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1 !'heck o aytlg 13.1í",n . ,_---- Amazin New COYNE SHOOTING ó;a41, Sei!v1ice Motes CUT HOLES IN 1 -1/2 MINUTES RECORD CHANGER TROUBLES IN 5 MINmTcESnieal Helm locate rcmouing troubles wdhout oabinetl changer Ira Ì; single, 3 eys. Covers Ov er and 4 -astg 450 photos: 58 - Indexed. Check Charts. TV TROUBLES IN 10 MINUTES Quickly and easily pin - Poi is exact sound or pic- TV set, from 700 m n any 701 Possibilities. Over 300 Check Charts ram, explanations and Photos; of circuits. COLOR TROUBLES 15 MINUTES Covers every type of COLOR TV and picture tube: singer. 't gun, round. rectanglull 550 pages. fully illustrated; ,navy picture p Check Charts. diagrams. SAVES TIME MAKES YOU MORE VALUABLE! These amazing l'in- !'oint hooks are practical on-the-job "tools" for finding the cause of trouble in any TV set or record -elm tiger. FAST! Index tells you where in set to look. Check L'harts then help you accurately pin -palm the exact trouble spot in minutes. Saves hours of searching and testing. You work faster -make more t The time and aggravation saved on lust One lob can pay for all 3 hooks! TRY SET FREE FOR 7 BATS! SEND NO 71(IN ET. .lost mail convois for books yon, want no FREE TRIAL Afi 7 day, send only the low prier, or sen books o and owe oint $a. It you kr.p ail 3 locks l' .,ml ta e.tI 7 days and $3 x pont hr nail SI3. a3. postage. I, pall. S., inn rosi or err. lain N.W! I I I I I I Valuable Gift FREE For Examining Series! Get "BIGGER PROFITS IN TV,' FREE for asking tc see all 3 Pin -Point Books. Sells for $1.50. Yours FREE, whether you keep series or not. COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL 1501 W. Congress Pkwy., Chicago 7, III. FREE TRIAL OFFER COUPON... MAIL NOW' Educational Book Publishing Div. COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL. Dept. 59 -RT 1501 W. Congress Pkwy., Chicago 7, III. R h k PIN POINT Series for 7 days ',RUE TIltl, per nacra Include "Rigger nett nitr' FREE. Cash price: dashes ne sa In 7 any. mnnlhilt sof R postage. Fo r Indloldtat hr ., k. on 7 days FREE TRIAL clerk below. O HE '0111) l'IIANOF :It TROI'It1.E$ (i3.97,. plus lais ages rl I '111.1111 Tt' Tln)l'ttt.ES 1$5.95, plis postage) 0 TV TR /1'Itl.ER ($3.95. plus postage) Name Ad,lnss t.l1y Zone State here if enclosing full `pay a--- price. We , innings-. 7 -day m r -bark guarantee. --- -mo' 142 tg,. a I I I I I I SYLVANIA: BETTER SYNC Later production of receivers using 'l'V chassis 1- 537 -5, (or, -6) and 1 -539 -3 for -4) incorporate circuit revisions to improve sync stability. The receivers on which these changes have been incorporated begin with serial numbers 537501- and 537601 -. To correct earlier schematics and to facilitate incorporation of the changes in earlier sets where improved stability is desired. the altered circuit is shown in Fig. 1. Changes are as follows: Ran (1000 ohms) is changed to R_nl i (470 ohms, ?1 watt). R_,: (470 ohms) is changed to R_, -,, (2200 ohms, t3 watt I. (39,000 ohms) is removed. C,r,, (.047 vs saze anB vuoto IF Y -I ... 1,.,r sans Fig. 1 L > .a. pfd.) is changed to C,r__, (.01 Add. paper capacitor). The lead that formerly connected Rgi, to R_,, and L,,, is removed. C:a _, is now connected to the junction of Ra_I and Fig. 1 shows both the old and new circuit. A broken line indicates the original wiring and original component that are removed. Components that are changed in value and new circuit wiring are indicated by the heavier lines. PI -IILCO RETRACE BLANKING When performing service on the 9H25 TV receivers, avoid confusion by noting that a change in production has resulted in circuit changes with respect to the retrace suppression network and the CRT in many models. Since the blanking network, N,, is no longer considered necessary. it has been removed. Its connections to lugs 5, 6, and 7 will then no longer be found on terminal board 1. Also, where this change exists, the connection of the green wire coming from the CRT cable will also be changed. Instead of going to lug 6 on terminal board 1, it goes to lug 7. TRAY -LER: HORIZ. STABILITY In some chassis using a 6CG7 tube as the horizontal oscillator, it may be desired to effect some improvement in sync stability. The chassis involved are some in the 740, 743, 744, and 775 series. An improvement in stability can be achieved with a relatively minor change. Simply add a .047 -µtd., 600- with Greenlee Chassis Punches Many sizes ... qui +kit' make smooth, accurate holes in metal, hard rubber, or plastics ... for sockets, plugs, controls, meters, panel lights, etc. Easy to use, simply turn with wrench. Write for litcratur GREENLEE TOOL CO. 1782 Columbia Avenue Rockford, Illinois U GREENLEE TBX PORTABLE STATION .\ nW)lrtr prttdd, station 1't'ranpot tir/n,iiecrl, , plrl- with all 11per :wing a r-.s11 i'.- S df vntabud 'n portable Ilrld rind . Transmitter. w Walls I.W. :1 ii'alFphunr. 5:47 in final. F'rrq. range: 2.0nn kr to 1323 kr. t'Ftl or ,n. al ontmllyd. It.,,iirr. ANI or 1'\1'. 2.11a1 m s 11011 k, Complete hand grncratur fur u'rgrllr)' ,M, r liun. Idral IPrt lirld day. and for m standby 111111/11. Also for r nnlnna 'sh i Sei' wit)) intrurlion book. antenna. , all b 5n - F r,ntrr.updY for rí, sac on, $59.50 auon of rlrrtirr crIv 040,1,00 -..y- be o ®s ó I 400 MC. AIRBORNE RADAR silt 315. actually a inls-,1 IIF' altimeter for high allluldr,. F'r01,. range 420.5 Esc l'l' anl9'- iu Iin:,1 stag (about 25 ball. a ' punir,. Ideal fur rrniou to moat,. 1 1211) ori iiilrrn',. hand I Igo tom. 'I`Itl.,, Idra) for use by r1) units for detection of aircraft chic' by. All unit ari iip V111111101 all lobe.: 3'ran+mallcr, receiver. antenna.. i ,liealur, control lass q'Ihl g 1/111 2 -:Ilil,. rmbllrs. .Shinning licigly i' :grpO,x. bills $39.50 II , .t fab111u11- hay. only aD RU -17 RADIO SET Colo/title airborne set, rnlllnarl Aul lights riflit. ,n511 Transmitter covers 7.01111-47.!3 k, and 0,0110 kr. Vow, output all bauds i. 13 walls. aryl AIE W. R.-viler i, s Ins - kr. All tuning i don) wills plug in toning milts. Tow-miner i- and u a pair lof 537's in Final. Ì1P a urb? ill antenna`) cuit. 11c-riser i, a l-slagr '1111' liai built -in UFO. 5,1 is r mplrle with all Mlles. toning unli-; Y1\'1)1' dynamotor, Plugs. control buy,., i nOun book. The only IIe01, 11111 ,mmlird , rl,r. and Intr mail cabling. S, Ii.:: .. -t. Sling. ii-t. 125 Ills. $32.50 RECTIFIER SPECIAL \\II :)nr 1,:I,: r,:lllrr lob rab,] I- .. rse. Ar. plate rworld : 1311 ul . Fil 1.1.1'5 Fil tr: u, -f. rated 113 sac A l'ri. 'I ,r 150. , .11.11 11 .31/Y.3.t. a $2.95 lain- kit' all O are OB Brooklyn, al V. Send check or M.O. Shipping barges Coo. COMMUNICATIONS EQUIP. CO. 343 Canal St.. New York 13. N. Y. Phone: WOrth 6.4045 ELECTRONICS WORLD

i ' ' . IL.. volt molded capacitor: one end of this new component goes to the junction of R., R,.. (the hold control), and Rat. See Fig. 2. The other end goes to ground. After this change, it will be necessary to realign the horizontal frequency and waveshaping coil assembly, to obtain the improved performance now possible. This should be done in accordance with instructions in the service data, using an oscilloscope. If this data is not at hand, the oscilloscope is connected, through a 10 -pµfd. capacitor, to the junction of C;, with I/2 6CG7 HOR12 OSC Fig. 2 C69 270 HORIZ. HOLD ADO .047ytdit il = 600V. HORIZ. FRED. COIL ASSEMBLY L -119A "1 C71 .01 ytd. R83 50K R84 33K --F------- 1 R82 33K R.,. With a picture properly tuned in, the horizontal -hold potentiometer control is set to the center of its range. Then L,, is adjusted for correct frequency and waveshape, the latter being the typical waveform of pulse - width horizontal a.f.c. circuits. The top slug of L,ly.i is used to adjust for correct frequency. The bottom slug is used to achieve correct waveshape. After this is done the picture should hold sync over the entire range of the hold control. EMERSON AM RADIO NOISE Field reports indicate that, in certain areas where interference from electrical power lines is high, more effective line filtering is required on some Emerson AM radios. This can be obtained by placing a .047-pfd., 600 -volt molded, UL- approved type of capacitor (such as Emerson part #922208) directly across the power line within the receiver. Before this capacitor is added, the existing power - line bypass capacitor in the set should be removed. Keep the pigtails of the replacement short and dress the unit down and away from the antenna loop. MAGNAVOX HUM BAR Some TV receivers in the 27 series may exhibit a tendency to develop hum bars noticeable in the raster. If you run into this symptom, the chances for a quick and easy cure are good. Simply shunt a .01-pfd., 500 -volt ceramic capacitor across the power rectifier. This component has been incorporated in later models of the 27 series, after the hum bar came to notice. -3p- May, 1959 MAIL SHOPPERS EVERYWHERE SAVE DURING LEKTRON'S ttU 14/_ PRIC FREE! FULL YEAR'S SUBSCRIPTION TO LEKTRON 524 PG. " "Family Shopper Tools Electronics Novelties jewelry Her, Nousewaics Write Today! MINI GEIGER COUNTER 88c 515 MOBILE RELAY 2 P -N -P TRANSISTORS Iluntit 8 RCA PLUG N JACK .L,.l 884 JEWELERS' PLIERS 5 JEWELERS' SCREWDRIVERS 88e BF4 2 VARI -LOOPSTICKS 884 WIRE STRIPPER 884 0.60 MINUTE TIMER l. .,k. "I,;LenHC'áïá :rn-,ü,,.. 0.15 VAC MINI -METER 'tt4 70 TUBULAR CONDENSERS 884 2 N -P -N TRANSISTORS Li 884 2 TRANSISTOR IF'5 884 \ BUY OUR USUAL $1 POLY -PAKS O E N L Y 88c A ANY 10 POLY -PAKS, \Fa% PICK 11th FREE! SAYINGS OF $3 TO S35 AND MORE ON EACH PAK! TEN 3- SECOND TIMER 000-999 COUNTER 10 POLY BOXES 88¢ 5" HOBBY SPEAKER 40 SUB -MINI RESISTORS 88¢ 88c 15 INSTR. KNOBS 88e 5-IN-1 DRILL BIT 88c 15 ROTARY SWITCHES 88e 30 MOLDED CONDENSERS 88c 100 HALF WATTERS 88c 300 -FT. HOOKUP WIRE 88¢ 60 COILS. CHOKES 814 70 TERMINAL STRIPS Bt¢ 6 -PC. HACKSAW SET ^8k MINI -RADIO KIT 8t¢ 4C HI-Q CONDENSERS 8k 35 POWER RESISTORS 88¢ 70 ONE -WATTERS 88e 15 VOLUME CONTROLS 8k TV PIC BOOSTER i, IJu i' .. . tor. Ito 88c 8 -PC. NUTDRIVER SET valor: ni:..- R:1 ,11e; I ..k..i 1.r n,,,,, nnv7 . I. 1 ák Check HOW TO item, wanted. Return ent; e ORDER ad w.chek or M.O. including suffi. tient postage; excess returned. C.O.D. orders, 2501 down: rated. net 30 days. Print name, address with POSTAL ZONE NO., amount money enclosed. in margin. (Canada postage, 40e 1st le.; Zee ea. add.(. lean ELECTRONICS stApIO name address city e, zone SEND ELECTRONICS WORLD EVERY MONTH state 88c 6 SILICON DIODES Bk $25 SURPRISE PACK! 88c 70 HI -Q RESISTORS 88c HOBBY BENCH VISE . ie.a. 884 SYLVANIA TV MIRROR 8t¢ 100 RADIO PARTS 5 ROLLS MICRO -WIRE C H 884 40 PRECISION RESISTORS Bk 30 DISC CONDENSERS 884 60 PLUGS 'N' 8 GERMANIUM DIODES RECEPTACLES 88c 88e 8- SCREWDRIVER SET 1500 PCS. HARDWARE - 88ç 88e 7 ROLLS W :17 40 SUB -MINI ,__i. .,i nc. CONDENSERS 2 `ii,x. it¢ I 60 CONDENSER SPCLI 4 8 SUB -MINI SOCKETS sis 88¢ 75 RESISTOR SPCLI 40- RECORD CADDY 15 PC. DRILL SET 6a` - ` é8á 75 MICA CONDENSERS 88¢ 20 ARTISTS' BRUSHES sua- a.. . 884 10 TUBULAR ELECTROS 884 4 POWER WOOD BITS 880 30 PILOT LITES 60 RADIO TV KNOBS áá4 . . - ae¢ 16 -END WRENCH SET mx LÌ 884 "1-POUNDER HAMMER '' 884 100 CERAMIC CONDENSERS ". IL-V ll larx: to g12 na. 2 i(.. tk 40 TUBE SOCKETS sFleldi áe - f rd b,lc1u. Z I, R C. IMO LEKTRON Check one: 10 ELECTROLYTICS mr s 14¢ 75 -FT. TV TWINLEAD t4 POSTAGE STAMP MIKE 1 n., m 1, 884 4 OUTPUT XFMRS. 884 HEARING AID PHONE a l - 884 133 Everett Ave. CHELSEA 50, MASS. 3 years for SIO 2 years for S 1 1 year for S 4 In the U. S., its possessions, and Canada. Foreign rates: Pan American Union countries, add .50 pei' year; all other foreign countries, add $1.00 per year. Mail to: ELECTRONICS WORLD Dept. EW -5 -9 434 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, Ill. 143

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