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j Learn TRANSISTOR, COMPUTER OR RADAR TECHNOLOGY at home Prepare now for advancement ... and for a secure and profitable career in one of these growing fields of electronics r L 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. CHOOSE FROM 6 PROVEN COURSES SEMICONDUCTORS -'transistor Principles and Practices. Learn 7- heory, construction, application of all types of transistors. INTRODUCTION TO ANALOG COMPUTERS -Covers theories and fundamentals ,,t all makes of analutt computers. ANALOG COMPUTER SYSTEMS (Advanced Level)- Covers the analog system tontepts and methods. AUTOMATIC DIGITAL COMPUTERS - Digital computer theory, maintenance, installation, programming. PRINCIPLES OF RADAR CIRCUITS AND EQUIPMENT- Introduction to, and dct.ulcd study of radar fundamentals. RADAR SYSTEMS PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES (Advanced Level) -Applications of radar components, systems, design ... performance measurement. MAIL COUPON TODAY FOR FULL INFORMATION PHILCO TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER 22nd and Lehigh Ave., Phila. 32, Pa. TCR-2 Please send free booklet and complete course information on subjects checked below. (No obligation) NAME 1. Semiconductors 2. Intro. to Analog Comp. 3. Analog Comp. Systems COMPANY ADDRESS CITY 4. Automatic Digital Comp. fl 5. Principles of Radar r: 6. Rodar Systems POSITION STATE J Expand your knowledge in one of these rapidly advancing fields of electronics and you'll be set for a secure and profitable future. Transistor technology is becoming one of the biggest fields in electronics. The use of automatic computers in automated factories, business offices and military systems is outpacing the technical manpower needed to build and maintain them. New developments in radar have given new life to this dynamic field. Electronics men are in demand, but it takes specialists to land the big jobs. Now's the time to prepare ... advance and prosper in this new era. Learn with proven home study courses from the Philco Technological Center Get a practical, working knowledge with proven courses developed by experts in the electronics industry ... men who know what kind of knowledge you need ... specialists in electronics and training. The Philco Technological Center is a department of Philco TechRep Division, one of the world's leading electronics field engineering organizations. Send for full details. No salesman will call. P H I L C O TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER 22nd and Lehigh Ave. Philadelphia 32, Pa. 158 PRINTED IN U.S.A. ELECTRONICS WORLD i .

W 4"kliallt OF : SY-1\1-131tt OF illtkiarzszvime THE WHEEL THE COLT 45 SIX -SHOOTER e0001 e 0000 1200 300 300-- -60 ii TRIPLETT MODEL 630 vorn preferred by the professional who insists on quality Popular streamlined tester with long meter scales arranged for easy reading Single control knob for all 34 ranges Easy Operation; Minimum burnout possibilities $44 NEOT Completely enclosed selector switch of molded construction; eliminates harness wiring Wide range -tests AC -DC volts (DC at 20,000 0/V); DC Microamperes, Milliamperes, and Amperes; Ohms (to 120 Megohms) Decibel and Output Heavy molded case /n" thick for high impact, fully insulated TRIPLETT ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT COMPANY BLUFFTON, OHIO

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