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Electronics-World-1959-05 Within the ire Sf f 1l l 24 o o > c U,nU oa úS; V u `-- - O 0> O..N 2' c_ÑC .0 O` z cp ú I- c -uh >.cp Z O J CFú - -U- á 0Ç po O u - a, l.1 j 7 c TO.O- Q -t O O v, h O Ql 3 u I- _a ,Ó°ui2a5 y - L C.-.._: t7 ,nn cc 0 ._ c c ui °- = - = t - - c W 0 - E v = %'--, v= - Á % e _ _ ç o` _ --'_° ==Á o v m F- m Q C ,. í = v U ó ç w o RAY C. COMPTON has been named assistant sales manager of Weller Electric Corporation. He will cover, primarily, the hardware and automotive markets. Prior to joining the organization, Mr. Compton was with the consumer products division of Monsanto Chemical Co. and most recently with Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Company. A native of Washington. D. C.. Mr. Compton was formerly with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was an agent from 1941 to 1949. * * * RICHARD DEUTSCH and ROBERT CORTES are now eastern and western sales supervisors. respectively. of Channel Mnxter Corp. . . . HERBERT A. FRANK has been named director of sales, Gunn° Products. Inc. . . . DR. W. CRAWFORD DUNLAP is now director of semiconductor research for the research division of Raytheon Manufacturing Company . . . Erie Resistor Corporation has named GEORGE P. FRYLING. II vice - president, manufacturing, and GEORGE F. KEMPF vice- president and general manager of Erie Resistor of Canada. Ltd.. a subsidiary of the organization GEORGE F. HARTMAN, Colonel, U.S.A.F. Ret., has been appointed vice - president in charge of sales for Trod Electronics Corp. * O * NEIL W. TURNER has been promoted to the position of director of product planning for the Heath Company, Benton Harbor, Michigan. Prior to this he was the firm's merchandising manager. In his new capacity, Mr. Turner will administer the company's new products development program and its market research activities. He has been with the organization since 1950. Li addition, Robert K. Swander was advanced from purchasing agent to director of purchasing. Ellis Grear is now the new purchasing agent. * * .. P. R. MALLORY & CO. INC. has formed a new subsidiary company P. R. MAL- LORY INTERNATIONAL INC., for the purpose of managing foreign activities and interests . . . An agreement on terms for the acquisition of ALTEC COMPANIES, INC. stock by LING ELEC- TRONICS, INC. has been announced . . AMPHENOL -BORG ELECTRONICS COR- PORATION has formed a separate division to be known as AMPHENOL DIS- TRIBUTOR DIVISION . TELECHROME MANUFACTURING CORP. has merged with ENCAPSOR PRODUCTS INC. The latter will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary. * s ELECTRONIC REPRESENTATIVES ASSO- CIATION (ERA) will operate the message and directory service at the 1959 Electronic Parts Distributors Show. Up -to -date methods will assure swift. effective communication among the more than 12.000 industry members expected. Closed- circuit, fixed - focus TV will be employed to page visitors in the exhibition hall, display rooms, lobbies, meeting rooms, and similar locations throughout the hotel. Visitors will leave and pick up messages at an information center at the show. * s R. H. ROGERS has been appointed to the post of advertising and sales promotion manager of National Company. He comes to the company from Laboratory for Electronics where he was public relations director and advertising manager. He is also a former associate editor of "Power Engineering Magazine." Prior to that, Mr. Rogers spent ten years with General Electric Company as an engineer, editor, and technical consultant to the advertising and sales promotion divisions. EARL F. BROTHIER leas assumed his new duties as assistant advertising manager for Heath Company . .. Cancer - tapes, Inc. has appointed PAUL FLYNN to the newly created position of promotion manager . The appointment of ELMER J. PERRY to the newly created post of manufacturing manager of the semiconductor division of Sylvania Electric Products Inc. has been announced ... LEON ROBBIN has been elected to the board of directors of P. R. Mallory & Co. Inc.... Acoustira Associates. Inc. has announced the following appointments: GERALD M. HEN - RIKSEN is now executive vice- president; RALPH REYNOLDS is general manager of the eastern division and continues as vice- president and director of the company; FRANK P. DeLUCA is general manager of the western division and a director of company, as well as continuing as a vice -president; and STANLEY R. RICH is vice- president of the firm and continues as president ELECTRONICS WOPID flow To 130 SUCCESSFUL Get your FCC Commercial License or your money back The Master Course in Electronics will provide you with the mental tools of the electronics technician and prepare you for a First Class FCC License (Commercial) with a radar endorsement. When you successfully complete the Master Course, if you fail to pass the FCC examination. you will receive a full refund of all tuition payments. EFFECTIVE JOB FINDING SERVICE HELPS CIRE TRAINEES GET BETTER JOBS "License and $25 raise due to Cleveland Institute training" "I sat for and passed the FCC exam for my second class license. This meant a promotion to Senior Radio Technician with the Wyoming Highway Department. a $25 a month raise and a District of my own for all maintenance on the State's two -way communication system. I wish to sincerely thank you and the school for the wonderful radio knowledge you have passed on to me. I highly recommend the school to all acquaintances who might possibly he interested in radio. I am truly convinced I could never have passed the FCC exam without your wonderful help and consideration for anyone wishing to help themselves." CHARLES C. ROBERSON Cheyenne, Wyoming HERE'S PROOF FCC LICENSES ARE OFTEN SECURED IN A FEW HOURS WITH OUR COACHING Name and Address John H. Johnson, Boise City. Okla. Prentice Harrison, Lewes, Delaware Herbert W. Clay, Phoenix, Arizona Thomas J. Bingham, Finley, North Dakota William F. Masterson, Key West, Fla. License 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd Time 20 weeks 27 weeks 22 weeks 9 weeks 24 weeks EMPLOYERS MAKE JOB OFFERS LIKE THESE TO OUR GRADUATES EVERY MONTH 1 Employers Make Job Offers Like These To Our Graduates Every Month Broadcast Station in Illinois: "We are in need of an engineer with a first class phone license, preferably a student of Cleveland Institute of Radio Electronics: 40 hour week plus 8 hours overtime." West Coast Manufacturer: "We are currently in need of men with electronics training or experience in radar maintenance. We would appreciate your referral of interested persons to us." Cleveland Institute of Radio Electronics Desk RN -29, 4900 Euclid Bldg., Cleveland 3, Ohio Your FCC Ticket is recognized by employers as proof of your technical ability. Accredited by National Home Study Council I Act Now! Please send Free Booklets prepared to help me get ahead in Electronics. I have had training or experience in Elect tonics as ndicated below: Military CI Amateur Radio Telephone Company t Radio -TV Servicing Broadcasting Other Manufacturing Rome Experimenting In what kind of work are you now engaged' In what branch of Electronics are you interested' Name City Age Zone Address State $\ 29 May, 1959 25

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