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2.95 1 Amps;

2.95 1 Amps; Advance POWER SUPPLY KIT BARGAIN! Primary IISV, 60 Cy. Sec., 400.0-400 V. t 200 Ma., 6.3 CT Amp., S VCT 2 Amp std. Ä 200 and Mltl 1600 VNo,I on,ftrns .Nit S7.50 DC Power Supply Pit 24°VDC-2eamp ..53.95 BUYS s e . RELAYS ... BUYS 110 VAC SIGMA 1F. 2 PDT. Ward 24VAC or8VDC 53.25 51.49 S hey der w tsfmr for Dons* 4.15 110 VAC 1.89 12 PDT Duno.. 10.50 SIGMA 5F 6 VDC. PAE. 16.000 -ohm Plate 12 VDC °PDT plus pulLin 11 2 Ma. IA SPST 10 amp contact 1.35 6 1C contacts .53.95 LARGE STOCK AC, DC RELAYS ********Solenoids * * * * * * ** 115V 60 Cyc cont. duty. 18 Lb. ull .. . each 55.50 2 for 510.001 24V 230V SORENO IN STOCK! STEPPING RELAYS Resettable type. 3 deck, 10 McELROY pos, 24 VDC.... a. 58.95 2 deck. t ° 58.95 TAPE PULLER S deck. 23 pos, reset no I6 deck. 22 Po! 522.50 AC-DC. . $9.95 CHOKES FULLY CASED 6 ky, 100 Ma .51.09 R I.y. 100 Ma.. 1.49 8 by, 200 ma.. 1.89 10 1.y. 150 Ma.. 2.19 20 Hy, 300 Ma.. K.95 22 hy. 100 Ma.. 2.59 Signal Corps Earphones H I.l mpetl ace Dual Headset, plete w/ headband & Cord. Used -terrific Value $1.19 Per Set 2 for $3.29 * * * * ** Transformers * * * * ** I ALL WITH 110 VOLT PRIMARY ! 6.3 V FILAMENT 3 Amp 51.89 35 Amp 57.50 1 Amp 1.29 25 A 7V. 2 A 1.19 20 Amp ... 3.J 2 A P.- 1.29 11.I INCH DUAL FREQUENCY METER! JOT model. 15 FHAC. Indicates at 60.cyc. and 400 -cye. Used as frequency standard. $1.95 SCOOP! RG -8/U CO -AX CABLE 52.oM1m ,m c.tlance, 100 -I1. length 56.75 NG 59A U p (72 -ohm) with male and female connectors. 50 -It. coils 52.45 ea. OIL CONDENSER BARGAINS, !SPECIAL'' Soh mid 500 VOC 52.95 2 MIO 600 VDC .45 Mla 1500 VDC $2.95 4 MId 600 VDC .75 1 MIO 1300 VDC 3.75 6 Mid 600 VDC .90 1 Mid 1500 VDC 2.95 10 Mld 600 VDC 1.10 MIO 2000 VOC 1.50 12 MId 600 VOC 1.35 Mid 2000 VDC 2.75 20 MIO 650 VDC 2.75 Mid 3000 VDC 1.85 1 Mid 1000 VDC .60 Mld 4000 VDC 5.75 2 Ma 1000 VDC .75 Mid 5000 VDC 6.75 Mld 1000 VDC 1.25 Mld 6000 VDC 5.95 O MIO 1000 VDC 1.60 Mid 7500 VDC 6.95 10 MIO 1000 VDC 2.50 2 Mid 10000 VDC 39.50 15 Mid 1000 VDC 2.45 1 Mld 12500 VDC 24.50 4 M 1500 VDC 1.75 2 Mld 12500 VDC 32.50 * * * *G. E. RELAY CONTROL * * ** (Ideal for Mode Controls, Etc.) Contains sigma s m midget 8.000 ohm, relay (trips at less than 2 MA). high impedance choke, bimetal pilot and ive l eaal relay worth oh ucee more tlathe t.d low $1.10 Each 101pr$9.15 SPECIAL! PANEL METERS ISPECIAL., 115 Volt 1111" Net. mele. m 58.62 c $9.50 1" METERS 3" METERS 0.200 Micro ....53.95 0 -20 Microamps..59.5 0.1 Ma 3.50 0.100 Microamps. 5.45 0.200 Microamps. 5.45 2" METERS 0.8 VAC 3.45 0.1 Na 53.25 0.150 VAC 0 -1.5 amps 8F 2.95 O -1 Ma .45 0 -3 amps RF 3.95 0-5 Ma 3.45 0 -4 amps RE .. . O -]OMa 3.3 0-200 Micro, rub- 0.100 Ma 3.5 ber nt 2.95 0-30 Ma 3.25 0 -300 VAC 3.25 -10.0 to *8 DR (Weston) .50 0 -2 KV °C. w,shunt 0 -15 KV DC. 3" /shun 0.31 2 KV, 3 ", w /shunt 2" 75 Microamps Null Indicator 115 V. 60 Cyc. SELSYNS II RUNNING TIME Useful an- METER tenna e . tors, etc. 0-9999.9 110 V. 60 c c each $ 9.50 0.250 Ma 3.45 200 -0.200 VDC 3.45 0 -5 amp, AC. 3.5 0 -300 DC amps. with shunt 6.50 55.95 6.25 6.25 5.75 SELENIUM RECTIFIERS FULL WAVE ERIDGE 30.36 VAC i, 1 24 -28 VOC out put. s,2AAmp ..51.19 150 Ma 110V ..51.29 ea0.5o 1., Amp., pr./ $9.50 y 110V ..55.19 Special on - .. POWER SUPPLIES! All PRI l'J V AC: SEC - PRI-115 V"NCytSE`se- 040 -0- O V 30 SO-D-SO V 0 Ma. 212 V CT 10 MA; 5. 6 5 V 86 Amps: 1-6.3 CT Amps CT; 12 V 5 AmPs: I-6.3 CT Amps; 0 V .. SO MA, I 6.3 Hr c'oki' 7 A 10 Ma. 6003V 2 10 Hy choke pg 2-6sMId. 1500 V Cal. 3 5"'s $21.95 2 7.836., $23.95 ***** GR-VARIACS **** 152 110 220 AC I .270 V A 2 Amps NEW Fully Cased. W Dial. 6 C Ft. Line Cord. Recels. And On 011 Switch. Or,mnal Ctn. $16.95 Mu, 53.00 -25°e h order F.O.B. New York O IO DAY GUAR. PRICE OF NOSE. ONLY Advance Electronics 6 West Broadway New York 7, N. Y. REctor 2.0270 visual power output when driven by the 10 -watt unit, operates on any u.h.f. channel (14 through 83), and provides correct drive impedance and low input v.s.w.r. All critical circuits are metered. The translator is designed for both black- and -white and color transmissions. A 12 -page brochure describing this and other units in the company's line of translators will be forwarded on request. NEW PRECISION Y.O.M. Precision Apparatus Company, Inc., 70 -31 84th Street, Glendale 27, Long Island. N. Y. is now offering a new version of its Model 120 v.- o.m. for applications i11 industry, laboratories, technical schools, and service shops. Newly incorpo- rated into the Model 120 is a chrome-mirrored scale plate which makes possible high accuracy readings by eliminating parallax. Also new is the d.c. polarity reversing switch whereby the number of ranges is increased from 44 to 59. The a.c. and db frequency response has been widened so that it is now flat from 15 to 100,000 cps ±1 db. Other features of the instrument are the same as the earlier version. For complete specs on this v.o.m., write direct to the manufacturer. NEW WESTON PANEL UNITS Weston Instruments, division of Daystom, Incorporated, Newark, N. J. introduced several new and improved models of its panel instruments at the IRE Convention in New York. The newest units include a.c. and d.c. models in the 219" to 7" class and feature "Cormag" mechanism for posi- tive shielding from external magnetic fields. In addition, the new instru- ---: MI11IaMPERES ments provide longer scale lengths, shadow -free scale illumination, interchangeable components, and accuracy ranging from ±.5 per cent to ±2 per -cent. The unit shown in the photograph is the Model 1741, a 41,'2" d.c. panel instrument in the "Crown" series. This unit is representative of the line both in over -all design and general construction. For full details on this and other meters in the company's new line, write the manufacturer direct. -- 'O for the camera fan INTERESTING, INFORMATIVE ZIFF -DAVIS PHOTO ANNUAL YOU'RE SURE TO ENJOY! COLOR'. ANNUAL COLOR ANNUAL now on Sale only $1.25 everywhere Poplar I'holo,dr, phR7'.y 19.19 (111.011 II .\X NI'. \1. is one of the (91St sliding photographie achievements el the year! Over 174 pages -including the years hest color shots, pert folios of leading pros. egllipnlnt nod Bories review. 1 big International l'rl folio. Don't miss the exciting 1959 COLOR ANN I'. \L! R --A----D// 800 PAGES BUY DIRECT I5th Edition IO $7.50 FROM YOUR FAVORITE DEALER y FREE "G. E. 15 MINUTES TO STEREO" with each GC -7 Cartridge GC -7 Golden Classic Stereo Cartridge with .1 mil Diamond Stylus No C.O.D.s Cash Price S23.75 NORMAN ELECTRONIC SUPPLY Co., Inc. 402 Wall Joplin, Missouri ELECTRONICS PREPARE FOR A GOOD JOB! BROADCAST ENGINEER RADIO SERVICING AUTOMATION TELEVISION SERVICING BLACK & WHITE -COLOR APPROVED FOR VETERANS AND SURVIVORS OF VETERANS BUILDING AIR CONDITIONED SEND FOR FREE LITERATURE BALTIMORE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE I425 EUTAW PLACE, BALTIMORE 17. MD. ELECTRONICS WORLD

. , nr ^' 5159.50 I -, Hi -Fi Test Report (Continued froni page 59) resonance effect could have been designed out of the pickup. but in doing this the manufacturer feels that the quality of reproduction in the rest of the audio spectrum would deteriorate. Since most current stereo records do not go much beyond 10,000 cps, this resonance does not have much effect. One thing that it does do is that it emphasizes record scratch noise. Our tests were made using a 33,000 -ohm load and. although the manufacturer recommends a load resistance from 27.000 to 47,0(0 ohms. we believe that the best operation is with the lower figure. At this value the response of this cartridge can probably be within ±2 db from 30 to 15,000 cps. The outputs from both channels were within 1 db of each other. Channel separation is about the highest that we have run across to date, being 24.5 db at 1000 cps. The output of 8.8 mv. per channel is as high as any we have checked. These figures were taken with 5 grams stylus pressure on a disc having a recorded velocity of 5 cm. -per- Sec. The hum was found to be about the same as other cartridges we have tested with our particular turntable and general set up. With the high -frequency tone control cutting the highs down slightly, we found this cartridge pleasant to listen to and clean. It is available at a cost of $29.85, audiophile net. -30- HI- PLAINS HAMFEST year's Ili -Plains Amateur Radio TITIS Club llandest has been set for Sunday May 17th at the Auditorium in Plains, Kai'sas. All hams and SQ'1: s are invited to attend. The registr fee is 81.50 and no pre-registra t' is required. If you are in the neighbor) 1 -drop in. This is the Tenth Annual Manifest sponsored by the group and, as in pre - Y' years, mana valuable prizes await those attending the affair. Answer fo Puzzle appearing on page 119 P E N T L E A R G O T E P A T P I N V E L E M N T O P A T D R E M O 0 D N N E May, 1959 I A N C S W E E P T A G M R P N H E X T R G T C A T H O D E E I P M A S T R 0 P O H +N C B I A S W E R 0 + V I T Y T R A L O D O U B N B A N O D E D S A P A Al T R I O U L D E C T I F I E R S P A C E mobile radio is bursting at the seams 105 -B MICROMETER FREQUENCY METER Heterodyne type, measures nearby transmitters 100 KC to 175 MC (to 3000 MC by measuring multiplier stages of crystal -controlled transmitters). Price $220.00 net. $500 per month? That's a conservative income from mobile -radio equipment needs maintenance! regular. careful maintenance LAMPKIN test equipment is preferred by most mobile engineers! Send for free booklet fell. ing how you can earn money in mobile -radio maintenance. LAMPKIN LABORATORIES, INC. MFM Division BRADENTON, FLORIDA Mobile Radio Eguipt.- Recond. -Mfd. by Link (Mobile literature available on request.) Trans. modi. MODEL 2210 bed in am 152 -162 MC th alatestt FM MOBILE TRANS. FCC Reg. for :óñ3 em,s & REC. -6 VOLTS r (_s .. 1?,v T_y r ' 1 ..10E07.. : MODEL 2210 -121' E Ialim,. ially ..ation C oln plete With antenna, cables. trooI head. mike \ crystals around to your specific fremten- y. Ready for Immediate Instal - Spe- $139.50 priced S182 SO MODEL 2365 FM MOBILE TRANS. 8 REC. .t,. $119.50 MODEL 2365 1_, ..illun $149.50 MODEL FMTR 30-50 MC FM MOBILE TRANS. & REC. -6 VOLTS Unitka. .. .. ...f'Sl109.95 MODEL FMTR -1 21. operation $149.95 SPECIAL! Link 30.50140 Receiver SPECIAL! 152 -174 MC Receiver Alcove receivers r vaal control r replete with ers tal. c ,lOri leu cable & moniker. To your Ire. i.e.,. ronituercial.type. Rea udltione,l. 6V- S89.S0 12V- 57650 SPECIAL! RCA Factory Sealed GARAGE DOOR RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM HI rolled freq. range 27.255 Me. Choir' u:I ode" frequencies. Trans., Rec., Cables, -Antenna. Package Isisir of l'nirrrsat operation 6 or 12 V. Unbelievable ,aloeworth $125 $35.00 a Additional Trans. for above system. Can also he adapted for many other uses. Limited town( i I Y . $ 13.50 SPECIAL! 17 L85. of Assorted $1,59 RADIO PARTS. A n, r away at... Like r BC -221 FREQUENCY METER fief., ,w rl.,. $99.50 MODUL A I ED -TYPE 5139.50 MOaUIni ED -TYPE .viii( AC Power io I ' Include 25o6 deposit with orde- balance COD. 50c handrnn char, on an under 55.00. All shipments FOB our warehouse. . NYC. PLATT ELECTRONICS CORP. 20 Murray St., N. Y. 7, N. Y., COrtlandt 7.2575 205 -A FM MODULATION METER Measures peak deviation, plus or minus, on 0.12.5 or 0 -25.0 KC scales. Tunable 25 -500 MC in one band. Small, rugged. Price 5240.00 net. LAMPKIN LABORATORIES, INC. MFM Division, Bradenton, Florida At no obligation to me, please send Free booklet Data on Lompkin meters. Name Address_ City - Slate PUT YOUR OSCILLOSCOPE TO WORK! Learn fo use the handiest service instrument of all! ,d ,kill-! rid it I full)' nn the dozens to it can do better than other service instrument Handle lobs twice as 11151 -and tot, noire pr, lit ll,h. 7'lli, big hook. )1,,1,1 Os1'I1.1.oSrOI'f :, F.1 It USES .h'. host . in a stay 1101 call really understand. Clearly and simply, it explain, exactly shert anti how to list' your 'scope on all types of AM, FM :Ind T\' service from I rouhteshout ing to set realigning and every- thing in between. No fancy theory. You quickly learn to make connections: huw to ad.i cot circuit component.; how to set the controls: anti how to an- alyze patterns fast and right! New scot. iii even rovers quantitative nleasurelurnts- -the slickest method of locating litany color 'l'l' troubles and aligning sets properly. 0a, do ha. :121; p.u,. :Ind aTa clear 'denims inrlud r --- l PRACTICE IO DAYS FREE! - - - -1 Dept. RN -59, RINEHART & CO.. Inc. 232 Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y. and )11111íS Os1I.IA 'SCOPES .]U TII1:111 USES fur In -,day FItr :E i-N.XNIN.VrION. If I d'- ridr In kern book. I will then a mil y n plu+ Tectage In full payment. If not. I will return hook post paid and , you nothing. I sccl .\ Send $6.30 with order and wt' pay' postage. Same return Prtl llege.t Nam.. A,l.lres, I'ily'. Zone. Slate Price hock /k,a TSñsP returned h er in 10 153

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