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Electronics-World-1959-05 18 NEW BLONDER -TONGUE VHF ANTENNA BOOSTER MODEL AB -2 for clear, sharp TV pictures in weak signal & fringe areas -more than 10 db gain on all VHF channels $53.95 NEW BLONDER -TONGUE FM ANTENNA BOOSTER MODEL AB -FM for superb FM listening pleasure in weak signal & fringe areas -more than 16 db gain over the FM band (88 -108 mc) $53.95 new frame grid tube provides lowest noise figure for brilliant reception maximum signal -to -noise ratio -ideal for new receivers remote control via power supply at, or near receiver internal multiplex circuit - single lead line carries AC power 'up' and signal 'down' easy mast mounting close to the antenna boosts signal before line loss can develop swing -down chassis for easy service and maintenance no -strip terminals for speedy, secure installation - yet REMOTE CONTROL UNIT NO- STRIP' TERMINALS A Fir %lnbh through rarl,a c77sir1To,tor :c or v'rifc direct: ENV-5 BLONDER -TONGUE LABORATORIES, INC. 9 Ailing Street Newark 2, N. J. In Canada: Telenuipment Mfg. Co., Ltd., London, Ont. Export: Morhan Export Corp., N. Y. 13, N. Y. hi-fi components UHF converters master 7V systems industrial TV cameras FMAM radios countered. With the advent of summer, we also ran into some temperature difficulties. Since the pulse counter output is very stable, any change in meter reading must be caused by a change in transistor gain or collector leakage. This latter will cause the meter to vary, but only if the current is large in the first place. Several types of recent transistors are rated at only 1 or 2 µa. leakage. One of these transistors would probably help greatly. If leakage current at high temperatures is still noticeable, especially if you are using a sensitive meter, it %%1ll help to reduce the meter sensitivity with a shunting resistor and increase the setting of the calibration control to restore proper calibration. Start by turning the calibration control all the way up. Then find a value of resistance that will reduce the meter sensitivity so that the tachometer indicates about 10 to 20 per -cent high. Install this resistor and then reduce the calibration control to give proper indication. Should you find this modification necessary, I would suggest that you reduce resistor R from 8200 ohms to 3900 ohms before performing the above adjustments. This will increase the drive to V. and allow the meter to be shunted even more. At the same time, you should reduce resistor R. to 200 ohms to prevent saturation of V_ at the higher current level. RICHARD H. SMALL Alta,lena, ('nliforni:1 IMPORTANT NOTES ON OUR CITIZENS BAND TRANSCEIVER article "Build This Citizens Band TIIE Transeeicer" b. Don Stoner in )larch, 1959 issue attracted considerable interest. The following two l t. sl hi bare been made in the article. First. when testing or adjusting the transmitter with its dummy load lamp, no Iir4.ns4. is required since useful radiation will not occur. Such adjttsam4.nt mar not be made with the transmiu, r radiating into its antenna unless Ih, are ender the suierris' of a licensed commercial radio operator. Second is the matter of the cr.stal to he used in order to meet the required .005% frequency toleranre. We Lave just learned that International (:r.-tal is not its FA-type cr. -tal- at .005% but instead is offering a "packaged" unit. l'0-27. which is a 1111.14.1, wired with a 6A1.6 lobe and instal. This unit. which may be used as the r.f. section of the transeeiser is available f the a pan, at 18 North Lee aye., Okla! a (:it,. Okla. for $14.95. Suitable erystals are also available front other source.. In such cases be sure to specify a frequency tolerance of .005% and inform the manuLeelurer of the circuit in which the er.slal is to he used. This is important since the precise operating frequency will depend on the circuit capacit, which appears across the cr,stal. It is interesting to note that the FCC would like to see the Citizens Band put into use "with a minim of restricting regulation." [lope to see sou on the Citizens Band soon. 30- ELECTRONICS WORLD

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