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Electronics-World-1959-05 Use Delco Radio Service Parts! Part No. 7270804 -output transforme, used in the new Delco Portable Car Rodio. Available everywhere through Electronic Distributors associated with... Your Delco Radio Electronic Parts Distributor carries the complete line, giving you fast, dependable service on the items you'll need for Delco Radio and other radio service work. Delco Radio also provides: Wide selection of special application parts Complete technical training program Effective warranty program Dealer identification signs Get the facts today on this truly profitable dealer setup, and grow with General Motors! m UM-S (: I eNRe MqM iteR DELCO RADIO DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS, KOKOMO, INDIANA IRON CORES TUNER PARTS COILS ovvi S RESISTORS CAPACITORS alo V Z SPEAKERS 12 TRANSISTORS VIBRATORS CONTROLS ELECTRONICS WORLD MR. ELECTRONICS If you're willing to lose your job tomorrow to a technically-trained man, turn the page, mister Many of the men currently on the street are there for a reason. "As many as 8 out of 10 are deadwood,' estimates the chief engineer of a medium - sized Philadelphia firm; the problem is to find the live ones. -from ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE If you're interested in an honest -to- goodness career in the vigorous young electronics industry. here's how you can step ahead of job- competition, move up to a better job. earn more money, AND BE SURE OF HOLDING YOUR TECHNICAL JOB. EVEN WHEN THE "DEADWOOD" IS BEING CLEANED OUT. The "how" is advanced. professional home study training in Electronic Engineering Technology including AUTOMATION. INSTRUMENTATION, INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS. AERONAUTICAL ELECTRONICS. GUIDED MISSILES. SERVOMECHANISMS, COMPUTERS, ASTRONAUTICS. TELEMETERING, COMMUNICATIONS, MANUFACTUR- ING, TELEVISION, BROADCASTING. You don't have to be a college graduate. You do have to be willing to study -at home. You can do it while holding down a full - time job. Thousands have. Since 1927 CREI has provided alert young men with the technical knowledge that leads to more responsibility, more job security, more money. And CREI has constantly kept pace with the rapid expansion and progress in electronic achievement. Remember this: CREI starts with fundamentals and takes you along at your own speed. You are not held back by a class, not pushed to keep up with others. You set your own pace. CREI instructors guide you through the lesson material and grade your written work personally. You master the fundamentals, then get into more advanced phases of electronics engineering principles and practice. Finally you may elect training in highly specialized principles of electronic engineering technology as applied to guided missiles, servomechanisms, radar, computers. telemetering, automation, instrumentation and other applications. May 1959 Look at this partial listing of organizations that recommend CREI training for their own personnel: United Air Lines, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Trans -Canada Airlines, Douglas Aircraft Co., The Martin Co.. Columbia Broadcasting System, All- American Cables and Radio, Inc., Gates Radio Co.. Canadair Ltd., Federal Electric Corp., and U.S. Information Agency (Voice of America). What's the next step? Certainly get more information than use can cram into one page. Fill out and mail the coupon below today, or write Capitol Radio Engineering Institute, Dept. 1I5F, 3224 16th St., N.W., Washington 10, D. C. CREI ALSO OFFERS RESIDENCE TRAINING at the same high technical level in Washington, D. C. Classes start at regular intervals. Qualified residence school graduates earn degree, "Associate in Applied Science." You can qualify for CREI home study training if you have had electronic education, or experience in electronics -and realize the need of a high level technical knowledge to make good in the better electronic jobs. (Electronics experience is not required for admission to CREI Residence School.l AUTOMATION AND INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING Complete course; covers all phases of automation. Special emphasis on theory, functioning, and applications of servomechanisms and computers. Also noteworthy: Lessons on machine control, instrumentation, data processing, and telemetry. A "must" for engineers and technicians seeking to enter this fascinating branch of electronic technology. MAIL THIS COUPON FOR FREE BOOKLET! Capitol Radio Engineering Institute ECPD Accredited Technical Institute Curricula Founded 1927 Dept. 115 -F, 3224 Sixteenth St., N.W., Washington 10, D.C. Please send me your course outline and FREE illustrated Booklet "Your Future in the New World of Electronics" . describing opportunities and CREI home study courses in Practical Electronic Engineering Technology. Radar, Servo and Computer Engineering CHECK Technology FIELD OF 1 Electronic Engineering Technology ' 3 GREATEST Broadcast (AM, FM, TV) Engineering Technology INTEREST , A H Television Engineering Technology Aeronautical Electronic Engineering Technology Automation and Industrial Engineering Technology Name Street Age City Check: Home Study Residence School Cl Korean Veteran L Zone ....State TO OBTAIN FAST, IMME- DIATE SERVICE AND TO AVOID DELAY IT IS NEC- ESSARY THAT THE FOL- LOWING INFORMATION BE FILLED IN: Employed By Type of Present Work. Yrs. High School Other Electronics Experience 13

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