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Electronics-World-1959-05 ELECTRONICS MARKET PLACE RATE: 50c per word. Minimum 10 words. July 1959 Issue closes May I Itk. Send order and remittance to ELECTRONICS WORLD. One Park Ave.. N. Y. C. 16. N. Y. RADIO ENGINEERING ELEC1RONiuI %.,w del;rce 2y months. Technicians, field engineers, specialists in communications, missiles, computers, radar automation. Start September, February, Valparaiso Technical Institute. Dept. N, Valparaiso, Indiana. FOR SALE TELEVISION Sets $9.95. Plus shipping. Jones TV, Sanatoga, Pa. DIAGRAMS for repairing radios $1.00. Television $2.00. Give make, model. Diagram Service. Box 672 -RN, Hartford 1, Conn. RADIO & TV Tubes at manufacturers prices. Guaranteed -Send for free price lists. Edison Electronic Tube Co., Menlo Park, N. J. TELEVISION & Radio Tubes, Parts and Supplies Guar anteed. Hi- Quality Tube Co., Inc.. 284 Lafayette St.. Rahway, New Jersey. TUBES -Radio -Television, Guaranteed big discount. Atom Tube Co., Inc., 1709 Lawrence Street, Rahway. New Jersey. Distributorship openings at present. INDIVIDUAL Front Panels, Preformed Chassis, XXXP PC Boards Made To Order. All Cutouts. Markings And Calibrations included. Panels Sprayed And Screen Printed. Kits And Projects Assembled. Send Specifications Or Magazine Layout For Quotation. Electronic Aids, Box 137, Stamford, Conn. ALL Models Black And White Flyback Transformers Rewound $5.95 Postpaid If Remittance Accompanies Order. Tee Vee Components, Box 263. Akron, Indiana. GOVERNMENT Sells -Surplus Electronics; Walkie -TaIkies; Transceivers; Test Equipment: Oscilloscopes: Radar; Voltmeters; Misc- Fraction of Army costs -Buy direct now from U. S. Government -"Depot List & Procedure" $1.00- Brody, Box 8 -RT, Sunnyside 4, New York. MILITARY communications receivers such as 388's 389's, 390's, 511's, both sold and serviced. Gizmos & Such, Still River, Massachusetts. GOVERNMENT Surplus Snooperscopes, parabolic reflectors, Receivers, Transmitters. Picture list IOC. Meshna. 580 N. Lynn, Malden 48, Mass. TUBES -TV, Radio, Transmitting And Industrial Types At Sensibly Low Prices. New, Guaranteed, 1st Quality. Top Name Brands Only. Write For Free Catalog or Call WAlker 5.7000 Barry Electronics Corp., 512 Broadway, New York 12 -N, N. Y. 304TL Tubes $7.95; Four $28.95; JRJRCO, 201 Fern - wood, Evansville, Ind. PROFITABLE! Make, Repair, Service Fluorescent Fixtures -Free Catalog. Shoplite, 650N Franklin, Nutley 10, New Jersey. TUBE Testers. Quick Check Type For Use In Drug Stores. One to five machines: $95.00. Five to ten machines: $89.00, Ten to twenty machines: $79.00. All new. Tangent Electric Company, 251 Beachwood Drive, East Greenwich, Rhode Island. COAXIAL Cable: New surplus, 58U, RG54AU, 30' 1.00, six 30' lengths 5.00, prepaid. B. Farmer, Plainview. Texas. PRINTED Circuit Kit Complete $1.00.- Hazelton Scientific, 9611 -N Hazelton, Detroit 39B. TUBES -Radio & Television. Also Picture Tubes, one year Guarantee. RAD -R Tube Co., P.O. Box 27, Rahway, New Jersey. TORTODS: Clean 88 mhy uncased. Dollar each. Five $4.00 PP. LaPaul, 101 Starview, San Francisco. WANTED LABORATORY Quality Equipment and Military Surplus Electronics bought, sold. Engineering Associates, 432 Patterson Road, Dayton 9, Ohio. SURPLUS Measurement Model 78 or 80 Signal Gen - ,ators. Also Federal 804. State Quantity, Price And Condition. Communications Service, Inc., 3209 Canton, Dallas. Texas. CYLINDER and old disc phonographs. Edison Conqueror, ldelia, and Oratorio models. Berliner Gramophones and Zono -o- phones, Columbia cylinder Grapho phones, and coin -operated cylinder phonos. Want old catalogues and literature on early phonos prior to 1919. Will pay cash or trade late hi -fi components. U.L.C., 1 Park Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. CASH Paid! Sell your surplus electronic tubes. Want unused, clean transmitting, special purpose, receiving, TV types, magnetrons, Klystrons, broadcast. etc. Also want military & commercial lab test and communications gear. We swap too, for tubes or choice equipment. Send specific details in first letter. For a fair deal write, wire or telephone Barry, 512 Broadway, New York 12, N. Y. WAlker 5-7000. TUBES Wanted: Receiving, transmitting, special purpose, any type, make, quantity. Must be clean. Highest prices paid. Write, wire, or phone J.S.H. Electronics Co., 1108 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles 15, Calif. Richmond 9 -7644. NOTICE In replying to box numbers be sure to address letters to ELECTRONICS WORLD I Park Ave. New York 16. N. Y. Note: This does not apply to box numbers where city and state are shown. TAPE & RECORDERS RECORDERS, Tape Decks, Stereo. Tapes, Accessories, Excellent Values, Catalogue. Efsco, 270S Concord, West Hempstead, N. Y. AMPEX, Concertone, Crown, Ferrograph, Presto, Tand - berg, Pentron, Bell, Sherwood, Rek0Kut, Dynakit, Others. Trades. Boynton Studio, 1ORT Pennsylvania. Yonkers, N. Y. TAPE Recorders, HI -Fl Components. Sleep Learning Equipment, Tapes. Unusual Values. Free Catalog. Dressner, 69 -02R 174 St., Flushing 65, N. Y. RECORDERS, HiFi, Tapes, Free Wholesale Catalog. Carston, 215 -R East 88 St., N. Y. C. 28. TAPES get misplaced? . Reversed? Try our removable Labels. Send $1.25 to: Color -Coded Labels. Route 1, Madison, Wisc. HIGH -FIDELITY UNUSUAL Values. Hi -Fi components, Tapes, and Tape Recorders. Free catalogue. Stereo Center, 51 W. 35 St., N. Y. C. 1. PRICES? The Best! Factory -sealed Hi -Fi Components? Yes! Send for free catalog. Audion. 25T Oxford Road, Massapequa, N. Y. DISGUSTED with "Hi" Hi -Fi Prices? Unusual Discounts On Your High Fidelity Requirements. Write. Key Electronics, 120 Liberty St., New York 6, N. Y. EVergreen 4 -6071. INDUCTORS for Crossover Networks. 118 types in stock. Send for brochure, C & M Coils. 3016 Holmes Avenue, N.W., Huntsville, Ala. HI -FI Converter. Console sound from your radio, television set, or record player, with new speaker system kit. Write for free folder. Windhaven Radio, Box 15C- 74, Baroda, Michigan. REPAIRS and SERVICING ALL Makes High Fidelity Speakers Repaired. Amprite, 70 Vesey St., N. Y. 7, N. Y. BA 7 -2580. SCHEMATIC, Repair instructions, Hi -Fi's, T.V.'s, Radio's, Phonographs. Tape Recorders, 99C. Send Make, Model, Number. "Radio Coop" Box 5938, K. C. 11, Missouri. RECORDS LP RECORDS. Stereodiscs, Stereotapes, 20% Discount. Catalog 30C, SWRS 1108 Winbern, Houston, Texas. INSTRUCTION FIFTEEN Month Eler tronics Course. Laboratory Equipment, Test Equipment and Study material all furnished for ten dollars monthly. Diploma Awarded. Ohio Valley Electronics School, Box 4004, Parkersburg, West Virginia. 1959 INDUSTRY Training. Home -Study. Drafting, Design, Electronics. Aero Tech, 2162-ID Sunset Blvd.. Los Angeles 26, Calif. CALCULUS, Practical, Easy Lessons. First Four $1, Space -Age Mathco, 4256 -3 Minmor, Cincinnati 17. Ohio. USED Correspondence Courses and Books sold and rented. Money back guarantee. Catalog Free. (Courses Bought.) Lee Mountain, Pisgah, Alabama. ENGINEERING Degrees Earned through Home Study - Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Physics. When writing, specify course desired. Pacific International College of Arts and Sciences, primarily a correspondence school. Residence classes also carried. 5719 -C Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood 38, California. HELP WANTED WANT a Good Job ?? High Pay ?? Overseas -U.S.A. All Occupations. Free Information. Employment Headquarters, 79 Wall Street, Dept. 4 -N, New York 5. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FRANCHISES available in seleLted areas to operate radio, television and electronics schools. Nominal investment, annual potential $50,000 to $200,000. Box 569 c/o Electronics World, One Park Avenue, New York 16, New York. RADIO Parts Stores & Hi -Fi Salons! Someone "Borrowing" your personal copy of Electronics World each month? You ought to be taking advantage of Elec. tronics World's convenient re -sale plan. Sell copies in your store . . . perform a good service for your customers with no risk involved. For details. write: Direct Sales Department. Electronics World, One Park Avenue, New York 16, New York. 156 ELECTRONICS WORLD

17 .100 88 EARN Extra money selling advertising book matches. Free samples furnished. Motchcorp, Dept. MD -59, Chicago 32, Illinois. MISCELLANEOUS ENGRAVED callplates for your Citizen's Band and Amateur station. Details free. The Radio Stationers, Brandywine, Maryland. WRITE to Dick's, 62 Cherry Avenue, Tiffin, Ohio, for complete list of aluminum angle, channel, castings, plain and perforated sheet, and complete beam kits. SHOPPING GUIDE Classified A HANDY GUIDE TO PRODUCTS. NOT NECESSARILY ELECTRONIC, BUT OF WIDE GENERAL INTEREST. PHOTOGRAPHY -FILM, EQUIPMENT, SERVICES SAVE $$$. Fresh 8mm. 16mm. B & W and color film. Home Processing Equipment. Free Catalog. Superior Bulk Film Co., 442-444 N. Wells, Chicago 10. MOVING? Make sure you notify our subscription department about any change of address. Be sure to include your postal zone number as well as both old and new addresses. Please allow four weeks' time for processing. ELECTRONICS WORLD 434 South Wabash Avenue Chicago 5, Illinois MISCELLANEOUS HOME Brewed Wines, Beers. Complete Book $1.00. ABC Publications, Box 849, San Francisco 1 -DN, California. ANODIZED Aluminum Nameplates. Any color. Company letterhead brings sample. Mahler Research, Box 1159. New York 1, N. Y. OPTICAL Bargains -Request Free Giant Catalog "CJ." 96 pages -Astronomical Telescopes, Microscopes, Lenses, Binoculars, Kits, Parts. Amazing war surplus bargains. Edmund Scientific Co., Barrington, New Jersey. DECALS -Trademarks, Service, Sales, etc., Write Allied Decals, Inc., 8378 Hough, Cleveland. Ohio. SAVE Money! Don't Buy until you get Our price list! All types Radio & TV tubes at Mfrs. prices! 100% Guaranteed; 24 -Hour Service! Write United Radio Co.. Newark, N. J. MAKE $25 -$50 Week, clipping newspaper items for publishers. Some clippings worth $5.00 each. Particulars free. National, 81 -DG, Knickerbocker Station, New York. MAY 1959 ADVERTISER While every precaution is taken to insure cccuracy, we cannot guarantee against the possibility of an occasional change or omission in the preparation of this index. PAGE NO. Acro Products 128 Advance Electronics 152 Aires Radio Corporation 129 Alco Electronics Mfg. Co. 155 Allied Radio Corp. 9 92, 93 Amerpex Electronic Corp. SECOND COVER Arkay 125 Arrow Electronics Inc. 146 Ashe Radio Co., Walter 141 Atlas Sound Corp. 124 Audio Devices, Inc. 91 Audio Fair 146 B & K Manufacturing Co. 73 Bailey Technical Schools 137 Baltimore Technical Institute 152 Barry Electronics Corp. 154 Bell Telephone Laboratories 20 Blonder -Tongue Laboratories, Inc. 18 Bogen - Presto Co. 120 British Industries Corp. 94 CBS -Hytron C & H Sales Co. Canadian Institute of Science & 89, 129 110 Technology Ltd. 145 Candee Co., J. J. 118 Candler System Co. 146 Capitol Radio Engineering Institute 13 Carston Studios 154 Century Electronics Co.. Inc. 108, 109 Champion DeArmen+ Tool Company.... 138 Channel Master Corp. .. . 22, 23 Cleveland Institute of Radio Electronics. 25 Columbia Electronics 118 Communication Equip. Co. 142 Cornell -Dubilier Electric Corporation 26 Coyne Electrical School 115, 142 Customode Electronics, Corp. 146 Delco Radio 12 DeVry Technical Institute 5 Dressner 154 Duotone 147 Dynaco Inc. 127 Editors and Engineers, Ltd. 152 EICO 33, 34, 119 Electro- Voice, Inc. FOURTH COVER Electronic Chemical Corp 121 ADVERTISER PAGE NO. Electronic Kits #2 140 Electronics World Classified Information 154 Electronics World Stereo Discs 149 Electronics World Subscriptions 143 Erie Resistor Corporation 94 Essco 154 Fair Radio Sales 148 Ferrodynamics Corporation . Fisher Radio Corporation 15, 28 G & G Radio Supply Co. 131 Garrard Sales Corp. 121 Globe Electronics 137 Goodheart Co., R. E. 155 Grantham School of Electronics II Greenlee Tool Co. 142 Harvey Radio Co., Inc. 106 Heath Company 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86 Hi -Mu Electronics Sales Co. 134 Indiana Technical College 155 International Business Machines Corporation 30, 31 International Electronics Corp. . International Radio & Electronics Corp. 129 Key Electronics Co. 154 Krylon 151 Kuhn Electronics 146 Lafayette Radio 116, 117 Lampkin Laboratories, Inc. 153 Lektron 143 Mallory & Co., Inc., P. R. 10 Michigan Magnetics, Inc. 96 Micro Electron Tube Co. 115 Milwaukee School of Engineering 104 Monitoradio, Division of I.D.E.A., Inc. 24 Moss Electronic, Inc. 98, 99 National Radio Institute 3 National Schools . Norman Electronic Supply Co., Inc. 152 Oxford Components, Inc. 127 Paco Electronics Co., Inc. 16 Peak Electronics Company 150 Philco Technological Center 158 Pickering & Company, Inc. 127 ADVERTISER PAGE NO. Picture Tube Outlet 146 Pilot Radio Corporation 122 Platt Electronics Corp. 153 Popular Photography Color Annual 152 Qualify -Electronics 154 RCA Institute, Inc. 27 R W Electronics 144 Rad -Tel Tube Co. 139 Radio Corporation of America 32, 103, 135 Radio Shack Corporation 105 Rex Radio Supply Co. 145 Rinehart & Co., Inc. 147, 153 Rogers Manufacturing Co. 114 Rohn Manufacturing Company 87 Sams & Co., Inc., Howard W. 19, 102 Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. 8 Scribe Distributors Inc. 107 Seco Manufacturing Co. 118 Seg Electronics 139 Sonotone Corp. 90 Sparks Radio Supply 144 Spaulding Products Company 14 Sprayberry Academy of Radio -Television 21 Standard Surplus 114 Stereo -Ette Co., The 126 Stromberg- Carlson 95 Supreme Publications 151 Sylvania Electric Products Inc. ....6, 7, IOI Tap -A-Line Mfg. Co. 114 Telemarine Communications Co., Inc. 136 Terado Company 144 Texas Crystals 130 Tri -State College 144 Triplett Electrical Instrument Company THIRD COVER United Audio 97 University Loudspeakers, Inc. 123 Valparaiso Technical Institute 146 Vocaline Company of America Inc. . I I I Weston Instruments, Division of Daystrom, Inc. 107 World Radio Laboratories 145 Xcelite, Incorporated 147 Zalytron Tube Corp. 141 May, 1959 157

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