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Electronics-World-1959-05 UNBEATABLE! SPAULDING " STRATO- TOWER" FEATURING THE 11 ALL NEW SCREW ANCHOR BASE L No Concrete Necessary 2. Completely Self- Supporting 3. Unconditionally Guaranteed Base more satisfactory than concrete or your money back) 4. Absolutely No Hole Ta Dig S. Fast Installation ... Base in 15 Min., Tower in 90 Min. (2 men 6. One Base Fits All Tower Sizes To 48 Ft. 7. Tower Completely Galvanized 8. All Riveted Construction 9. Beaded Channel leg (Will not rust inside like tubular type towers) No. X4OB (ILLUSTRATED) 40 FT. HIGH LIST '101.00 OTHER MODELS FROM I FT. TO El FT. U. S. Potent No. 2806560 How Tower Mounts On Screw Anchor Base WRItE today for complete hter ature and details on where to get Spaulding StratoTowers for TV- Hom -Civil Defense - Industrial Communico- ions. SPAULDING PRODUCTS COMPANY 550 West earner Street Frankfort, Indiana IN CANADA. Delhi Metal Products Co., Delhi, Ontario 14 OUR "SOUND" CHART To the Editors: With reference to your February issue, we would like you to send us 50 copies of the "Sound" fold -out page. We are exclusive RCA Industrial Sound Contractors, and these would be of tremendous value to our technicians. ROBERT MARTIN, President Otto K. Olesen Electronics Inc. Montebello, California To the Editors: We would like to compliment you on the design chart entitled "Sound" in your February issue. This is indeed an excellent presentation and is especially helpful in my occupation. In fact, I liked this chart so much that I would like to distribute copies to my staff. I would, therefore, be most appreciative if you could provide me with 30 additional copies. LESLIE C. HEARTZ Colonel, USAF Deputy for Communications & Electronics United States Air Force Richards -Gebaur Air Force Base, Missouri To the Editors: Can you tell me what you would charge for 3000 to 5000 reprints of the "Sound" gatefold? HAROLD GLICKMAN Harold Glickman Advertising Boston, Massachusetts We were certainly pleased with the excellent response that this gatefold produced. Single copies of the chart are available at a price of $.15 each while a lower cost is available on quantity orders. Address your inquiry to the Editorial Department of ELEC- TRONICS WORLD, One Park Art-nue, New York 16, New York. -Editor.,. "SPRA -KOAT CIRCUIT COOLER" To the Editors: In Mac's Service Shop in your January issue, mention is made of General Cement's "Spra -Koat Circuit Cooler." I would like to express deep concern about the use of this "Freon" gas. My trade is refrigeration and I have a strong basic knowledge of the various refrigerants that are used. The manufacturers of "Freon" give many wonderful characteristics of this gas as compared to others used for refrigeration. However, they fail to mention that when exposed to open flame or high heat, "Freon" may break down into toxic gases of chlorine and phosgene. Spraying a cloud of gas onto a hot tube may wreck the envelope and, from our Readers if the serviceman is in a small area, the toxic gases produced may be very dangerous. Also. if the technician is smoking, this may be disastrous, especially if one man tries to demonstrate the effect of a cold north wind on the back of another man's neck at the same time. Finally, if the container is inverted, there is a chance of squirting a stream of liquid "Freon" which will burn the skin. HENRY BOYCE San Leandro, California Although Mac's Service Shop did point out quite a few of the precautions mentioned by Reader Boyce, we forwarded his letter to General Cement. They in turn sent it along to Du Pont's Freon Products Division. A small portion of their reply is as follows.- Editors. Dear Mr. Boyce: Your experiences with "Freon" refrigerant and the anticipated experience of someone using "Freon" from the "Spra- Koat Circuit Cooler" package are quite different. It is true that, although the "Freon" compounds are nonflammable. practically odorless. and are virtually nontoxic, they do decompose when heated to sufficiently high temperature. In the case of "Freon -12," the temperature of decomposition is just slightly over 1000 °F, as shown in the Underwriters' Laboratory report attached. It is true that the portion of "Freon-12" which is exposed to this temperature or higher will decompose into halogen gases, including hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, and slight traces of phosgene. These gases give ample warning of their presence because of their extreme pungent odor. The circumstances in refrigeration service work which are most responsible for producing these halogen products are the conditions where a halide torch is used for refrigerant leak detection or when service lines containing refrigerant gas are being soldered or welded. In this latter condition, I might also point out that the decomposition products of certain soldering fluxes, lubricant, and miscellaneous materials also produce unpleasant and sometimes dangerous -to- inhalation gases. For this reason, it should be a part of every refrigeration serviceman's training that whenever leak testing or soldering operations are to be carried out on refrigeration equipment, adequate ventilation must be supplied. The situation is quite different when using the "Spra-Koat Circuit Cooler." First of all, the temperature of hot parts in radio and television equipment ELECTRONICS WORLD

THE FISHER Complete Stereo Receiver Eves ything You Need ON ONE COMPACT CHASSIS! THE FISHER 600 INCLUDES: STEREO FM -AM TUNER STEREO MASTER AUDIO CONTROL TWO 20 -WATT AMPLIFIERS Price 5l,ghrh Higher it, the rar Wert NEVER BEFORE IN OUR TWENTY -ONE YEAR HISTORY has there been a public reaction so overwhelming as that lavished on the brilliant FISHER 600 -first presented at the California high fidelity shows. And there is a reason ! The FISHER 600 is the first complete stereophonic receiver -everything you need, on one compact chassis: Stereo FM -AM tuners, Stereo Master Audio Control, two 20 -watt Amplifiers. Simply connect two speaker systems and a turntable -and you have a magnificent stereophonic installation. The tens of thousands of visitors to our display rooms were uniformly impressed by the sheer beauty, and simplicity, of this incredibly flexible instrument. They were equally impressed by the demonstrations of the sensitivity of the FM tuner, which effortlessly brought in virtually all of the FM stations serving the area, even though the "600" was being operated at the very center of :he second floor of a fourteen story hotel, and at least 150 feet from the street. But the performance of Fisher tuners is already legendary. In the professional and quality field, more people own Fisher tuners than all other makes combined! For the complete story and specifications on the world's first and finest stereophonic receiver, please write us today. FISHER RADIO CORPORATION 21 -38 44TH DRIVE L. I. CITY 1, N.Y. Export: Morhan Exporting Corp., 458 Broadway, New York 13, N. Y. May, 1959 1S

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