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Electronics-World-1959-05 a quarter - century of PRECISION know -how is now yours in FOR: electronic hobbyists and amateur radio hi -fi custom building and service science education and technical schools industrial testing and quality control P A o quality electronic equipment in KIT FORM PACO is the only line of test instrument kits engineered and produced under the auspices of a leading test equipment and meter manufacturer. and, you pay nothing extra for the convenience of buying PACO kits directly from your own local parts distributor. COMPARE PACO against any other kits for performance, appearance, ruggedness, ease of operation and simplicity of assembly and wiring. COMPARE PACO's superbly detailed, step -bystep instruction manuals and giant size wiring diagrams, against any you have ever seen. SEE HOW PACO sets an entirely new standard in electronic instrument kit design and kit assembly instruction. IA I r Available and on display at leading electronic parts distributors. Write low free descriptive bulletin. e -my- 4111 MODEL B -10 Battery Eliminator Kit less than 0.3% ripple output no external filters required Kit Net Price: $41.95 Wired: $49.50 rTi 9 MODEL C -20 Res -Cap -Ratio Bridge Kit 10 mmfd to 2000 mfd V2 ohm to 200 megs Kit Net Price: $20.95 Factory Wired: $31.50 : MODEL G -30 RF Signal Generator Kit 160 Kc to 240 Mc in 8 bands 120 Mc fundamental output Kit Net Price: $29.50 Factory Wired: $39.95 - MODEL M-40 High Sensitivity V -O -M Kit 20,000 ohms /volt DC 10,000 ohms /volt AC Kit Net Price: $31.50 Factory Wired: $37.50 n : e MODEL S -50 5" Cathode Ray Oscilloscope push -pull vertical and horizontal amplifiers Kit Net Price: Factory Wired: P A Kit $49.50 $84.50 MODEL S -55 Wideband 5" Oscilloscope response DC to 5 Mc push -pull V and H amplifiers Kit Net Price: $87.50 Factory Wired: $139.50 s ,*!r9I f- a- MODEL T -60 Tube Checker Kit full free -point lever selector system built -in roll chart Kit Net Price: $38.75 Factory Wired: $54.50 0 i MODEL T -65 Transistor and Crystal Diode Tester Kit testsIcoo,gain, leakage, etc. tests both p -n -p and n- p n types Kit Net Price: $39.95 Factory Wired: A' MODEL V.70 Vacuum Tube Voltmeter Kit wide -range peak -to -peak Kit Net Price: $31.50 Factory Wired: y47.50 6 .ï 1 1 MODEL Z-80 RF -AF Signal Tracer Kit high gain RF and AF amplifier visual and audible indicator Kit Net Price: $29.50 Factory Wired: $42.50 ELECTRONICS CO., INC. 70-31 84th Street, Glendale 27, L. I., New York Export: 458 B'way, N .Y. 13, U.S.A., Canada: Atlas Radio Corp.. Toronto 19. -`A DIVISION OF PRF, (I.S'IO.i APPARATUS COMPANY, INC. will not be sufficient to decompose the "Freon" during the test procedure. This is quite different from the instance of the halide torch where the refrigerant gas is actually passed through the torch flame. In radio and TV service operations, the hottest condition in the area would probably be the hot tip on a soldering iron. In my opinion, the normal precautions taken during any soldering operation, where ventilation is available is adequate to take care of any conceivable use of "Spra -Koat Circuit Cooler" in the electronic servicing area. You have raised the question of smoking in the presence of "Freon." This is certainly not advisable, but I would not associate the intermittent spray of "Freon" on a TV part for spot cooling as a condition which should prohibit smoking in the area. As a matter of fact, here again if concentration of "Freon" is such that smoking causes decomposition, the smoker experiences a very strong. unpleasant taste sensation which, long before it becomes harmful, will make him stop smoking. You mention horseplay in your letter. Of course. any horseplay is dangerous and unwise. Liquid "Freon" sprayed on the skin over a period of seconds could result in frostbite. A. H. LAWRENCE, JR., Manager Aerosol Propellent Sales E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. Wilmington. Delaware TRANSISTORIZED TACHOMETER To the Editors: I have constructed the "'Transistorized Tachometer" described in your January issue exactly as suggested, except that I used a 1N1508 International MZ 43 zener diode in place of the one suggested. After placing the unit in service. however, I observed the meter deflection varied up to about 40 per -cent as the temperature increased from about 20 °F to 75 °F. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have on eliminating the temperature effect. SIDNEY ARNOW Brooklyn, New York Some of our readers hare had difficulty in obtaining a source of supply for the zener diode mentioned in the article. Although the diode originally specified is listed in Allied Radio's latest semiconductor directory of instock items, we have learned that there is some lag in the delivery of these units from the manufacturer. We hope this situation is temporary and that the diode will be more readily available soon. Meantime, substitutions such as the one suggested above might be tried. Regarding Reader Arnow :s temperature problems. here is tvhat the author says.-Editors. Dear Mr. Arnow: The original experimental work on the tachometer was done in New England in late winter. Therefore, the temperature problems were not en- 16 ELECTRONICS WORLD

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