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1'8 I BEST IN ELECTRONIC SURPLUS! r. toot PRACTICE SETS. 14arn to cony cede. hand ... . i+ unit. For individual.. t able automatic unit for f orm,,:.i i.bIi Iy Ibnilt.. o I. mdspeake" nsle signals dorm,: r IVtI Ill it k on paper tape. Pre recorded tapes. available from 1 to 15 Ion 15 many ...r nrphw houses. Also usable for practicing rling is hV en of internal oscillator keyed he mat hand key. ns Operates from 90 to 120 V. or to 240 Volts. AO Cycles AC. SPECIAL! Used-Very Good condition. 1, 1 Br95 -hog. wt. 54 Ms AS ABOVE. NEW -UNUSED $22.95 BC -312 RECEIVER. Well known Signal Corps Com o0drwinas Receiver. 15uo KC to 18.11 SIC. PPC operation. Csad- Excellent rn,utmn. 5or02 Tested. Snpg. wt. 75 It... EACH RA-20 POWER SUPPLY. To Convert above Receiver to 110 Y AC operation. USED- 000D..514.95 ea. NEW UNITS 517.95 ea. PC -342 RECEIVER. Same as 11C -312 except includes Crystal Filter and phasing Control and for I In V AC operation. Usrvl- Teslad.. EACH $94.50 P BC -312. 342 INSTRUCTION BOOK. postpaid-52.S0 BC -221 FREQUENCY METER. The hest Instrument .sible for determining frequency of transmitter A receiver. alignment. testing. lr. labor: Precision! Range enting (Y,'stnl.t "I III,es. atchinitnrCalibrationh Rank. Tested. l:savl- Excellent. m Sling. wt. 05 Its EACH $79.95 BCfn30ñ -3800 I0500 NC. MARS to or rystal C Control. includes Crvsbd Calibration and Net Controls, NEW UNITS. with all tubes except Final RV F $22.50 2E:22 Mix.. .bin. wt. .O Ib.. EACH PE 237 POWER SUPPLY. for Above 11C- 1300. Sop Ides all necessary voltages for bo receiver sections. J Operatesfrom t 2Or . i'and 24olts I. NEW-UNUSED nits. $14.95 Sling. wt. 125 Ito. EACH EC-6 2 Watts TRANSCEIVER. 2.utiillnel, for w138,µ .0 Class U Citizens Rand in 26.00 to 27.23 Ml' r l,ge. NEW UNITS. complete with tubes and built -in Ìoud speaker. Rhpg. wt. 45 lbs. $10.95 PRICE. EACH PE -117 or PE -120 POWER SUPPLY. FOR ABOVE. PE- 117 .l'eiates tram t{ r 12 P input: LE -120 p- ees from 01. 121 or 24 Volts input. NEW-UNUSED 011ito Willi all lobes. shng. wt. 411 lbs. $14.50 ',CH BC1335 FM TRANSCEIVER. 2. Channel. 27.0 to 38.11 .IC. «.1 h milt -in 1; or 12 V Ul' Power Su1).1v. tall. limpet Trnn.ttIvar measuring only Oa `1 t -n 12" sing miniature 1 ties. y has power'outof 2 Watts. By modifying Oscillator rirr it of transmitter to crystal control. t be mll.:ulle for .lass I, Citizens Haul. "al K titian unite. with all tubes. and s'1,'\I$24.95 nwue. sling, 'Si. 21 lbs. EACH BC 603 FM RECEIVER. 2n lo 28 MC lies ceiver that can he easily muddied for O meta, r 10.50 MC monitoring. Sept. and Oct. 3 .'f CM! C....I-il'lean ill. ail i iiilt'il raker UyumC,.i. l _ ,1 I" - EACH S 11.95 REG. NEW UNITS, TEST En tail 522.95 Es..R S12.95 DM.35 DYNAMOTOR FOR a a.i.i I- % 59. 5 30 -40 MC DELUXE FM TRANSCEIVER. Model R -237/ t t!11 features such lis tinuòle hinder. "IS uelch circuit. sb.1- control of Lath 1st and tad Converter Oscillator.. .pill la ii \' opt: Power supply. etc. Dimensions 'I 1 i..1' x In" x I5". Used -Excellent condition nits. with h tubes. less crystals or control unit Ìoud - speaker. with schamac t diagrams. $29.95 ....... wt. rat ll... EACH TRANSMITTER COMPANION TO ABOVE. Model T.103 Pitt' -2. Lower Output 25 watts. Crystal -a.itsingle-channel writ built -In O V DC Power S'ollt upply'. 1 t lie used for with Can FM amateur l s Le anal really w Fire. Policy. u other mnbciitins. )'sad-Excellent condition units. 'it With schematic. Sling. wt. 05 Its. EACH $19.95 2SOW. BEACH MASTER AUDIO AMPLIFIER. 'VPER- IItNEll complete Alliph tier. Designed by Hell rtt Labs. All selbeoit,i led with Mower system for ventilation. 'w e Pvuf weatherproof metal e- etc. Ideal for large auditoriums, airports. baseball parks. e«'.. or easy' to convert to mtxlulatOr lor . Watt Tranxlni oar. Operates from 110 V. ye les At'. Uses total of 14 tubes. Including --205 i triodes in push -pull power stage slid 1 -0E4 -eye tube to indicate gain. Like new condition eq'uli`iaent. Mtn. 21;1..' x'161," x 10 ". snipping weight. complete with tubes. Iva lbs. Su Pplivd h ,ehentatie diagram. PRICE EACH. $159.50 6 or 12V. DC VIBRATOR POWER SUPPLY. Type PE: 1"4. operates from either voltage and supplies ointnletelli filtered voltages as follows: 1.5. -45 t volts IK'. Uses synch. vibrator. tires. iii.l deal for mobile gawks. transceivers. et Dint: x 4rg" x mil N". NEW UNITS. him.` wt. 12f EACH llo. 12V. OC. 1 12 HP DC MOTOR. Make electric car or tractor for kiddies. Rated at I 12 HP a 1725 rpm. Lott with built on reducing gear l actually develops a mower at final speed of 8 rpm. 7, worm gear available for rpm. S5.W erial. MOTOR. ] 95 WORM GE AR. 7" fur 2 7 rpm $2.73 All Above Material Subject to Prior Sale 25% Minimum Deposit with All C.O.D.'s. Min. Order- - - 55.00. All Prices F.O.B. Our Address. TELEMARINE COMMUNICATIONS CO., INC. 140 WEST BWAY, NEW YORK 13, N. Y. Cortland} 7 -5444 Coble Address: Telemarine N. Y. 136 "THE ALGEBRA OF ELECTRONICS" by Chester H. Page. Published by D. Van Noshvnd Company. Inc., Princeton, N. J. 253 pages. Price $8.75. This excellent, specialized text will be of inestimable value to electronic and radio -TV technicians whose practical "know-how" exceeds their theoretical understanding of their field. Those with a working knowledge of high- school algebra and simple differential calculus will have no difficulty with this text -even on a "do -it-your- self" basis. The text material is clear and arranged in logical progression. Over 100 problems have been included for self - checking or for student practice. Answers are given in the book. The author starts his treatment with a discussion of direct current and general direct -current networks then continues with simultaneous equations, general network properties, capacitance, inductance. series -tuned circuits, complex numbers, alternating- current networks, specific a.c. networks, impedance matching, diodes, amplifiers, and noise. concluding with a chapter on modulation, demodulation, and distortion. # A "JUNCTION TRANSISTOR ELEC- TRONICS" by Richard B. Hurley. Published by John Wiley cf Sons, Inc., New York. 461 pages. Price $12.50. The material included in this volume is based on the author's class notes developed during his tenure as lecturer in electrical engineering at the University of California. Although the college course was presented to practicing engineers and graduate students. the author has "tempered" the treatment so that readers with less impressive backgrounds can benefit from this material. Chapters on low -level semiconductor physics, low -level diode and triode analysis, gain and impedance formulas. audio -frequency amplifiers, transistor biasing, noise in transistors. degenerative feedback, high -level physical considerations, power amplifiers, direct - current amplifiers. direct -current regulators, high -frequency equivalent circuits, internal feedback compensation, video amplifiers, frequency selective amplifiers. gain control, sinusoidal oscillators, modulation, switching theory, non -regenerative switching circuits, regenerative switching circuits, and transistor- saturable reactor circuits indicate the scope of this volume. Those without an adequate mathematical background may experience some difficulty in handling the text ma- terial but those used to working with figures and formulas will find this exposition especially enlightening. A bibliography accompanies each chapter for additional investigation on the part of the reader. e e S "WORLD RADIO HANDBOOK" edited by O. Lund Johansen. Available in U. S. from Cilfer Associates. P. O. Box 239, Grand Central Station, New York 17. N. Y. Price $2.50. Paper bound. Thirteenth Edition. There is good news for the SWL and DX fan in the announcement of the 1959 edition of the dial -twirler's "bible." Revised and considerably enlarged. this new edition includes a wealth of information: data on sunspot activity; medium -wave reception throughout 1959; the most suitable short -wave bands to use, DX programs of all stations; radio and TV receivers in use in all countries; frequency allocations; operating schedules for broadcast stations; addresses, frequencies, powers. languages, and slogans of all stations; interval signals including musical identification notes for all stations; a listing of long -, medium -, and short -wave stations; world time chart; call signs, etc. In addition to this current material. the same publisher issues a summer supplement t70 cents) which will update the information in the "Handbook" for the fall and winter broadcasting season and serve until the 1960 issue is ready for distribution. 4 S e "BASIC PULSES" by Irving Gottlieb. Published by John F. Rider Publisher, Inc., New York. 170 pages. Price $3.50. Soft cover. This book is directed to service technicians, hams, and engineers since all of them in the course of their work or pursuit of their hobby deal with pulses. The author has made his presentation with an absolute minimum of mathematics. The treatment is based on descriptive narration with the pulse phenomena being explained by analogy, through cause and effect relationship, and by means of qualitative rather than quantitative analysis. The text covers pulses used in electronic equipment, measurement of ir- regular waveforms, types of pulse wavetrains, additional pulse characteristics, Fourier analysis of pulse constituents, the d.c. component in pulse trains, factors determining wave - shapes, wave symmetry in waveform analysis, single -pulse concepts, pulses in LCR circuits, frequency response of RC networks, RC filters in radio and test probes, energy -storage viewpoint, ELECTRONICS WORLD

$2.29 a r time- constants in RC and LR net works, shunt resistance, waveshaping by special circuits, waveform differentiation and integration, speech waveforms, d.c. restoration principle, the saw -tooth generator, vacuum tubes as pulse generators, the blocking oscillator, multi - vibrator- produced pulse trains, and relaxation switching circuits. A glossary of terms and a series of test questions make this book entirely suitable as a classroom or home -study text. s e e "TELEVISION SERVICING" by Walter H. Buchsbaum. Published by Prentice - Hall, Inc., New York. 380 pages. Price $6.75. Third Edition. It has been four years since the Second Edition of this volume reached the public and in that time many new and important developments have been made in TV circuitry and in the ways and means of coping with service faults. This volume has been completely revised and brought up -to-date to reflect the most recent developments in design and servicing. The text material is divided into three parts covering general television theory, alignment and installation, and troubleshooting. The student can work straight through the volume while the practicing technician may wish to scan the first two parts and use the text as a source -book for troubleshooting sets on the workbench. Emphasis has been placed on practicality and there is an absolute minimum of mathematics and pure theory. The book is lavishly illustrated with block diagrams, photographs of com- mercial units, line drawings, schematics, scope patterns, graphs, and tables. The troubleshooting section is especially well served with a number of picture -tube photographs with actual service faults shown on the screen. Readers of this magazine are thoroughly familiar with the author's style and approach and will welcome this reference text from the same pen. * * * "TRANSISTORS, THEORY & PRAC- TICE" by Rufus P. Turner. Published by Gernsback Library, Inc., New York. 156 pages. Price $2.95. Paper bound. Second Edition. The author's first edition, published in 1954, was an immediate success but since so many new developments have been made in the interim, the appearance of a second and up -to -date version was called for. Each of the original chapters has been expanded to include the latest information and. in addition material on thyristors, four -layer diodes. spacistors, double -based diodes, and photo - transistors has been included to keep the reader abreast of this fast -moving field. Eleven chapters are devoted to semiconductor theory, transistor characteristics, equivalent circuits, transistor amplifiers, transistor oscillators, duality in transistor circuit design, triggers and switches, practical transistor circuitry, tests and measurements, related devices, and the care and handling of transistors. The treatment is simple enough for the beginner and this volume would be entirely suitable for classroom instruction as well as home study. Lists of recommended reading material are appended to each chapter allowing the user to pursue any particular topic more deeply. The text is well illustrated and the copious use of schematics will be of considerable help to the reader. GLOBE ELECTRONICS A World of Values ! APX6 TRANSPONDER TREASURE- HOUSE! t " Part.! 11..n,k at II 2_31121W. 1 -2I _ -11ANO. a- OAK-.. - I - i 2 , 1- 70' :t. II.t's t 1 II.I...x Its :I.AI: AO IIrl4. ;,nit. ,..,t ;hornS. 370000. $24.95 1'11"11s 'F1,R 11x1 l' AN /APX 72 TRANSMITTER -RECEIVER Drawl I I e : TIII . alma. n I I., , % et 5 t un al lheln: " 1!1- 1:1.1: I I- OA1:5: 7- .1.1.1: 1 --.1 21121: I -V11-1 7/11: t- 2120: :I_11101! Plus 1 Alt e..ntn.Is. relay AND MANY OTHER PART,. 1 op., Einn[ lectronics Special. approx. A Globe $14,95 T85 ;APT -5 TRANSMITTER IIR.ut aI,Ins. :hl W. fM m 115 V. 40 la u,1011. e: e. 1irht llmine tube 3C22 (*Cilia I, . . isl,.I IIV _'Opt. $21111 Oilew, powered lIT 539,95 Iw., .In, r..IU. Id.,o.,.-II I,o.4t oni .,nu 1. R111 APR -5A RECEIVER 6 z 9 HI FI CO -AX SPEAKER Ili.. i.. ln'. I hu 1,, .lode Ph:... SELENIUM RECTIFIER $39.95 111;:. ' - " TRANSFORMER SPECIAL l'ri. voltage . $5,95 .r1; S9.95 TS -148 UP Spectrum Analyser Transformer l.7.. S. NI: 17 .u1.1 l... Ih:.nd n,.. i.,11 1$9.95 2500 deposit. balance COD. Min. order 33 00. Items POS. Santa Monica. Cal. and subi. to change of price without notice. Cal. residents add clop tae. VISIT OUR NEW STORE -for a raft of buys in electronics, radio, hi fi. TV specials! GLOBE ELECTRONICS 3103 PICO BLVD SANTA MONICA. CALIF Say You Saw It in ELECTRONICS WORLD , I , 1 N 1 NOW YOU CAN SECURE A TOP PRESTIGE HIGH SALARIED CAREER IN ELECTRONICS IN ONLY ONE YEAR! ELECTRONICS is the fastest growing industry in America today, creating unlimited opportunities for high salaries. with rapid advancement in INDUSTRY AND THE ARMED FORCES for Bailey Trained electronic engineering technicians. 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Veteran Approved BAILEY TECHNICAL SCHOOLS 1651 S. Grand St. Louis 4, Mo. =tit =w =w ww -miffi May, 1959 This Mi lis- Honeywell system controls hundreds of automatic manufacturing operations. Experience on live equipment is emphasized at Bailey and is another for the tremendous backlog of high pay positions waiting BAILEY GRADUATES. r -MAIL TODAY- Meese mail immediately this free booklet without obligation Nome Address City 111-11wIll State w-WM _ 137

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