. Dept. R -59 130 1 OUTPUT TRANSFORMER Fig. 1. (above) Simple circuit modifications suggested by the author. Fig. 2. (right) Drawing illustrating the treatment that is applied to the small loudspeaker in the a.c: d.c. set. (5) AFTER 91ELLAC HAS (I) PAINT ON RING OF THOROUGHLY DRIED, PAINT SEVERAL COATS OF THIN ONE TREATMENT OF SHELLAC 1/2 IN. WIDE Ar PLASTICIZER ON SLOTTED INSIDE EDGE OF CORRUGATED SUSPENSION AREA ONLY. SUSPENSION AREA OF CONE USE SMALL, CHILD WATER - COLOR TYPE BRUSH (21 CAREFULLY SLIT CORRUGATED CONE SUSPENSION AREA FROM METAL RIM TO RING OF SHELLAC. 12 CUTS (SLITS) IN ALL ELECTRONICS WORLD

1 ]l .35 . 35 ' - 569.25 I " - 1. $11.95 BC -929 3 -INCH SCOPE Low cost station n' and /or bench scope. -. flonitor e Doris., focus. sweet). in d& IÇ tensity controls. Tubes: alp? 1l1 -I! - 2 6SN7, 2- 6116. 1- I X5, 1 -666, 1 -2X2, 3E1P1 CR Tube. %oltage fV a 24VDC. Complete with onto. exc. BRAND NEW....$12.93 Conversion instructions for 110V 60 cyc AC....65* ARC -5/R28 RECEIVER ,sta channels. C'om)plete $24.45 Io Tunes. RAND NEW I I :lV AC Power Sup. Kit for shove $9.75 ARC- 5/T -23 TRANSMITTER 1110 -150 Mc Include. 2 -832A, 2 -1025 SPEERAND NEW $21.50 Y CIAL Limited quantity ARC -5,723 smiller.. OFFER! Ei`C !lent úsedl lesslllbes........ 55.93 MD.7 MODULATOR for T.2:1. complete with $9.95 4 tunes. LIKE: NEW ARC -S MARINE RECEIVER-TRANSMITTER McvBRAyNI) N `V"... th'O tunes -, to l I $16.95 Me 6RANI1 NEW with 4 tubes and2X41 Lá12 451 MODULATOR z for above, new with lobes $4.95 LORAN R -65/APN -9 RECEIVER & INDICATOR e in ships and aircraft. IDs Dotermináas position hy 'adio signals from known xmitters. Accurate to with t 1 in 1% of distance. Complete with i tubes and crystal, Exc. used. -.,./_ Value :1260,00, Our Price $19 50 BC -659 TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER l'.\I. Two prestleeled channels > tal , 10 ,,,Ills. tonlplell ,,;Iii $ ilt's kt.. lobes. Brami New 1 1.95 Ear. l'sed $7.95 lorator .Ilppl. Ion n -1214 yol, , \\....59.95 5r_. - LORAN APN -4 FINE QUALITY r-r c.c- r NAVIGATIONAL EQUIPMENT n, tertmm ondel geographic t r boat or Mane. ¡inheritor and rect n, ar Col/Miele Willi all tubes and rrssml. ' INDICATOR 50.6E APN -4, and RECEIVER 8.9E APN -4. complete with pities. Exc. used $42 L 50 tFt Receiver-Indicator as above. BRAND NEW ..$59.50 ve'rtmiele Kit of Accessories for Above: i92ipi iner. xrl of Plugs, Visor for Indicator, $49.50 i lneration Manual. Al.!. BRAND NFW aFj; - D i /- 8n ;'' LORAN APN'4 OSCILLOSCOPE ' Completely Assembled Easily c erred for use on r, dio -TV serrvIce bench. 'Ith 514.95 I "6 S: e. Supplied type smi`onl type Brand New $19.50 DYNAMIC BOOM MIKE M.3:I /Alt'. Low impedance. With r tu,l. rochet ,r attachment to headsets. A REAL CV at $3.95 DYNAMIC HANDNIKE. wilt Pr, -balk" i1 h on ,odb_ cool and pl Ë -illt \NT) \t:\\. ßn.11' 52.95 l'Ir...l'lalk sw llch on -- -- 1..95 HI -FI DYNAMIC HEADSET with Cushions Freq Range: 111.1 1UI U 1 BRAND NEW $ 7.85 ! c r e w---. r- -- r g MICROPHONES ExceIlent BRAND 1 Model Description Used NEW T17 ..(luehnn (land Mi Fe .. .$4.75...$6.95 1 T -30 ... tarbon Throat Mike.. .34.. .74 T45 ...Army and Navy T24 Lip Mike 1.25 1 ...Carbon Mike 5.95 TS9 ... I Handset 3.88 RS -38 .. N:tvy Type 2.69... 4.7S 1 HEADPHONES Excellent BRAND Modal DeacrlptIen Used NEW 11523 ..Iligh Imne,innce $2.19... $4.65 1 H5 -33 ..Lnty Impedance.. US30 ..Lo(' 2.69.. 4.65 Imp. (featherwt.) 1.15.. 1.89 1 TELEPHONICS -600(2 hmtsLow 'I pedance 7 94 1 DE:LDSETS. BRAND NEW, PER I'AIIL $3.25 1 CD -307A Cords, with PL55 plug and JK26 Jack 89 Earphone Cushion. for above -pair .s0 1 a a- r rr . m e r c e r a- rMM FL -S FILTER 79e Fla Filter $2.45 WILLARD 6 -VOLT MIDGET STORAGE BATTERY 3 Amp. Hour. BRAND NEW. 35/ ri 1 -13 /166 x 2s /sn. Uses Standard Electrolyte Only $2.69 1, 2 VOLT BATTERY ' PACKAGE" 1 -2V. 20 Amp. Hr. Willard Storage .a Battery 5th 7. 1 -2V. 7 prong Synchronous plug1n vi- 1- Quart , 2,49 Bottle EleetrolY[a (for 2 ALL tells! 3.45 BRAND NEW! Combination Pelee (x5.45 sD May, 1959 AN/ART-I3 I00 -WATT XMTR °. 6 1 ' ' a XI 4 11 CHANNELS 200-1500 Kc $Q,50 17 2 to 18.1 Mc Complete with Tubes Famous Collins Autotune Aircraft Transmitter. AM, CW-, MCW. Quick change to any of ten Pre- ,. channels or manual tuning. Speech amplifier/ clipper uses carbon or magnetic mike. !Highly stable. highlyla accurate rater CFO. RuiR in Xtnl controlled calibrator. I Is adulate x13 in final up to 90 ^r, class 'R." A Real '-HOT" !lam buy at our late price! Orig. cost $1800. Esc. l Used $48.50 0 -16 Low Freq. Osc. Coll for ART- 13.... 7.95 24V Dynamotor for ART -13 11,95 234 -258 MC RECEIVER AN,ARR -2 BRAND NEW 1I -tune l'IIF Tunable Receiver with --ehe- 1 matie. Only n few :t . -' Complete I.iw t at. 58.88 SPECIAL BC I BC -221 FREQUENCY METER original igigm-Ili ra t r fro : nt u Kc l ' Ke with Pry., 1. 4. - n`n.$129.50 ,r loan Kc crntai : ß,i'.221. BRAND NEW 58.45 ASB -5 'SCOPE INDICATOR BRAND NEW, including all tunes, together iwith 5111'1 'Scope Originally ua in Navy Al used RADAR equipment. Easily converted for AC operation. \ VALUE $250.001 OUR LOW S 15.95 PRICE e .,r firr,, a e ç BC -733 VHF 10 -TUBE AIRCRAFT RECEIVER. channel xtal control. Freq. 108.3 to 110.3 Me. Dual filter range. Easily converted for tracking Sputniks) Exc. s 1 $9.95 _ Se BRAND NEW $12.93 Dynamotor for above 12/24 V.-New $5.95 AN /ARN -SA AIRCRAFT RECEIVER. 11 tube superllet, 3- crystal control UHF for static -free reception. Exc. used with tubes $16.95 BRAND NEW $19.95 STANDARD TUBES Removed From Brand New Gast Equipment ISS ... .35 6AJ5 .45 6X5 ..30 80T .95 3Q4 . .35 GANS ..35 6E5 - 813 ..6.55 GAGS 35 6C4 ... .25 CT 55 .826 .44 12AT7 . 5 6X4 . .32 616 ... .32 5670 75 12 %4 . SACS ...33 6BA6 ..35 '1625 .29 12AXS .45 614 .59 SASS 55 1629 .29 MINIMUM TUBE ORDER: 6 TUBES IS of a number or 6 assorted). SYNCHRONOUS SELSYNS \, E7 for 113 V nn S3.95 , Earn BC -645 XMTR RECEIVER 15 Tubes 435 To 500 MC n hr odl11ed for 2- ay unication, code, n han band 420 -450 Inc. citizens radio 460 -470 faxed and obile 450- 460 mc. television experimental 4 7 0 -500 mc. NEW ,, 15 tubes (tubes alone price!) : 4 -7F7, 4 -7H7. 2 -7E6,í 2 -6E6', 2 -955 at d 1- WE316A. Now covers 460 to 490 m Brand new BC -645 with tubes, lees power supply in factory carton. Shipping $29.50 eight 25 lbs........ PE.10IC Dynamotor. 12 24V input 57.95 UHF Antenna Assembly 2.45 Complete Set of 10 Plugs 5.50 Control Sox 2.25 Shock Mount 1.25 Conversion Booklet, many useful rigs 2.50 Please include 25eb Deposit with -.alanee C.O.D. 50e Handling Charges on all orders der $5.00. All shipments 0.0.8. Our Warehouse M.Y.C. All Merchan- 0,a, bier( to Pilo, Sale and Price Change. GgG an sal Radio Supply Co. Telephone CO 74605 51 Vesey St.. New York 7, N. Y. AN /APA -38 PANORAMIC ADAPTER And 11 i I. .,ta: , tog type .IDE 1. BRAND NEW.... r. .' l ,'Ií19.50 MN26Y BENDIX DIRECTION FINDER 150-:125 Kr: :125.895 Kc: 4.4 -7 \Ic. Comi BRAND IttNEW NFW S26,95 BENDIX DIRECTION FINDER 1 1 S18.95 1 $27.50 2.95 1 k. L e r n e r r'r e r r r'r r SCR -522 2 -METER RIG! Terrine 4 rt.., SCR 522 Tta,,snoltrRece,ver, e mplete with : ßj18 and metal case. g COMBINATION k Special $32.32 Receiver nly, witty 11 tubes Transmitter 519.50 Only, with all tubes Accessories for nave $22.25 available. I .. 11,'an.l ]. MOBILE -MARINE DYNAMOTOR V DC. Output: 534, 50 gat W.UIW Excellent BRAND NEW 5 V oc 22 5 Ma, for r es s le ta rmitren, operation. OUR LOW 1PRICE... 56.45 OTHER DYNAMOTOR VALUES: Type Input Output Used DA -19 -A 28V 11A 400V .400A SC99 S6.75 _ DM -28 28V - 224V .07A 2.75 4.75 DM -32A 28V 1.1A 250V .OSA 2.4$ 4.45 DM -33A 28V SA 575V .16A 28V 7A 540V.25A 1.95 3.75 DM -34D 12V 2A 220V .O80A 4.15 5.2S DM -53A 28V LIA 220V.OBOA 3,75 5.45 PE -73C 28V 20A 1000V .350A 7.95 10.50 PE -86 28V 1.25A 250V .050A L75 4.95 SCR -274 COMMAND EQUIPMENT ALL COMPLETE WITH TUBES Type Description Used ''1:;,;:' il,.1,t.i, ar 100.750 KC $14.50 ter 9.45 lit -.1 ',:. litrefree li IC 10.45 lit' -4.-,a ;l- Receiver Control Iiox 1.29 S ' Like NEW 516.50 12.45 12.45 1.75 110 Volt AC Power Supply Kit, for all 214 -N and ANC -5 Hect1,'ers. Complete with metal $6.95 F acto,ry wirtdltested, ready to operate... 410.50 SPLINED TUNING KNO for 274 -N d AItC-.5 RECEIVERS. Ells BC -453, BG454 and others. Only 490 BC -457 TRANSMITTER -4.5.3 Mc. complete th ll tunes td crystal. BRAND NEW.. 57.85 J BC -458 TRANSMITTER -5.3 to 7 Me. Complete inl all tune 111111.1 crystal. 10tAND NEW 51.85 BC -4S9 TRANSMITTER -7 -9.1 Mc. complete with all Ptli'A l.'NtW seal' .................... $12.15 ARC`5 T.19 TRANSMITTER -3 to 4 Mc. BRAND umplete with all tubes A $8.85 85 oì Modulator USED ] 45 NEW S 95 .,l Transmitter Control Box.. 1.25 NEW 1 49 POWER SUPPLY KIT, for All Command rs. Doles all needed voltages. 11IV 51 Flt. only S29.V V Pa. r r r rrrr _tI BC -906 FREQ. METER SPECIAL! Cavity type. 145 to 235 her. BRAND NEW, complete wile antenna. Manual included. PRCEOW $9.88 BC -603 FM RECEIVER lU- ch:uuu9 push ,., twtog c'm -28 Mc. Complee ih speaker,tubes .20 $14.95 Squelch. BRAND NEW 12 or 24V Dynamotor for Alcove 5:xe. l'sed 54.2 i Brand New $5.50 AC POWER SUPPLY FOR BC603. 683 rchangenble. r places dynamotor. Ras Un -On i ten. NO RF.CL'R. CHANGE NEEDED. provides W 80 Ma 24VAC O 2 Amps. $1.45 tete kit. with easy instructions ed Ss.49 `nn piece 240 -page Technteal Manual for nr' -na3. 604 52.95 MIDGET FAN MOTOR I " long. a " shaft e ds sI)lAm0x RPM. 245' DC. $.t.19 I: Out, Complete with ran f e7 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS ,,° . ,p':: ant. SEND u u. B FO 65C FREE CATALOG. many more Wonderful Sur. 131

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