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Federation to support the self- licensing measure proposed by the state's Attorney General. Mr. Larsen feels that in any event, a bill to license technicians will be passed "with or without the aid of the service industry." If for no other reason than to forestall unfair treatment of service, then, the industry should have its say. Mr. Larsen claims that the bill currently before the legislature will increase respect for people in TV service, will obtain a "little better deal for them on service rates and charges, and would raise the standards of the service industry as well as its income." The principal objection of association members to the New York bill is that it lacks the mandatory requirement that a technician must have a license to do consumer service work in the Empire State. Pennsylvania Crackdown The Federation of Radio & Television Service Associations of Pennsylvania, at a recent meeting, initiated a campaign to plug loopholes in the present state sales -tax law. They will recommend stricter controls in wholesale - retail selling. Through its campaign, the Federation will endeavor to focus attention on three weaknesses in the administration of the present sales -tax law: 1. Wholesalers collecting sales tax from retail sales at the wholesale price level. 2. The failure of many operators to obtain the required sales -tax certificate. 3. Part -time operators who pay the sales tax at the wholesale level but collect the tax at retail prices. The members of FRTSAP hope to prove that, by stricter enforcement of the present law, the state will gain thousands of dollars in additional revenue and thus eliminate the need for an increase in the state sales and use taxes now being proposed by some legislators. Effects of Licensing The editor of "TSA News" of Michigan, Hal Chase, recently reported on the results achieved in Detroit from their license law, Ordinance 110F. After two days of personal investigation, he said: "The success of 110F has greatly raised the standards of service locally. Better Business Bureau records show a great drop in complaints of about 60% since the passage of 110F. Here are the BBB figures: 1160 complaints in 1956; 846 complaints in 1957 (enforcement of 110F started in mid -year); and 466 complaints in 1958. "Further study of these figures will undoubtedly reveal that, if the worst offenders are refused 1959 licenses, the 1958 figure of 466 would be cut down to a figure too small to even consider. It is rumored that, in the case of one of these flagrant offenders, the BBB complaint file is so large they refuse to process any more complaints, regarding them useless." '40-- May, 1959 WALTER ASHE SAYS- WE NEED YOUR USED* EQUIPMENT RIGHT NOW! Today's king size Walter Ashe "Surprise" Allowances prove you get the deal of a lifetime ... if you trade now! Tell us what you want ...and what you have to trade! 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