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Electronics-World-1959-05 ...cptenowr. Fet IT'S NEW! THE FISHER 600 EVERYTHING YOU NEED -ON ONE SUPERB CHASSIS STEREO FM -AM TUNER STEREO 40 WATT AMP STEREO MASTER AUDIO CONTROL THE FISHER X-101 $34995 IISS CASE MASTER AUDIO CONTROL DUAL AMP 40 power in Stereo c fion, reserve peak -pope. 75 watrl, Total of 12 impurs, 6 pairs for Stereo or all 12 for monaural. LESS CASE SPECYALi 84" CABINET -$259.95 $1 7995 Perfect for Stereo! 2 Bass Reflex Speaker Baffin . tiding door equipment section with room for campo enta, tape recorder, turntable. Sturdy AA' wood in Walnut, Mahogany or Blond finish. SPECIAL FACTORY -TO -YOU SAVINGS ON OUR OWN SPEAKER ENCLOSURES AND EQUIPMENT CABINETS. MANY EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS. SEND FOR FREE BROCHURE & PRICE LIST. MAIL ORDERS SHIPPED SAME DAY RECEIVED TERMS: 25, Deposti wllh order balance C.O.D.. F O.B, NYC CUSTOM ODE ELECTRONICS,cORP 2174 BROADWAY NEW YORK 24 (Near 77th St.) SU 7 -2527 DON'T BUY HI -FI COMPONENTS, TAPE RECORDERS UNTIL YOU GET OUR LOW, LOW QUOTES BY RETURN MAIL. ALL STANDARD BRANDS IN STOCK. WHOLESALE CATALOG FREE AUDIO FAIR 1799N 1st Ave., New York 28, N. Y. 146 Be "key.' m Learn how to send and coreceive m sages In International Morse cde. Communicate with operators around the globe. learn at home quickie througl, famous Candler System. Used by hest operators. Qualify for Amateur or Commercial License. Write for FREE. BOOK. . Dept. 2 -E. ox 922, Denver 20, Cele.. Y.S.A. "TELEVISION ANALYZING" B &K Dlionthctluing Co., 3726 N. Southport Avenue, Chicago 13. Illinois, has released a book entitled "Television Analyzing Simplified" by Milton S. Kiver. Priced at $1.00 and available at electronic parts distributors or direct from the company, the book compares television servicing methods. It illustrates and explains the latest point -to- point, signal injection, direct -viewing technique that makes it quick and easy for experienced or inexperienced service technicians to spot and correct the exact video or audio trouble in black -andwhite and color television receivers, including intermittents. after tube changing has failed. This new book helps show how to save time and work and make more servicing profit. ELECTRONICS CATALOGUE Pllilco Corporation's Accessory Division, Philadelphia 34, Penna., has issued a new, 400 -page 1959 electronics catalogue designed to provide independent service technicians with a complete service library for radio. auto radio, television. and other electronic products. Copies may be obtained through any of the firm's distributors or by contacting Rayford E. Nugent, general manager of the division. Each of the catalogue's five sections deals with a different group of parts and information, including electronic components and test equipment, outdoor and indoor parts and accessories. phonograph and audio parts and accessories. and electronic products parts information and quick- reference material. Information is categorized into more than 100 groupings ranging from antennas to transistors. AUTO -RADIO CONTROLS Centralub, a division of Globe -Union Inc., 900 E. Keefe Ave., Milwaukee 1, Wisconsin, has just published a guide to its line of exact replacement autoradio controls. This guide is designed to enable the service technician to quickly determine the proper replacement. The auto manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order and each listing is broken down by model year. The guide, available without charge by writing directly to the firm, lists the original manufacturer of the radio, the model number and the original part number, as well as the replacement and its price. NEW TUBING Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co., Irvington Division, 900 Bush TV PICTURE TUBES At Lowest Prices 10BP4 $ 7.95 17BP4 $10.95 21AMP4 $19.95 121P4 8.95 17CP4 17.00 21ATP4 20.95 14B/CP4 9.95 17GP4 17.60 21AUP4 20.95 16DP4 14.95 17HP4 13.60 21EP4 14.95 16EP4 15.90 171P4 13.60 21FP4 15.95 16GP4 15.90 170P4 11.95 21WP4 17.30 16111,4 10.95 177P4 19.30 21YP4 15.95 161P4 10.95 19AP4 19.30 21ZP4 14.95 16RP4 10.95 20CP4 13.90 24CP4 23.95 16WP4 15.20 20HP4 17.95 24DP4 26.95 167P4 10.95 21AP4 22.10 27EP4 39.95 17AVP4 15.20 21ALP4 20.95 27RP4 39.95 a Year war aney Alunllniarvl Tula+ I ,an Ir u9udr . e r.twnor n n acceptable d enmprie. ila tube under tu.:'C ,amllaetnred fron .prao,..d , Ca. lb u " llp.rt. and materials Including t0,1 he electron, salon are brand l ALL PRICESFO CHICAGO. ILLINOIS. Deposit re when old tube not returnee. refund. able a1 t f return. -- depnt r lred on I nulred. . n al. 1.1 mn, be returned pre. WRITE COP COMPLETE LIST. - PICTURE TUBE OUTLET - 3032 MILWAUKEE AVE. CHICAGO 18. ILLINOIS Dickens 2 -2048 CRYSTAL CONTROLLED CONVERTERS POLICE FIRE COMMERCIAL For use with 12 V. Transistor type car radios - 26-50 MC. $ 24.50 Can be self installed in seconds. Other models for 152 -162 MC available. Also complete line of conventional powered converters. tuners and receivers. A practical converter for emergency use with powered home or auto sets. Tuneable over 6 MC. 26-50 or MC $ 1 3995 Al.', ntood Aile ni ,a.11e a..emnled KIT loom 520.93. ORDER OR WRITE FOR LITERATURE TODAY KUHN ELECTRONICS 20 GLENWOOD CINCINNATI I7, OHIO GET INTO ELECTRONICS V.T.I. training leads to lumen. as technicians. Held engineers. specialists In communications. guided missiles. computers. radar ma d a a- Basic and advanced n s in theory w nd laboratory. Associate degree In e electronics in 2D onths. B.S. In electronic engineering obtainable. EC , a edged. G.I. a ed. Graduates In all branches cr of electronics " with major companies. mu are. lawn,. IIontt so ol vrwlaate or Iulcah.n, I.nn VALPARAISO TECHNICAL INSTITUTE Dept. RD Valparaiso, Indiana For the tops in value and the best trade -In on High Fidelity equipment. Ckeck. with Avlow! A R R O WGELECTRONICS INC. DEPT 65 Cortland! Street, New York 7, N. Y. DIgbf 9.4730 525 Jericho Turnpike. Mineola. N. Y. Pioneer 68686 R ELECTRONICS WORLD w Avenue, St. Paul 6, Minn., announces a new, three -color, four -page brochure containing prices, tolerances. sizes, and application information on PTFE (poly - tetrafluoroethylenel tubing. It may he obtained by writing to the manufacturer direct. A gate -fold chart lists electrical, mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties of the high- temperature tubing, opposite a full page of purchasing information such as price, color packaging, and terms. Cross -reference and dimensional tolerance charts are also included. SHOCK MEASUREMENTS Columbia Research Laboratories has prepared a 14 -page booklet which fully describes and illustrates three commercially available shock and vibration measuring systems. Free copies may be obtained upon request to the company, Bullens Lane and McDade Blvd., Wood - lyn, Pennsylvania. The systems described are fully integrated both in instrumentation and packaging and are complete systems featuring automatic control, self -calibration, and requiring no additional equipment. D.C. POWER SUPPLIES Electro Products Laboratories. 4500 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago 40, Ill., has announced a four -page folder covering the uses and specifications of its new dual -purpose filtered d.c. power supply. To obtain this folder, write to the company direct, attention of Mr. R. C. Crossley. The illustrated brochure features tabulated information on percentage of ripple, continuous maximum current rating, and special features for transistor circuit servicing provided by the new Model PS -2 as well as other power supplies. POWER SUPPLY BROCHURE Lambda Electronics Corporation, 11- 11 131 St., College Point 56, N. Y., has released a new, 36 -page catalogue containing information and specifications on the company's line of transistor - regulated and tube -regulated power supplies. It is available direct from the firm. In addition, the brochure explains the background of the organization's "Five -Year Guarantee," gives detailed outline drawings of the equipment, and pictures various power supplies in use. CABLE ASSEMBLIES H. H. Buggic, Inc., Box 817, Toledo 1. Ohio, has released a new 12 -page catalogue covering standard molded -type cable assemblies as well as field, special, and coaxial types. Copies of the brochure are available from the company upon request. Thirty -four standard types are illustrated utilizing common connector ends and standard molded terminal ends. Also included are three pages of tabular reference data giving types, cable numbers, corona levels, and special remarks. -+ May, 1959 No. 62CG ilk/Strafed Transverse Cutter have a ... ?teat CUSHION GRIP/ Plier handles have dipped plastic coating ... permanent, comfortable. Heads polished and buffed to a "mirror finish ". All pliers available ... See Pour Distributor ! Gives pliers a "feel" that inspires Craftsmanship! XCELITE, INCORPORATED ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK Canada: Charles W. Pointen, Ltd., Toronto WHOLE DIAMOND \\ WELDED CHIP WHICH FOR YOU? See the difference. There are two kinds of diamond needles. One has the whole diamond, 2/3 embedded in its metal holder; the other has a mere chip, welded on with all the diamond chip visible. Since it is possible for heat or gas to cause bubbles when the welding is done, it is also possible for the slightest jar to break off the chip. The guaranteed whole diamond in Duo - tone's Needle "that remembers" can't break off! Hand polished! Hand set! Free warning when it's worn! 4 ways better! DUOTONEKEYPORT,N.1. PREFERRED BY THE EXPERTS DON'T THROW OLD RADIOS AWAY! Here's the data you need to fix them FAST ... and good as new! dust look up the how -ter do -it data ,u that old radio you ant to !ix! Four times owl of 5, th s glatit, 31- pound, 744-page Obiranli BAUD) TItt it'It ,ERII/)UTEIt'S HANDBOOK Mires exailly the infonnat lot you need to Ix It In a jiffy. Tells what Is likely to he rousing the trouble shows how to fix 11. No useless testing. No wasted lime. Handbook rowers practically e, ery radio rec,iv,'r model made by 2112 mauufaet urers between 1925 and 1942. Using it, men beginners call easily Its old sets which might otherwise be thrown MVO' beeanse serelie Informal ion Ix larking. With a few simple repairs, most of these old son 1101 hr 1 :h le I n operate. perferny for Yeals to co . THE ONLY GUIDE OF ITS KIND! Cuts service time in half! Included u n ,,ii trouble synn, to is not Iheir ndirs for are 4.500 motels of 1,1,1 hume, auto radius and roomed change re: Airline, Apex, Arvin. Atwater lient. Itelmom, Rosit,. Itrminwiek. Clarion, 1 niste'. Emrn,ny Fada, O.K. Kookier, \luieslir. Motorola. Mateo, l'1litt, Ito 'A. Si h erl, nm'. Snarlon, t u, be re n t diaen: Iurlin It. Inunlr. I' tf P:, c,.. nfa'i s alun Lt.,. luira and ",nn - mon.r,, !I.rIi. r.nt .Inr, ni ' TRY IT 10 DAYS ... see for yourself! rDept RN-59, RINEHART & CO., INC. 232 Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y. Sind I: hi ra titi'. It.x D IO 'rimy ItL1- .S11UnTEIt'e HANDBOOK for in -day free examination. If I de- cide to keep book. I will then remit the full price of only Au,.Si Ales po.tagr. tit herwiae, I will return hunk pas4ntid and owe yon nothing. (SAVE:! Send #0.511 with order and we Day Anslag.. .aloe return prit Iles, with n1 .ia t tr.-funded . ., \I I l' I'l') Z, IN E. STATF OUTSIDE U.S.A.-Price 57.00 cork oitk order only .money bark II book Ir r, rllrnrd In 10 days. 147

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